Carole’s New Friends Ch. 05


This is the fifth instalment of Carole’s exploits at Chilcott Manor, an English country house which has been turned into a club in which the members indulge in a wide range of sexual activities. You will enjoy the story more if you read the preceding four chapters first.

In Chapter 4, Carole discovered that her husband, Peter, had been a member of the Manor almost since its opening. On her second weekend visit there, she met a young couple, Lisa and Richard, who lived close to Carole’s home. She hoped they might be able to help her with a task she’d been set by the Manor – to seduce a young couple and persuade the girl to join the Manor.


On the Friday afternoon following your second visit to the Manor, you were due to visit one of your best friends, Mary, who happened to live not far from Lisa and Richard, so you took the opportunity to meet Lisa for a spot of lunch first. It had only been a few days since you’d last seen each other but when you met it was as if you were long lost friends. You threw your arms round each other and your lips met in a kiss.

Lisa was full of what had happened the previous weekend. ‘Richard and I have hardly stopped fucking since we got back’, she said. ‘It’s as if our sex drives have been turbo-charged. We can’t wait to get back to the Manor but, more importantly, we can’t wait to have another night with you. Saturday night seemed to be all about me and we’d love to return the favour. Richard would love to fuck you again and I’d love to watch him do it – and then I want to make love to you, like you did to me.’

‘You’re making me wet just thinking about it’, you replied. ‘Of course, there’s no reason why we should have to wait until we’re at the Manor again. Let’s arrange something – but in the meantime, let me tell you my news.’

You told Lisa about the task you’d been set by the Manor. Part of you – a large part of you – hoped that she might be able to suggest a friend who would fit the bill, but you were to be disappointed. Her response was hardly encouraging.

‘Wow,’ she said, her eyes wide open, ‘that’s a tough one. I can’t imagine there are many boyfriend-girlfriend couples who would be up for the Manor. None of our friends spring to mind.’

‘No’, you replied, ‘that’s what I feared. You and Richard are quite unusual in that way – how did the two of you become involved in the Manor, by the way? You never told me.’

‘We’re a bit of an exception’, Lisa explained. ‘We got into the whole thing pretty well by accident. My best friend Sally was still a virgin when she was diagnosed with cancer. The treatment was going to make her lose her hair, which she thought would put men off, and she probably wouldn’t feel like having sex anyway. The prognosis wasn’t wonderful and, if things didn’t work out, she was worried that she might never have sex, so I asked Richard to make love to her before she began the treatment. It happened a couple of times and on the second occasion I watched them doing it. It was wonderful. I loved seeing him fuck her, seeing his cock slide into her and giving her pleasure. Unfortunately the treatment’s making her feel far too ill for it to happen again, more’s the pity.’

‘Didn’t you feel just a bit jealous about it?’ you asked.

‘Richard was worried about that but when we talked about it afterwards I realised I wasn’t. Richard and I were both virgins when we met and it dawned on me that one day we were bound to wonder what sex would be like with someone else. If that led to one of us cheating it could mean the end of us and we didn’t want to risk that, so we decided to be open about it. A couple of months later there was an older man at work who I fancied like crazy and I asked him to fuck me. It turned out that he was a member at the Manor and he suggested that he introduce us. It’s worked out really well for us. It provides us with a variety of lovers without having to involve friends or people we know well.’

That gave you food for thought. Lisa and Richard were unusual and finding another young couple like them wasn’t going to be easy. It also occurred to you that, if you tried to involve them and their friends in your task, it could spoil your friendship with them. You were going to have to think of something else.

Lunch ended with promises that you would call each other to arrange a date for them to come to your home, preferably when it would just be the three of you.

From lunch, you went on to your friend Mary’s home. Her husband Brian, a university lecturer, had been granted a sabbatical from work and they were about to set off on a six-month visit to the USA, so this was your last chance to see her for a good while. Mary and Brian’s 18-year-old daughter, Emma, was at home when you arrived and it was clear that a mood hung over the house. Mary and Brian were extremely religious and they had brought Emma up very strictly. They did not want Emma to have sex until she was married and they did all they possibly could to enforce that. Emma had a steady tekirdağ escort boyfriend, Nathan, but they were never allowed to spend time alone together. Despite the fact that both were over 18, Mary and Brian made it clear that, while Emma lived under their roof, their rules applied. Nathan’s parents were members of the same church that Mary and Brian attended and held similar views about sex, so Emma and Nathan found themselves very restricted.

