Earning a raise.


Earning a raise.
My boss sat on the edge of her desk. Her tight blouse straining to contain her breasts. The tight knee length skirt that made you look down to her small feet in the high heel shoes. I stood at the open door watching her, looking through the office window at the vast warehouse.

“Ms Fox could I come in?”

“Yes Jamie take a seat” she pointed to the one directly in front of her. I am 21, over 2 metres tall, 120kg of muscle play lock in a semi professional rugby team, working part time. I squeeze between Alexis and the chair my chest grazes her chest. I feel the heat of her body. One very sexy MILF this young guy gets hard when he sees her strutting around the warehouse.

“Now, how can I help?” The hem of her skirt rides up her thighs as she sits further back on the desk. My eyes drop from her tits down to her bare tanned athletic legs. A twitch in my pants.

“Well I have been here a year Ms Fox and I was wondering if I could get a rise. A pay rise. ” I am looking down at her pedicured nails on her tiny feet.

“Well Jamie. Why should I pay you more. It’s not like your here all the time. ” Her foot rests on my knee.

“I’m here early, usually one of the last to leave…”

She interrupts. ” Yes I was informed by your supervisor that you help him lock up.” She paused. I was looking down at her high heel shoe on my knee. ” So your last to leave. Do you clock in when you arrive and leave? ”

“Yes. So you are getting paid more. Yes?”

“Uh yeah. Nah! ” Alexis got off the desk and now stood in front of me. The hemline of her tight skirt had ridden further up her thighs to expose the top of her stockings and suspenders. My cock grew in my pants. I looked up to find she was looking at my crotch.

“Jamie for a negotiation to be successful for both parties each party has to get what they want. Now you want to be paid more. What do have to offer that I should increase your pay. ” Her eyes now looked deep in to mine. She had a look that kaçak iddaa … her eyes drifted down my fit young body and stopped at my rock hard bulging erection.It suddenly felt very warm in here.

She raised her leg placing her foot between my spread legs. I watched her toe move from my balls along my thick shaft to the tip. I heard her lick her lips.

“Do you have something I want?” Her toe pressed firmly against my bulge.

“Umm.. I think so?” I stuttered.

“Well I think you want to fuck me and get a pay rise. Am I right Jamie. ” she put a finger under my chin and lifted my head up.

“Well Jamie.” She then unbuttoned her blouse to reveal her sexy brasserie supporting her large breasts. My eyes were ogling her tits. She turned and sat on my lap wiggling her bottom against my hard cock. She moved her hand on to my cock making it point towards my chin as she rubbed he big bubble butt up and down my cock barely still in my pants moved in the crack of her ass. My hands on her hips pulled the skirt further up to reveal her little matching g string. She continued her lap dance moves as I came in my pants. A moan escaped my lips.

“Hmm Jamie. Seems you got something out of this negotiation already. Care to even the playing field. ”

I nodded not knowing what she meant.

“Get on the floor. Lie on your back.” She ordered. I moved quickly to the floor. She gestured that I should reach up and pull her g string down as she stood with one high heel either side of my head. The head of my cock grew through the top of my jeans. The g string now covered my mouth as she squatted down her moist pussy lips pressed her wet knickers against my mouth. Fuck I was hard.

She reached out unzipped my pants and put her hand in my undies. “What the fuck do we have here Jamie?”

“My cock Ms Fox” my reply muffled by her neatly trimmed pussy grinding against my mouth. She pushed her knickers against my nose and rested her full weight on my mouth. “Put your tipobet güvenilir mi tongue in my cunt, young man” she moved her pelvis backwards and forwards across my tongue. I couldn’t breath. Her tiny hand tried to go round the thick girth of my shaft as she stroked the full 9 inches. A few minutes later her weight shifted as she leaned forward to put the swollen head of my cock in her mouth. The feeling was unbelievable as her tongue and lips caressed my cock.

“Oh my god ” I muttered. Taking her mouth off my cock

“God has nothing to do with it” she told me. “Lick my pussy.”

My tongue licked her slit from front to back. “No just the front”

I lapped at the front. Her clit. “Oh yes. Just… there… ” she panted. Putting my cock back in her mouth. Our moans were muffled by our oral ministrations.

After a while my tongue was getting sore with licking her pussy when suddenly a stream of liquid squirted from her pussy filling my open mouth and overflowing on to the floor. She ground her ass on to my face and released a second squirt of liquid. My head was now in a large pool of her juices on the floor. She crawled off me her face now resting on the floor as her sexy bubblebutt waved in the air. Her pussy lips spread open, glistening. I got on my knees behind her and her hand guided the head of my cock in to her velvet glove. Fuck she was tight. I was only in half way when she came again.

“Fuck! Fuck me your big.” She moaned

“I’m not all the way in yet.” I informed her.

“Grab my hips and … oh … god … your … big … Fucking ram that big cock in. Hard.” She begged.

I did as she said. I grabbed hold of her flesh and rammed my cock in. Fucking hard stroke after stroke until I felt my body slap against her ass. She was talking really dirty abusing me, her, using really foul language.

Like fuck your boss slut. Fuck her cunt hard. Mother fucking bastard.

My knees trembled nuts tightened as I filled Ms Fox pussy tipobet giriş with cum. She moved around and told me to sit on the couch. I sat with my legs spread as she again took my cock in her mouth and sucked the pussy juice and cum covered shaft. Being only 18 it didn’t take long until I was hard again.

Ms Fox got up pushed my legs together then straddled my lap and guided my hard cock to her pussy.

“Round two of negotiations. I need more …. Oh god” she moaned as she was impaled by my cock yet again.

“Oh Jamie. Fuck. Yes!” She squealed. Her hard nipples rubbed against my hairy chest. This time she moved up and down, then round and round, grinding her butt in my lap. Fuck I thought my head was going to explode.

“Suck my nipples” her hands cupped her breasts offering them to my mouth. I suckled on them.

“Bite them use your teeth” she moaned.

“oh … oh… Ohh … ”

My hands cupped her butt a finger accidently pressed against her anus.

“You naughty boy.”

“Your … too … big !” I pushed my finger in her butt hole and could feel my prick moving inside her vagina.

I lifted her petite body up with my strong hands. My hard cock pointing up. I lowered her spread ass cheeks on to my cock missing the brown target at first. Eventually Ms Fox knew that I was pressing for a full settlement. She guided the circumcised head to her butthole. I lowered her slowly letting her become accustomed to the thick long cock penetrating her asshole. Fucking tight bitch.

Once I had fully penetrated her butt I stood and shuffled towards the large glass window, my jeans still around my ankles. Pressing her body against it I fucked her hard and fast. Ramming my cock in her tight little butthole stretching it wide. Her legs wrapped around my waist. Only a few minutes later I filled her bowels with more cum.

I moved back and lowered her to the floor pulled my jeans up and put my shirt on. I moved to the door, Alexis sat on the couch cum on her chin, leaking from her well fucked slit and butt.

“See you tomorrow Ms Fox. If I need to we can continue negotiations in the morning” I walked down the stairs and out to the car. I sat in the drivers seat exhausted.

“So did she give you a rise?” My girlfriend asked.

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