Brotherly Duties


Hello, this is my first time posting and I hope you enjoy. I have told this story while frequenting incest chat rooms every now and then, and this is a more detailed account of what happened between me and my sister. Please feel free to let me know what you think; I am open to all forms of constructive criticism.

It all started back in my second year of college, at a party a friend of mine was throwing at his house. The party was just getting wound up when my sister and her two best friends showed up. I went to an engineering college in Milwaukee and my sister just started at a two year college nearby. I soon lost track of my sis while playing a game of asshole. In this game everyone is ranked, there is a president, vice president, treasurer, and so on all the way down to the lowest person who is the asshole. You can order people to do things who are of a lower rank than you, and cards determine what the order will be for the next round. I had been “asshole” for the last three turns in a row, and was getting tired of chugging beer, dealing cards, and squawking like a chicken every time someone said the words “drink”, “drank”, or “drunk”. So I excused myself from the game and went looking for my sister. I had heard she did well on a test the day before and figured I should congratulate her.

I found my sisters friends dancing suggestively with a couple other guys from my college, but no sign of my sis. I hung out near the stereo until the song was done, and then caught up with Lucy (one of my sister’s friends) at the makeshift bar. I helped her refill her cup from an iced bucket that contained a mixture of rum and fruit juice that we called jungle juice. Lucy seemed a bit unsteady on her feet so I asked her if she was having fun. She told me this was the best party she had been to all night, which lead me to ask how many others she had already been too. As it turns out they had been to at least three other parties before ours which explained why she was already half in the bag. I asked where Jodi (my sister) went and was told quite frankly, “She is being a bitch; I think she is in a back room somewhere.”

Just a bit worried now, I refilled my cup and one extra for my sis and set off to find her. Jodi, Lucy, and Peg (the other friend) were normally inseparable, so I figured something must be wrong if they are having a falling out.

It only took me searching two empty rooms before finding my sister in the laundry room crying. I winced and cursed silently under my breath at my bad luck. Then putting on a cheerful appearance, I ambled over to my sis and commenced my brotherly duties by trying to cheer her up. When I passed her the cup of jungle juice, I noticed she was a bit unsteady on her feet and almost dropped the cup, so I steered her over to a folding table and asked her what was wrong.

Between hiccups Gaziosmanpaşa Escort and sobbing I finally got the story. She was upset because both of her friends had boyfriends now and were not spending any time with her anymore. She said she was kind of snippy with them about it tonight and now they were mad at her. Then to make matters worse she had hit on a guy at one of the previous parties and he had called her a “fat cow”.

Now my sister isn’t fat. She is maybe just a bit plump, and I’m sure that’s where her problem stems from. But she is incredibly pretty if you take the time to really look at her. She is about 5′ 2″ and maybe 135 lbs, blond hair and greenish-blue eyes and I have always been secretly obsessed with her tits. My sister has huge breasts, I have no idea what the actual bra size is, but huge will just have to do for now.

So after rasping this horrifying fact to me my sis renews her crying, laying her head on my shoulder while I have one arm around her and the other strokes her side. I tell her she is beautiful and that any guy would be crazy not to fall in love with her.. blah, blah, blah. You know, stuff to cheer her up so we can get back to the party.

Now I’m sure what happened next had nothing to do the fact that we had both been drinking for most of the night. But at about this time I glance down and notice that it isn’t her side that I’m stroking, or more accurately it is the side of her breast and her nipples are hard and poking right threw her bra and tank top. So I’m not sure why I took the chance but my hand rises up, circles her nipple, and then cups her breast.

My sister gasped, and I sped back bumping into a washing machine or something like that, stammering, trying to say “I’m sorry” but nothing like real words coming out of my mouth. A horrible cold feeling fills my gut and I start to think I might throw up. Well then I get a shock. My innocent sis walks right up to me, puts an arm around my neck and pulls me down for a very unsisterly kiss.

As my sis molds her body to mine, I spin us around and sit her on whatever it was that I bumped into. My hand again finds its way to her breast, circling and rubbing her nipple while the other slides up the back of her tank top slowly rising towards her bra strap.

I love kissing a girls neck, and soon found myself doing so to my sis. She gave a small gasp and then of all things started giggling. She was laughing at me. Needless to say both my hands started dropping as a cold feeling ran up my spine. But again a surprise as she moved her head down to find my mouth again and started kissing me harder than before with a definite sense of urgency.

Encouraged I found her bra strap and with a minimum of bumbling undid her clasp. My other hand slipped up under her tank top and under her bra. My sis locked Gaziosmanpaşa Escort Bayan her legs behind me as I stared down into her face. Her makeup was mussed up from crying, and her face was red from either excitement or all the alcohol she had drunk. She never looked more beautiful to me.

