Finding my way 03: finding a ‘gold’ memb


Finding my way 03: finding a ‘gold’ memb
Chapter three.

I have to find my ‘gold’ member at the Dark Africa Breeding Farm. I might find him at the chatroom. I listen in and follow a lot of men hoping I will be able to recognize or find one. I try to get into the member information, but I cannot hack it. For a full week, I follow as much of the chats. Only when I am asleep, I don’t listen in. Finally, one member gives away something I can use. He discloses he has been divorced for four years, removed himself from the social networks he and his wife belonged to, to life more or less as a recluse. But most revealing was his remark that when he goes to work, he will go inside only when he can enter alone. I remember a local newspaper article about a very rich and powerful man that fits this description. He lives in a larger town 10 miles away.

Four days, I observe my gold member going to work. His chauffeur drives him up to the front door of his office and he always enters alone. If others are at the door, he waits until he can get in alone. On Friday, I stand at the front door. I waver as I do not want to go in; I only want to talk to him. He walks up to me. “Miss, could you go inside. I always enter alone”.

I reply: “I don’t want to go inside. But do your friends know about your visits to the Dark African Breeding Farm? Maybe I should tell them? If you don’t want them to know, come to the address on the paper I have for you. Alone. Inside the building, you must say to someone ‘An angel asks me to come over’ If you do as I tell, everything will be ok. I guaranty, it will all be perfect. It will make you very happy!”. I hand him the paper and leave as quickly as I can. I don’t look back.

Around eight, someone knocks at my door. Dressed in a black corset, I open the door. It’s my ‘gold’ member and my golden ticket.

“Sit over there, don’t talk, just watch! I will make your dreams come true!”.

I unbutton the front of my corset and pull it aside. I wrote ‘RESERVED FOR BLACK BABIES’ on my belly. He starts to asks a question, but I silence him. “Not a word, until I ask for it. Just watch!”.

I have him sit beside my chair in front of my computer. I turn my computer out of sleep mode and the Dark African Breeding Farm appears. I sit in my place and slip onto the 12-inch dildo. I start a breeding movie with Mary-Jo and turn up the speed of the dildo to max.

I don’t look at the ‘Gold’ member. I am glued to my screen. I sing along with May-Jo.

“Breed me! Fuck me! Put a black baby in my belly! Knock me up! Make me a slut for black cock”. I sing along for half an hour. I still do not look at the ‘Gold’ member. I tab to another window at my computer. I start the last Pregnant Interracial Gangbang I made with Mary-Jo. The movie start when I have Mary-Jo ride the large dildo. In one shot, I am in view. Without looking to the ‘Gold’ member, I scream; “Look, that slut with Mary-Jo is me. I had her gangbanged, but I wanted to be gangbanged and bred as well”. When the Niggers start to fuck her, I scream along. “Fuck me! Breed me! Get me pregnant with your black baby. Put a black baby in my belly. Shoot your load inside me!” I don’t stop the movie, but scream as long as the video plays.

When the video stops, I am a little groggy, but get out of my chair and walk over to him. “Stand up!”. I can see his cock is stiff. I stand very close to him and grab his cock. I whisper in his ear: “I know what you want. You want to be a gold member of the Dark African Breeding Farm. But you would need a wife or daughter to send over.”. Gently, I rub his cock, making it even harder. “I could be your wife. I want to go to the Dark African Breeding Farm. You want to see a gang of Niggers go down on your wife. I want all those Niggers to cum inside my pussy and knock me up. You want to see me as your wife being filled with cum by hundreds of Niggers. They will knock up your wife!”. I was jerking him off and moved my hand faster and faster. “Will you marry me? Will you marry me and have me filled by Nigger cum and being bred for the next 20 years? Take me as your wife and you’ll be a gold member and I have my golden ticket illegal bahis to the Dark African Breeding Farm and can hook up with my best friend again. Marry me and your dream can come true! Nobody has to know. We can marry in secret and you will have a wife to send to the Dark African Breeding Farm. Marry me!”. While he comes, he sighs: “Yes. I will marry you.”.

A week later we marry in Las Vegas at a cheap wedding chapel. We will have a ‘dirty marriage and chose an appropriate chapel and ceremony. A few days later, my ‘husband’ sent an email to the Dark Africa Breeding Farm, he wanted to send his wife over and become a ‘Gold’ member. A week later, someone from the Dark Africa Breeding Farm came over and checked all our documents and made the necessary arrangements. A month later, we flew to Lusaka, the capital of Zambia. We transferred in Lusaka, but we were blindfolded on the plain. We had no idea where they took us. Several hours later, we land and change into a car. We still were blindfolded and drove for several more hours. Very late in the evening, we arrive at our destination. My husband and I had to kiss goodbye. I was brought into the compound and taken to my house within the compound. My husband stayed at a hotel outside the compound. They told us we might see each other in the coming weeks of months, but they could no say when. I was at the Dark Africa Breeding Farm. I would fuck hundreds of Niggers; they would shoot a black baby in my belly and I would meet Mary-Jo again. I was happy!

