Glory, Glory, Hallelujah Ch. 2


The six men led by Jimmy Lee came to the closed door.

“Are you sure this is the one?” asked Wan Ki, “we don’t want to go walking in on the wrong girl. You know what happens to guys who make mistakes.”

“Fuck off you arsehole, sure I’m sure. Last one on the right he said and last one on the right this is.”

“OK. Go on then if you’re going to.”

Jimmy looked at his cousin with something like distaste. He’d never liked him, even as a kid, and as they had grown older he had liked him even less. But, he sighed, family is family.

“Have we got everything?” he asked them and they all nodded and held up the small leather cases they were carrying. “Right, let’s go.”

He opened the door and fumbled for the light switch. Quickly they entered the small room and closed the door behind them. They all saw her at the same time. Moulded to the wall like she was part of it, her wrists tied behind her back, they saw how her sweating, naked flesh rippled constantly from the back of her flushed neck to her knees. If she had been standing the tremors would have reached her ankles, they had no doubt about that, but she was kneeling on the thick pile of the carpet, her face turned away from them towards the wall.

“Christ I fucking love the Glory Hole,” said Joe, “they just don’t know what’s coming at them next do they?”

The group laughed at his joke and approached Kristen.

They surrounded her and watched curiously as a gush of white sperm poured down her chin to join the dried and drying deposits already there. It left trails of stickiness on the wall that was already heavily stained with the stuff. Some of the more heavy loads had dropped in long threads to her chest where it had congealed against her skin. They all heard the withdrawal of the cock from her mouth and the rasping breaths she took once her mouth was free. And they all heard the breathing change pitch as she used her already running nose to breath as best she could, as the next cock pushed through the glory hole, into her mouth and over her tongue to lodge at the back of her throat.

Two of them liked the next bit and bent even closer to the immobile girl and watched her throat expand as the long, wide intruder slid into her gullet.

“Christ,” said Joe, “this guys built like a bloody horse. Look how far he’s got into her.”

They listened as the sounds of the saliva filled and spunk-lined mouth, slurping and swallowing, reached them faintly from the trapped girl. They watched as her throat involuntarily gagged as she was mouth fucked by the unseen man on the other side of the wall. All six were now standing, playing with their pricks which had grown rock hard in the few minutes they had been in the room. They ran their hands over her body, massaging the sweat as it ran down her skin. Her back, belly, gaziantep bayan escort cunt and buttocks were stroked. She jerked against their touch, trying to keep herself in contact with the constantly moving hands. She was raised slightly and her buttocks spread apart. Wan Ki lowered his head quickly and thrust his tongue at her tiny arsehole. More spunk poured from her mouth and the group heard a soft moan as her mouth cleared for a moment before being fucked again by another, unseen stranger.

She moved her buttocks from side to side as Wan Ki thrust his tongue forward and gained a small entry into her twitching anus. Other hands played with her cunt making the juices flow in even more abundance than they were already. Four fingers from two hands entered her cunt and began a soft in and out movement. Cocks were now rubbing over her flesh, the men stroking them as, one by one they added their own sperm to her reddening flesh. Her face and neck were covered by three of them and her belly by the others. More spunk flowed down her chin. This time as her mouth cleared the group heard a loud wail of pleasure, quickly drowned out by the sounds of men laughing and cheering on the other side of the wall. Again her throat was blocked.

Satisfied for the moment the group opened the bags they had brought with them. A large syringe filled with oil was inserted into her anus and the plunger pressed down. Her rectum contracted around the warm liquid as it was forced into her body. Her lower body bucked slightly. Another syringe filled her vagina with the same warm soft liquid, making it into a soft slippery receptacle. They pushed a long, wide vibrator into it and turned the toy on to minimum. More spunk poured down her chin.

The perspiration on her skin was running in small rivulets down her body making the carpet damp as it dropped onto the pile. Her spunk-covered face was beetroot red and her belly sucked in and out like a piston as the vibrator continued its soft, buzzing, penetration. Finally they poured oil over their hands and in circular motions rubbed it into her skin until she was shining, reflecting the light from the overhead lamp. When it was rubbed onto her neck her throat was again being fucked and the hands could feel the movement of the cock through the skin as it thrust in and out, each time pushing further into her gullet.

The men had long ago discarded the robes they had been wearing when they had first entered the room and now they rubbed and stroked their cocks with oil until soon they all became rigidly hard once again. The vibrator was turned up to medium speed and Kristen’s body jerked and bucked. Her body movements restricted by her puffed, distended breasts that had been pulled into the other room.

