Fucked silly


Fucked silly
My dad fucked me silly.

My dad overheard me and my BFF and he fucked my brains out.

It all started with my BFF Tina. We’re going into our junior year of highschool.

Tina came over to my house as usual. Today we’re sunbathing in my backyard. She had the skimpiest bikini. It was white, tie at the side thong bottom that barley covered her pussy lips and only part of her bigger nipples. I guess it didn’t really matter you could see through it and it was only going to be Tina and me.
Tina is thin, long thin legs, a little taller I’d guess 5′ 8″ redish hair, light brown eyes and pretty big tits for a si(x)teen year old. I could see with her thong bottom swim suit she had a plump ass. All the boys at school were always looking at Tina.
I too am thin a bit shorter 5′ 4″, dirty blonde hair and brown eyes. My tits aren’t as big as Tinas and I hate the fact that I have little button nipples. I do like my ass although it’s not as plump as Tinas.

Fuck the sun is making me hot.

Do you want to go in for a while?

No I mean horny hot as Tina untied her bikini top.

Look how fuckin’ big and hard my nipples get when I’m horny. I hate that. Everybody can see I’m horny and they want to try and fuckin’ mount me.

Well, their better then my little button nipples.

Lets see.

Tina my dad will be home soon.

So what! What the fuck do you think he’s going to do? Tell us to put our clothes on? LETS ME SEE your nipples.

I pulled my top up to let Tina see my little button nipples.

Those are great! You can go braless without every guy humping your leg. All you need to do is rub a little cum on them.

I noticed Tina was now rubbing her pussy through her thong bottoms.

Have you ever fucked your dad?


What? It’s a legitimate question. How old is your dad?

Late thirties I think.

It’s unfortunate what happened to your mom, but your dad has needs, sexual needs. I’d suck him off, fuckin’ sit on his face and mount the fucker every day. I’d drain every last drop of cum from his balls.

Tina, eww he’s my dad!

So could you just imagine how hot a man in his thirties would be fucking a tight si(x)teen year old girl. He probably never fucked a si(x)teen year old before. He’d probably have his cock in your ass, mouth, pussy all of your holes. I’d fuck twice a day if he could. Who am I k**ding, I’d fuck him all day. It’s not like my pussy is going to wear out. My pussy would get better and better. Could you imagine going to go to school with a load of your dads cum in your pussy fucking his morning wood.

Tina was now rubbing her pussy furiously fingerfucking herself, raising her hips up and down on the lounge.
Tina now speaking in laborded sentences, tell me (huff) tell me Carrie (huff) how you’d fuck him (huff) I need to hear.

I’d like for him to initiate. Right now I’m kinda submissive.
(I pulled my bikini illegal bahis bottom aside and started playing with my clit)
I like those videos where the wife has to pay the husbands debt. The guy tells her he’s going to fuck her, pulls her hair, makes her suck his cock and balls then fucks her like she a fucking whore. The whole time she’s loving getting fucked. Or the fantasy gangbang videos she can’t get away, they rip her clothes off and she’s fucked hard. Cock after cock blowing a load in her pussy, ass and mouth. I especially like the casting couch where the dumb bitch gives up her ass and talks dirty the whole time she’s getting fucked. The guy keeps asking “where’s my dick?” Fucking my ass.

Oh fuck Carrie you’re making me cum, I’m fucking cumming.
Holy fuck that was hot. I wish your dad came out and caught us masturbating and fucked us.

Now I kind of do too Tina.

That’s soooo hot you’re a nasty girl.

I guess, but where could I ever find a guy to help me live out those fantasies? The boys at school are lucky if they know where theur cock goes.

Your dad Carrie. I’m telling you you’re so innocent looking and yet so hot he’ll fuck you silly.

Later that evening I went to take a shower.
I put on a coverup, I was standing in front of the mirror drying my hair. I didn’t hear my dad come in until I saw him in the mirror. He had his hands on my hips and I felt his boner pressed against my ass.

I overheard you and Tina talking today. Were you serious or was it just sex talk?

I felt my face getting flushed, little my button nipples hardning and a tingle in my pussy.
I managed to blurt out serious.
With that his hands went up my sides and he cupped my tits.

I loved you and Tina talking dirty. I like dirty talk.
Oh fuck you guys were right. Your tits are so perky and firm. His hands went to the neck of my coverup and he ripped it open.

Look at your si(x)teen year old tits and you’re shaved pussy. I love shaved pussy. I’m goint eat you out until you scream.
Standing there seeing my dads hands on my tits was making me wet. Dad was rubbing and playing with my nipples.

Dad picked me up and carried me to his bedroom.
He laid me down on the bed and started teasing me, sucking on my thighs, blowing a bit at my clit, licking above my pussy. I moved as much as I could to get my pussy to his face.
I blurted out “oh fuck, eat my fuckin’ pussy out”
I felt dads tongue flicking my clit.
Oh fuck, right there, oh fuck I’m cumming already.
I don’t think I’ve ever cum like that before. The few boys I let “kiss me there” didn’t eat me out as good as my dad.
Dad kept eating me out, sucking on my pussy lips, my clit and tongue fucking me.
Holy fuck I was in heaven just letting him eat me out. Imagine what it’s going to be like when I fuck him.
I came again yelling fuck me dad, fuck me now.
Dad stood up, perabet giriş his cock head was so big and purple. Bigger then any cock I ever saw.
Your cock head is sooo big.

