Coward Little Housewife –5 (Banged While Shopping)


Coward Little Housewife –5 (Banged While Shopping)

This is the next part of my story.

After returning home, I realized how brutally Puru and his friends have fucked me. My whole body was sore and immediately I caught the fever. As I became sick, I was freed from the duty of Komal for few days. I was given the option to retain my duty whenever I liked.

I really wanted Puru to believe that I won’t be coming anymore. So I decided that I won’t go to school for at least 15 days. After I got well in 2-3 days, I started to help others in the kitchen. Not heavy work was provided but a few lighter ones. A week later my husband came home happy.

He told that as her business had gone quite well he had received a bonus. He gave me a few thousand in cash and asked me to get something for myself. Now no woman can say that she doesn’t like shopping. In terms of shopping, there are my two favorites, one is clothes and another one is jewelry.

Now the amount was not convenient enough of jewelry. So I decided on clothes. I decided to visit a modern designer shop and preferred to visit in the afternoon hours so that crowd remains less and I can take more time for selection. When I reached the shop around 1 pm it was isolated.

There was the owner of the shop on the counter, with two male salesmen in twenties. Now I went mesmerized, how will I ask about women clothes from a man? I still entered the shop and asked about a few dresses. While I was viewing some, the owner asked me, “Madam! How are you going to pay for the dresses?”

I said cash, so he said that his salesman will take that and he was leaving for lunch. I didn’t understand why he said that. But I didn’t reply him anything and he went off. Now the behavior of the salesmen becomes more confident. He started to take bold names of the specification of the dress.

Now I was feeling a bit uncomfortable. But I didn’t oppose, practically my nature didn’t allow me to. After viewing a few clothes I finally chose one. It was a body-fitted suit along with skin-tight bottom. But the dress looked like it was a little smaller for me to get in.

So I suggested the salesman give me one size bigger one. He smiled and asked me to go and try it at least. I illegal bahis nodded my head and went to the changing room. I removed my top and tried to get inside the suit. But it got stuck on my chest. I was sure that it was smaller for me.

So I peeped outside, stretched my hand and asked him to hand over a bigger one. The guy came closer and asked my problem. So I told him that it was one size smaller as I guessed earlier. I wanted one size bigger. He thought for a while and asked me to try it without my bra.

Saying this he went off, and I was irritated. What kind of idiot he was for suggesting me that. Even if it fits without a bra, I will have to wear it with bra only in future. I came inside and was thinking what to do. I waited for a few minutes and then peeped outside once again.

He came back and asked and I said for a bigger one. He asked whether I had tried without a bra, and I lied that I did. He pretended that he was thinking something and then did the unexpected. He said that he’ll check himself. He pushed the gate and came inside.

I was just in my bottom and bra, holding that new dress in my hand. He looked at me from top to bottom and said, “You haven’t removed your bra. Wait let me help.” Saying this he forwarded his palms to my bra clasps. Without seeking permission, he unclipped them and both ends were separated apart, displaying my full boobs to him.

He took the dress from me and then pulled out my bra out of my shoulders. He hung the bra on the hook. Now he was looking straight at my boobs and face. I’m sure till now he must have realized what an idiot I was and a coward too. He was looking straight at me. I lifted my eyebrow to ask what?

He smiled and said to wear the dress. I took the dress and got inside it, this time it slide a little lower. But it got struck badly around my chest, and the major part was above my chest so my hands were straight upwards. Even my head was covered in the clothes.

I was struggling either to get out of the suit or the suit slide down little so my head and arms get free. But doing this I stuck even more. Now I was feeling frustrated. I wasn’t able to see anything, my boobs and tummy were like a treat for his eyes. I asked help and he tried to pull it down.

I bedava bonus veren siteler wanted to say that not down but up. But he realized it soon and tried to pull it up. But in that condition, it was not going up too. He called his colleague for aid. He too came inside and asked the matter, but nothing was replied. The new guy tried few times but no use.

He said, “Madam your boobs are normal now if it gets little bigger, then maybe the dress will sk** up.” The first one asked about it so he placed his both palms on my boobs and started to maul them really hard. He mauled them for two to three minutes and retried to get the suit out.

He suggested another idea, and that brilliant idea was sucking boobs. Now I was either idiot or maybe they were thinking me one. But as soon as the idea was presented, immediately both mouths were on my nipples, sucking them and pressing my boobs at the same time.

After at least 5 minutes of constant sucking, they left my ravished boobs and tried it once more. But no use, my arms were already paining. So I asked them to hurry up. So one of them suggested that the bottom was tightly fitted on the tummy, that’s why it was making it hard.

Now before I could respond, both were opening the buttons of my bottom. Before I could do anything the bottom slid to my toes. I wasn’t able to do anything. So they even lifted my feet and pulled the bottom out completely. Now one of them said, “Maybe the underwear also.”

I panicked but before I could respond, it was out of my legs too. I was all naked now, except for the clothes fixed on my chest. I was thinking now what, will they both fuck me also, in the name of getting me out of the dress. Finally, they grabbed the dress from both sides and pulled it hard.

The dress got little torn off from both sides. Then it came out of my head and arms. My eyes were blacked out and it took a minute to adjust with light. I rubbed my eyes and saw around, both of them were standing, all naked. My clothes were missing.

They were holding only that dress which they pulled out of my head. They were trying to find out how much it was torn. I was shocked seeing them all naked, along with me, being all naked. A minute later yatırımsız deneme bonusu one of them said, “Madam, it’s torn now, you’ll have to pay for this dress.”

I whispered how much and he said the amount. It was the almost double amount which I had with me. I mumbled that I can pay only this much amount only. I should have said that it was their fault and now they were blaming me. One of them placed his one hand on my shoulder and with another palm grabbed my pussy.

He said, “You don’t pay a single penny. We will manage, just co-operate a little.” I didn’t reply anything. So the other one grabbed my one boob and one bum and started to press them harshly. He pulled me in between and the front one kissed me full mouth.

The other one separated my ass cheeks and pushed his dick inside. He had already applied thick oil coating on his dick and it went in smoothly. The guy front to me managed to put his dick inside my pussy and both started to fuck me at the same time.

They kept on fucking me and also managed to maul my ass cheeks, boobs and kissed me full mouth, alternatively. They took tough 30 minutes to fill my both holes, one after the other, and only then I realized that they weren’t wearing any condom. They opened the door, went outside taking the last piece of clothes they had in that room.

I heard little murmuring outside and then the changing room door opened wide and the owner of the shop came inside. He came inside closed the door behind and started to get rid of his clothes. He was murmuring in his own, “I knew she was a slut, anyways what my business.”

He turned me around, bend me down, spread my thighs, kept my palms on the wall and pushed his dick in my pussy in one go. He grabbed my both boobs with his palms and started to maul them brutally in between. He was an older guy, so he didn’t take very long to flood my pussy once more.

He wore his clothes and went outside. The door opened again and my clothes were thrown inside. Thrown because no one waited for me to grab them. I collected them, wore them quietly and then came out of the changing room. I came out of the shop.

Then I went straight to home without shopping for anything. On the way home I was thinking, whether they sensed me a fool or cowards or things went coincidently like that. The event which happened with me in the market, made me change my plan of shopping. I decided to put that amount in the bank instead of doing shopping.

The story will be continued in the next part. Comments and suggestions are welcome

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