Family Dynamics


Family Dynamics
I woke up in Danica’s mouth this morning. My little princess was beneath the covers, out of my view, but I knew it was her, because no one sucks cock like Danica! The boys at her school must have trained her well. Within 40 seconds of awakening, all the jizz that had built up in my balls overnight were pumping into her sweet young mouth, and she wasted no time draining down her throat.

After my climax subsided, I lay back on the bed, which is when I spotted my wife Denise and her mother Lorraine standing in the doorway, both completely nude, of course, in compliance with the Female Disenfranchisement Act of 2034, which stripped women of the right to vote, to choose how they dressed, putting them under total male authority and forcing them to be “naked and prepared to receive” whatever the men owning them decided. Lorraine’s husband had died almost three years ago, so she had to move in with Denise and I, becoming my property, rather than face the continuous danger of ****, which had been legalized with regards to unowned females of any age.

Denise came over and kissed me as Danica emerged from the covers, wiping the corners of her luscious little with one finger, making sure that my entire load was now in her trim, xxxteen-year-old stomach. As our unclothed daughter left the bedroom to shower and get ready for school, my wife whispered in my ear, “You’d best go back to sleep, my love. Something tells me the powerless females of this house are going to bahis siteleri need extra male power to keep us calm today. I’ve already told Derek and Damon about it.” Yes, we’re one of those annoying families where all the k**s’ names start with the same letter.Serves me right for letting Denise pick all of them!

Denise’s words must have affected me as I slept, for I woke up with a massive erection. The need to unload my bulging balls was excruciating! I bound out of bed still naked and made my way to the living room. Derek and Damon were playing a competitive militery holograph game, dressed casually, while the family females were of course totally nude. All three of them gasped and bowed their heads when they beheld my throbbing cock. It was now Selection Time.

I pointed at Lorraine. “Go to the cellar and lay down in the dirt!” I instructed. With a despairing moan, she complied, going to the kitchen before opening the cellar door and disappearing downward. Derek and Danica were sitting side-by-side, and I knew she worshiped her older brother, so I gave her to him for the night. My wife had scolded Damon for something in the past couple days, so I assigned her to whatever revenge he need to inflict upon her. As I left for the cellar, I could already see my darling little Danica laying on an easy-chair, legs raised and spread wide, smiling in utter adoration at Derek as he began to mount her.

I turned on the two 40-watt lights bulbs at the bottom of tipobet güvenilir mi the steps. Lorraine was curled up into the fetal position as her eyes gazed up at me, filled with fear. Was I going to kill her? A lot of men choose to, ah, “end their ownership” of a female in a cellar or a full-blown basement, so my mother-in-law was positively ELATED when I merely order her to bet on her back.

When she did so, I immediately forced her legs apart, mounted her and rammed my dick in her. She gasped at the suddenness of my violation, and I could see that a bit of fear had crept back into her gaze.

“Remember when I worked for you,, cunt?” I growled. Her breath hitched, and she began sobbing softly, clearly frightened of the power I now held over her.

“Y-Yes,” Andrew,” she started to stammer, “b-but I never meant t-to—”

“SHUT UP!” I bellowed, slapping her head back and forth as she screamed in pain. “YOU TREATED ME LIKE DIRT! WELL NOW YOU’RE IN THE FUCKING DIRT!” Then I grabbed her and turned her over several times, mashing the front of her still-sexy body into the gravel floor of the cellar, especially her face, till she was covered from head to toe. I then made her get on all fours and spread her legs. Scooping up a handful of earth I sprinkled it into her butt-crack, which she had obediently used her hands to open wide on my command, and violently thrust the entire length of my rock-hard cock into her ass

She shrieked in agony, perabet repeatedly screaming like the Devil Himself was r****g her. I compounded the whore’s hellish experience by yanking her head by her now filthy hair savagely, to the point where it felt as though it might come right off her shoulders. As I continued fucking her ass, she suddenly whimpered, “kill me.”

“What?” I asked, as I could feel a feral, primitive, a****listic grin spread across my face. “Say again?”

Barely able to whisper now, she meekly begged, “p-please, Andrew, kill me. now. you can use my corpse however you want.”

At this, I pulled all the way out of her ass. In the light of the 40-watt bulbs, I could see her asshole was gaping, a perfect, bleeding circle now. I positioned my dick like a sword, aiming for a totally-degraded, dehumanized, subjugated target, and with a demonic laugh that startled even myself, I roared, “MAYBE LATER, BUT NOT TONIGHT!” and stabbed her anus more deeply than I’ve ever penetrated a woman before! She screamed louder than ever: first in horror, but then in sexual ecstasy after I came myself, growling in her ear as I pumped half a fucking quart of hot, liquid humiliation into my property. The chip in her head, forcibly implanted when I took ownership of her, made her climax at the same moment I did.

I fell on top of her, my full body grinding her into the dirt once again. I spent a couple minutes panting, task completed, prick still inside her as she murmured in pleasure, still controlled by the orgasm chip, which continued its dominion over her as we ascended the stairs back towards the living room. Still was still covered in soil, but her face was positively radiant with her pride at having pleased her owner and user.

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