Christmas Party Dilemma


Alison studied herself in the mirror as she held up the tight red dress she’d be wearing for the party tonight.

“Not bad,” she thought to herself as she gazed at the sexy little thing held to her chest, “at least for a mother in her mid 30s, I guess,” she compromised after the fact.

Alison was hosting a pretty important work party tonight, and she wanted to impress. It was a Christmas party for basically everyone in her office (not that it was that big) and she wanted to give a good impression to her coworkers she was relatively new towards. She’d worked there a little under a year and while she knew everyone pretty well they’d never really been to her house or hung out with her outside work. She’d often get invitations to nights out with her coworkers who said she needed to “cut loose every once in a while” but she always declined. This time she decided she’d host a fantastic party to impress her coworkers and convince others of something else she had in mind.

With this, she dropped the dress on the bed and admired her nude body in the mirror. She was an incredibly hot woman. She stood about 5’4 and had a very tight, lithe body from years of yoga, something she picked up in college and continued to do even now, some 10 or 15 years later. She had perky, C cup breasts and a round, shapely ass. She had wide hips and milky white skin; looking at her you would be hard pressed to tell she was over the age of 30, let alone a mother. Put quite simply she was a bombshell.

Alison squeezed her firm tits and squeaked a bit from the ounce of pleasure that brought. She’d been so busy planning the party she’d hardly had time to herself. She’d been single for a few months and lately she’d been growing hornier and hornier. She slowly reached down to her pussy and, just before she could do anything to further enjoy herself, the phone rang.

Startled, Allison picked up the phone and thought to herself “Who’d be calling at this early in the morning?”

“Hello?” she said as answered the phone, slightly disappointed her “me” time couldn’t continue.

“Hey Ally, it’s me Dana!” Dana was her best friend from college. They’d been friends for years and she was, unlike her coworkers, very acquainted with her family. “I’m calling you from my brother’s phone because I have some unfortunate news!”

“Uh oh,” she thought as she slipped on some clothes and headed downstairs to the kitchen. “What’s wrong?” she asked, hoping it had nothing to do with the party today.

“Well, Ally, ya’see, we really underestimated the LA traffic. We thought if we left early enough we’d be able to skip it but I guess everyone else had the same idea. We won’t be able to get into the Bay until way later than we thought. I don’t think we’ll make the party. I know that you wanted Nick to do you a favor or something, but I hope it wasn’t too important. Sorry we won’t be there.”

“Great,” Alison thought to herself. “What am I supposed to do now?”

“It’s okay, Dana,” She lied, “it wasn’t that important. Just make sure you get here safe. Wouldn’t want you missing Christmas tomorrow, after all.”

“Okay, hun,” Dana said, “Love ya, Ally! And say hi to Greg for me!”

“Love ya too, Dany” Alison replied, humoring the sweet little nicknames they’d had for each other as besties of over 15 years.

“Damnit,” Alison cursed under her breath as she hung up. Nick, Dana’s brother whom she’d also known for quite a few years, was supposed to act as her boyfriend at the party tonight. “Shit!” She cursed again, now quite loud.

“Woah there,” Alison heard from around the corner. “What happened?” her son Greg said as he walked into the kitchen.

“Oh nothing, just Dana and Nick bailed on me for the party. I really needed Nick to be here. Why are you up so early?” She asked, genuinely curious to see why her son was up in the morning.

“Why did you need Nick to be here? Isn’t the party just for your coworkers? And I decided to start jogging in the morning instead of at night. It’s getting a little too cold to keep that up at this time of the year” he replied, nonchalantly.

“I guess it is a little too cold now. Anyway I needed Nick to pretend to be my boyfriend for the night. There’s been sort of a creepy guy at my office from accounting that keeps asking me out since I last broke up. I told him I already had another boyfriend to stop him from asking me since he wouldn’t get the message and told him he’d be here at the party for sure” Alison explained.

“Why don’t you just say something came up?” Greg asked.

“Well, I kinda overplayed my hand. I guaranteed he’d be here. I’m not exactly sure what to do now.” She said a little worried. She ran over a few scenarios in her mind trying to fix this mishap. She couldn’t figure out what to do.

“Well you just need someone to act like your boyfriend to scare the guy off, right? I’ll be there, I could do it.” He said as he got a water bottle from the fridge.