I then used both hands to push up her tank top and bra. I just HAD to see those tits. I mean they are huge and as it turns out firm. So with her tank top and bra push up under her armpits, I slowly kissed my way down to what I really wanted and sucked her right nipple into my mouth.

This is when I found out that my sister is a biter. As I lowered my head, she was kissing my neck and shoulders and then she wasn’t kissing anymore, she was biting me. Not real hard, they felt like pinches.

So as I am kissing my way from one nipple to the other and listening to the beat of a stereo in the front room, I realize we need to get the hell out of here. So I whispered in my sister’s ear, asking if she wanted to go to my dorm room a few blocks away. She nodded yes, and then redid her bra and pulled down her tank top.

It was a short, cold walk to my dorm room where my roommate had left for the weekend. He had a steady girlfriend back in Chicago and quite often would leave to spend the weekend with her. I was getting scared that the cold air was helping my sister come to her senses, and realize how wrong this all was, the entire walk she didn’t touch me, or talk to me at all.

I no sooner close the door to my room and I knew I had nothing to worry about. She was soon sitting on my bed removing her tank top, bra, and to my surprise squirming out of some very tight jeans. While she was straining out of the jeans, I quickly stripped down to my boxer shorts.

So I dive on the bed engulfing my sis in another kiss and place my palm over the mound of her pussy, cupping it and applying a steady pressure. I now go back to kissing her neck hoping to eventually work my way back to her tits again. At this time the tip of my seven inch dick is sticking right out the top of my boxers, and my lovely sis uses her hand to push them down and with a very light touch, slowly stroke my cock.

This makes me shiver both at her cold hands and the wonderful feeling. Then my sis starts giggling again, I don’t mind so much this time, hell how could I with her hand on my dick.

I renew my attack on her tits and slowly rub my middle finger up and down her pussy slit through her panties. Well my sis is back to the biting now, I realize in the morning I have small back and blue marks all over my neck and chest, but at the time. It is driving me crazy. I love to get a reaction when worshiping a women’s body. I think sometimes that I could almost cum just because I know she was about to.

Ok, so I Escort Gaziosmanpaşa raise my head and find her mouth again, and slowly push aside her now wet panties so that my finger can slip inside her pussy. My sister starts saying things like “that’s it baby.. that’s it” well mumbling or moaning is more like it.

Precum is covering my dick and her hand now and she surprises me again by practically climbing in my lap. She starts using two hands on my dick and I can’t stop thinking this is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I figure it is time to remove these now annoying panties, so I slowly push her back onto my bed and slip her panties over her hips and throw them across the room. I then quickly slip my boxers to the floor and jump next to her, not wanting her to get cold.

Her hands find my dick again, my fingers find her pussy, and I go back to kissing her neck. With her hands practically dragging me by my member, I slid between her already wide spread legs. I then remove her hands and start teasing her pussy with the head of my dick, slowly rubbing up and down the length of her slit.

This drives her crazy and I notice that she is crying again but I swear she never looked happier in her entire life. I can’t keep it up for long, and finally sink my dick into her. I have to say I expected more resistance than I got. I thought she was still a virgin, although I knew she was on the pill. I guess I should have known better, because she just opened up wider and I slid right up to the hilt.

Not to miss an opportunity like this I go back to licking her nipples as I slowly pump my cock into her. My sis locks her legs behind me, using them to quicken my tempo. It is now that I learn my sister is a screamer too. She starts moaning loud as hell, and swearing. Just random words like “fuck, shit, fucker” stuff like that.

So I pretty much have to smother her to get her to quiet down, but by now I am drilling her faster and sweat is starting to drip off of me. She is by far, the best fuck I have ever had and with her bucking and twisting under me it was a struggle to keep from cumming to quickly. So I would slow down then when I have control back, speed up again.

By this time I am licking everything I can reach chin, nipples, and even her shoulders and she starts up the biting again. I can feel it building in me again, and my sis is whimpering and twitching under me, so I go for it. I speed up my pace and fuck her like there is no tomorrow. My sweet little sis is now doing her mumbling trick again.. “Come on baby…. cum in me… come on baby…”

Finally I can’t take it anymore and shoot my load deep into her.

I stay laying on her for quite a while, kissing her softly and letting my dick get soft again. When I pull it out, it is really sensitive and makes me shiver as the cold air hits it. I didn’t know or even care then, but the next day my sis told me she came twice while we fucked. I rolled off her and pulled the sheets up and over us. Then while laying in each others arms we fell into a deep alcohol induced sleep.

The next morning turned out to be even more fun, but that is a story for another time.

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