Done In By The Brother-In-Law


My wife’s youngest brother is a great kid…well, man actually. He is in his senior year at College. He’s been an athlete his whole life, and even now competes in football (American) at the Division III level. Aside from being a really good guy, he’s also hot, and I mean smoking-fucking-hot! He’s even made a little side money as a male model in some local publications in the Chicago/Milwaukee area.

He recently came to visit us, spending the long Thanksgiving Weekend at the house. I have known him since he was 10 years old and we have always gotten along great, but between my busy schedule, and his schooling, I had not actually seen him in almost a year. Boy was I surprised when he arrived at the house!

Max pulled up at the house and got out of his car. As he walked up and hugged my wife, I took a good long look at him. When I had last laid eyes on him he was the stereotype of a young punk kid. However, now the spiked and disheveled hair, pierced eyebrow and lip, overly baggy clothes and all the rest of the slacker look was gone. In place of that young punk kid stood a handsome young man.

He was about 6’3, and I would guess 190 lbs. or so, and very, very muscular from working out for his sports. His dark brown eyes were framed in his chiseled face by a normal, short, jock hairstyle. He was still wearing too-baggy clothes, but, his piercings were gone. His brown eyes were deep and dark as they gazed intently out from under his well shaped brow. His broad shoulders were obviously heavily muscled. All I can say is “wow”!

After visiting for a few hours, I found that I could not keep my lecherous gaze from my wife’s stud brother. I continually snuck little peeks at his hot body and not-do-little package that was well-framed in the crotch of his nylon jogging pants. Man he was packing a huge cock!

After chit-chatting and catching up on all the family gossip, my wife announced that she was going to turn in for the night at about 10:00 or so.

“Why don’t you guys go grab a beer or something?” she said after saying good night.

I looked at Max and said “You wanna run down to the bar for a while?”

“Why not,” he said.

So off we went to the neighborhood pub, which is only about four blocks, so we walked over.

Well, after a few hours, several pitchers of beer, some dirty stories of the chicks he’s dating, some sports “war stories” from both of us and a lot of bad dart playing, we stumbled back home, pretty well lit up and feeling good.

We crept into the house, trying to be quiet, slipped out of our shoes and sat down on the sofa, him on one end, and I on the other. I grabbed the remote and flipped on the TV. As I clicked through, the “rent screen” for the porno channel came up.

“Hey, hey, hey…!” He said.

“What, the porn channel?” I asked.

“Yeah man, you mind?” He said.

“Naw …it’s cool” I stuttered.

So, I ordered up the porno network, and we sat there, my brother in law and I, watching some blond bimbo with huge cans getting railed in the ass by some no-name big cock. I was really getting into it and with my hard cock throbbing in my jeans; I really wished Max wasn’t there. In fact, as I snuck peeks at him, I was guessing by the bulge in his pants he was feeling the same way.

I shifted on my cushion and as inconspicuously as possible re-adjusted my raging bone.

“I am getting kind of uncomfortable here” I said “My cock’s as hard as a rock.”

“Yeah, me too. That bitch really likes it up her asshole.” Max said

As we talked, I saw him absentmindedly rubbing himself through his pants. I don’t know if it was the booze, or the extreme horniness, but I felt the last of my inhibitions slip away.

“Hey Max, Do college guys still circle jerk?” I asked him.

He looked intently at me for a couple of seconds, and I could see him thinking carefully before answering. Then he said “Well…a couple of times some of the guys from the team got together and jacked off after going to the titty bar…but we didn’t, you know, touch each other or nothing gay like that.”

I said with some mock surprise in my voice “Gay!? There’s nothing gay about circle jerks. We used to do it in my frat all the time. In fact sometimes we made a game out of it.”

“A game?” He asked.