“What?” She asked, slightly taken off guard. “Why would you do Kağıthane Escort that?”

“Well it’s no big deal, and no one from your office knows me. Dana won’t even be there so you don’t even have to explain it to her. I’m sure it’ll be easier to come up with an excuse for your son who doesn’t care about an office party.” He replied, casually drinking some of his water.

Alison thought about it and decided her son actually would be able to pass off as her boyfriend. He was in his first year of college but he could be taken for someone in his mid 20s. She’d just have to risk looking like she’s dating someone a bit younger than her. It was better than having the creepy guy leer at her all evening and continue to pester her at work.

“Would you really?” Alison asked, very relieved. She had so much work to do, this would take a bunch of pressure off of her. “Thank you! We just need to go up to him and maybe hold hands for a few minutes or so and then once he’s satisfied we can enjoy the party!”

“No problem, mom. It really isn’t that big of a deal. Anyway, I’m off for my run!” Greg said, opening the door.

As he ran out the door Alison couldn’t help but notice her son was taking the shape of a very strapping young man. He was muscular from football and pretty tall. He was a very good looking man.

“Anyway, I’ve got work to do” She said to herself as she snapped out of her haze. “I’ve got to set everything up for the party!”

“Finally, I’m done” Alison thought to herself as she put the finishing touches on the decoration, hanging the last piece, a mistletoe, above one of the beams in the living room. The guests would arrive in a little over 2 hours. Alison decided she’d better get ready if she didn’t want to appear like a bad hostess!

She took a shower and washed her body, still incredibly horny from the lack of relief. As much as she wanted to start a nice session and pay attention to her body, she knew she didn’t have the time.

She finished fixing her hair and putting on all her make-up before putting on the last of her clothes and getting ready for the guests. She figured with such a nice dress she’d be fancy, and wore matching black lace panties and bra, with a garter belt connected to her stockings. Lastly she put on her gorgeous little red dress and looked in the mirror.

She had to admit to herself she looked fantastic. The red dress might have been a little too form-fitting for a work party but she looked great. It showed off her perky breasts and amazing ass but still kept it festive and appropriate enough for friends from work. She was excited to be seen and have a fun night.

Alison walked downstairs and as she started getting the glasses out, waiting for guests to arrive, her son stepped out from his room in some nice slacks and a button up shirt.

“You look great, honey!” She said as she admired her baby all grown up and handsome. “And thanks again for doing me this favor! I’ll repay you somehow!”

“No problem, mom. Just tell me what you’d like me to do tonight.” He said stoically. She’d raised a fine young man, she thought to herself.

“Well, first of all, you can’t call me mom. Call me Alison tonight. After all, I’m supposed to be your date. After that, just play along and I’ll try to make this as harmless as possible. I’ll point out the guy when he arrives so that you know who we’re trying to prove it to.”

“Okay mo- I mean, okay Alison!” he said as they both chuckled nervously. “Hopefully this works!”

The guests started to arrive one by one, some with their significant others, some not.

“Drinks are in the kitchen, guys. Help yourselves!” She said as they came in. She turned on some Christmas music and attempted to be the good hostess she knew she could be, at least until HE came.

Finally, she saw him drive up the block and park a few hundred feet away and head towards the house. She went to go find her son whom she hoped was having a good time.

“Greg!” She said as she finally found him, talking with a few of the workers from her firm. “How’s it going? I see you’ve met Eric and Sandy!”

Eric chimed in. “This guy is really funny, Ally, I’m surprised you haven’t brought him to any of our meetings before. I’m sure he’ll get along with everyone.”

“Eh, I’m just a little shy,” Greg said as he took the heat off me. “I’m more comfortable being a host but I’ll definitely try to make it out to some of the other stuff you guys do!”

“Well I’m glad you’re getting along!” Allison said, shocked at how well Greg was able to talk with her coworkers, “Greg, babe, I have someone I’d like you to meet!” She said as she took his hand and led him to the door.

Just as they got there, her coworker knocked on the door. Alison smiled as she answer, “Hey, Bob! How are you doing tonight? Come in!” She gave her son a look as she closed the door behind Bob.

“Have you met my boyfriend Greg?” She said, introducing her son, hoping for the best.

Bob eyed Kağıthane Escort Bayan him closely, seemingly accepting the fact Alison did, indeed, have a boyfriend.

