Girls Gone Charlene


Charlene and her friends were on their way to Fredericksburg, Texas for a Wild Women’s Wine Tasting Tour. Her friend Nekoda, or Niki as they all called her, had made all the arrangements from transportation to accommodations and the wine tours themselves.

She was exceptionally talented at making travel plans and even went as far as making up T-shirts for all the girls. The front of the t-shirts read, Girls Gone Charlene, simply because they all agreed she was the Most wild.

The back of the shirt said Spit or Swallow, naturally referring to the proper technique of wine tasting. One would never actually swallow wine, but rather let the subtle notes of fruit and tannin swirl around their taste buds before spitting it out and cleansing their palate before trying the next spirit.

At least that’s what they would all tell the soon to be many males who the shirts were meant to attract. Charlene couldn’t wait for the long weekend to arrive. Her work as a real estate agent was constantly keeping her on the go. Fortunately, the flexibility of her hours allowed her time every morning to get in a good core workout.

Charlene would admire her shapely 5’4″ figure in her full length mirror after her workouts. At mid forties, she took pride that she could pass for ten years younger. Although she had to admit, she had to work harder than others to keep in shape.

Divorced with four kids didn’t leave her much time to party like her younger sisterhood, so when she had the chance to let loose, she really let loose. There was no one who could compete with her when she saw what she wanted. Charlene, like her travel companions were going to raise hell on Fredericksburg.

They started out from a central meeting place in Garland, most everyone having someone drop them off, say their goodbyes and being told “Don’t have too much fun, save some for when you get home.”

Charlene had no one to hold her back. She was a little envious of those who had husbands or boyfriends, but only just a little. She was married young and was never so happy as to be out from under her constraining marriage.

Oh sure, the sex was good, she thought, the ex provided ok, but she never felt truly happy. it took a heart wrenching weekend to tell him she was leaving, but once she left, it was like the world had been lifted off her shoulders.

A few months later she was feeling spirited and went walking through the city streets, wearing only a short over coat and nothing else. She had bumped into a stranger while crossing the street who had more than a glimpse of her ample breasts when her jacket had flung open, only to have him come to her open house she had the following day.

She was a little shocked at how quickly she became seduced by him during the house tour. They wound up having sex in the shower and she came several times with him. She always smiles thinking of her little triste, especially as he bought the house for full asking price the very next day.

He was a great memory and somehow she felt a little melancholy whenever she thought of him. Lovers of the past she reminded herself. Charlene was nothing if not a stubborn, headstrong and driven woman.

The bus pulled away from the station, each excited in their own way about the trip, but none more than Charlene and her two closest friends, Tammy and Debbie, or as she’s known, Debbie Does Dallas.

Tammy was the taller of the three, standing at 5’8″, with long dark hair. Shapely and not too thin, she reminded people of Cleopatra. Debbie was the kind of beauty that when she wears glasses, she looks like a brilliant school teacher. She stood 5’5″ with mesmerizing hazel green eyes. When she took her glasses off, there were few women more attractive.

Charlene’s was an exotic beauty, half Korean, half Caucasian, dark hair, full lips, large breasts perfectly proportioned and spectacular ass. Men would flock to the three women, eager to gain their affections. Playing hard to get came easy to the girls, but once they gave in, their suitors would be in for a wild ride.

The bus arrived a couple of hours later. Several of the ‘Dirty Dozen’, as they called themselves, had already been partying hard. They stood up to exit the bus but only to fall back into their seats laughing hilariously at each other.

First thing was to check into the Lighthouse Hill Ranch. They rented the main house that can accommodate up to fifteen people. Twelve women and three men they joked. Not just any three men, three male strippers, with rock hard bodies, big strong arms, and bigger cocks!

Each took turns describing the fictitious man they wanted to have. Charlene, being the wildest one, jumped up, started a little seductive dance and said,

“Yes, one that can take these girls and bury their face” as she grabbed her boobs and did a little shimmy.

Everyone screamed, “You go girl!”

As they poured off the bus, they were met by the resorts manager and escorted to the Lighthouse Tower. The best accommodations on the property. tuzla eve gelen escort They walked into the first of four floors and were amazed with the size of the great room. Perfect for a weekend of wild entertainment.

