Mid-morning, last week, Baxter phoned me at work to invite us over for a barbecue. Sandra’s brother, Carl was visiting, we were invited over to his welcoming party. 
I asked, “What should we bring?”
He suggested some salads.
I called my wife and informed her about our new supper plans.
After work, I visited Royal Deli and picked up tubs of potato, potato with egg, and macaroni salads and a tub of ambrosia. 
We arrived at Baxter’s about 6:30, hauled our deli offerings into the kitchen and went out to the backyard.
Introductions were made all round. 
Carl was eighteen, had just graduated from high school. He was here looking for a job. His Mom was much better and she and Sandra didn’t want him around getting in their way.
He was a solid six foot, two hundred hunk of muscle. I wondered what he was packing in those gym shorts he was wearing. 
We had a pleasant evening, good eats, cold beer, good company and lots of laughs.
I don’t know if my wife noticed that Baxter was in good spirits lately. He was not mean or condescending throughout the barbecue. He had a good time and so did we. 
I went into the kitchen at one point and seeing Baxter at the counter, I walked over and patted and squeezed his ass. 
He laughed, “Don’t you dare goose me here!”
I suggested to Carl that güvenilir bahis şirketleri he come to work with me the next day. I would introduce him to Earl. Maybe he could get a job at the lumber yard.  
The next morning, Earl checked with his foreman Gary about a job for Carl. Gary thought he should start stocking shelves and maybe do some selling at times.
Thus he was hired, 
A week later,  I had a lumber delivery to a farm about thirty miles from Sacramento. He came along to give me a hand.

Halfway there, my bladder was bursting. I parked across a side road and got out. I stood beside the back tire, unzipped, hauled out my cock and started pissing. 
Carl got out too. He stood about three feet from me, pulled his cock and balls out over top of his sweats and started pissing  too. 
He was certainly well endowed. Above average sized cut cock, very thick at the base tapering somewhat towards his knob. 
The look on his face indicated that he was a little peeved at me watching him piss.
I smiled and said, “I’ll bet the guys in the locker room never called you tiny?” 
He blushed as red as a beat and giggled, “No, they didn’t!”
“How big does that piece of meat get when you get hard?”
He answered, “I don’t know, never measured.”
I had finished pissing at this point so I got a canlı casino siteleri tape measure from the truck and said, “Let’s find out.”
“You’re k**ding right?”
“Hell no!”
I waited until he too was done pissing. 
“Grab your cock and stretch it out for me to measure.”
He did so very reluctantly. 
The tape indicated he was five inches.
“Rub it and get it hard and I’ll re-measure.”
He looked around to see if anybody was driving by. By now his hormones had taken over and he was firming up without stroking. 
His cock got longer and thicker, a grower. 
I put one end of the tape measure in his groin and pulled it out past his knob. The tape indicated nine inches in length. 
It was a little tricky measuring his girth with the metal tape but the readings I got indicated at least six inches around.
“I never saw a nine by six before!”
He blushed and his face got beat red again.
“How far can you shoot?”
“Isn’t that a funny question? Are you gay?”
“Hell no. I just like to have fun.”
I took the situation in hand. I grabbed his erect cock and started stroking.
“What are you doing?”
“I am, with your permission, going to jerk you off and measure the distance you can shoot your jizz. “Your cook feels bloody awesome, so hard but yet so soft.”
He looked down at his cock and my hand casino şirketleri stroking it and gasped, “Feels fucking good to me too.”
“I think it’s even bigger now! Should I stop and re-measure.”
He was breathing heavily. “Hell no. I wanna cum!”
I increased my stroking speed and his hips thrust forward and he ejaculated.
The first spurt was only about four feet, but, the next two were way out there. Each subsequent spurt was less and less. I counted ten in all.
“Well done. Good load!”
I stroked his cock and squeezed little drops of cum out of it until his cock got soft. 
I gave him the tape measure to hold. I pulled the other end towards the pool of cum farthest away. 
“Ten and a half feet, good job.”
“You must have had jerk off sessions with your buddies in school?”
“Yes we had circle jerks. Sometimes we bet on who could cum first or who could last the longest.”
“Was anyone hung better than you?”
“One guy was maybe about the same.”
“Did you guys suck each other’s cock too?”
“Hell no. We weren’t gay!”
“Carl. Carl. Carl. You aren’t gay if you suck a guy’s cock or let a guy suck you!”
“Why not.”
“Did you all fuck girls?”
“Did you like fucking girls more than jerking off with the guys?”
He laughed, “Sure. We were all horny and would have fucked a snake if a guy would hold onto it!”
“See. If you can do both, maybe you are bisexual, certainly not gay.”
He chuckled, “Thanks for the lesson oldtimer.”
I laughed. “This is our little secret right k**do?”
“Hell yes. I’ll never tell.”
“You can put your dick away now. Or do you want me to jerk you off again!”

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