Needless to say, Mary and Brian’s extended trip abroad, leaving Emma behind, created a problem. Emma had tried to argue that she was old enough to be left at home on her own but her parents were having none of it. The house was to be shut up and Emma was going to stay with her aunt Angela. The aunt lived out in the countryside, a good distance from Emma’s friends, let alone Nathan. There was daytime transport to get her to and from college but her social life was going to be extremely limited for the next six months. She was not looking forward to the prospect and she was in a very sullen mood.

Mary talked to you about the situation, jumping to the conclusion, of course, that you would be in complete agreement with her point of view. You did nothing to disabuse her of that. However, your mind was rapidly starting to think about ways in which the problem could be solved to everyone’s satisfaction.

‘Emma could always stay with us’, you suggested. ‘You know we’d take great care of her – she’s like family to us – and we’d keep a very careful eye on her. And if she stayed with us, she wouldn’t be so far from her college and friends.’

‘Would you?’ Mary asked. ‘It seems a terrible imposition, having her for such a long time, but, if you’re really happy about it, it would be the perfect answer. I’m not sure that Angela was all that keen on having her anyway. And I’m sure you’d make certain she came to no harm while we’re away.’

It was quickly settled. You would collect Emma on the Sunday afternoon, after morning church, and drive her back to your house.


‘Thank you for taking me in for the next six months’, Emma said as you sat in the lounge that Sunday evening. ‘Aunt Angela is lovely but she’s even stricter than mum and dad and without a car her place is so cut off. I really wasn’t looking forward to staying with her.’

‘I can understand that’, you replied. ‘Life at home and at Aunt Angela’s must be a bit restricted at times. Your mum said that she expects you to behave by her rules while you’re living at home. Well, it’ll be the same here…’

Emma suddenly looked crestfallen.

‘…except that we don’t have any rules. You’re 18 so you’re free to do as you want and I hope you’ll enjoy yourself here.’

A beaming smile returned to Emma’s face.

‘Tell me all about Nathan.’ Emma immediately launched upon a spirited description of her boyfriend. ‘Your mum assumes you’re a virgin’, you said. ‘Is that right?’ Emma nodded in reply. ‘If you had the opportunity, would you make love with him?’ you continued. It was beginning to sound like Twenty Questions.

‘Yes, I would, I would love to’, Emma replied, ‘but the opportunity’s never there. Mum makes sure of that.’

‘But mum’s not here now, is she? So, what if we were to invite him over…? I don’t suppose you’re on the pill, are you?’

Emma shook her head. ‘There was no point, and I was always afraid that the doctor might tell mum if I asked to be put on it. They go to the same church.’

‘You’re not a child any more’, you said, ‘so he’s not allowed to tell your mum anything at all. But if you’d be happier, we can register you with our doctor for your stay. Would you like me to arrange that for you?’

Emma rushed across the room and hugged you. ‘Do you really mean it?’ she asked. ‘I so much want to be able to make love to Nathan. If he came here one day, would we be able to…? Would you mind if we did?’

‘If that’s what you both want, we’d be very happy if you did. By the way, I should mention that Peter and I usually sunbathe and swim nude in the garden when we’re here on our own. We’d be happy if you wanted to join us but, if you’d feel awkward about that, we’ll stick to costumes while you’re around.’


You visited the doctor and he was able to put Emma on the pill immediately and, because of the timing of her period, she was safe straight away, so it was arranged that Nathan would come over on the following Saturday. In the meantime, you took Emma shopping for new clothes and underwear, and treated her to a beauty session. You wanted her to look her very best for her first fucking.

A couple of days before Nathan’s visit you received a phone call from his mother. She claimed to be checking that you were happy for him to visit but you could tell that what she really wanted to know was that you knew all about it and would be around to act as chaperone. Little did she know what you were planning though.

