Confessions Of A Brother Fucker


The next four years, while Mintu completed his course in IIT passed in torrid letters being exchanged, in celibacy and in following Mintu’s instructions n how look after my ‘treasures’ (that is what he referred to my feminine assets).

But every letter told me that I should not masturbate to relieve my rising libido, directly linked with my fresh youth and the hormonal rise and fall followed by the monthly loss of an egg, for the want of a Father!!!

I did not fall short in my duties as a jealous lover. I constantly asked him whether he had found some one to help him release his bursting libido?? I gave him constant instructions, of what I though was the best therapy for elongating and fattening the dick. He wrote back, that he was following my therapy religiously and the results were good.

But, all letters from me to Mintu and from him to me promised that when he finishes his studies, he would come over and ‘take’ me. And if I co-operate, take me ‘for ever’.

I wondered, how I could be ‘taken for ever’. I had heard from my girl friends who were being fucked by their boy friends, always complained hat most times they did not even get humped for two minutes and the boy friend would let out a war cry kind of whoop and collapse onto them. Having ejected their offering!! Worse, several girls had told me that their boy friends would drop their seed all over their sarees before they could even come near entering.

For some reason, I never told my friends that Mintu would make me come several times before he would enter and that he would actually fuck for a good five to seven minutes before he would let his semen enter my fallopian.

In the meanwhile I finished my graduation. Much against my expectations, under constant exhortation from Mintu, I studied hard and did well. Since Mintu’s course was five years’ long, under Mintu’s encouragement, I joined a two year management course in Jamshedpur and completed the course. I now had a MBA too.

I finished in May. And returned home, awaiting Mintu’s passage through Calcutta in the way to his parent’s home in Delhi. As the month of June, when the course content ends and the students leave for their homes to await the final results, He would be staying overnight only!! I started anticipating his passage through Calcutta and for the small aperture of opportunity for me to let him know that I truly loved him.

And more!!! (Whatever that meant)

And for him, to try and fulfill some of his torrid promises in his letters.

In the month preceding his arrival into Calcutta, I started to receive instructions on what he wanted me to do to prepare for him. He instructed me to start to massage my boobs with butter every day. He wanted me to knead in the butter into my nipples. He instructed me that I should add significant amount of salt in the butter before massaging my breasts. And then I should take my bath after letting the butter on my boobs to be soaked in. According to him applying the salt would make the boobs silkier. And the butter would make them more voluptuous.

He asked me to apply clarified butter (Ghee in India) in my ass hole and all over my buttocks. This should be massaged into the skin. He instructed that he wanted my ass hole smooth and well oiled. Just in case he wanted to take me from the rear as well.

He ordered me to apply Veet on my arm pits and on my pubic area to remove all my hair. He wanted this done every two days. I was to massage olive oil into my bald pubic area and on my pussy lips atleast an hour before my bath. When this was over, he wanted me to take olive oil between two fingers and massage my clit and apply the oil by softly pinching the clit, lifting it up and letting it slip out of my fingers because of the oil. He surmised, that doing that would make my clit more sensitive and would get lifted up, “as if peeking out to the world, looking for some good treatment with (Mintu’s) tongue and fingers”.

Clearly, I was to practically masturbate while massaging.

He said, “If you ‘came’ while doing this, so be it!!!! But no masturbating for masturbation’s sake.”

He had added, he wanted me to apply a Jasmine flavored hair tonic into my scalp and hairs.

After kneading in the oil in all my ‘treasures’, he wanted me to follow it up with massage with Avon perfumed cream, with special care to the ‘treasures’; and the armpits. The Avon perfumed cream would give that great smell. Embedded inside my skin.

I can confess, his prescription really worked. The sensitive skin over my boobs had truly become silkier and smooth. What with the daily dose of near orgasm status, my hips were now fuller and my boobs were fuller. My bra was stretched and were straining to hold the two boobs in the cups.

Understanding that we would make love every second we were together, I started the Pill about 60 days before his arrival date.

Since my bath started to take over two hours, my Mother asked me several times, “Why are you taking so long for your bath??”

I had to lie. I said, “Ma, I have started Halkalı Escort doing some Yoga to keep myself fit. What with sitting around all the time, I could do with some exercise.”