“Yeah, a game” I told him. “We called it ‘soggy biscuit’. We used to take a cookie or cracker or whatever and put it on the coffee table. Then we stood in a circle around it and jacked bursa escort bayan off the guy to our right. When he came we shot it onto the biscuit. The rule was that whoever was the last to get his partner off had to eat the biscuit. It was kind of funny to try and hold out so that your partner had to eat the biscuit” (I had never admitted this before, but we really did play this game, and we used to do all kinds of things, name calling pinching, etc. to keep the other guys from shooting until we did).

He looked at me, and was rubbing his crotch a little faster as he said “That’s fucking gross, dude. Did you ever have to eat the biscuit?”

“A couple times,” I admitted “but it wasn’t that bad. Hell, I kind of even liked it”

Silence, except for the sound of him massaging himself through his pants.

“I guess I can see that” he said at a level barely louder than a whisper. “Can I tell you something without you thinking I am a fag?”

I nodded “yes”.

“Sometimes when I jerk off, I taste my own cum. I like it, sometimes.”

“That’s cool, I eat my own cum too, sometimes.” I told him “I like to eat Toni’s pussy after I fill it with cum. I like the taste of cum, when it’s mixed with pussy, I guess”

“Sweet!” was all he said.

I reached across and touched Max on the thigh.

“Hey, you ever touched another man before?”

“Only one time, when I was 12. We didn’t do anything, I just touched his boner and he touched mine.” Max then turned towards me. “I would like to try it again,” he said as he looked directly into my eyes.

I gently dragged my hand up his leg and rubbed his raging cock through the thin nylon material.

“You want to touch my cock? Maybe you want to do more than just touching, right?” I asked gently.

“What else can we do?” he asked.

“Well, I guess I can suck your dick, and you can suck me. Fuck, it maybe I’ll let you try fucking me in MY hot little ass. How’s that sound?”

I felt his cock jerk in his pants as I said that.

“No more fucking around here, Max. I’m no fag. You aren’t a faggot either. So let’s cut through the bullshit. The thing is, I think you are hot, and something tells me that you feel the same about me, right?”

He nodded his agreement.

“Good, then let’s just do this okay? I won’t tell anybody if you don’t, but it’s just two horny guys getting off with each other because there are no women around to get us off, right?”

He seemed to consider this for a moment, and then he surprised me by leaning towards me and kissing me on the mouth. Hesitantly at first, then almost as if possessed, he began to make out with me like the Horny kid he is. His tongue flashed into my open mouth and we passionately grabbed at one another.

“Sorry,” he said leaning back from me, “it’s just that I’ve wanted to do that for a long time. Let me see your cock, man”.

I grinned really big at him. “You don’t waste any time do you? Alright then…” I unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans and fished out my raging cock through the fly of my boxer shorts. I was really aroused and it showed. My cock was erect to it’s full 7 inches and hard enough to pound nails.

I wagged it at him and said “So, you like what you see?”

Without reply, my smoking hot 22 year old brother-in-law leaned over on the sofa, bent down and engulfed my whole cock with his hot velvety mouth in one smooth motion. “Mmm…hmm….” He moaned around my shaft as he began to bob his face up and down.

“Aw fuck!” I exclaimed quietly as I leaned back to grant him easier access to my crotch. “That feels great Max. Suck on my dick man. Yeah!”

He sucked on me for a while, but I soon had to tell him to stop or I would come.

I gently pushed him back onto the sofa and said “My turn,” as I pulled down his pants. Out sprang his beautiful dick. I leaned in and began giving him a nice sloppy wet suck job.

“Got to get comfortable” I told him as I briefly pulled of and slid off the sofa.

I knelt on the floor between his legs with my elbows resting on his thighs. I sat there a moment and savored my view of his dick.

I watched as my hand began to stroke it slowly, I really enjoyed the feeling of the hardness under the spongy softness my fingers felt at the surface. Being slippery from my spit he was easy to stroke. I could see his neatly trimmed pubes and shaved scrotum clearly. This boy took care of himself.

For a moment I relived the night’s events. görükle escort The weird but highly erotic chat on the couch was fresh in my mind. Although I was still quite drunk, I wondered if I had been sober would I have ended seducing my brother in law, sucking him off and offering my ass to him?

