California Business Trip Ch. 03


California Business Trip Ch. 03
That whole day at work I was useless, I couldn’t concentrate, my mind kept wondering what my wife was doing. I didn’t know what was happening at my sister-in-law’s house. Perhaps my nightmare was over, one night of my wife fucking another man was all I’d have to deal with… perhaps not. My mind kept coming back to the worst possibilities.

I returned from work that first day to my nightmare confirmed. My wife and Todd were out by the pool, laying in the shade of an umbrella naked. My wife was on her side, her hand down between her legs guiding Todd’s huge cock into her pussy. I still couldn’t believe how large his cock was… I couldn’t believe that it all fit inside my wife. As I stood there in the living room, watching through the sliding glass door, Todd worked the whole length of his shaft into my wife. Stacy’s pussy lips were pink and swollen, obviously they’d been at it a while. Unlike the first evening, my wife didn’t even flinch or grimace as Todd shoved the whole length of his cock inside her, instead there was nothing on her face but pure a****l lust. “Oh… ohhh…”, as Todd entered her, my wife moaned loud enough I could hear her through the closed door. I stood there numb, watching helpless as they began fucking.

“They’ve been outside fucking all afternoon”, my sister-in-law said from the kitchen, “Todd still can’t take his eyes or hands off Stacy’s big tits”. I hadn’t even noticed Laura in the kitchen, I was transfixed by my wife’s wanton fucking outside. I turned toward my sister-in-law to respond, but was cut short when I saw she wasn’t wearing any clothes. There she was in the kitchen, preparing dinner, completely naked. Laura’s pert B cup breasts and shaved pussy were clearly visible. In the day light, this close, I could clearly see her all over tan and I began to wonder how often she actually wore clothes around the house.

Todd continued to fuck my wife outside for another hour, and even through the closed sliding glass door I could hear everything. I was sitting inside, pretending to work on my computer, but I couldn’t take my eyes off my wife. I had a perfect vantage point to watch Todd splitting my wife’s pussy open as he pounded his cock into her. Every time my wife came she would get louder, “OOOHHH… OH! OOHH! FUCK! FUCK ME!” Just as she was about to come down Todd would shove his cock all the way inside my wife’s pussy hard, pushing her right back over the edge prolonging her orgasms My wife would get this surprised look on her face and yell, “OH FFUUCCKKK…”, drawing out the last syllable until she returned to her frantic moaning.

When Todd came he pushed his cock deep into my wife’s pussy. My wife pushed herself down on his cock hard, trying to get him as deep as possible in her cunt all while chanting, “Cum in my pussy… cum in my pussy… give me your cum… give it to me… fill my pussy up… Aaa-AAA!” After they’d finished fucking they just lay there for a while, Todd’s cock slowly going limp until it finally slipped out of my wife’s stretched cunt. The amount of cum running out of Stacy’s pussy was incredible, I could see it running down her leg from where I was. She reached down and wiped her pussy off with the towel they were laying on then whispered something to Todd. He grinned at whatever she said, and they both got up and got into the jacuzzi.

My sister-in-law finished preparing dinner. I ate at the dining room table inside, actually getting some work done on my laptop, while my sister-in-law, wife, and Todd all ate in the back yard. I tried hard not to notice the trio out back, they didn’t even bother to get dressed, they just sat around the outside table naked, talking and laughing. My wife seemed perfectly comfortable naked outside with her sister and Todd. Every now and then I would look out at them, the bottle of wine on their table slowly emptying. Todd was sitting between my wife and her sister, but I could see them all clearly. My sister-in-law and her boyfriend’s naked, tanned bodies contrasted by my wife’s pale, freckled skin.

Occasionally one of the two sisters would whisper something, and then either my wife or her sister would reach over quickly and give Todd’s cock a squeeze while the other would talk to Todd to distract him. This caused him to jump each time, and the girls thought it was good fun. All of them would laugh and grin each time. The dinner was slowly forgotten as the girls continued to tease Todd. They took turns reaching over to stroke his cock and fondle his balls until his huge cock was rock hard. Even sitting down his cock was large enough that, fully erect, the head was above the top of the table.

The talk at the table had quieted, all three whispering to each other. My sister-in-law had her hand at the base of Todd’s cock, she said something to my wife, and then shook Todd’s cock lewdly. Whatever she said made Todd grin and my wife got a hungry look on her face. My wife licked her lips and then in one quick motion pushed her chair back from the table and bent over sucking Todd’s cock into her mouth. Stacy was bobbing her head up and down on Todd’s cock, barely able to take the head and top of his shaft into her mouth, while her sister Laura was jerking the bottom half of his cock with her hand. Stacy reached down and started massaging Todd’s balls while Laura continued jerking her hand up and down his shaft, the two sisters timing güvenilir bahis siteleri their strokes perfectly. Every few minutes they would switch places, my wife stroking Todd’s cock while my sister-in-law would suck on the head of his shaft, both rolling his balls around with their hands.