She was raised once again off her haunches and Jimmy Lee, without preliminaries pushed his cock into her arsehole. As it slid through her sphincter muscle Kristen held still, only her belly making violent jerking movements, but as it slid deep into her rectum she acted as if a switch had been thrown. As best she could, she thrust backwards, impaling herself on Jimmy’s cock as it began a fast fucking motion. And the vibrator in her vagina brought her to her first massive orgasm, even as more sperm from another unseen mouth-fucker flowed over her lips.

“Jeez…” Jimmy murmured as he felt the firm grip of her rectum encircle his thrusting organ. “Oh my good Jeez…” His own body began to perspire and as he felt the pressure build up in his balls he put both arms around her jerking body and pulled it roughly towards his invading loins. “Shhaaash.” His breath expelled as his balls finally pounded against her hot buttocks. Other hands pulled the two globes apart and they all watched as Jimmy’s cock split Kristen’s arsehole, stretching it to a size it had never been before. They heard the girl breathe briefly through her mouth and gabble something unintelligible just before another faceless stranger cut off her scream of ecstasy. Jimmy scrabbled and scratched at her jerking body, not caring if he caused pain, just wanting to find the release that was building up inside him.

He put his head forward and bit and nibbled at her neck, shoulders and ears. He groaned one more time and went rigid as the spunk began to flow from him into the girl’s twitching, gripping rectum. He felt as if he was emptying his very soul into the compliant body as ejaculation followed ejaculation. “JEEEZ!” he said a third time. His heart slowed but his breathing still came in ragged gasps as finally he fell away from the jerking female to fall backwards onto the carpet. He couldn’t move, but just lay there, an arm over his eyes. As he slowly became fully aware again he got onto his hands and knees, shaking his head from side to side. Then as his breath slowed he glanced over at the girl to see Danny taking his turn at the now open arsehole. Danny was the biggest built of the group and as her buttocks were again pulled apart Jimmy could see her anus making clutching movements as it fluttered in spasmodic jerks around the monster cock that was buried deep in her bowels.

Each time Danny withdrew as a preliminary to another mighty thrust forward, they all saw the sperm dragged from her newly fucked hole. It ran down her thighs in small rivers of sticky white until the flow was temporarily stopped by another forward push of Danny’s huge cock. He wanted to watch himself buggering the girl, so he wrapped his large hands around the tops of her thighs, using his fingers to play with her vibrator engorged cunt as he leant back slightly and looked down.

He loved seeing women squirm on his enormous size and he loved to hear them begging for more as he pistoned in and out like a steam engine. And most of all he loved using their arses. He closed his eyes as his control left him and he too began filling her with wad after wad of sperm to mix with Jimmy’s, still churning around inside her. Hands went to her belly to feel the contractions as she accepted this second load of male seed. The movements of a woman filled with lust fascinated the group and they liked nothing better than to watch a female come again and again from multiple orgasms, as her body became a plaything of her mind.

More spunk from a participant in the next room poured down her chin and more spunk from Danny filled her bowels. Eventually he slowed down and then stopped, edging himself backward to give clear space between himself and the mound of reddening, sweating flesh that was Kristen. Before the third member took his place they all watched the outpourings from her dilated anus. Three of them took photographs. Then once again she was subjected to a relentless anal fuck as Wan Ki took his turn.

Her body was beginning to show signs of the abuse she was undergoing. Her skin was covered in a crosshatch of scratches from the small of her back down the sides of her body to her upper thighs. Her buttocks were red and marked with the imprints of hands from the many times they had been mauled, and when Joe gently lifted one of her eyelids he saw her eyes were filled with red veins and mirrored the uncontrollable lust she was experiencing. The whole of the front of her chin and most over the upper parts of her chest were now caked in a thin white covering of spunk. Each new deposit flowing from her fucked mouth built up on the ones that were already dried, or drying on her skin. Her shoulder length hair was now plastered to her skull with sweat making her look curiously small and vulnerable.

As the final three fucked her arse the cameras were brought more into use. Photographs were taken of her constantly leaking anus, her lips being drowned in a constant flow of spunk, the cunt juices that flooded her thighs from the non-stop working of the vibrator. The camcorder took the moving shots of her anus gripping the final cocks and then trying to grip the empty space when the cocks had withdrawn. Every flutter and every tremor of her cunt lips were recorded. And every inch of her marked body and face.

Before they left Jimmy and his group filmed themselves masturbating over her body and rubbing the spunk into her skin, especially her face. They briefly discussed taking the vibrator with them but, remembering their instructions, they raised it one notch higher to fast and left it where it was. They watched for a few moments as Kristen jerked into another mind crushing orgasm then they went as quickly as the had come.

Turning off the light behind them they left Kristen still receiving her internal bukkake.


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