‘Yes, we’ll be here when he comes and we’re looking forward to meeting him. Now you just enjoy your trip – we’ll make sure that Emma’s fine. He’ll only be here for a couple of hours.’


Nathan arrived about 10 o’clock on the Saturday morning. Emma and he were both on edge, wondering how quickly they could disappear upstairs to her room without their haste appearing to be indecent. Eventually you went over to them and put your arms round their shoulders and told them that you didn’t want to see them for a good while.

You and Peter went out by the pool to enjoy the sunshine. It was a hot day and all the house windows had been flung wide open and before long the sounds of enthusiastic, if inexpert, young lovemaking began to spill out into the garden: giggles, squeals, laughs, moans, groans, yells and eventually the sounds of two people cumming. It was tempting to dash inside and offer teaching and guidance but you’d had to resist. In any case, Nathan, despite his lack of experience, appeared to have enough of an idea as to what to do.

After a couple of hours there was another bout of giggling and laughter, followed by the sound of voices as Emma and Nathan emerged from the house. Both were naked.

‘You told me you sunbathed naked’, Emma said. ‘You’ve got us out here like this under false pretences. Come on, get those costumes off.’

It took only moments for you and Peter to strip off. You couldn’t help notice that Nathan cast surreptitious glances over your naked body while Peter was far more blatant in the way he looked at Emma. You sensed that she rather enjoyed being an object of attention. Years of restriction were finally being cast away. You realised that, suddenly, your task might have become more achievable and in a remarkably short space of time. And you might be able to persuade Emma yourself – the terms of the task didn’t seem to rule it out – to indulge in a threesome with Nathan.

A plan started to come together in your mind. It would be easier if Peter was out of the way when Nathan came to visit again, so you decided to suggest that he spend the following weekend at the Manor. During the intervening week, you wanted to be able to talk about love and sex with Emma in a girls-together session, so it would be ideal if Peter was away then too. In the event, he agreed to go to the Manor first thing on the Thursday morning, giving you two days in which to talk to Emma before Nathan arrived.


The weather was glorious on that Thursday so you and Emma took the opportunity to sunbathe naked by the pool. You swam first and then stretched out on a double-sized air mattress. You passed Emma a bottle of sun lotion and asked her to rub it into your back. The feel of her small hands on your skin sent an all-too-obvious frisson of excitement across your back and neck. Emma hesitated as her hands reached the small of your back, unsure as to whether to continue downwards.

‘Please, go on’, you murmured.

She squirted more lotion onto her hands and began to rub it onto your behind, a hand on each cheek, using a circular motion. The sensation was positively arousing and you felt wetness arising between your lower lips. Emma’s hands continued down to the backs of your legs; you spread them, not just to allow her to reach the insides of your thighs but also to make sure that she had a clear view between your legs. It wasn’t that you were trying to seduce her; you merely wanted her to know that you felt no shame in revealing the most intimate parts of your body. Her hands lingered on the upper reaches of your thighs for a few moments but she was careful to avoid her fingers coming into contact with your sex.

Once she had finished, she passed the lotion back to you and lay down on her front on the mattress so that you could return the favour. She didn’t open her legs as you began to spread the lotion over them, so you gently prised her thighs apart with your hands. There was little resistance though. Her triangle of pubic hair was fairly dense and from the front it would do a good job of hiding her sex, but from behind you could see a pair of outer labia that were plump and full, revealing only a tight slit that left the clit and inner labia completely hidden.

When you’d finished doing Emma’s back, you were going to ask if she’d like you to do her front as well but something suggested the need for caution on your part. The last thing you wanted to risk was for the girl to feel uncomfortable and clam up. Instead, the two of you applied the lotion to your own fronts but only after you’d warned Emma to use the lotion liberally on those parts that were not used to having the sun on them. You noticed that Emma watched surreptitiously as your hands spread it over your breasts and between your legs, and you certainly cast a glance or two at her. She had a firm, well-rounded pair of breasts that weren’t particularly large – except when compared to her lovely slim body – tipped with mid-brown nipples and fair-sized areolas surrounding them.

