Down The Path Ch. 02


Next chapter in my story of my domination by a stranger I met online.


I waited to hear from him again. At first, I didn’t know if I really wanted to get together again. The first time we met, at times it was a little more intense than I was looking for. After a few days I couldn’t get him out of my mind. I couldn’t believe how badly I wanted him to call me.

Finally one evening he called. ‘Hello fag.’

‘Hello Sir.’

‘Do you know the xxx rated bookstore on Industrial fag?’

‘Yes Sir, I know where it’s at.’

‘You have one hour to be there. Wear your panties. If you do not show up, you will never hear from me again.’ Then he hung up.

Damn, damn, I told him that discretion was important, that I wanted to keep this in my house. What if someone sees me there? But, if I don’t go, he said that was it as far as getting together. Really don’t want that. I know what he did when we met and that it hurt a lot at times and he made me feel like a real fag but I really want to be with him. I need to see him again. Looking at the clock, he said one hour. Damn, I wish he wanted me there now. I can imagine all the thoughts that will race through my mind as I wait. How many times will I change my mind about going? What will he expect me to do there? I think about having to wear a pair of panties. No doubt that he will check to make sure I did. Damn, damn.

I pull up in front of the bookstore. I’m so nervous, not really ready for this but know I have to do it. He told me to. Walk into the bookstore and see a middle aged man behind the counter looking me over as I walk in. It did not seem to matter to him that he was staring at me, checking me out. I quickly broke eye contact with him and headed back to the booth area in the back.

‘Boy, you will need tokens for the booths,’ the clerk informs me.

‘Oh, ok, I walk over to the counter.’ When I look up at him as I get closer, his look leaves no doubt what he is thinking.

‘Haven’t seen you in here before boy.’

‘I haven’t been here before,’ was my reply.

‘Too bad, you make sure you come back again boy.’

I can’t believe he keeps calling me boy, I know I’m older than he is but I don’t say anything. I hand him a $5. ‘Can I have some tokens?’

‘That won’t be enough, give me $10.’

What’s with this guy? I take back the $5 and get a $10 out of my wallet, ‘Ok here.’ He leans over looking at me.

‘I like boys who do what they are told,’ he says as he places the tokens in my hand, his fingers stroking my palm lightly.

Embarrassed , can feel my face getting red as I turn and walk back towards the booths.

‘Have fun sweetie.’

Fuck, how can he say that? Do I really come across like that? There was no doubt that guy thought I was a fag and must think I’m submissive. I can’t believe he thought it was alright to talk to me like that. Why didn’t I say something? I just stood there and took it.

I round the corner into the booth area and see you leaning against a wall in the back. I walk back to you. ‘Can we talk about this Sir?’

‘No.’ He grabs my arm around the bicep and leads me over to a larger booth, pushes me inside then follows me in, locking the door behind us.


He just looks at me. ‘Shut the fuck up, take off your shirt.’

‘Please Sir. Please don’t make me do this in public.’

‘If you aren’t down to your panties in 30 seconds, I will strip you and lead you around the booths in just your panties, is that what you want faggot or are you going to do as told.’

I look at him and know he isn’t kidding. I pull my shirt off and slide my shorts down and off, in just panties and sandals. Feel so exposed, what if the cops show up? Feeling a little panic setting in as you turns me toward one of the walls. I see it, a large glory hole.

‘You seem to be having trouble accepting the fact you are a fag, maybe this will help. You don’t want to disappoint me, do you boy?’

‘No Sir, I don’t but I could get in trouble doing this.’

‘Then you better hope it doesn’t take you to long to suck three cocks then boy.’

‘Sir, please don’t make me do this, please. We can go to my place and you can punish me hard, please don’t make me do this.’ I hear noise in the next booth then hear the door being shut. Try to turn away but he holds me tightly, letting the man in the booth look in and see me if he wants. I hear the video next door start, the sound adding to the sound of the video playing in our booth. Then I see the light darkening around the glory hole and see him looking in. Really can’t tell what he looks like, can just see his eyes. He stays there looking at me for a little while then he moves away. A short time later a cock slides through the hole. Oh god.

‘Do it faggot, get your mouth on his cock unless you want everyone hear you get a spanking right here.’

You release me and I move toward the hole. It’s so low I have to get on my knees. I feel the wetness on the floor and realize that I just knelt in someone cum. It’s so nasty but I needed to be on my knees so I just stayed there. Then I moved my hands against the wall and leaned in bursa escort bayan and took his cock into my mouth. It was only semi-hard but was really warm. I ran my tongue all over his cock head and sucked him a little deeper in my mouth. I felt his cock getting bigger, harder to stretch my lips around it and I felt him start moving his cock in and out of my mouth.

