Coupleforfunnyc my very first BBC ever part 2 of i


Coupleforfunnyc my very first BBC ever part 2 of i
I would like to say I’m sorry in advance for my Grammer I have to be drunk to write these stories otherwise I’m too embarrassed . So picking up from part one of the craziest story of my life , I am looking at these papers and everything is negative and his name Is josh and as I am just scanning other things to be sure he breaks my concentration and says can we continue and I look up and him and Mike are in front of me and I couldn’t help but to compare and Mike was thicker but josh was a lot longer . I an bad am judging as far as inches I just know they were both thick and josh was at least 3 inches bigger . They break my concentration again and he says can we continue and I say yes yes. He starts to go behind me and I say you can continue but with a condom and he please but you know I am clean . I respond with I am not taking any chances and he begrudgingly opens the condom and Darrel pulls me to him again and says get back on the bed how you were before . I say ok but he was soft at this point so I start to illegal bahis siteleri suck the head to wake him up and I feel someone licking my entire asshole and tongue fucking me in both holes so I look back and it’s Mike he doesn’t have a condom on and he sees my eyes looking at it and says he’s just getting me ready for josh . It feels so good I just let him do his thing and I feel him trying to put a finger in my ass with his tongue and I tell him I don’t do anal and he says everyone does anal bitch and starts to push his finger into my tight virgin ass and I scream and tell him to stop or he has to leave . He says ok ok josh is ready anyway and site down on a chair in the corner almost. Josh comes over and tells me to calm down I am going to go slow . I say ok you better because your big Darrel says he’s sorry for Mike he just got out if jail and isn’t used to a girl like me . Mike says shut up why you saying my business and they laughed . Darrel said you ready I say yes I go back to trying bro get it up again and josh tells me to get canlı bahis siteleri lower so when I spread my legs more I felt him put it in and I straightened up and he said sorry and laughed . I felt like I can trust a little so I moved my hands from behind me to focus on Darrel who was getting hard watching me take josh slowly . Once josh hits that spot where it gets really tight he tells me holy shit this is some tight pussy . I start to reach back to make sure he doesn’t go deeper and he moves my hands up like I am being hand cuffed and he says don’t try to stop this dick ! I start to run and Darrel says chill chill don’t be like that with her and he says he’s sorry he thought white girls like that kind of stuff and before I can say it’s my first time with black guys and multiple guys Darrel says she doesn’t and she’s mine so treat her with respect . I don’t know why but I almost came . At this point Darrel says he’s had enough and he wants to show me and them how to properly fuck a lady . I said finally why did you wait so long .he says bahis firmaları many times they did this for him and he had to return the favor even though the didn’t want to this time . So he’s still hard he puts the same magnum xxl from the draw and tells me to get on the bed and I ask him how and he said however I want . I got on my back to try to have some control . He starts to smack my pussy with his dick and tells josh and Mike to suck my tits snd they stop stroking and come over faster then I could say not to but I said it’s ok he did say I am his so I figured let me do what he wants . He starts to put it in and i am still so wet from josh that he starts to go deep on the first few strokes and then hits that wall and tells me see were going to go slow . I tell him ok he starts to pull almost all the way out and would go all the way to the wall . After a few minutes of that he stopped going all the way out and went out maybe halfway and started to push the call little bit . This is brand new territory and with a huge dick so it hurt more then anyone can imagine but I really tried and cried out I can’t do it . He stopped and everyone stopped playing with my tits and looked at me . He said k not problem and they just continued on my tits and he said you know we have all night there’s no rush he asked them to leave and…..

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