Then they both moved their heads down to his cock at the same time and started licking up and down his shaft. Todd’s head was back and his eyes were closed, enjoying the two tongues working up and down his huge cock. Laura sucked the head of Todd’s cock back into her mouth, gobbling up as much of it as she could, while my wife moved down Todd’s shaft to his balls. I watched in awe as my wife sucked one of Todd’s balls into her mouth before moving to the other; I couldn’t believe what she was doing… she’d never done that for me… she’d never even shown interest. I could hear his moans coming louder and more frequently now, he brought his head up, looked down at my wife, and said something to her. My wife moved to her knees in front of him as Laura took her head off Todd’s huge cock. Stacy quickly put her hands on Todd’s shaft, stroking it up and down furiously while sucking and tonguing his balls… and that was all it took. Todd started cumming, spewing his load on my wife’s chest, his cum running down between her large, soft breasts.

Watching Todd’s cock bouncing in front of my kneeling wife, pumping his jizz onto her chest, was too much for me to take. My hard-on was painfully swollen from watching it all, so I snuck off into the bathroom and jerked myself off. After spending a few minutes recovering from the hardest cum I’d ever had I went back to my laptop to work. No one had even noticed that I’d been gone. I spent the rest of the evening getting distracted from my work. Out back my wife and her sister were taking turns fucking Todd. They fucked in the pool, the jacuzzi, on towels by the pool… Laura cleared the table of their dinner and was bringing the dishes into the kitchen. Todd and my naked wife were moving across the yard toward the now empty table. She had one hand holding onto his cock, leading him by it. Once they reached the table Todd gently pushed my wife down so she was bent over the table and then shoved his cock into her from behind. In one stroke he had buried himself in my wife’s pussy all the way.

“You should probably just go to bed”, Laura told me from the kitchen. I checked and she was right, it was getting late and I did have work tomorrow, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep with my wife… the thought made me look back outside. Todd and my wife were in a constant rhythm now, she was leaning up off the table, Todd was behind her plowing his cock into her, hands grabbing onto my wife’s tits. “We’re going to be up for a while”, Laura continued. “Just get some sleep”, she said as she went back outside. Shutting down the laptop I headed toward the guest bedroom. The last thing I saw outside was my sister-in-law kissing Todd, her hands on his chest, while my wife was furiously pushing back against Todd’s cock burying it deep in her pussy.

Still exhausted from not sleeping the night before I managed to pass out almost right away. I was awoken some time later, by the sound of them coming inside. The door to the master bedroom opened and closed, I could hear all three of them in the next room. I heard the shower start in the master bathroom. Over the noise of the running water I could hear my wife moaning and cumming through the wall. Eventually the shower stopped and I heard them get into bed.

The sounds of fucking came almost almost constantly throughout the night. I could hear the bed moving, people changing positions, Laura cumming, my wife cumming, and both of them cussing and moaning so loud I was sure the neighbors would be woken up. In the quiet periods, when the sounds of sex had stopped or slowed, I could hear a gentle humming noise, which was inevitably overwhelmed by the noise of one of the sister’s cumming. I barely slept that night.

I spent the whole night alone, with nothing but the noises of fucking coming through the wall. The morning was the same as before though, and again I went off to work alone leaving the house quiet. At work I couldn’t think about anything but my wife… I knew she was going to spend the day fucking her sister’s boyfriend, and I dreaded coming back to the house and having to see it, and hear it. Thinking about it made me sick to my stomach, my wife of all those years hadn’t talked to me since dinner that first evening, she’d spent every moment since them with Todd. If they weren’t fucking they were flirting or sleeping, and my sister-in-law was encouraging it, catering to them so they never had to slow down. It was mind-boggling how Todd was able to stay hard as long as he was, or get hard as often as he had been. Even when I was his age I could never stay hard like that. All too soon it was the end of the work day though, and I had to return to my sister-in-law’s house and deal with another night of being tortured by my wife passionately fucking another man.

When I got to the house that evening my wife and Todd were fucking in the living room. She was laid back on the sofa, still naked, and he was kneeling in front of her working his cock in and out of her pussy. Her ankles were on his shoulders, her legs running up his chest, which had brought her ass up off the perabet güvenilir mi sofa. “Oh shit… oh shit… oh shit…”, she was grunting in time with his pounding. Todd was transfixed by my wife’s tits bouncing back and forth in time with his thrusts. I couldn’t watch… I wandered into the dining room and opened the laptop. “Ooohhh fuck… oh fuck… OOOHHH…”, my wife came hard, even from the other room I could hear her pushing up off the couch, forcing her body onto Todd’s cock as hard as she could.