From the great room they were shown the kitchen, nestled inside limestone rock arches at the base of the tower. The dining room had a ten foot solid wood table. All the better for any male strippers that might happen along.

Stone floors and leather furniture throughout the main level with a 55″ flat screen TV, were the focal point of the living area. The first floor contained two bedrooms. A master bedroom with a large king size bed an en-suite with a large walk-in shower. Large stone lined windows provided a magnificent view of the negative edge pool and surrounding countryside.

The second bedroom was on the opposite side of the with yet another splendid view, and private bath. There was also a secret room for more private purposes. The Third floor was similar to the second with the exception of bedding, both rooms included twin beds and a bath shared between the two bedrooms. A spiral staircase separated the third and fourth floors and led to the observatory.

The building also featured a private negative edge pool with a built in hot tub, and a slide going down to the splash pool. There was stone deck that wrapped around the hot tub and another stone wrap around the splash pool with a fire pit for late night parties.

Niki had made a perfect choice thought Charlene. If twelve woman can’t party at this place. Charlene’s thoughts trailed off as she watched each woman choose a room. The room with the king size bed was left for Charlene and her two closest friends. She always wondered which one she’d ever sleep with if given the chance. Luscious Tammy, (aka-Cleopatra) or Debbie Does Dallas.

Charlene was pulled back to reality as Tammy jumped on the king size bed claiming it all to herself and telling Charlene and Debbie to sleep on the couches in the great room. She was going to need the entire bed for herself. There was a gleam in her eyes as she licked her lips and used a hand and tongue gesture as if she were sucking and stroking a man’s cock.

Laughing, Charlene and Debbie pushed Tammy off the bed and took turns in various sexual positions, grinding, running their hands through their hair and making noises as if they were near an orgasm. Something all women have learned, the fake orgasm. The louder the better as they say.

After they had all settled on the sleeping arrangements, they met in the great room, and climbed in the stretch limo that was awaiting to take them on their journey. The driver was dressed in a stylish suite and hat. He opened the doors, gave a few brief instructions, discussed the itinerary with Niki to confirm which winery was first.

The car pulled away slowly, Charlene caught a glimpse of a man, but not enough to satisfy her curiosity. He was tall, very short salt and pepper colored hair, broad shoulders, nice butt. She saw more than she realized, thinking to herself she may have to look him up later and get the complete picture.

Many conversations were taking place at the same time, a cacophony of chatter filled the limo. Charlene looked for the call button to the driver, but couldn’t find one, so she tapped on the divider that separated them. In a moment the glass divider slide down and the driver asked if there was anything wrong.

No was the reply, they just wanted to know how long before they arrived. Only a few minutes they were told. Was there anything else? Charlene turned away and didn’t reply, so the driver slid the divider back up.

One by one they exited the limo, each with their special t-shirts boldly displayed. Many people looked on as the women hooted and hollered and woohoo’d as the climbed out. First stop, was Six Shooters. Let the wine tasting begin.

They were met by the sommelier who gave a description of each selection, talking about the finer points, the wine making process, the color, the bouquet, and the proper way to sample a wine, although admitting, most people just gulp it down.

By the time they got to wine stop number three, most the women were flying pretty high. A few kept themselves together so they could help the harder drinkers get in and out of the limo. Before the days end, they were all drunk.

They all had purchased a few bottles to share at the resort. and when they arrived back. they all put on bikini’s and headed to the hot tub. They were a rowdy bunch, laughing screaming, and laughing some more. Charlene was the first to remove her bikini top and the rest all followed suit. They took turns going down the slide to the splash pool, it’s lights on and casting wavy shadows when each girl entered.

There were a few couples still sitting by the pool entrenched within their own conversations and laughing at the women as they splashed and frolicked around. Some women were disgusted at the toplessness, others were tuzla otele gelen escort indifferent. All the men enjoyed the show. That’s exactly what Girls Gone Charlene was about. A little shock value, a lot of fun.