She readily agreed and said, “Yes. I think you should. Look at the way you have put on weight on your hips and the bust line.”

In order to allay any doubts, I added, “I am also massaging my self with some oil after my Yoga to ensure that my circulation is okay.”

She said, “That is good.”

As the D-Day came closer, my anticipation of love gave me hot flashes and a shudder or two would pass down my spine, while just sitting and dreaming of what we would do, together.

I often wondered, with the ministrations to his cock, what it would look like and what it would feel like inside me. Would his abstinence for years, with no masturbation lend great urgency to his love making?? Would he be loving and shower me with kisses and then strip me naked, slowly and make love to me?? Or would he, atleast for the first time, hurry and fuck me violently? I wondered.

And got wet.

And then it was D-Day. The train was to reach Howrah station at about 4 PM. To prepare, I took out his letter telling me what he wanted me to wear. I took out a red and black Ghagra (long flowing ankle length skirt with lots of pleats and with draw string to hold it in place) and a short front buttoned waist length red mirror work Kurta (a cotton shirt).

He had specifically forbidden wearing a bra and my panty on that day. I was intrigued what he could do in a car in the busy streets of Calcutta, with our driver at the wheel. What was the benefit of my not wearing these two inner wear??

I got ready. I kept my hair open, with no clips, hair band etc, they way be liked. In keeping with his strict instructions. Besides I knew he liked to run his fingers through my hairs and dip his longish nose inside my hair and take deep breaths. He had told me many times that, doing that gave him great peace and relaxation.

I wore no bra and panty. Most women in India do not wear a panty. So, one does not miss it that much. But bra??? That was very difficult to carry off. I slung a Dupatta (large scarf) over my shoulders and wrapped it around to hide my discomfiture.

I left home by 2 PM with a servant (to help with the large amount of luggage that Mintu would carrying, since he was now leaving the hostel for good, and to bring it back to my home by taxi) and reached Howrah station at 3 PM. All those who have been to Howrah Station know that one can drive the car into the station and walk to the train. The train was 20 minutes late.

I stood in the jostling crowd near the third Class compartment area and waited.

I was overdressed from Howrah Station and smelling too good. I had to hear some cat calls and some suggestive remarks. I ignored them all and waited.

The servant stood next to me, understanding that I had gone to collect my brother.

The train arrived. He stepped out, looking darker than before, longer hairs, unshaven, bleary eyed and gaunt looking. He looked exhausted by the last few months of work n his Thesis.

We exchanged pleasantries and he quickly explained to the servant what the items were and the handling instructions etc.

Mintu and I quickly walked towards the parked car and soon sat inside and drove out through the over bridge.

In that car, I asked him, “So? How was the journey?”

He said, “Fine. The question is what the journey will be like tonight!!”

While he sat on my right, he lifted his left thigh onto the seat, bent it under him and turned and sat to face me on the wide seat of the car and gazed at me and inspected me from head to toe through his gaunt and now inset eyes.

He said, “Unwrap that Dupatta.”

I unwrapped it and kept it aside. He looked to see if I was wearing a bra. He commented, “Good.”

I asked, “Good what?”

“Looks good.”

“What looks good?”

“The dress.”


“And what is inside it!” he said with a wry smile.

I smiled back.

He said, “Unmukto.” (Meaning, ‘It has been set free.” in Bengali.) I understood he meant that my breasts were free of the bra encumbrance.

I blushed.

While the car bumped through the cobbled Strand Road, he reached fir my right wrist, caught it and caressed my hand with both his rough hands. I felt an electric shock pass through my whole body, as he touched me and I shuddered.

We said nothing to each other for some time, as his finger tips went up ad down my wrist and palm and occasionally crept up my fore arm.

I asked him, “So. What is the plan for the day?”

He said, “I need to shave, have bath, have some food and then sleep for about an hour or so. That will re-charge my batteries and keep me fresh for the rest of the evening.”

I said, “Sleep?”

“Yes. With you.”

“I see,” I said. “And how, pray will you do that, in the day time, with my Mother hovering around?”

“I don’t care. You will have to give me the shave. Halkalı Escort Bayan You will have to give me the bath and then, you will sit with me while I eat something. And then, I want to hold you close in my arms, with you completely naked with me in bed, while I sleep.” (Ammar boyeyee gachchey. Baadee giyey toomee amakay shave korabey aar amaakey chaan korabey. Taar por, amaar shathey boshey khabey. Khabbar poray, tomakay nangto koray joriye dhoray ghoomabo.)

