Educational Sex in Retirement


Educational Sex in Retirement
When I was a student, a professor and I had a brief sexual affair. You can read about it in “Professor Insect” on this site. I really enjoyed the sex, and got a good boost to my grades and career in consequence. But times changed; when I was a professor, seducing students was not on, whether or not grades were involved.

So I behaved myself, not quite flawlessly but mostly. What extraordinary temptations there were!

But my career was successful, I sold books and lectures and retired early, not quite a senior citizen. And moved to a different town, a rural area but within a short drive of two university campuses, both of which had big sports programs, one of which had a significant performing arts program as well.

By accident, advertising only by occasional word of mouth, it became known that I was available to tutor students in the humanities. By great good luck one early client was short of funds, intuited my sexual desire for him (I swear I didn’t stare!), and offered himself. Word spread.

I developed a routine with them. And actually was somewhat discriminating in my clients. I was able to convince them that they needed to do most of the work, but they could do it with my help. They would get two sessions, after which I would own their bodies for a while. Usually they came a third time, this time for sex. I would invite them in, offer a drink and a short chat, and invite them to the bedroom to get ready.

I would wait then tap softly on the door, entering the bedroom, to find them ready or not for sex. What interesting patterns in what I found when I opened the door. Some were very open, as if the sex was their idea and would I please get on with it. Some looked at me as if they wanted to fuck me hard. Some were knowing what the deal was and were happy with it. Many were proud of their cocks, most justifiably. One little twink, almost fairy-like, had this enormous club of a cock. Some were coy or shy, only partially undressed, or privates covered, eyes averted. Many assumed I wanted to fuck them; some were on their stomachs legs slightly spread; others were on their back, folding up their legs and exposing their holes as I came into the bedroom. Some looked ready for sex, lying relaxed on the bed legs slightly spread, cock semi-erect, eyes saying come hither. Some were still dressed, looking clueless or frightened. Some looked at me like they loved me. Some tried to look sexy, fully or semi-erect. Some pretended to be sleeping. Some stood like models. Some were virgins. Some were not even gay, just offering their bodies for sex in return for better papers and presentations.

So many stories. One lovely sight on opening the door was a slender athlete, a swimmer, with these go-on-forever legs, slender hips, taut ass, lightly muscled shoulders, thick short curly black hair. What made the scene special was the way he was d****d only partly on the bed; his dangling legs had the delightful effect of raising his sweet butt in invitation. Such beauty should be worshipped and so I did. Kneeling before his ass, kissing and licking and nipping his tight globes, working my way to his dark crack and lovable treasure. Lots of thick black hair smelling already of sex and sweat; I made it wet with my tongue. Traversing his crack, spreading his legs, exposing his riches, kissing then French kissing his hole, sometimes sucking at him. He responding lustfully, welcoming my lips and my tongue.

We were pulling each other on; his moans made me want him more with my tongue; his ass began to pulse. It was good to roll him over onto his back, as I could see his cock and balls: average cock, nicely formed, but huge balls dangling low. bahis şirketleri Embracing his ass completely, I buried my face in him, tongue probing and thrusting. I could feel his pulsing again, a prelude to orgasm. He held my head to him with both of his hands. His moans became gasps, his hole was throbbing, I could tell his cock was spurting by the spasms of his sphincter. As he pumped he sang one long groan: musical, enticing. When he quieted, I looked up and saw his rippled abs covered in cum, his chest hair wet with it. What a feast! Sucking some, spreading some on my face, sharing a first kiss, a very wet first kiss, with much cum shared. Plenty to spread also on my cock, as I moved to enter him.

I entered an ass exhausted by orgasm, but open and receptive. I moved slowly and gently, stroking his wonderful body, sometimes kissing it or his face. And then I could feel his ass get hot again. Once more his pulses, this time on my cock; they were sucking the cum out of me. Which I released in a flow I could not control, my body heaving, then collapsing onto him. He held me close for a while, before we separated and he left.

By the way, I think he would have done well in his course even without my help. But I enjoyed the boost he gave me, so a help to grades is a fair deal.