“So this is the guy?” Bob asked rhetorically. “You’re a lucky man, Greg, if that’s true. I hope to see you two in action tonight. After all, such a cute couple should enjoy Christmas eve” He said, almost spitefully but behind a veil of nicety.

“Anyway, have a drink, Bob! Stuff’s in the kitchen.” She said, relieved as she walked away.

“That seemed to go well, I guess” her son said as she now calmed down and was able to relax.

“Yeah, it did!” She said, as she finally noticed what her son was holding on to.

“Wait, is that beer? You’re underage, what do you think you’re doing?” She said, sternly in a whisper.

“Mo- Alison,” he started as someone walked by, “I’m trying to blend in, plus I’m almost of age anyway. If you want to repay me then let me drink tonight. You should too, to let off some steam.”

“Ugh…” She scowled as she realized her son was indeed doing her a large favor. “Fine, she finally relented, realizing she was being a bit too tense. And you’re right, I need a drink.”

The night went on as the “couple” continued to mingle, both getting increasingly inebriated. Finally, after an hour or so of the party going smoothly, they ran back into Bob in the living room.

“Hey!” he said as he walked up to them. “Look where you’re standing! Under the mistletoe! You two know what that means! Let us see the hostess and her boyfriend share a kiss!” He said pretty loudly as a few other people around us started to notice.

“Oh god” Alison said to herself as she turned and looked up in between her and her son. “Why did I even put that there?”

“No no no, it’s okay. That’s just a superstition! I don’t even know why I put that there!” Alison tried to reason.

“Nope, cmon! Show us a kiss from the cute couple!” A few other encouraged. Bob sat there smiling, clearly testing the relationship.

“Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!” erupted from the crowd of people now surrounding them.

“Fine!” She said, very embarrassed by the intention, as she turned and looked at her son. Before he said anything she quickly pecked him on the mouth, attempting to harmlessly move on from the ordeal.

“Oh come on! That was nothing! Give him a real kiss!” Bob said, much to her horror. “Yeah, give him a real one!” Eric said as he appeared next to them.

Before she could say anything Alison heard her son’s voice in her ear” It’s okay, let’s just have a proper kiss and get this over with. After that we should be good.”

“Fine then,” she reasoned as she took a swig of her drink. She surprised herself, she didn’t know if it was the booze talking but she was shockingly okay with this.

She looked into her sons eyes and then closed her own as they slowly pressed their lips together under the mistletoe.

She was more than a little drunk and her built up sexual frustration started to show itself to her during this whole ordeal. As pressed their lips together, a bolt of electricity shot through them. She melted into her son’s mouth, her body longing for the touch of a man. Before she knew it, her son started opening his mouth and slipped his tongue inside his mother’s mouth. They feverishly pressed together harder as they briefly forgot what was going on around them.

Alison suddenly snapped out of her lonely, sexually frustrated haze and ended the kiss, realizing they were standing in the middle of everyone.

“Wow!” Eric said as he laughed it off. “What a kiss!” You’re a lucky guy, Greg. This little thing is definitely a hottie! And you should hang out with us more often outside work, Ally! It’s nice seeing you not so shy!”

Alison looked around very embarrassed as everyone else went back to the party after seeing the spectacle with the mistletoe.

“Sorry about that” she whispered to her obviously slightly drunken son.

“It’s okay! I’m supposed to be your boyfriend anyway, right?” He said as he reached down and slapped Alison hard on her round ass.

Alison felt a sexual bolt course through her entire body as her son suddenly did something so forward. She was all for acting, but this was seriously getting her worked up!

“I’m going to go sit down” She told her son. “Okay, me too! My legs are killing me, I ran a little too much today!” Greg replied.

They moved across the room to the couch where Greg sat down in the only seat left.

“Excuse me!” one of her coworkers yelled, causing her to turn and look at the commotion. Alison saw a conga line (why her coworkers decided to do this at a Christmas party she didn’t know) appear just as it bumped into her and sent her into her son’s lap.

“Ouch! I hope you don’t mind if I sit here, babe” she said, still careful to keep up appearances, “there’s not much else to sit on!” She laughed as she tried to get comfortable on his lap.