I blushed, while shudder after shudder passed through my back at the sheer audacity of his demand from me.

“Eeeesh. How embarrassing.” “Eeeesh. Kee jay bolow na?”

My womanly brain was working, how I could handle the matter with my Mother. How could I be with my lover, the way he wanted me??

But, equally my Mother is a woman too and can see through most of my womanly wiles. I wasn’t sure; she would not see through my scheme and put a spanner in the works. Though, I was sure, she did not even guess that I was fucking him.

Through lots of small talk and constant touching each other, soon we reached home. My Mother emerged outside. Mintu bent low to touch her feet. My Mother said, “Bless you. How thin you have become. You must rest for a few days, before you start getting into a new job.”

We walked in. Tea and some snacks were ready, kept in the first floor balcony. We sat there together, having tea and chatting with my Mother and my younger brother. He spoke of his experience in IIT and asked about my course and my brother’s studies etc.

In about half and hour, Mintu suggested to my Mother, “Pishi, can I have bath?”

“Yes. Of course. Your suitcase has been sent to the guest room on the first floor. Khuku, why don’t you take your brother there and make him comfortable?”

“Yes Ma.”

As we walked in, I was tense. I was about to play my gambit to be with him in the guest room to do what we wanted to.

As we turned the corner into the room, Mintu caught me by my arm and grabbed me and wrapped his arms around my waist and hugged me hard and planted one kiss on my lower lip.

His unshaven beard pricked my face. Yet, I was hungry for love. I kissed him back and almost sobbed and whispered, “I really missed you. Darling. I did.”

He did not answer. He kissed me repeatedly on my eyes, face and lips and spun around my body as he lifted my feet off the ground to kiss me.

I was embarrassed, thinking that some one might walk through the door that ws ajar. I suggested, “Dorjataa kholaa aachchey.” (“The door is wide open.”)

He did not stop. The sheer ecstasy of his kisses and the warmth of his roving hand just took my breath away.

I managed to peel myself away, while wanting to be stripped and kissed and made love to and whispered, “Let me make the arrangements to give you a shave, bath etc and the rest.”

He caught me, pulled me near him from my back and slowly caressed each of my free breast inside the Kurta. I turned my face to meet his lips and he kissed me, as her slid his hands up my Kurta and caressed both my bare boobs.

I had to struggle against myself, wanting more, and break away and face him. I said, “Let me arrange for my being here, while you bathe!!!”

I asked him to place his suit case on the bed and to open the top, so that we can see the mess it is. I suggested to him that I do the next act my way.

He lifted his suitcase and placed it and opened the lid. It was a holy mess. I made it worse. While I was doing that, he was slowly feeling my buttocks and caressing the bum cheeks from above the Ghagra..

I knew he was checking to see if I was wearing my panty. I assured him, “Panty poree nee.” (I am not wearing any panties.”)

He was about to lift the Ghagra up to see me. I shooed him and walked off to talk to my Mother.

“Ma. His suitcase is a mess. There were more dirty clothes than fresh. He can not find any clothes in them, unless they are sorted out. I think I better sort them out, while Mintu has his bath and place them inside the wardrobe and pass him the clothes he has to wear after his bath. Also, may be we should give him a fresh towel and soap etc.”

She said, “OK.”

I returned back to his room. He was waiting for me to return. While he sat on the chair near the study table, he watched me intently. I nearly shouted, “Mintu, Your suitcase is a holy mess. I am getting a fresh dry towel and soap etc. You better go in for your bath, while I get your clothes organized into the wardrobe etc.”

I wanted my Mother to hear that. For good measure, I added, when you have shaved and completed your bath, just call for me by opening your bathroom door a crack and I will pass your clothes in.”

I knew that my Mother had by now been lulled into thinking that I was doing my sisterly act by helping my brother get organized.

I started pottering around with his clothes and trying to fold the clean ones back and throw the dirty ones down on the floor for the washer man to take away for cleaning, ironing and returning Escort Halkalı the next day. As I was at it, I came across his medicine pouch and peeked in. I saw a small can-based spray with ‘Stud 100’ written on it.

