Evening the Score – Chapter 10


Evening the Score – Chapter 10
And so it went for the next few months. It wasn’t long before it seemed that I was fucking at least one cunt and ass every day. There were so many women that wanted to be fucked and begged for my seed, I understood why Jess started. Twenty somethings to sixty somethings, one at a time to three at a time, my place, their place, their work places, public places, it didn’t matter, I was having fun. I even fucked Cherry again, several times, in fact. Never get tired of her perfect ass.

And Jess? We’d fuck every day, like we always did, hard, sweaty, messy. She seemed to be more relaxed seeing me or hearing about me fucking other women. It began to turn her on now knowing how much cunt and ass I was getting. I asked her about this one Friday evening, and also asked point blank if she’d been fucking as well.

“No, I haven’t. I promised you that I would get your permission before I fucked someone, and I haven’t asked, have I? Not since the party months ago. I said that night I wanted this to end, that I had the problem with you fucking other women, and that hasn’t changed. I just hope this’ll soon be over.”

And she’s right! She hasn’t asked, and we also haven’t been to any parties since. I guess I just didn’t need to. When she found me fucking at our home nowadays, she just looked in usually, then went to do other things. Sometimes, she stood in the doorway to watch. Other times, she came back, completely naked, and sat in the corner chair and watched, slowly rubbing her slit and nipples, waiting. Those times, I’d always make eye contact with her and sport an evil grin while driving my cock into the random hole. That seemed to get her going even more. As soon as I was alone, she’d jump on my cock, seemingly oblivious to the fact it was still covered with cum, cunt and ass juice. Jess became an a****l.

But, it didn’t matter to me – I had no trouble finding sluts to fuck. All told, kaçak iddaa since I learned about her previous life, I’ve gotten close to my goal of 30 cunts, 28 to be exact. But, like my wife previously, I’d have to guess I’d been in these cunts, asses, and throats, hundreds of times, meeting and fucking most of these women multiple times. Again, I was having fun.

And, amazingly, Jess hasn’t worked any weekends since that weekend she was caught. Funny how that works.

The next day, Saturday, we woke up at our usual mid-morning time, and also as usual, we fucked, hard. Even though my cock was getting a work out these last couple of months, my morning wood was harder than its ever been, every day, and my semen quantity was off the charts. It was as if I was a teenager all over again, horny all the time, and able to shoot huge loads, which this morning, were dripping heavily out of Jess’s cunt and asshole.

She laid on her back, against the headboard, spread her legs wide, and began collecting all the cum into her hands. When her hands could contain no more, she brought them to her lips, and licked her hands clean. She did this until the cum from her holes stopped flowing. She’d never done this before, at least not in front of me. I could not believe how hot my wife was.

While catching our breath after watching my cum drip from Jess’s cunt and ass, and my tongue licking up up every last drop, I told her I had a surprise for her later that evening. She perked up inquisitively, and asked what the surprise was. I simply told her she’d have to wait, patiently.

As we were cleaning ourselves up, and preparing for the day. I began to lay out the outfit I wanted her to wear that night on the bed. She looked at me with a puzzled expression, and I told her I wanted to plan our evening down to every last detail, and that she could look at this outfit all day long if she wanted to, and just imagine. I indeed had perabet güvenilir mi a plan.

From a bag I retrieved from our closet, I pulled out a pair of 6” shiny black “Fuck Me” heels, a pair of ripped, fishnet stockings, and a very miniscule lycra strapless micro dress, filled with holes, but with patches covering her nipples and cunt, while a low plunging back and holes would show her ass nicely. Lastly, I pulled out a toy that gave Jess a pause and a quickening of her breath – a toy with two projections attached – an 8” and thick cock attached to a large butt plug, replete with a red jeweled cap. Jess asked what that was for, and I told her she was to wear that tonight in place of any type of underwear. Looking down at her naked pussy, I could tell she was already wet with anticipation.

I told her that today, while we’re out and about, she was to dress as sexy and slutty as she’d like, all to please me. I told her I might fuck her at anytime, anywhere today, and she was to be ready. She was giddy with anticipation as she went to her closet and drawers to pick out an appropriate outfit.

What she came up with shocked even me. She brought out a flouncy red skirt, a white tube top, and very sexy flip flops, none of which I’d ever seen before. Oh, and not a stitch of underwear. I must’ve had a puzzled look on my face, and before I could say anything, Jess spoke up and told me that these were clothes she’d worn on “dates” in her previous, promiscuous life. She also said that rather than throw them all away, she decided she preferred to share them with the man she loved. My rock hard cock tended to agree, so I was not upset with this revelation.

After she dressed, it was obvious why I hadn’t seen these clothes before. Her skirt rode low on her hips, well below her belly button and just above her mound, the hem came to just below her ass, and the tube top barely contained her breasts. tipobet giriş As it was, her nipples and areola were plainly visible through the top’s fabric, and her cleavage was very evident, bulging out the top. Even below her top, her breasts hung out, covering just the middle. With the flip flops on, she looked like a whore, a high priced street whore, and for once, I was not complaining.

She grabbed my cock, grabbed her purse and my wallet and keys, and we headed out the door.

Once in the car, Jess pulled the skirt up, and her shaved pussy was clearly visible, and began rubbing her slit. It was still very wet from before, when she saw the toy, and her nipples became even harder, easily an inch long and thick.

It was very hard to concentrate and drive, and several times, I veered slightly across the road. Jess was not going to make this easy on me. All I wanted was to watch her pleasure her cunt.

She asked me what errands we were running today. I told her that we needed to get dinner, snacks, and drinks for later this evening.

“Are we having company?”, Jess asked.

“Yes, WE are.”, I replied. “But that’s all I’m going to say.”

This made Jess even hornier, because with my words, she began to push her fingers hard into her cunt. It was so wet. She was dripping all over the seat. She closed her eyes, opened her mouth a bit, and began sliding the fingers of both hands hard deep inside. Her moans became louder, until, very quickly, she had her climax. Her breathing heavy, her face flushed, her eyes remained closed as she came down, rubbing her rock hard nipples through her tube top.

“That was quite a show!”, I said. “Too bad I had to keep my hands on the wheel and my eyes on the road, otherwise we’d probably hit a tree, or something.”

When Jess calmed down enough to talk, she said, “When you said WE would be having company, I don’t know, I just became incredibly horny. I’m only sorry you weren’t able to fuck me right then.”

She kept her skirt up, and licked her cum from her fingers, offering me some of her juices as I drove. Her scent and taste were driving me crazy, but I reminded myself, I had to resist. Our plans that evening required it.

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