I have special memories of my time with a footballer as well. Opening the door, there he was, a beautiful man, tall, strongly muscled but not a tank. Long blond hair, the same on his pits and pubes. He lay on the bed like a predatory tiger, languorously stretching his body, propping up his fully erect 7 inch cock, showing it proudly. He could also be proud of his balls, hairy, large and dangling. This was a man who was used to being admired, who was known to cut a swath with the ladies. But I don’t think there was any news of his sexual experience with men. Still, he needed help with his work, and got it, and now it was his turn to service me.

His posture basically said “worship my body”, and I was happy to do just that. I spread his legs slightly, so I could kneel before his groin. He had not showered after his workout, so his sweat smell was strong, heady and enticing. My lips first found his pubic hair, thick, scratchy, reeking of sweat with a strong note of sex; I don’t think I was his first that day. I rubbed my face on him, then licked his groin. My lips embraced the root of his penis, licking and sucking that lovely network between his cock and his balls. That was new to him, and welcome, judging by the low hum he gave. I spend some time on his balls, delicately kissing and licking. His hips were moving just a little; I could tell he was getting hot. My slow progress up his cock, now rock hard, was greeted with moans of urgency as his excitement built. When much lips and tongue found his glans and his tip his hands found my head. He wanted penetration and ejaculation. Sometimes you get what you ask for. I did take time to savour the pre-cum leaking from his cock, then took him in my mouth, tongue swirling, lots of suction. He was whimpering now, very close to pumping his load. I got just four inches in before my throat slowed him, so I shifted around his body, straddling his head with my legs. Then I took his cock, all his cock, right till his pubic hair was pressed against my chin, levering down till I could feel my nose pressing against his root. He gave a shout as his orgasm began. He humped my head with his thrusting hips, also taking control of my head. I was being used, and I was loving it. His sperm was thick and meaty, a meal.

When he subsided, I moved my own cock and balls over his face. I didn’t sense a lot of enthusiasm as he started; this was illegal bahis clearly new to him. But he was doing OK. I moved forward and offered my ass. I didn’t expect his reaction at all. His mouth glued itself to my hole, his tongue pumping like a piston. I could see his penis starting to get hard again. He could have brought me to ejaculation that way, but I moved off him. He gave a little whine of loss, but he was here to serve me. And I him. I shifted back again, but this time lifted his hips, exposing his hole – very probably his virgin hole. I’d never had a virgin footballer before. I wanted his ass ready, wishing to have something inside it. I applied myself to his crack and his hole. With his football and sexual workouts, his cleft was sweaty, musky and hot. My face was placed between his cheeks, his legs around my head. Once I started making love to his hole, his hands moved down to hold my head in place, he moaned, his body shuddered. My swirling tongue and my sucking lips were awakening a need in him, a need for cock. I felt he was pretty close to ejaculation when I stopped , positioned his ass on my thighs, and pushed the tip of my cock against his wet and throbbing hole.

I watched his face as he realized what would happen next. Known womanizer, macho man on campus, was about to be penetrated by another man, an older man, not especially fit. His expression had some “What have I done?” in it, also some “I need the grades”. As I pressed into him, his eyes bugged out, he gave a small cry, his hands grabbed my hips as if to stop me. But after a pause, he released me to press in some more, very gently. Slowly, slowly, I eased into him, finally in all the way. After a long period of stillness, with occasional pulse from my cock, I could feel his ass relax and realize that there was pleasure here too. My moves at first were small and gentle. A transformation came over this face: discomfort became need. I knew we were on the way when his hands, still on my hips began to move me harder against him. The climax came quickly. Suddenly this muscled, athletic, masterly man began to whimper like a little boy, then moan, then say in a soft whispery voice: “Daddy, daddy, take me”. His hands reached up and pulled me down to him, my legs now spread behind. We kissed; soon his face was wet with tears; then he began to sob. “O God, I’m gay” he cried and suddenly I felt a hot wetness between us; he had cum. I was right behind, moaning myself.

For a few minutes after, we lay still. But I could feel his body and his ego come back to this planet. He stiffened, so I pulled out, but took the opportunity to take a second harvest of his cum, tasting also his sweat and his musk.