You reclined on one elbow, facing in Emma’s direction. ‘Do you mind if I say that you have a very beautiful body? Nathan is very lucky.’

Emma blushed. ‘Do you really think so?’ she asked.

‘Yes, I certainly do.’ You decided that this was the moment to take the plunge. ‘Emma, I don’t suppose you ever got to talk to your parents about love and sex, except from a purely religious direction. I know that when I was your age I had so many questions I wanted answers to. I just want you to know that you’re completely free to ask me anything you want. I realise that your parents have very strict views about sex but mine are very different.’

‘Thank you’, Emma replied before pausing for what seemed an age. You didn’t interrupt because you sensed that she was struggling to put thoughts into words. ‘Actually, there is something’, she finally managed to voice. ‘Nathan thinks we should get married.’

‘And what do you think about that?’ you asked, carefully avoiding seeming to push her in any particular direction.

‘I can’t help thinking that he’s been influenced by his parents’, she answered. ‘You can only have sex if you’re married – I can almost hear them saying that to him.’

You said nothing – you knew that she had to think this through for herself.

‘Don’t get me wrong’, she continued, ‘I do love Nathan but I’m not ready to get married. We’re too young and he’s the first real boyfriend I’ve had.’ Another long pause followed. ‘And I don’t quite know how to put this – this is going to make me sound awful – but I’m not sure I want Nathan to be the only man I’ll ever make love to. And I don’t want to be the only one for him. If we were to marry now, one day one of us – or maybe even both of us – might start to wonder what it would have been like if…’

‘That’s always a possibility’, you said. ‘You should never marry someone just because you’ve had sex with them. I know someone who married a girlfriend simply because they’d slept together and he thought it was the right thing to do. Even when he knew it wasn’t going to work he still went ahead. It was a disaster.’

‘Were you and Peter each other’s first?’

‘No, and we weren’t each other’s last, either.’

It took a few moments for what you’d just said to sink in and, even then, Emma had to confirm what she thought she’d heard. ‘You mean there have been others since you got married?’

You nodded. ‘Yes, for both of us. This is strictly between us, Emma, but even though I love Peter and he loves me, both of us have sex with other people. Sex is something that, for much of the time, we do for pleasure rather than love – and variety can make it even more pleasurable. Let me put it like this: beef may be your favourite meat but that doesn’t mean you have to eat it at every meal. In fact, you’d soon tire of it if you did. I love the different things that other men do to me and I love the differences in their cocks and the way they feel inside me.’

Emma’s started to redden and her nipples began to harden at the same time. She was clearly imagining you having sex with other men and it was arousing her.

‘I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to embarrass you but I thought I should be frank with you. In fact, Peter and I discover things with other lovers that we can bring back to our own love-making and improve it no end. As long as both of you are open about it, it isn’t cheating.’

‘But don’t you get jealous, thinking of Peter with someone else?’

‘I’d be silly if I said “never”, but it doesn’t happen often because we’re open about what we’re doing. I love knowing that he’s giving someone else the pleasure he gives me and that he’s getting pleasure too. And, of course, there’s the pleasure I get from having sex with other people. People get divorced these days just as much because of a bad sex life as because of cheating or jealousy. What you have to understand, Emma, is that there’s a difference between love and sex. I know your parents say you should only have sex with someone you love and who you’re married to, but that’s not how Peter and I see it.’

Emma thought about what you’d said. ‘I’m not sure that I’d want to sleep with other men when I’m married but, on the other hand, I don’t know that I want to marry the first person I slept with just because I slept with them. I almost wish I’d met Nathan after I’d slept with a few other boys who I didn’t care so much about. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life wondering what I might have missed. And I don’t want Nathan doing that either.’

Now was the time for you to make your move. ‘I’m not sure what you’re going to think of this but if Nathan was to experience another woman, it might help him to realise that you don’t have to marry someone just because you’ve slept with them. It might leave him in less of a rush to settle down.’

A look of consternation spread across Emma’s face. It was obviously one thing to talk in abstract terms about Nathan having other sex with other women but actually contemplating it was quite another. It was as well you didn’t say who you intended his first other woman to be but you decided to press on.

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