Fucked A Sex Goddess At Temple – Part 1


Fucked A Sex Goddess At Temple – Part 1

I went to South India trip on my bike. I was at a village in Kerala. I met a Sarpanch and he promised me to show the tourist places in the village. Later that evening, the Sarpanch took me to a hut. Local toddy was served there.

We sat on the table and had a few drinks. We were talking about the places to see and how to cover them when a man who looked like a priest joined us. I ordered a few more toddies. Sarpanch said, “You Mumbaikars are like a water tank. Keep filling up your body with drinks.” Both Sarpanch and Priest laughed. I joined them.

I asked, “How many Mumbaikars have you seen?”

“Just enough,” replied Sarpanch with a wicked smile. The priest also grinned from ear to ear. I couldn’t understand what these men were grinning about. I inquired about this and a story they told me was directly out of any fantasy world that I couldn’t have had imagined in my seven lives.

It was a story happened in real that I would not have believed if I hadn’t heard the story from the protagonists themselves. I believed if not the world, at least ISS readers are deserved to know this story. Brace yourself for the most erotic story I have ever heard in my life.

Babita was a 35 years old beautiful woman with a son. She was lean but had enough flesh and fat at the required places. Her boobs were of 34C size and they looked big when those convex-shaped boobies curve down to end at the almost flat waist.

Babita’s hairs were naturally black but she highlighted them with brown dye to match with her dark brown eyes. Her lips were thick and curvy enough to cover the fact that her nose was slightly big.

Her thick straight hairs ran well below her shoulders and ended up at the middle of her spine. Her fair skin was flawless, glowing like a new gold jewel and the radiance that came within her body could lit up an entire room. She was simply beautiful yet in many ways, one could say she was raunchy.

She came to the village to attend her friend’s marriage. She and her friend took a walk on the streets of the village when they encountered the Sarpanch.

Her friend introduced the Sarpanch Vasudevan to Babita. Vasudevan, 58 years old man, years of toiling in the village had made him strong and fit. He was a very tall man, with a hairy body, like every other Kerala man.

Vasudevan saw Babita from head to toe. He liked what was in front of him. Babita was wearing a capri and t-shirt. güvenilir bahis siteleri It wasn’t a daily day occurrence for him to see a woman looking like a Bollywood celebrity in a village far away from the glossy metro city.

He took in everything of Babita, her smile, glowing fair skin and its softness, her smell and her free-flowing thick hairs.

Vasudevan’s lust lit a spark inside his body. Babita understood the Sarpanch’s look which had a lot of wickedness and less respect towards the guest he had met. Sarpanch left them by saying they will see each other soon.

Both Sarpanch and Babita weren’t aware that time they were gonna do more than seeing each other the next time they would meet.

Babita and her friend decided to take a bath in the pond situated behind her friend’s house. Babita wrapped her sexy body with a pale yellow cloth to take bath in the pond. The thin yellow cloth started at the base of her boobs and finished at her ankle and nothing inside.

She went inside the pond and sank her body till head into the pond. It was very cold but her body started to get warm.

She came out of the pond. The thin towel-like-cloth got stuck with her fair skin. Her boobs were almost visible and her hard nipples were piercing through the cloth. It was like she was naked in an open area and Babita didn’t feel shy about it and instead, she liked it.

For some reason, she felt so good about being exposed in an open area. Her only disappointment was that there was no other man to see her like this. Incidentally, she remembered the Sarpanch’s wicked look and how he would have reacted if he had seen her like this. The thought brought a naughty smile on her face.

That night there was a small party arranged in her friend’s house. Men and women were in different rooms. They were drinking, gossiping and enjoying the night. Babita saw Sarpanch at men’s room.

Sarpanch came out of the room and they started to talk. Sarpanch was an educated man and talked to her in broken English and Hindi. Maybe, it was his confidence or the wickedness, Babita liked it and found it attractive.

Sarpanch told her the tourist places to see in the village and offered to be her guide for the next day. He was a very smart man and didn’t want to waste this opportunity. The night ended with them talking more and more about the things to see and do in the village.