“Are you gonna suck me or not?” Max asked wearing a lopsided grin.

I glanced smiled lecherously up at him. “Oh yeah, I’m gonna suck that cock, man.”

I inched forward toward his dick, I could smell his body now, the scent of deodorant and aftershave was mingled with a slight tinge of sweat. That turned me so much!

I pushed his thighs further apart then as I rubbed his dick I cupped his balls with the other hand. My mouth was barely six inches away from Max’s cock, my brother in law’s dick!!! I had dreamt of this moment for years.

In the muted light from the TV which was still playing slightly muted porn, the head of his cock glistened. I could see precum collected at the tip. My mouth was almost touching it. I extended my tongue and rested it against his dick then milked his shaft for more of that clear nectar. As it seeped out, I slid my tongue up to the tip where it was stickiest. Max groaned quietly, I looked up to see that he was staring down at me, watching my every move.

I licked his cock, feeling the hard hot skin with my tongue. I could defiantly taste him now and it was a musky kind of salty taste. I have found that no two cocks ever taste the same…but this was definitely one of the better ones.

I placed my lips around the head of his 7 inch cock and began giving him a real blow job. My tongue was slipping over his head randomly. I slowly pushed my mouth downwards, the feeling of having another mans dick in my mouth was so arousing. I could feel my own cock, straining to be touched and played with.

I had just his head in my mouth; my lips were gripping the rim like a lollipop. I sucked slightly, feeling it tug in over my tongue.

“Fuck!” Max grunted and sucked in air deeply. “Holy fuck, that’s good!”

I lowered my head, feeling his hard dick slide over my tongue; all the while my lips were gripping him tight. I pushed down further and the tip of his dick touched the back of my throat. I came up quickly and took a deep breath. I rubbed his dick with my hand, feeling my saliva and his precum coating his entire length. His foreskin rolled over the tip and back again, I followed it with my mouth, once more taking him between my lips. Then I again went all the way down sliding him into my throat.

“Ohhh gawd!” He hissed. “That will make me come in a hurry.”

I was incredibly excited and aroused. My own dick was throbbing, yearning for release.

I sucked up and down Max’s penis, really getting into the feeling of it slipping its and slamming between my lips. The taste of his precum was getting stronger as little by little more of it seeped out.

“Fuck me!” Max gasped. “You’re fucking good at this!”

I looked up at him with his erection still in my mouth.

“You’re gonna make me cum…Oh fuck!!!”

I wanted him to cum. I wanted to taste it so bad that I sped up my actions, pulling my head up and down faster, my tongue sliding against the underside of his dick and then swirling around his cock head as my mouth eased off it for a moment before plunging back down letting him fuck my face hard.

“Man…Fuck…oh fuck…I’m gonna cum….oh fuck!!!!” He groaned a little louder as I sucked on him.

“Do you want me to pull out? I am really close man. Can I jack it on your face?” he asked.

I shook my head and pulled away for brief second. “Cum in my mouth,” I said, giving his dick a quick lick. “I want taste your spunk.”

I placed my mouth back around his dick and continued my sloppy attack on his rock hard dick. Max gasped.

“Okay…if you’re sure…I’m gonna cum…Fuck yeah…shit…in your fucking mouth…any second…”

I sucked and licked like a starving whore, I was almost desperate for him to blow his wad in my mouth, to shoot that baby batter down my hungry throat.

“Fuck! Fuck! Yeah….I’m cumming…..fuck!”

His cock jerked and twitched and soon I felt the first jet of his salty-sweet spunk splash into my mouth, several times, each time shooting a wad of cum right into the back of my throat. I swallowed some before I even managed to taste it.

I loved it. His sticky sperm coated my tongue as I continued bursa escort bayan to suck on just the very tip of his dick. He stopped jerking a moment later and I milked his shaft get the last drop out of the end and into my waiting mouth.