I hope I can talk to Mary-Jo as soon as possible, but I am told I can only talk to the other girls if I am confirmed black pregnant. I can’t wait to get bred by Niggers.

A black dominatrix takes me from my house to one of the breeding houses. She pushes me inside a room. It is dark and it is smelly. I realize it is a toilet and filled with black guys.

“Miss, are you sure you want to be here? We have a bet going on trying to get as many naked black men inside this toilet. Especially now, a woman makes us very horny and we will have our way with you.”.

I decide to play along and see what happens.

“Oh, I don’t mind. I love black cock… Eh, black men.”.

“Ok, suit yourself. We will. You heard her; she loves black cock…. Eh, men. Well, miss, that is the same to us.”.

I see all their cocks stiffen. I am lifted and pushed onto a urinal.

“Ok, guys let’s have some fun. Spread her legs wide open and fuck her. Let’s fill that cunt with our cum.”.

Two guys push me against the wall and two guys spread my legs wide open.

“Wait your turn, guys. Just line up. We will all fuck her good and deep. She can’t go anywhere. She doesn’t want to go anywhere. Look at how wet her cunt is getting. She wants all of us to go down on her.”.

I relax and open my cunt just a little wider to let those Niggers fuck and cum inside me.

“Ok, slut let’s fuck and fill you up with cum. I will shoot my load deep inside you.”.

The guy is fucking me good and I really love it. This is what I wanted, what I needed. They will fill me good.

“I am cumming, Miss. Oh, that is great. Love that wet pussy take all of my cock inside. My load is really deep, Miss.”

The first guy has just shot a load inside my unprotected cunt. He could make me pregnant. I want more, much more. I don’t have to wait long, the second guy rams his cock inside and fuck me deep and hard. I love his cock inside me. “Yes, fuck me, cum inside me, fill me up. Take this dirty slut and fill her cunt.”.

They keep cumming and I love it. This is what I wanted, needed; Nigger cock filling me with their black baby-seed.

After he has unloaded his cock inside, the tenth guy remarks; “I hope you’re on birth control, Miss. Otherwise we will knock you up with a black baby. We love knocking up white sluts with black babies.”.

“Oh gee, I forgot to take the pill for a couple of weeks. You will shoot a black baby in my belly. Maybe you should knock me up for being so careless. My husband would love to see me bred by Niggers for being careless.”.

“You’re married, Miss?”.

“Yes, but don’t worry. He wants to see me knocked up by Niggers and I want to be bred canlı casino by you as well. Just unload your cocks inside me and make me pregnant.”.

“You’re a dirty Nigger-loving whore-wife. We will fill you up and get you pregnant.”.

They take me from the toilet and flip me onto the toilet floor.

“We are going down on you. We will make you a Nigger-bred whore-wife.”.

My god, I am loving it. I feel dirty, sexy and hope they knock me up. But if they don’t, well we keep trying. I hope I won’t get knocked up too soon. I want to have more Nigger go down on. I will be fucked for at least three weeks more weeks. In those next weeks, at least 500 Niggers will go down on me! Fuck me, breed me, try to shoot a black baby inside me. I want it! I want it! Come on, Niggers, fill me up.

The next day, my dominatrix walks me to the building where it all happens. I am wearing a black cocktail mini dress and black high heels. At the entrance of the room, she hands me over to my ‘husband’. My ‘husband’ accompanies me inside a room that looks like a bar. “Don’t make the customers wait, honey.”. He guides me to a strange round table. It is a turning table. The guys don’t have to move, I am moved to be fucked. It got gynecologists’ stirrups. A few Niggers lift me up and fix my legs inside the stirrups. My arms are also tied down and I can’t move at all. With a grin he remarks: “Ok, guys, you can fill her cocktail with your juices. Do what you have to do! Breed my whore-wife! Knock my wife up. Shoot a black baby inside my wife’s belly.”.

My ‘husband’ will be in the video! He is a real sick bastard. He doesn’t care if someone might recognize him. Ok, if they would recognize him, they are members too and will not want ‘friends’ to know they are. He is turning the Niggers onto me to breed me, to knock me up, to shoot a black baby inside me. I really love my husband!

He conjures up a spray can and a paint mold. He pushes the mold against my belly and sprays black ink onto the mold. When he is finished, he turns to me.

He whispers into my ear: “I sprayed “Fill my belly with a Nigger baby” on your belly. I will watch as those Niggers fill your cunt with Nigger seed. I will tell them to knock you up. Tell them to breed my whore-wife. Enjoy my little slut. I am going to watch those Niggers shoot at least 50 loads of Nigger seed inside your unprotected cunt. You’re going to love it! It’s what you want and need! Tell them to knock you up! Tell them to breed you! Spur them on to use you. To fill your unprotected cunt with Nigger seed!”.

I sigh: “I will tell them to breed me. To knock me up. You don’t have to, I will make sure they keep fucking me, shooting loads of sperm inside my unprotected cunt.”.

I just finish my last words as a dick rams inside my cunt. A Nigger is fucking me hard, very hard and deep.

“I am going to breed you, whore. I will shoot a black baby inside your belly as you and your husband want to. I will give you a big belly. I am going to fill you up.”.