Laura came home a short while later. My wife and Todd were still fucking in the living room, they both said hello to my sister-in-law as she came into the house, not even slowing the pace. Laura came into the kitchen and dropped off the groceries she was carrying. “Can you make dinner?”, she asked without even looking at me. I was going to protest, but as I turned toward the kitchen I saw her stripping naked. Her shirt and shorts were lying on the kitchen floor and as she moved toward the living room she undid her bra and stripped off her thong leaving those in the hall. She didn’t even wait for me to respond, she just pranced naked into the living room to join my wife and Todd.

I leaned back in my chair to peak around the corner into the living room, my curiosity was overwhelming, I realized that I couldn’t keep myself from wanting to see what was happening. My cock was already rock hard from listening to my wife, and I knew I couldn’t deny that it was turning me on more than I’d ever been. I saw Todd pull his huge cock out of my wife, her pussy gaping open lewdly, Laura was standing behind Todd running her hands down his chest. My wife got up off the couch while her sister pushed Todd down on the couch, laying on his back. “Sit on his face while I fuck his cock”, Laura said to Stacy. With that Laura started working her shaved, tanned pussy down onto Todd’s, long tanned cock.

My wife meanwhile straddled Todd’s face, lowering her cunt down onto his waiting tongue. “Eat my cunt”, my wife said to him, “Suck on my clit and tongue my pussy… ooohhhh…”

While the trio of them fucked I stood in the kitchen making dinner. Every now and then I would sneak over to get a look into the living room. Laura sitting on the back of the couch, Todd eating her pussy, while my wife was on all fours on the couch getting fucked from behind by Todd’s huge cock while he manhandled her tits. My wife’s back was red from spending who-knows-how-long on her back. Each of the girls came half a dozen times, the string of curses and moaning never stopping, before dinner was finished. I went over to tell them dinner was ready. Again my wife was on her back, this time on the floor. Todd was kneeling between her legs, Laura was jerking his cock while fingering herself. They were both watching my wife play with her tits. I watched as Todd came, blowing his load all over my wife’s chest, Laura’s hand running vigorously up and down the length of his shaft. All three of them moaned as Todd emptied his balls, my wife rub his cum into her pale breasts.

It was too much, I felt ashamed at being so aroused and had to do something about my hard-on. Quietly I slipped down the hallway and into the bathroom where I masturbated. I came in five strokes I was that worked up. I spent a few more minutes in the bathroom and then flushed so no one would get suspicious. When I came out the three of them were getting dinner from the kitchen, but at least now they were all wearing bathing suits. My wife had her red bikini on again, Todd has a black pair of swim trunks, and Laura’s suit was nothing more than two green pieces of string with a small patch of cloth over her shaved pussy. The suit did nothing to conceal her nipples or areolas, and her ass was completely visible.

The three of them took their dinner and went outside while again I stayed inside eating at my laptop. It wasn’t long before my wife was taking her bikini top off. She slowly let the fabric fall away, shaking her breasts as she dropped the bikini top on the ground. Todd leaned over and began sucking on my wife’s nipples, running his tongue in circles around her tits, holding them in his hands and massaging them. My sister-in-law pulled aside the small piece of fabric covering her pussy and shoved two fingers deep in her cunt. She continued fingering herself while watching Todd suck on my wife’s tits. Todd stood and my wife practically ripped his shorts off, leaned over and greedily started sucking his cock. After a few minutes my sister-in-law said something and Stacy shifted her chair to face Todd, his huge cock dropping out of her mouth. Todd then leaned down slightly and laid his cock right between my wife’s large breasts, squeezing her tits tight against his cock, and started pumping his cock up and down between my wife’s tits.

Laura got up from the table and came inside. She stopped by where I was sitting, put her hand on my shoulder (the one she’d just had buried in her cunt), and looked out the back door with me. After watching Todd and my wife for a few seconds she said, “Todd loves tit fucking, but my breasts are too small to do it”. With that she pushed her breasts together and frowned down at them. “It’s a real treat having your wife here this week. It’s hard finding a couple to swing with, not many women can handle Todd’s cock”, she finished. Laura wandered down the hallway toward tipobet the bedrooms while I watched my wife squeezing her tits around Todd’s cock. Stacy had one hand fondling Todd’s balls, while her other was helping him hold her breasts around his huge shaft while he pumped his cock up and down between her tits.

