Giving without Receiving


I can’t help it. You sitting there across from me, it’s driving me crazy. All I can think about is how bad I want to kiss you, touch you, and taste you. Before I can think about what I’m doing, I reach out, and pull you in for a kiss. Almost as soon as our lips meet, they part. My tongue meets yours, my desire for you showing in my kiss. Before long, I can tell that you want me almost as bad as I want you.

I reach down to the hem of your shirt, and start to lift up. You break the contact of our lips just long enough to slide your sweatshirt and t-shirt over your head. As soon as you’re free of them, my lips are back on yours. I lean into you, pushing you back slightly. You stiffen, not quite sure what I’m doing. I push a little harder, and you give in. You lean back, pulling me with you as you lay down. Soon, I’m stretched out on top of you.

I pull my legs up, moving one to each side of you. I reach between us, and unbuckle your belt. You reach down to stop me, but before you can, I grab your hands, and put them on the bed next to you. I break the contact of my lips on yours, trailing kisses down your jaw, to the hollow of your neck. I pause, nipping gently at your neck. Your sharp intake of breath tells me that I’ve found a weak spot.

I nip one more time, and then continue to trail kisses down your chest. As I do, one hand traces the waist of your jeans, dipping under the waistband a little more with each pass back and forth. When I can’t dip my fingers any further under your waistband, I pull them out, and trace the line of the zipper of your jeans down until I feel your cock cradled in my palm through your jeans. I gently massage you as I continue to trail kisses down your chest.

When my lips reach the waist of your pants, I sit up. I take my free hand, matadorbet and unbutton your jeans. The hand that’s massaging you lifts up slightly, as I unzip your pants with the other hand. As soon as I can, I reach into your pants, and wrap my hands around your cock. Pulling your pants downward with one hand, I pull you free of your jeans with the other.

As soon as you spring free of your jeans, I wrap my lips around you, playing my tongue ring over the head of your cock. I feel, rather than hear, your sharp intake of breath. What starts as simple exhalation quickly escalates into a loan moan as I move to swallow the head of your cock. You hit the back of my throat, and stop. You lift your hips slightly, pushing against the back of my throat, trying to push deeper. When you meet the resistance of the back of my throat, though, you stop pushing, and drop your hips.

I look up at your and smile around your cock. Before you know it, I’m dropping my head, pushing your cock to the back of my throat again. Just when you expect me to pull back due to the resistance against my throat, I push a little harder. Your low moan intensifies as you slide past all resistance, and into my throat. As soon as you do, I attempt to swallow, repeatedly. With your cock filling my throat, I know it’s not possible, but the muscles squeezing your cock drives you crazy.

Immediately, you reach up, and tangle your fingers in my hair. Cradling my head, you push down slightly, causing my nose to go from touching your pelvis to being buried in it. I can’t breathe, but I know that it’s pushed your cock that much farther into my throat. I also can tell that as much as I can’t breathe, you aren’t breathing either. You’re holding your breath, trying not to lose control.

I matadorbet giriş still the muscles of my throat, letting you pull back from the edge a bit. I’m not ready to stop playing with you yet. I’m enjoying the effect I’m having on you. As I relax my muscles, you slide a few more millimeters deeper into my throat. I keep you there as long as I can, waiting until I’m struggling for a breath before pulling back. Just when I’m going to have to pull back, I feel you start to breathe again, and the pressure on the back of my head relaxes slightly. I know that you’re back from the edge, and think you’re back in control.

I slowly withdraw, sliding you out of my throat a millimeter at a time. Your hand tightens in my hair again, this time to control the pace I’m withdrawing at. You pull me back, until just your head is in my mouth. As I play my tongue ring over you again, I reach up, and dislodge your hand from my hair, placing it on the bed next to you. I look up at you, just in time to catch the surprise in your eyes. I smile up at you, loving the reactions I’m causing. Before the surprise can fade, I quickly dip my head down, angled just right so you slide easily into my throat.

The surprise in your eyes is quickly tinged with lust. The thought that I’m the cause of that drives me crazy, and I moan deep in my throat. In turn, that moan pushes you that much closer to the edge. I stop thinking, and just react to you. Moving my head up and down, I slide you in and out of my throat, taking you as deep as I can with every dip of my head. Your hand finds its way back to my head, and tangles in my hair, but doesn’t interfere with my pace.

I keep my movements steady, not fast, but not slow. You moan again, your hips starting to move in time with my mouth. I speed up slowly, taking my cues from your hips. As your hips lit off the bed, I dip my head, forcing your cock deep into my throat. As your hips drop, my head ceases its movement, and I swallow, allowing you control of how fast you leave the caresses of my throat. When your hips hit the bed, I pull back slightly, taking a quick breath in. Before I can exhale, I’m dipping my head again, taking you as deep as I can.

Over and over we repeat this, with me alternating between a quick breath in and a quick exhalation almost as if I was meant to breathe that way. Your hand tightens incrementally in my hair each time I swallow with your cock in my throat. Soon, you can’t take any more. I look up at you, as I quickly exhale. You look back at me, the look in your eyes, coupled with the grip you have on my hair, telling me that you’re at the edge.

I pause for a split second, just long enough to make you wonder if I’m going to make you wait, before dipping my head back down to meet your rising hips, swallowing as I take every inch of you into my mouth. As soon as my nose hits your pelvis, I moan deep in my throat and then swallow. You can’t take any more. Your hand tightens just slightly more in my hair, as you force my head down another half inch. I bury my nose in your pelvis, and moan again. I feel and hear your breath catch one final time, and I swallow, over and over, milking you for every drop of cum I can swallow.

After what feels like forever to you, you slowly drop your hips back to the bed. I drop my head with you, until you’re back to lying flat on the bed. Slowly I pull back, playing my tongue over your cock as you slowly slide out of my mouth, making sure I’ve gotten every drop you had to offer. Finally, you slide out of my mouth, and I look up at you. You smile, and pull me up by my hair. Pulling me up next to you, you release my hair, and wrap your arm around me. Pulling me close, you kiss my forehead and mumble, “Now, that was a nice surprise…”

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