That’s because you’re teen body is so hot. I’m busting baby. I haven’t had a pice of ass in eight years. Now I’m going to fuck my teen da(u)ghters bald pussy hard.

Dad rubbed his cock up and down my pussy slit. I felt his big bulbus cock head at my tight little fuck hole.

Ahh, fuck you’re tight baby.

I don’t think your cock will fit in my little pussy dad. I really want to fuck you but I don’t think your cock will fit in my pussy.

Oh baby my dick will fit in your pussy and you’ll love it, I promise.

I spread my legs as wide as I could. I felt dads bulbus cockhead fo(r)cing my little pussy open. Little by little I felt his big bulbus cockhead stretching my pussy until his cock was all the way into my pussy.

Oh, holy fuck. I can’t believe your big cock head fit in my pussy.
Dad started fucking me slowly.
Holy fuck, I can feel every inch of your cock as you fuck me.

FUCK, I can’t believe I’m fucking my da(u)ghter. Your pussy is so tight and wet. Your a dream come true for dad. I love you baby and I’m loving fucking you.

Fuck me daddy, fuck me any way you want. Keep strething my pussy open with your big cock.

I so want to fuck you doggie but I want to see your face when I cum.

I want to ride you like a slut cowgirl.
In a flash dad was on his back. I mounted my dad riding his big cock.
I’m going to fuck you deep daddy. That’s it, fuck me like I’m a nasty, dirty girl.
Grab my tits, squeeze my little tits dad.

Fuck baby, I can’t believe I’m fucking my da(u)ghter and you’re loving it as much as I’m loving it.

I’d love it more if you’d cum for me daddy, cum in my tight pussy. Make me a woman, make me your slut da(u)ghter. I want to be your slut da(u)ghter daddy.
I want you to fuck me any time you want, anywhere you want. Right now I want to feel your hot cum in my pussy. Empty your balls in my teen pussy, I’m here for you, use me!

Ohhh fuck baby, I’m about to cum. My balls are so tight I’m going to cum.

I rode my dad faster, like I was on a fuckin’ bronco.

I can’t hold back any more baby, ahhhh FUUUCCKK, holy fuck I’m cumming, I’m fuckin’ cumming in my da(u)ghters sweet teen pussy.
That’s it baby ride daddy, ride every drop of cum from daddy.

Holy fuck, my pussy was overflowing with my dads cum.
I rolled off my dad and lay next to him catching my breath. His cum dripping from my pussy.

Thank you baby you’re so hot. I needed pussy so badly. I’m so glad it was you.

Any time you want to fuck me dad, I’m horny all the time. Rip my fuckin’ clothes off, fuck me in every room of the house. Make me your slave da(u)ghter. Promise to fuck my brains out.

Oh you’re going to get fucked and abused just like perabet those ladies paying their husbands debt onlt you’ll be paying your fathers debt.

One thing I was a little surprised by and would love to have seen you and Tina helping each other out.
It’s great to be submisse however if you want someone to do something to you have to make it clear to the other person.
Like I neighbor Alice.
Do you remember our neighbor Alice?

A little.

Alice wasn’t married. Her and mom got to talking like you and Tina were. One thing led to another and mom use to help Alice out all the time. It got to be mom loved to eat Alice out. She loved pussy.

Mom would never let me join in. Sometimes she’d let me fuck her after her and Alice fucked each other. Most times mom would just suck me off.

My thoughts and dreams always turned to you wishing you were older. Now you made my dream come true.

That’s not right dad. Mom’s fucking this other lady and she’s not taking care of you? I’d love to be your fuck toy with no limits.

No limits? You take it in the ass?

Not yet but I will for you. Tina takes it in the ass. She claims it’s a different more intense orgasm.
I want to be your three imput girl. I mean no limits. Take me to a nude beach, tie me up, anything you can dream of I’ll be happy to do it.
I closed my eyes listing to my dad telling me how great I am dreaming of the fucks to come.

I jumped out of bed and I realized it was someone pounding on the front door.
HOLY FUCK it’s noon. It’s probably Tina.
I ran to open the door forgetting I still had the nighty somewhat on my dad ripped open.

WHAT THE FUCK CARRIE I’ve been knocking for a half hour.
HOLY FUCK look at you. What the fuck happened? Look at your nighty, ripped to shreds, hickeys on your thighs, bruises in your tits. WHAT HAPPENED??

I didn’t realize I had hickeys on my thighs and my tits brused so I came clean with Tina.
Remember what we talked about yesterday on the patio?

Nooo, you fuckin’ slut, tell me you fucked your dad??

I did Tina. We fucked eachother good and hard.

Tina unbottoned and unzipped her shorts her hand went inside her shorts.

Come in and I’ll tell you.

Tina dropped her shorts and kicked them off with her foot. She wasn’t wearing any panties.

Mother fucker I was already horny. Now my pussy is dripping wet.
Tell me everything, every detail down to the last drop of your dads cum.

I walked to my dads bedroom telling Tina it started in the bathroom after I showered and how my dad told me he overheard us talking. He ripped my nighty open.
I lay on the bed feet flat legs spread pussy wide open for Tina to see.
Are you going to take your top off or let me be the only one exposed.
Tina pulled her top off and unhooked her bra. She wasn’t lieing her nipples were really big, sticking out a couple of inches.
My pussy is on fire Tina, are you going to help me out while I tell you how my dad fucked me?

Oh fuck Carrie I wanted us to try this but I was always too afraid.

My legs aren’t spread wide for no reason.

Part 2 anyone??

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