I asked him, “What is this?? Are you injured or what?”

He answered, “I will tell you later. Just put it way.”

When about ten minutes were over I again spoke loudly, “Mintu, get up and don’t be lazy bones and bolt the door. Let me finish arranging your clothes. You proceed for your bath.”

He loudly answered, “You do it. Silly girl. I am tired.”

“What is this?? Am I your servant or what?”

While rummaging through his suitcase, I came across an electric massager. I gesticulated t him why need that? He whispered back, “I need it for some reason, I will tell you later. Just put it way.”

I looked at him and gesticulated to him to get up and bolt the door. Mintu walked across the room and bolted the door softly.

And then stood near the bolted door and continued gazing at me.

I looked up with an embarrassed look and asked, “What are you looking at? You have seen me before. Haven’t you?”

He nodded and walked across to me and said, “I am thinking if I should make love to you first right here and now or keep that program for the night. so that I can make love to you repeatedly as many times as we like and sleep in each other’s arms.”

I suggested, “Let me give you the shave and the bath you wanted me to give you first. Then we will see what we feel like doing.”

“OK. But first get a shower cap on, else your hairs will get wet and your Mother will see through it.”

I told him, “But, I don’t have one, here in this room!!”

“Why did I go to IIT? To look for solutions, not problems. Just take out that plastic bag in my suitcase and we will use it as a shower cap for you.”

I fished out the plastic bag. He placed it on my head and then fashioned it in such away that my long open hair got trapped inside the make shift cap and my ears were also covered.

Once that was done, Mintu pulled a chair into the middle of the room, ensured the curtains were drawn and then said, “You have got to ensure that my clothes don’t get soiled with the shaving foam and the water etc.”

“So. What should I do?”

He said, “Just take off my clothes and then start shaving me!!”

I blushed and asked saucily, “Shave what?”

“Whatever you like.”

I got his shaving kit ready with the foam etc and the blade inserted inside the razor (actually he had to help me, since I really did not know how to go about it).

Once it was ready, I got near him and clinically un buttoned his shirt, peeled it off. The slid his vest off his head and then made him sit down on the chair.

As he sat down, he held both my wrists and pulled me near and said, “This Kurta has to go.”

I was standing in front of him, vulnerable and dominated.

And without any ado, he unbuttoned all the buttons in the front of my Kurta and slowly parted the cloth from my chest. As my two boobs emerged, he gasped and slowly pulled the Kurta down. He slid the Kurta down my arms and released it in a small heap behind me.

He looked at each of my breast and then ever so slowly touched the main body of my naked breasts with his finger tips.

Softly he said, “Wow. So smooth and beautiful.”

He kissed each of my breast repeatedly and slowly came closer ad closer to my grape like, now swelling and erect nipples.

I could feel the surge in his blood pressure and his rising libido. His cock was perhaps paining him, entrapped in that tight underwear of his, straining to be free and be caressed.

I tried to place my fingers on his crotch. He stopped me and said, “No. Don’t touch it. I will loose control and all the game will be spoilt. Don’t you see, I want to make love to you, not just fuck you. All the semen in my balls is meant to be inside your womb to nurture your pussy. I am truly randy. Touching it now will make me spill my seed.”

I realized he was truly in love with me. He wanted to savor my sex. With a surge of love, I kissed him on his forehead and said, “I understand. Just do what you like and take me fully, as many times you like and when you want to.”

He caressed and loved my breasts for some time and sucked each nipple and licked it with small short and teasing swipes.

Then he peeled himself away and asked me to start applying the foam.

With his assistance I took out some foam and applied it on his face in the most amateurish way. As I concentrated on his face, he concentrated on my breasts as they swung in front of his face and mouth. Several times, my nipples brushed his face and picked up some foam. He appeared uncomfortable and his hand came up and caressed my breasts while removing the foam.

Soon I fixed the razor and tried to shave him. I failed miserably. He then held my hand and helped me shave him.

Once that finished, he got up and said, “You have to now give me a bath.”

I knew that the noise of the shower could be heard outside. I had to create that noise so that my Mother continued believing that Mintu was having his bath. While in fact, I was luxuriating in his sex. Having done that, I started to prepare the water in the bucket. I got the shampoo and the soap ready.

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