I felt your hand on the back of my head holding me in place. I feel your hot breathe in my ear as your hands grab my balls through my panties and squeeze lightly.

‘Come on faggot, you can do better than that. Show him what a cocksucker you are, go on bitch. Take his cock deeper.’ I feel you press my head forward more as the man continues fucking my mouth, slowly but steadily, trying to make me take more and more. ‘Maybe, he might like a good moan faggot,’ you say as you squeeze and twist my balls.

I moan loudly. I wonder if anyone heard that, but my thoughts go back to the cock as he moves faster. You pull me off his cock.

‘Beg him to cum on your face faggot.’

Your grip still hard, threatening, on my balls, and I lean up to the hole. ‘Will you cum on my face please?’ Can’t believe this is happening.

‘Sure faggot, I like giving facials to fag bitches,’ is his reply.

His cock comes back through the hole and I start sucking again. It doesn’t take long till I feel his cock swell. I take it in my hand and stroke it aiming it at my face, my mouth open. Realize even with all the concerns and fears I have, that I want this to happen. I want this man to cum on my face and he does. The first spurt across my nose and cheek. I move my face closer and stroke him as his hot cum lands on my lips, my forehead, my cheeks, my chin and as he finished I took him back in my mouth and sucked the last of his cum into my mouth. Panting, feel the wetness on my face as I realize what I just did. Feel like such a fag, looking for something to wipe my face off.

‘Leave it where it is boy, get down there and thank the man for letting you suck him.’

I look back towards the hole. Lean forward, ‘Thank you Sir for letting me suck your cock.’

‘You fag bitches always make the best cocksuckers. Thank the man with you for sharing his fag.’

Down from the high I got sucking him and now just feel nasty and humiliated. Hear the man next door leaving and the door shuts again, then I hear it being locked. Another man must have come in when he left.

‘Do it now faggot, mouth to that hole and beg the man. Tell him you need more cock.’

‘Please Sir. Please don’t make me do this.’

‘Would you prefer to get up and get over my lap faggot?’

‘No Sir.’

‘Then do as you are told.’

I move my face to the hole again. ‘Sir would you like me to suck your cock? I really need more cock.’ How can I do this? What am I doing?

I look through the hole as I see him unfasten his pants pushing them down. See the outline of a big cock through his tight jockeys, can see a big mushroom head. He slowly takes it out and strokes it slowly. I watch as it grows in his hand and he moves closer stroking still. I see it as he gets close, a big drop of precum on his piss slit. I open my mouth and hear him laugh softly as he moves his cock to my lips and I stick my tongue out licking it off.

‘Kiss it for me, I want to see your fags lips on my cockhead,’ the man orders.

I do it, kiss his cockhead over and over. Such a big head, so soft so juicy. I love running my tongue all over the head making it shine. Hear you laugh softly from behind me.

‘Not a fag? Look at you. A real faggot cocksucker. You can’t fucking wait. Ask him to fuck your face faggot.’

‘Will you fuck my face Sir?’ Not thinking, the feel of the cock at my lips has me intoxicated.

‘Put your face up against the hole fag and keep it there. Open wide, prove to me how bad you want it.’

I hear you laugh again behind me and you take my head in both your hands and press my face up against the panel with the glory hole. Then I hear you say, ‘Use my fagboy.’ I feel so helpless. I open my mouth wide, I can’t see anything. Then I feel him rubbing his wet cock all over my lips. it’s so slick from precum. Then he pushes forward slowly pushing his big cock into my mouth. My lips being stretched letting his big mushroom head into my mouth. Oh god, I love the way it feels and tastes.

‘I like my fag’s mouth nice and wet if you want to help me out over there.’

I realize he is talking to you and feel your hands pulling my head back making me look up at you.

‘Open your mouth fagboy.’

I open my mouth wide and watch as you open your mouth and lets a big glob of his spit leave your mouth falling right into mine. So nasty.

‘Don’t move or swallow that fagboy, I have some more for you.’

I see you slowly let your spit slide from your mouth in a long line slowly falling in to my mouth. The look on your face leaves no doubt in my mind that you are into this and I better do as told.

‘That should help, get on that cock bitch.’

You press my face back into the hole as I hear you tell me that I better not disappoint you. Immediately, nilüfer escort I feel his cock slide between my lips and back into my mouth. Feel him moving it around finding your spit.

‘That’s better faggot, you are going to need that.’

