Cucked at a wedding – Part 1


Cucked at a wedding – Part 1
After the first time my wife slept with another guy in February we had amazing sex for a few weeks and both agreed if the chance came up again she should take it.

We were invited to a friend’s wedding around the Easter holiday, as it was a couple of hours away so we needed to get a room at the hotel where the wedding was.

The ceremony was nice enough and it was good to catch up with some old friends, but in reality we just wanted a nice meal and plenty of alcohol.

Sitting down to the meal, we were with a few couples we knew which made it more fun and a guy on his own – being a sociable bunch we all got chatting to him. Turns out Phil was 10 years younger than us, and his girlfriend had left him to go travelling a few months after they got engaged. We all commiserated him, the old lines like, what will be will be, plenty more fish etc. Carrie’s eyes lit up at this point and gave me a wicked smile. I knew what the look meant and just mouthed ‘Love you’.

As the speeches started Carrie moved round the table next to Phil to ‘get a better view’. Not sure if she meant of the speeches or him. He was around 6’3 with kaçak casino wide shoulders and muscular arms….the sort of guy Carrie often comments on. Carrie was shifting her chair closer to Phil’s and subtlely touched his arms at the funny parts of the speeches. Judging by his smile he clearly welcomed the attention and quickly clinked glasses with Carrie at every opportunity.

Finally the speeches finished and we all started chatting again, but it was obvious to me that Carrie was only interested in talking to Phil….and this was very much reciprocated. Eventually we moved out into the bar area, I invited Phil to stay with our group as he was in his own. He was more than happy with this arrangement and positioning himself so he could look straight at Carrie (she had a green halter neck dress on that was just above her knee. Underneath she had a strapless mint green bra with matching seam free knickers so you couldn’t see the outline where the dress hugged her curved ass).

After about 15 minutes, Phil excuses himself to head to the toilet. Carrie looks at me and quickly follows – I spot her grabbing him and heading towards to lift casino oyna to the rooms instead. I watch from the door as he smiles and follows her. Without looking back she pushes him into the lift.

Luckily everyone is having a good time and the drinks are flowing, no one (apart from me) notices that Phil and Carrie have been gone for 30 minutes when they come back in together, both looking flushed and Carrie with some reapplied make up.

‘C’mon Dan, let’s go for a walk, I need some fresh air’. Carrie says leading me out of the bar and into the gardens. She glances back and Phil smiling wickedly.

‘Oh my god Dan…That was amazing!’ Carrie whispered as soon as we were out of ear shot. ‘I had got so wet sitting with him and seeing him stare and smile at me that. We didn’t touch each other til we were in our room….then he slammed the door and pushed me against it kissing me. Before I knew it my legs we round his waist and his hands were on my ass.’

We were sitting on a bench by this point, which is lucky as my cock was bulging in my suit trousers. ‘Carry on…’I stutter.

‘He lowered me on to the bed, kissing my neck, tongues deep canlı casino siteleri when we could. I managed to get his cock free and he rubbed it up under my dress and around my knickers before crawling up me so I could take him in my mouth…..he was so big Dan….like your big but he was so thick.’

‘I eventually rolled over on the bed and pulled my dress up as he pulled my knickers to the side…then his fat cock was teasing my hole Dan….I was begging like a slut for him to fuck me. He slid in me Dan…he stretched me wider than I could imagine and it felt so good. He gently went deep inside me, fucking me slowly then quickly….I came so hard round his cock that it made him cum deep inside me….I could feel it running into my panties as we came back in the lift!’

‘Fuck Carrie, if you’re not careful I will cum listening to this!’ I say.

‘If I have much more to drink it might be all you get as I would happily go back to Phil’s room and spend the night adoring that cock!!’

With that Carrie gets up and wanders back to the bar and starts chatting to Phil again. I sit watching from the bench – feeling my cock spasm into orgasm as she whispers in his ear and his hand finds her ass. I sit watching them, hoping that a stain doesn’t form on my trousers. They really do only have eyes for each other at this present moment.

TBC – more happened with Phil so keep checking back

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