Max’s body slumped down; I could tell he was wiped out. He panted and wiped a hand across his sweaty face. I removed my mouth from his dick.

“Show me,” Max said. “Let me see my spunk.”

I opened my mouth to show his sperm on my quivering tongue. Then I closed and swallowed it down. “Fucking awesome, Man. Holy shit!”

I got off my knees and stretched my legs, I felt like I had been kneeling on the floor for hours. I was very aware of my own throbbing cock jutting out in front of me.

I wondered if we were done now. I know how the guilty feelings sometimes get to me once I’ve gotten my nuts off. Would it do the same to him? I didn’t have to wonder for long.

Max reached forward and rubbed my balls with his left hand. With his right he stroked on his still hard cock.

“So…can I fuck your ass?” He asked in a loud hoarse whisper.

“Yeah, do me,” was my reply.

We stood and walked to the end of the coach. I handed him a tube of lotion and said “take it easy, and use lots of lube, okay?”

He nodded yes, the gently bent me forward at the waist over the arm of the sofa. My ass was up in the air in front of him, and I reached back and spread myself open for him. The gush of lotion was cool against my hole as he squirted it on. Then I felt his finger slowly spread it around. Gently, he pushed his finger into me and I sighed and moaned with the sensation.

“Yeah man, that’s the way” I said.

He fingered me for a few moments until I loosened up, then I felt a second, and then a third one of his fingers enter my tight man-hole. As he continued to fuck me with his hand, he gradually became more and more vigorous with his motions until finally, he was finger fucking my tight asshole hard and fast.

“Enough” I moaned, “give me your cock, Max, I want it now!”

He slid his fingers out, squirted a large glob of lotion into his hand and greased his still hard cock. I was momentarily amazed by the realization that he had never gone soft after I sucked him, but the thought passed quickly as he began rubbing his spongy-stiff head around my man-pussy.

A couple of times he rubbed the head around my ass, and then he began to slowly push into me. His right hand was rough as he pulled back on my hip while his left hand fed his prick slowly up into me. It was painful at first, but his steady slow penetration quickly turned into one of the best things I have ever felt. He continued sliding what felt like a mile of cock into my puckered ass hole.

“Ohhh, that feels fucking good. Your asshole is better than any pussy I’ve ever had!” He said to me.

“Good, then fuck me better than any bitch you’ve ever had,” I replied. “I need you to bang me Max, do me hard.”

With that, his other hand came to rest on my hip too, and he held me tight around my waist as he began began fucking me harder and harder. He pulled back on my hips as he thrust his hips forward. The sensation from my asshole was incredible! I could sense he cock sliding back and forth in my velvet tunnel.

“I love your cock in my ass Max. Do me, do me!” I cried.

“Take it, yeah, take all of it.”

He was now really giving it to me; I could feel his balls as they bounced off of my own nuts between our pressed together thighs. It was a very erotic sensation. Max then leaned forward, letting the weight of his body rest on my back as he really fucked me good.

Then he reached around and began jacking me off, tugging my hard cock in rhythm with his thrusting in my ass.

“I’m gonna cum again!” He said.

“Give me your load Max! Shoot your cum up my ass! Jack me harder! Let me cum too!” I was actually pleading with him. “Stroke me, man, pull my dick!”

“Unghhhpphhh!” Max cried out in a muffled voice.

I could actually feel his dick swell in my ass as he dumped another load into me. That pushed me over the edge and my own cock began to fire off volley after volley of my own stringy cock custard all over the armrest of the leather sofa.

Max reared back and pounded wildly into my ass as he was racked by the waves of his orgasm. When it finally subsided he pulled out of me with an audible “pop” sound, and walked anound to sit next to my head. I was still collapsed over the armrest, trying in vain to make my rubbery legs solid again.

Max scooped a little cum from the armrest onto his finger and then sucked it into his mouth.

“Might be better on a cookie, I guess” he said “maybe I’ll try it that way next time.”

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