Big Bob’s Surprise for Meghan


Meghan arrived at work the next morning promptly at nine and was assigned a desk and list of tasks and responsibilities. She had spent more than an hour preening herself and wore one of her scantiest bras and panties that she had hoping that she would be called upon during the day to service Big Bob or one of his men. Alas that was not to be. In point of fact there wasn’t even any flirting or quick fondles to be had- just work, boring work, and not really enough work to fill up her day.

The entire week went by with her simply answering the phone, filing, typing uncomplicated letters and doing all of the other inconsequential office chores that were completely mind numbing. Each time Big Bob or one of the boys came through the office she felt her pussy immediately twitch and begin to wetten but never was she summoned to the inner office for what she wanted and needed so very badly.

Twice during the week she had gone down to the car dealership where Tim had started work as the new accounting manager to have lunch with him. He also felt underutilized and under paid but in the economic climate of the day they felt grateful to have found jobs that allowed them to get their feet back under themselves. Of course Meghan’s job was predicated on something different than her office skills, or so she had been told.

She had met Tim’s boss on both of those occasions, the owner of the dealership, Mr. Smithers who was a man in his late fifties who looked a bit older than he was. He was a big man who had the beginnings of a rather large pot belly. She did not like the way that he looked at her. He appraised her from her feet up and over her body as though he was undressing her and imagining her in indecent postures. He even kissed her on the cheek on one occasion while pressing his body against her in a not so innocent manner. It gave her a bit of the creeps but in her sexually heightened state it also turned her on a bit.

On Friday just before lunch Big Bob called her into his office and handed her a bag.

“Go over to the Rainbow Motel. I have a room that I keep there which this key will get you in,” he said as he handed her the key.

“Take yourself a nice warm bath, put this on and help yourself to the bar and be ready for some company by one thirty.” He walked over to her and kissed her deeply and allowed his hands to roam over her lush body.

Meghan virtually flew out of the office, made a quick stop at the Piggly Wiggly to get some items and then sped to the motel. By one thirty she had had three strong vodkas on the rocks, had taken a very hot bath in orange blossom oil scented water that made her skin pink and had put on the very scanty pink baby doll lingerie that Big Bob had given her in the bag along with high heeled fuck me sandals that were also in the bag.

She heard a key in the door and quickly stood in the middle of the room so that Big Bob could appreciate her when he entered. Her pussy was throbbing and she felt her juices were seeping out of her cunt.

When the door opened it was not Big Bob that stood there but Mr. Smithers her husband’s boss from the dealership. He closed the door behind him while never taking his eyes almanbahis off of the luscious young wife.

“I think there has been a mistake,” Meghan said as the man began to unbutton his shirt.

“There is no mistake young lady,” he replied with a lustful leer on his face. “Bob convinced me to give your worthless husband a job that I had no reason to fill and the determining factor was that he convinced me that I was going to enjoy fucking your sweet body anytime that I had a hankering to do so. And right now I do so want to fuck you.”

Never taking his eyes off of her as she stood like a deer in the headlights he quickly threw his shirt and undershirt on the chair that stood near the door and then dropped his trousers and kicked off his shoes. Wearing only boxers and his socks he moved towards the twenty-two year old beauty.

He was a big man standing at least six foot four with broad shoulders and a barrel chest that was covered with a pelt of gray hair. His belly hung down a bit from his abdomen but she only looked at it for an instant as the stalk that hung below it was coming to life and was every bit as big or bigger than Big Bob’s or that of his body guards. Meghan began to wonder what it was about the men that she had met in Asterville all having very nice cocks. She had heard that he had played college football as a lineman at Virginia Tech and had even spent a couple of years in the NFL. He was a very powerful man who at the moment had only one thing on his mind- taking her.

“Please don’t do this Mr. Smithers,” she begged as he walked up to her.

“My name is Rick,” he said as he leaned down and kissed her soft lips with his open mouth. Being in a hypersexual state she hesitated for only an instant before returning his kisses.

He let his hands roam over her lush warm soft body taking an instant to pull off the top of her sheer brassiere and allowing her big tits to spill free. His hands were not at all gentle and she felt like she was being mauled as he roamed over her silky skin. He bent his head down and took one of her hard nipples in his mouth and began not to nurse on it but to chew on it. Her arousal made the intense pain become pleasurable and she moaned and ran her fingers through his thinning hair as she pressed him closer to her tit in encouragement.

“You are a hot bitch just like I had heard,” the man said as he pushed her roughly onto the queen sized bed and then pulled her scanty panties down her limp legs and off of her tiny feet.

He dropped his boxers and took off his socks before joining the young woman who was literally squirming in anticipation on the bed. Her toes were curled and she had taken her large tits in her hands and was squeezing them and pinching her own nipples. He laid there next to her for more than a minute watching her writhe and fidget.