I’m sucking on his cock, my mouth so wet and juicy. Love sucking his cock. I feel him push it in a little further, my mouth feels so full, my tongue licking the underside of his cock. Then a little further, almost makes me gag but he pulls back a little and I catch a breath.

I feel your hot breathe in my ear. ‘Boy this is going to happen, we will take it slow. I know it will be hard for you but do you really want the people outside to hear you gagging?’

Try to pull my head back but you hold me tightly. I hear you say go ahead and then feel him slide his cock deeper. Want to gag, trying to pull back harder but I can’t. I can’t choke everyone will know.

‘Breathe through your nose, let it in. It’s what fag cocksuckers like you do. It’s what you need. To have a cock take your mouth. Open up. Let his cock into your throat.’

There are tears running down my cheeks, the urge to gag so strong that I barely can control it but I do out of fear of discovery. Try breathing through nose and realize I can and a little of the panic is gone.’

He’s ready for more I hear you tell him. I try again to pull back but can’t move at all as I feel him push his cock deeper. Oh god, I can feel it in my throat. He hasn’t moved, letting me relax more and adjust to it. I stop struggling so much.

‘I knew you could do it boy,’ your breath hot in my ear. Your hand moves to my throat and you rub lightly. ‘I can feel it boy, I can feel his cock.’

I feel like my face is impaled on his cock. I feel him pulling back a little then slowly sliding it back in. Then he starts slowly fucking my throat. Each time he slides a little further out before sliding it deep.

‘This is what faggots like you do boy. You give it all to real men. You do as told.’

My ears hearing it but my mind on the cock in my throat. Oh god. Oh god the feeling so intense. Your hand still on my throat. It feels like your hand is pulling him deeper into my throat. Suddenly, he’s so deep and he holds it there as you stroke my throat. The feeling is indescribable. I feel it swell and get even harder, then he pulls back to where just the head is in my mouth and he starts filling my mouth with cum. It’s so hot and so much.

‘Don’t swallow boy’, you tell me.

I feel him wiping his cock off on my lips. Feel you pull me back from the hole making me stay on my knees.

‘Open your mouth boy, look at the hole. Let the man see the faggot cocksucker who just serviced him.’

I just see his eyes. Kneeling in the cum, my mouth open, full of cum. Some is sliding down to my chin. Realize what I must look like.

‘That’s a good start faggot. Thanks Mike.’

I hear him get up and leave. I realize you know this guy. I bet you planned this. I can’t believe I took his cock into my throat. Didn’t figure I would ever be able to do that. He had a big cock too, thinking about how it felt in my mouth. How can it be so soft and so hard at the same time?

You pull my head back, take a finger and wipe some cum off my chin and move your finger to my mouth. I look at your cum covered finger as you lower it into my cum filled mouth. Feel you stirring the cum with your finger coating my mouth, making sure I get a good taste of the man’s cum. I feel like such a slut.

‘Swallow his cum boy, I will train you to need the taste of man cum.’

He makes me feel so low but I don’t seem to be able to resist him. Hear him laugh softly making me realize I’m sucking his finger like it’s another cock.

‘I think you are starting to understand fagboy. Only one more to go.’

I can’t believe you want me to suck another cock after that. ‘Please Sir. Please no more.’

‘Look at me boy.’

I look up at him.

‘We can leave now and go to your place. Of course, you will have failed and that will have to be handled or we can stay here and you can tell me how much you want to suck another cock. Your choice, you know I would never make you do anything you really didn’t want to do.’

Thinking about how pissed he might be even with what I already did. What if he gets rougher than last time? I look down. ‘I want to suck another cock Sir.’

‘You sure boy, I don’t mind taking you home right now.’

‘No Sir, I want to suck another cock, really.’ I try to deny it to myself and know that you are making me do this but realize the thought of sucking another strange cock is exciting me.

‘You are going to be a good little fagboy for me aren’t you?’

‘Yes Sir.’

‘You need another cock boy, get down by the hole and wait like a good little bitch.’

I move up to the hole. Feel anticipation, knowing soon I will be sucking cock. I hear the door shut and lock. He puts money in the machine and I watch him take his cock out. You made me beg him again and helped him use my mouth. Again I begged for another facial. It didn’t take long for before I felt his cock türbanlı escort swell. I grabbed it, stroking hard, aimed it for my face wanting to make sure he got it all over my face. I opened my mouth, wanting cum. He sprayed my face. I sucked him clean, wanting to please him. He got up to leave.

‘Thanks Steve, I will be in touch.’