The next day, Sarpanch accompanied Babita, her perabet güvenilir mi son and some other people to a fort nearby. Sarpanch didn’t fail to touch Babita whenever he got an opportunity. Be it offering his hand while climbing the rocks in the fort or colliding with her body while walking. He made use of every opportunity to touch and caress Babita’s body.

Babita liked the attention she was getting and went along with the flow.

In the evening, Sarpanch took them to a temple situated very far away from the residential place in the village. It was situated in an area surrounded by thick dense trees. There was a pond in front of the temple. Babita, her son, Sarpanch, and entourage went inside the temple.

Babita was wearing a red color salwar with beige pant. It looked like she was wearing nothing down when someone looks at her from a very long distance. Other women were wearing sarees.

Inside the temple, Babita saw a priest talking with other village ladies. She understood that the priest was a ladies man and a very naughty person. He touched every woman’s fingers while offering prasadh. He was topless with his lower body was covered by a white dhoti.

The priest touched her fingers too while offering prasadh and talked to her in a naughty way. Babita looked around the temple. It was a temple with some rooms being empty without deities. It was lit by lanterns instead of electric lights.

The cool breeze around the temple, its aroma and the ambience sprayed with yellow hue made her feeling horny in that place. A crazy thought had born in her mind at that time. It was being getting fucked in the temple.

Babita had seen and enjoyed various kinds of sexual experiences. She was never the one to shy away from thrills and adventures. If she could do it in the temple this time in this village, this would top her list. She looked around and saw the Sarpanch.

He came closer to her and said that she should have worn a saree like other village women. Babita replied she was not aware of the rituals and being a localite, Sarpanch should have informed her about this. Sarpanch said he would buy her saree tomorrow and she should come with him. Babita accepted it.

The next day, they went to a nearby town for shopping. Sarpanch was flirting with Babita throughout the shopping. Since they were in town, her son and some other people wanted to watch the latest movie.

Babita excused perabet giriş herself from the movie and decided to go home with Sarpanch. Alone time with Babita was all that Sarpanch wanted and he didn’t want to waste it.

On their way to the village, Sarpanch stopped at a place and they had desi daaru, toddy. They drank pure toddy drawn from a single tree. It tasted different than any other liquor she had tasted all over the world. The toddy broke the shackles bounded them and they conversed even more freely now.

Babita liked the way Sarpanch looked at her body. She was always into older men as they knew how to handle a woman perfectly. A young man would not have become this close in this short time or maybe he would have pushed the buttons too early to make the things go awry. But Sarpanch was playing his game neatly.

He was neither hurry nor did he was slow in taking the things forward. He complimented her beautiful face and how her skin was radiating from inside. Sarpanch caressed her arms and fingers. She said nothing. They reached home.

Babita wore the Kerala saree and went to the temple in the evening. She hadn’t worn saree like the other villagers. She had left her waist exposed and made men ogle at her.

Babita realized it and adjusted her saree when she noticed the priest looking at her. He gave her a wicked smile and came closer to her. He grabbed her hand and whispered in her ears in Hindi, “Babiji, you look so beautiful in this saree. Your beauty beats the beauty of the goddess inside.” Babita smiled and thanked him.

The priest continued, “I would like to offer a special Pooja to this goddess. Meet me here after an hour.” He flashed a wicked grin on his face.

Babita looked at him from top to bottom. For someone who don’t do any hard work, this guy looked strong and fit, same like Sarpanch but he was at least 10 years younger than him.

Sarpanch told her that there was a traditional folk art going on. Babita earlier insisted him to show him and he had arranged it for her. Sarpanch and Babita left the place to watch it. Bapita’s mind was filled with a special Pooja the priest talked about. She couldn’t concentrate on the folk dance the villagers were performing.

She thought about fulfilling her fantasy she had imagined last evening. She left the place in between and went to the temple. The gate was closed and there were no lights inside the temple. No one was there.

Babita looked around but she couldn’t find the priest. She waited for some time and then the priest appeared out of the dark. They saw each other and smiled.

What was the special pooja which the priest wanted to do for Babita? Will he be able to ‘perform’ it? We read about that in the next part.

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