“It’s alright, I can handle Escort Kağıthane my sexy little Ally sitting on my lap for a few minutes!” Her son said very loudly. He placed his hand very courageously and high on her thigh, scooting in a little bit in the process. Alison then felt a huge hardness in her son’s crotch press into the bottom of her red dress into her tight ass.

“Jesus, that must be huge” Alison thought to herself, momentarily forgetting she was on her son’s lap. “Whoa, what are you doing Ally! That’s your son! You’re his mother! You shouldn’t be thinking like that!” she corrected herself.

They talked a bit with the others as Greg started rubbing his mother’s thigh, his hand firmly on the straps connected to her garter belt. At this point, she was less concerned with the fact that her son was getting handsy and moreso embarrassed at being openly touched in front of her coworkers.

After a while, Greg asked his mother if she wanted to get up. “I’m pretty rested now, plus I love this song that’s on right now! Do you want to dance, babe?” Her son asked, very casually. Alison, still getting used to her son’s forwardness, just nodded her head.

They moved to the middle of the living room and started dancing with some of the other couples. They enjoyed themselves, slowing becoming more and more friendly with each other. After a few songs, the radio turned on a slower song and all of the couple gathered to dance. Alison put her hands around her son’s neck and looked up at him, attempting to slow dance.

Alison thought about her lovely time as her son put his arms around her waist.

They continued to dance as she noticed that ever so slowly his hands were drifting downwards. Eventually she realized that her son’s hands were now firmly squeezing her tight ass. She felt naughty having this happen with her son but she was at this point heavily intoxicated and a slave to her sexual desire. She closed in with her son and pressed her lithe body against his, her perky breasts touching his hard chests.

They leaned together and kissed again, this time truly melting away from the world. She knew she was kissing her son, but as she tried to protest his hand left her behind and firmly grasped her breast. She moaned into his mouth as her cares faded away. She decided she no longer cared that she was making out with her son as he petted her tight, gorgeous body. She just wanted to get off.

She was drunk, she was horny, and she planned to do something about it.

She broke the kiss, and as her son tried to open his mouth she held up a finger to his mouth and shushed him. “Follow me,” she said, grabbing his hand and leading him to the staircase.

“Where are we going?” Greg asked as she led him up the stairs, his hand squeezing her ass as they both climbed to the 2nd floor.

“You’re gonna fuck me. Right here, right now,” she said as they entered the room, Alison now free of any misgivings or care of consequences.

As Alison turned around her son suddenly pulled her close to him, this time very forcefully. He pressed his lips hard against his mother’s and ran his hands over her wide, curvy hips down to her firm ass. She moaned as her son’s touch sent electricity throughout her body.

He turned her against the wall, slowly closing the door and pressing his body against hers. He ground his crotch into the back of her ass and groped her tits as she arched her back and pushed back against him.

She turned around again, this time beginning to unbuckle his belt and get on her knees. She gasped as she finally undid his trousers and his massive girth popped out of boxers. She reached down and wrapped her small hand around it as Greg closed his eyes and moaned loudly.

“Holy fuck,” she said aloud. “Mommy did a good job with this one” she cooed as she slowly ran her hand along the length of her son’s enormous cock.

She licked her lips and in one move wrapped them around the tip of her son’s member. She began to work up and down her son’s shaft with both her mouth and her tiny hand, pleasuring her son and enjoying the taste of a nice young cock in her mouth. Greg looked down and moaned again, extremely loudly this time, at the sight of his mother’s gorgeous face and rep lips working up and down on his swollen cock.

As Alison picked up the pace, she felt her son tense in her mouth and knew what was coming. “Holy shit, you’re so hot! I’m about to cum!” he practically yelled as his mother continued to pleasure his pulsating cock.

She moved her mouth up and down even harder than before and prepared for her son’s orgasm. “Fuck!” her son grunted as his cock released loads and loads of his come.

Alison was prepared to swallow her son’s cum, but she hadn’t quite estimated there to be so much of it. Buckets and buckets of her son’s semen shot down her throat, filling up her mouth to the brim. Her son finally stopped cumming as Alison was able to get ahold of herself, completely swallowing the huge load given to her just now by her son. She licked her son’s cock clean as she began to get up.

“Baby,” she breathed as she slowly stripped her dress over her wide hips and perky tits, revealing her lace underwear complete with the garter belt, “I need you to fuck me now. Fuck your horny little slut of a mother!”

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