Oh god, he knows who I am. Who was he? I didn’t recognize his voice. Oh god, someone knows what I just did. What if he tells others? You can see me panicking.

‘I think you made a new friend fagboy,’ and I hear you laugh softly.

You help me up and lead me over to a mirror and make me look at myself. My face covered with cum, my knees dirty from kneeling on the floor. See you behind me looking in the mirror also. Feel you reach around me with one hand stroking my cock through my panties.

‘Tell me what you see boy.’

Looking in the mirror, I see streaks of cum across my nose, on my cheeks, cum drop hanging from my chin. ‘I see a fag cocksucker Sir.’

‘That’s what I see too. You just sucked three cocks and ate cum just like the sissy wimp you are. You would have sucked more cock if I wanted you to, right?’

Your hand is stroking me faster. It feels so good. Nodding my head yes.

‘You would have sucked more cock because you wanted more cock didn’t you, I could see it all over your face. I wouldn’t have had to make you do it, you wanted more cock didn’t you faggot?’

You holding me tightly making me look at myself in the mirror. My head back against your shoulder, almost on my toes. The feel of your hand rubbing my cock through my panties is making it feel so good. I shake my head yes. He is right, I did want more.

‘Look in the mirror faggot. Look in the mirror and tell me what the fagboy wanted.’

Tears start rolling down my cheeks, softly ‘More cock Sir.’

‘Say it boy.’

Looking at myself in mirror, ‘I want more cock.’

He makes me say it over and over as he strokes me. He takes his other hand bringing it around to my face and starts smearing the cum all over my face, coating it, forcing his fingers into my mouth deeply at time. He uses my face and mouth for his pleasure, humiliating his boy, making him lick his hand all clean. Realize my face smells like cum. Your hand pulls me back against you to where I can feel your hard cock through your slacks pressing against my panty covered ass. Your hot breathe in my ear, repeating over and over softly, faggot, cumslut, cocksucker, sissyboy, wimp.

Your hand feels so good, I feel that I’m about to cum. ‘Sir, if you don’t stop, I’m going to cum.’

You go faster. ‘Cum in your panties sissyboy.’ I can’t help it and I cum so hard. It’s all I can do to keep from crying out. I fill my panties with my hot cum. Feels so wet, so messy as I start to come down from the high I was on. Thinking that must be one of the best cums ever.

‘Time to go fagboy.’

Putting my clothes back on, I notice my knees again. ‘Sir, do you have anything I could clean my knees with?’

‘Leave them like they are boy. I think most people here know what went on back here anyway.’

‘But Sir.’ He ignores me and takes my bicep again and leads me slowly through the booths. It feels like he is showing them all his dominance over me. My eyes low not wanting to make eye contact with them but I can tell that all the men are looking at me. I wonder if I sucked any of them. I don’t see anyone I know. I’m still scared about someone who knows me knowing I was here and what I was doing here. He takes me into the main area and I see the clerk staring at me and then you looking back at him.

‘Go ask him if he works tomorrow and what time he gets a break boy. I think he likes you.’

‘Please Sir. I did what you wanted me to do back there.’

‘Then do what I tell you to do out here or we can go back there for more lessons.’

‘Yes Sir.’ I move over to the counter and force myself to ask the questions.

He leans over near me. ‘Be here at 11, I will save a big load for you, sweetie.’ He leans over looking at my knees. ‘How many boy?’

Looking down, I say softly, ‘Three Sir’.

‘Good boy, you didn’t waste their cum did you?’

‘No Sir.’

‘I didn’t think so. I thought you probably loved cum.’

Head down, so humiliated.

‘Let’s go boy. You got your date for tomorrow so you can quit bugging me about the hot guy at the counter.’

‘See you tomorrow sweetie.’ Hear him laugh and wave over to you. ‘Thanks man.’

Embarrassed, I walk away till you grab me again and lead me from the place. You lead me to my car. You tell me you will follow me to my house, that it’s time for another talk.

I get in and drive off. I can’t believe what I just did. Why do I do everything he tells me to do? Why can’t I tell him no, that I won’t do it? I wonder what is going to happen at my place. What if I didn’t do good enough? Is he going to punish me? I need to try harder to please him. Realize what I’m thinking, know it’s wrong but I can’t stop. Then I hit me. Oh god, I wonder if he wanted me to act that way he told me to act when we were together last time? Was I supposed to act like a fag? I realize I didn’t. He has warned me about this already. Oh god, he might be really mad at me. Feel like I’m about to break into tears. Pull into the garage and you park and follow me into the house not saying a word.

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