A minute later Laura came back through the dining room and went right back outside. She was carrying something in each hand and it took me a second to figure out what… they were dildos. The first was normal sized and silver, but the second one was huge and appeared to be black rubber. I couldn’t help but make the comparison, the silver dildo was about the size of my cock, but the black dildo was the size of Todd’s cock. Todd continued to tit fuck my wife, both of them moaning softly, as Laura stopped by the table and dropped her bikini bottoms. My sister-in-law sat down and licked up and down the silver dildo before sticking it in her pussy, working it in and out to the the rhythm of Todd’s movements.

After a few minutes Todd picked my wife up from sitting and carried her over toward the jacuzzi. Carrying her as he was I could see clearly the difference in size between this tall, blond, tanned, Californian man and my petite, pale, redhead wife. He sat himself down on the edge of the jacuzzi and turned my wife facing away from him. In one smooth motion he pulled my wife down right onto his cock, the huge member splitting my wife’s pink pussy lips and penetrating deep into her cunt. Laura turned her chair to face them, still pumping the dildo in and out of her cunt. The two sister’s watched each other, feeding each other’s sexual desire. My wife worked herself up into a lustful frenzy bouncing up and down on Todd’s huge cock faster, my sister-in-law getting more worked up shoving the dildo in and out of her pussy faster and faster.

It only took a minute before all three exploded in orgasm. “Yes… yes… yes…”, my sister-in-law chanted as she worked the dildo in and out of her pussy.

“OOOHHH… FUUUCCKKK…”, my wife yelled as she jammed herself down onto Todd’s cock, taking him as deep as she could. “Give me your cum… cum in my pussy!”, she yelled at Todd. And he was obviously willing to give her what she wanted, he grabbed her hips and pulled my wife down hard onto his shaft. I watched as he pumped my wife’s pussy full of cum. Stacy stayed sitting on his cock for a minute, rocking back and forth gently, while my sister-in-law withdrew the dildo from her cunt and started licking it clean. Todd started sliding one of his hands around toward my wife’s clit. I saw her twitch slightly as his hand slid down, getting closer to her pussy, and when his fingers reached her clit she exploded in another orgasm. “OH GOD! OH GOD! OH GOD!”, she chanted as he rubbed her clit while she gyrated on his cock.

After a minute of this my wife, out of breath, reached down and stopped Todd’s hand. She slumped over, obviously exhausted, catching her breath. Todd withdrew his hand and my wife slid herself off his huge member, laying down on the towels by the jacuzzi. Laura got up from where she was sitting and went over to Todd, got on her knees in front of him, and starting licking up and down the length of his cock shaft. She spent a few minutes running her tongue up and down his cock, sucking the mixture of cunt juice and semen off his slowly withering member.

My wife continued to lay by the jacuzzi, obviously in bliss and coming down off her high, when her sister held up the dildos. “I brought your silver one and one of mine”, I heard my sister-in-law say. My wife didn’t own anything like that I realized, I must have misheard Laura. But sure enough I heard my wife say, “I don’t want to use yours, I think it’s too big. I’ll stick with mine”. And with that my wife reached up and took the silver dildo out of her sister’s hand. I watched in awe as my wife began rubbing the dildo against her clit. I couldn’t take anymore. I wanted to run away and that’s when I realized it was getting late, so I shut down the laptop and got up to go to bed. As I turned away from the back yard I could see Laura, still kneeling in front of Todd, start to work the huge, black dildo into her pussy. Todd meanwhile had taken hold of the silver dildo and was rubbing it against my wife’s pussy. I could hear her cum again as I headed toward the bedrooms.

I searched through my wife’s luggage, suspicious of the appearance of the silver dildo. Beneath her neatly folded clothes (she apparently hadn’t worn any all week) I found a small black bag. I knew she hadn’t brought it with her… suspicious I looked inside and saw a small, pink dildo still in the package. It looked like it vibrated and it was named “the tease”. The receipt indicated my wife had purchased both the silver dildo and the pink one earlier that day. Shocked I slumped back onto the bed. My wife had never shown an interest in toys… or half the things I’d seen her do this week. With despair I dropped into bed, with any luck I could get a little bit of sleep before they came inside.

But all too soon I heard them enter the house and move down the hallway toward the bedrooms. They stopped outside the door to the guest room, there was more talking, my wife and her sister were saying goodnight. I was expecting my wife to come in, but when the door opened Laura came into the guest bedroom. She was still naked and dropped her green, string bikini on the floor as she climbed into the far side of the bed. I was looking at her confused when she said, “Let Todd and Stacy have the big bed tonight, they’re not done yet”. Laura rolled over to sleep, but I lay there awake the rest of the night…

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