Charlene happened to notice a small group of men, three she counted, or maybe four, her vision was a little blurry from the water on her face, or was it the wine? It was dark and she couldn’t make out the faces from the flickering fire pit’s light,

Never being bashful, she exited the pool and walked directly over to the group of men. As she got closer, she recognized a familiar face. The lantern jaw, the mustache and goatee the nice smile and the dark eyes.

“Kaz” she screamed as she ran and jumped into his arms.

Catching her in his arms, he swung her around before setting her back down and gave her a hug.

“Is that all I get? A Hug?” she smiled demurely.

“Hey beautiful. What’re you doing here?” Kaz asked not even a little surprised that she was topless.

“These are my colleagues, Rick and Tony” he introduced the voluptuous Charlene.

She had just enough to drink that any inhibitions, which were minimal anyway, were gone. She reached a hand out to each then turned her attention back to her former, or was he her current lover? She hadn’t seen him in six weeks. But Charlene had not been with anyone in that time frame either. Had he? She wondered silently.

There was a soft laughter in the pool and Kaz looked at her and asked if those were her friends.

“Yes! C’mon and I’ll introduce you.”

“Can my friends come too?” ask Kaz.

“Of course you Dork. This is a P-A-R-T-Y” she spelled out.

Rick was mid forties, 5’11”, solidly built, brown hair and a bit obnoxious. Tony was 6’2″, shaved head, strong jaw, broad shouldered, fit and large hands.

They followed the topless beauty giving Kaz a respectful nod and a big smile then turning their attention to the similarly topless women splashing in the pool.

“Kaz, this is Debbie and Tammy. They are my closest friends in the world.”

Charlene was on the verge of slurring her words, so she spoke them deliberately. Kaz waved and said hello. It was a pleasure to meet Charlene’s closest friends. Would they mind if he and his friends joined the party. The girls smiled, said anyone who’s friends with Charlene must be ok as she’s particular who she invites.

Rick and Tony didn’t wait to be asked, they stripped and jumped into the pool and immediately began chatting up Debbie and Tammy. Kaz, excused himself saying he was going to bring more drinks , gave Charlene a quick kiss on the cheek and whispered,

“I’m really glad you’re here. I was getting a little bored.”

He left her briefly to bring back a few more bottles of wine. The six of them were joined one by one as each of Charlene’s Girls Gone Wild, as they now called themselves, came sliding down from the upper level of the Lighthouse. Rick and Tony were in heaven as they all took turns splashing and grinding against the two men. Kaz joined the party but hung back a bit, letting his friends enjoy themselves.

Charlene would occasionally partake in the festivities, but her attention was focused on Kaz. She had never felt so in tune with a lover before. Not with her ex, not the fireman that came soon after the ex, although he did open her world to some new experiences.

Kaz was different. Handsome, at least to her, his quiet confidence and self reliance were all attractions to her. He was independent, but not a loner. He had a calming personality that people enjoyed being around, and the sex was nothing like she ever had before. He opened up her own world of fifty shades, but they weren’t grey, they were red, white, and red again. Her body shivered at the thought of their past love making.

Her nipples hardened as she remembered the first time he tied her up.

“Do you trust me?” he had asked her.

She nodded without speaking. Giving herself completely to him. To do whatever he wanted and she loved every minute of it. Charlene had to shake those thoughts as she returned to party with her friends. Kaz was gone again leaving Charlene to wonder if he was returning or not.

After several minutes she figured he wasn’t coming back. She didn’t know why she felt betrayed, but she did. Her friends were having a great time with his friends and Charlene wasn’t going to be left out. She suggested they get out of the pool and move the party back to the Lighthouse.

Everyone agreed and the two men were not going to say no to a 6 to 1 women to men ratio. Even if it seemed one woman was more into the currently missing member of the male threesome.

Music blared, wine and other beverages flowed, some women put tops back on now that they were in visible light. But a few still remained topless. Rick and Tony we enjoying themselves thoroughly.

When Charlene yelled out about needing some male strippers, Rick was the first to start to dance. He tuzla sınırsız escort pranced around the room, shaking his groin at first one women then the next. Niki reached out to grab his shorts, yelling:

“Take it off!”

“Yeah, take it off, take it off” they all yelled in chorus.