He was pretty fast and furtive as he dressed and headed out. Part of his discomfort was the fact that he had felt genuine pleasure in the experience, that he liked being sucked and he like being fucked. Although our academic work together did help his grades, he didn’t seek my services again. I wonder how he dealt with his expanded sexual preferences.

I could tell many more stories, but one more before I go, perhaps the most special. And this one has a name: Simon. Simon was a twink: slender, long haired, really cute, almost ethereal. What a wonderful tight butt though those spray-on jeans. I wanted to be inside him and make him squeak with fullness and lust. So I thought I was going to heaven when I came into the bedroom and found him naked on the bed, facedown, submissive, legs spread in invitation. As my lips and tongue found his cleft and his sweet opening, puckering for me, I could smell a perfumed scent of spices which Simon wore there for me. It was a rich harvest for illegal bahis siteleri my tongue. He became totally relaxed, open, welcoming, louche. But before I entered him, I rolled him over to introduce myself to his cock. A happy cock is a happy lover.

He was curiously a little resistant to my pressure, but gave in. And what a surprise! Simon had an enormous penis, a colossal column sprouted from his tiny frail body. It wasn’t just impressively long; it was thick, close to the most impressive I had seen before my face. And it was hard, at full extension. He said: “Is it alright?” as if there was something wrong with this tour de force of nature. As I found out later, most of his sex partners found his cock disproportionate, almost disgusting, and in any case way too large for their openings.

Not me. The moment I saw this fabulous phallus, I went from wanting to fuck to wanting to be fucked. I looked up to his anxious face and said: “It’s beautiful, I want it”. His face lit up, and he flexed his member in appreciation. I was all over his rod with my tongue, kissing, licking, sucking. He sighed and moved his hips. But only later would I learn how much of him I could take in my mouth: now my anal opening had priority. Moving up his body I spread my legs over his narrow, hairless chest. First I lubed my ass, then his cock. Simon looked up at me almost in adoration. Most of his boyfriends were tops, and didn’t want such a massive tool inside them anyway. I was the first who wanted him to fuck me.

Holding his hardness in my hand, I lowered my ass till the tip was just pushing at the door. I looked at his sweet face, a soft smile of care and welcome. It was so easy, with that look, just to let him enter me, I so wanted it. But he was huge, and as my opening spread and spread, my eyes began to bug out, I started to sweat. “O my, O my …” I murmured. Simon looked concerned: “Are you OK?” I managed to croak: “I think I am entering paradise” as I pushed the head of his cock through my opening. He was inside me! On a roll, I kept sliding him in, moaning continuously. Then I had to stop and rest. I was gasping: sweat running, eyes running, nose running, mouth open and spit dribbling. Simon said: “You don’t look like you’re having a good time”. I was able to smile and say: “I think I want to be your bitch forever”. He laughed, and that giggled his hips and cock, which made me squeak, then laugh myself. And while we were both laughing, my ass released and made his cock welcome: all of it. The urge to be fucked became compelling. I leaned down to kiss him, saying: “Take me on top”. We rolled over. His body was feather weight against mine, in huge contrast to the heft of his hot hardness within me. For a while he just eased out a little, then eased in again. Each time my ass relaxed more; it just felt so right to have him in me. When a fresh wave of lust washed over me, I moved my hands to his hips and made his thrusts harder. He took over, making longer strokes, deeper ones. Some of them made me cry out, but it was clear the cries were more in pleasure than pain. Kissing when fucking sometimes makes me cum in a command out-of-control performance; when Simon’s lips met mine in a massage, our tongues danced and played with each other, our breath and spit were shared and swallowed .. and my orgasm started. “I’m yours, I’m yours” I cried, as my sperm poured forth. Simon’s thrusts were gentle while I was heaving, but when I stopped his thrusts became a pounding, a penis pounding within me. I was only the vessel for his seed at that point, he was all a****l. My little fairy angel a****l became radiant as he released his sperm into me, a look of transparent joy. We ended with a kiss, lying for many moments together, sticky with sweat and sperm.

Simon was with me for many weeks. We are still friends, though no longer lovers. Except for one time, with both Simon and his boyfriend Jules. But that’s another story.

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