I hope they won’t all fuck me as long as he is doing. They could not all shoot their load inside me. After ten minutes, he shoots his load inside me. “So, Slut a load to be bred by.”.

I feel the table turn and a second cock fills me up. This is a big one, a monster. It must be 12-inch long. It is going deep and deeper. The Nigger is silent and does not make a noise.

“Fuck me Nigger. Shoot a load inside me. Shoot it into my cervix. Make a baby inside me. Knock me up.”.

His stamina is not as long as his cock. Within two minutes he cums inside me. He shoots so much; it backfires and cum shoots everywhere. The table turns again. A third Nigger pushes his cock inside me. His cock is not very long, but very thick. It feels as if a bottle is pushed inside me. I grasp for air.

“Like to be filled, whore. This is a Dick! Can you feel it fill you up? I will get deeper and you will really feel me fill you up. And I will fill you with my Nigger-seed. Shoot my seed inside that unprotected cunt. It is nice to breed a slut like you. Do you love my Nigger dick deep inside you?”.

“Oh, yes, I love it. Breed me! Knock me up. Fill me up.”.

This continues kaçak casino for two more hours. The table keeps turning and the Niggers keep fucking me and shooting their loads inside my unprotected belly. I really love breeding parties!

On the third day, my black mistress chaperones me to my third breeding party. She opens the door and tells me to get in. I am dressed in my black cocktail dress again. I enter and look inside the dressing room at a high school. A heavily pregnant white girl dressed as a cheerleader stands at 10 feet of me. Her top and dress cannot cover her big belly. “See you later, have fun.”, she says and walks out. As soon as she is gone, 25 black guys dressed as Footballers storm in from the other end.

“Cindy has kept her promise. Look, she has provided another slut we can fuck. Maybe we can get her pregnant as well. Cindy told us, you can’t resist black cock and want to be black bred. Did Cindy tell you we like it rough and dirty. We are football players and fuck as football players; hard, strong and merciless as our coach tell us to.”.

Without delay, they rip my dress from my body. The spray-painted text becomes visible again.

“Cindy was right. This slut is flaunting she wants to be bred by Niggers. She is a bigger slut then Cindy. It took Cindy several weeks to confess she wanted to be knocked up with a black baby. This one doesn’t wait for one single moment to let us know what she wants! Want us to breed you, slut.”.

“Yes, breed me. Fill me up! Shoot a black baby in my belly! Knock me up!”.

The guys grab me and hold me in the air. They open up my legs and one of them rams his cock inside my cunt. I spur him on; “Fuck me! Fill me up! Ram your cock deep inside me! Knock me up! Make me pregnant! Breed me!”. He fucks me hard and merciless as his coach had told him. He fucks like a machine gun: in-out, in-out, …… bang bang, bang bang…in out, in out. He can’t hold off very long. Within no time, he fills me with his cum.

They flip me over and I hang upside down. I feel another dick ram inside me. This one also fucks me hard and merciless. Again, I yell at him; “Fuck me! Breed me! Knock me up!” He also fucks me like a machine gun: in-out, in out, in- out. Deeper, harder in – out. Again, I am filled with cum in no time at all.

All Niggers go down on me like this. They all fuck me like machine guns. Within 20 minutes they have all unloaded inside me. The last I remember is I counted how many more times the Niggers would come inside me for the rest of the video. A video is about 2 hours and it means they will cum inside me 120 times or so. If feel my mind go.

My cunt is wet, slippery, filled with cum and taking over my mind. It controls me. It wants more cock, more cum, More… More…. More. I can’t even spur the Niggers on anymore. My cunt has taken over completely. I can only blurt. I can’t make sentences with more then three words. I can hear myself blurt; “Breed me! Fuck me! Knock me up! Fill me up!”. I can only repeat those lines in random order. The Niggers keep cumming inside me and I don’t know which way is up or down. I don’t record how they and where they are fucking me, breeding me. My mind is only recording black cocks, fucking, fucking, sperm, sperm, get pregnant, knock me up, breed me. Anything else has gone. I am a fuck-toy with a cunt open to serve as many black cocks as it can. I feel extremely happy. I give in and let my cunt control me. YES! YES! MORE! MORE! BREED ME! GET ME PREGNANT! KNOCK ME UP! It is all that is still in my body, anything else has gone. My mind has stopped working; only my cunt is ‘thinking’.

After the video, I am carried ‘home’. I don’t record anything anymore. My body is exhausted, but my cunt is happy.

The next couple of months, I am fucked almost constantly. I miss my next period, so they did not yet breed me, but they have to keep fucking me until they do knock me up. The next period I do miss, but fucking and breeding continues for two more weeks. By that time, 700 Niggers have gone down on me! After those two weeks, a pregnancy test is done; knocked up by Niggers: YES! YES! Bred by blacks, just like Mary-Jo. I am just as big a Nigger-bred slut as she is. The voice was right; I love to be black bred. Finally, my pregnancy is confirmed and the next day I may talk to Mary-Jo. Finally, I will have the answers I want.

End of part 3.

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