Rick didn’t disappoint as he gave his best effort to be sexy. It wasn’t a show stopper, but the girls all screamed as they saw his manhood. The girls were pulling at Tony to do the same.

A hush came to the room as the girls successfully tugged his shorts off. Few women had seen such a large cock. One reached out and touched it and gasped as it started to grow. He had to be at least ten inches. The party took a turn that no one expected.

“Charlene, c’mere, you gotta see his cock” Niki yelled.

“It’s huge!”

Charlene gave up on waiting for Kaz and going the festivities.

“OH MY GOD” as all she could say. Tony grabbed Niki, turned her around and began to grind against her. She pushed back against him, taking his hands and placing them on her bikini top.

Rick and another girl stroking and sucking his impressive cock. It wasn’t as big as Tony, but still bigger than average. Tammy and Debbie were taking turns with Rick uncaring what the rest of the group might think right at that moment.

What happens in Fredericksburg, stays there. Isn’t that what they all agreed?

Charlene didn’t have her phone with her, if she did she would’ve seen the text from Kaz that read. ‘Join me outside’. The text would go unanswered.

When the party stated to die down, Rick and Tony took their clothes, putting on just their shorts and left. A couple of women had been satisfied, the others left with their memories and laughs as they watched.

More than one woman wound up rubbing one off that night and every time, someone would ask Charlene if that was her making all the cuming sounds.

The next morning came too early for most, Kelle was the first one to rise. She was also the first one to bed and the first one to make herself cum. She started making breakfast for everyone. The smell of bacon, sausage and pancakes soon permeated the kitchen.

One by one they came down stairs, gathering their thoughts and then laughing at the evenings events. How were they going to top that tonight they thought.

Charlene woke up, having shared the king size bed with both Tammy and Debbie after all.

She slowly got out of bed and reached for her phone to listen to her playlist as she showered. She saw the text from Kaz.

“Damn” she said louder than she intended, startling both Tammy and Debbie.

They woke up, looked at Charlene asking if everything was alright.

“I’m not sure.” is all Charlene said as she entered the bathroom to shower.

The group gathered together for a trail ride on horseback that Niki had arranged. The ride was mostly silent as each woman nursed a wicked hangover.

The trail meandered up and down the hills and the scenery was full of rugged beauty.

Tammy and Debbie started feeling better the soonest and started the chatter with the others.

“Jeez, Sandi, you look awful” one teased.

She was Sandi with the ‘I’, the other Sandy, or as they always called her, Sand Y was any better as she barked back,

“What’s the matter Debbie, did that cock you had in your mouth leave a bad taste? You look like you got all worked up and left out to dry” Sandy with the Y teased back.

“Bitch” was the reply.

They all laughed. As the ride continued, each started to feel better and before long they were asking where they were all going that night. Charlene was still wondering if Kaz was around.

Seeing him brought back feelings she thought she had forgotten. She hoped to forget. She wanted to forget. She didn’t need to be tied down to anyone now. It was only a little over a year since her divorce. She didn’t need a man in her life on a daily basis. Defiant, Charlene rode on and was once again the life of the group.

Later that afternoon, they headed back to the wineries and clubs that were on their day two list. A little bit more reserved then the previous day, some were still feeling the effects of the day prior. The group sipped, rinsed and in some cases swallowed, and in others they spit. The jokes were still ongoing, especially from Charlene. After plenty of wine tasting they all went shopping and out to dinner. Charlene checked her phone several times, but no texts, no missed calls, nothing.

What did she expect? He asked her to come, but she didn’t have her phone. She didn’t know, so it wasn’t her fault he didn’t want to party. She wasn’t going to let it bother her. There was a loud scream, not one of fright, but of excitement or something, thought Charlene. She new it came from Tammy. She rushed to the side of the shop where Tammy was. Expecting something fun, she didn’t expect to see this.

Across the street was Rick, Tony, Kaz and another woman. She was seated next to Kaz, but it didn’t look like they were together. Or were they. Was that why he wanted to see her, to tell her he was with someone? She moved her left hand from under the table and a large diamond ring sparkled brightly. Tammy was too busy focusing on Rick to notice the woman or the ring. Charlene had a funny feeling in her gut.

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