“Please,” she said looking at him with her desperate need apparent.

“Please what?” he asked as he let his fingers of his right hand begin to trace slowly up and down her warm inner thigh coming just inches from her wet cunt before retreating back down. Her butt wiggled into the mattress and she drew her thighs further apart and moaned.

“You’re almanbahis giriş a married woman who is married to my accounting manager I’m not sure it would be right,” he said taunting her before leaning in and smelling her fragrant hair and then sticking his hot wet tongue into her ear.

“The hell with my husband. Oh Please fuck me,” she said in a breathless whisper. “I need to be fucked, God I need it so badly. I need that big hard cock of yours in me,” she moaned and whimpered as she let her hands journey down her smooth body to her pussy and began to masturbate.

“Every man in this town wants to fuck you girl and before too long, if I don’t miss my guess, most probably will,” he said. “You’ll get all the fucking that you need in this town sweetheart.”

His cock was swollen to its full nine thick inches and was twitching like a caged lion mad to tear apart a tethered lamb. He took one of her small hands and placed it on his rigid shaft and groaned as she began to caress him. He leaned down and bit her right tit and began to chew on the tender velvety flesh. Her body smelled delicious and he wanted to ravage and consume her.

He sat up and took the two pillows and put them in the center of the bed and then picked Meghan up as though she was a rag doll and placed her belly down on the bed with her hips thrust up in the air. Moving behind her he spread her thighs wide and then worked his face in between her legs and began to feast on her super wet and hot leaking pussy licking her tender cuntal lips and sucking her sweet slick juices into his mouth. The woman cried out in pleasure and passion and wiggled her ass into his face to encourage his efforts as she dug her fingers into the mattress. He used his index finger to penetrate her anus and she cried out again with pleasure as he sank it deep into her ass and began to finger fuck her while his tongue burrowed into her vagina drawing out more female syrup. He felt her cunt begin to spasm and she screamed as her first orgasm battered her body as her ass cheeks clasp tightly around his face, her pussy tried to milk his tongue and her ass tightened on his embedded finger.

He got up on his knees and spreading her thighs further apart with his knees and her ass cheeks with his hands he slid his cock hard and deep into her still twitching hot dripping cunt. He did not wait for her to adjust to him but began to ram and thrust as deep and hard as he could into her helpless body sexually energized by her screams of pain and passion and the movements of her supple silky body beneath him.

Mr. Smithers had tremendous stamina and fucked her doggy style for more than fifteen minutes. He was also a very skilled lover and varied the cadence of his strokes, his depth and his angles of penetration while he rubbed her soft ass and occasionally reached under her, fondled her hanging tits and pinched her nipples. Each time he did this Meghan would have another orgasm that built on each other in intensity.

He pulled the pillows out from under her tummy and rolled her onto her back. Meghan’s legs spread wide for him as he rammed his cock back deep into her throbbing cunt and began to hump her mercilessly. almanbahis yeni giriş As he fucked her he leaned down and first bit her nipples then nuzzled into her soft tender throat and finally kissed her open wet lips.

Incredibly the older man held out for another ten minutes before he arched his back and roared as he achieved his release and his hot sperm began to spray into her young woman’s clasping battered cunt. Meghan’s orgasms had become almost continuous but when he began to cum in her she had a final one that equaled any she had ever had in the past.

His load released, he wasn’t finished with her and pulling himself out of her cunt he grabbed her by the hair and pulled her down the bed and fed his now semi limp cock into her mouth.

“Lick me clean bitch and suck back my erection so I can fuck you some more,” he said with his fingers still tightly laced into her short brown hair. “We’re not done yet not by a far piece.”

Over the next few minutes Meghan licked their juices off of his cock and balls. She had just taken his already hardening cock into her mouth and begun to suck on him when she heard the door to the motel room open. She tried to pull away and see who had entered but Mr. Smithers had her face firmly pressed up against his groin.

“Hey Gabe,” Mr. Smithers said. “She is everything Big Bob promised and more. Get undressed and take you a sample of this hot bitch.”

Meghan whimpered and trembled with fear and excitement as she continued to suck on Mr. Smithers’ now very hard cock and listened to the sounds of the other man undressing.

“You think Tim minds us fucking his wife while he’s back at the dealership working,” Gabe said with a chuckle.

“He doesn’t know it but the only reason that limp dicked asshole has a job is so we can fuck his bitch,” Mr. Smithers responded all the while feeding his cock into her mouth.

Mr. Smithers pushed her away and down onto her back on the bed where she laid limply with her legs parted and her swollen pussy leaking her juices and the sperm that she had taken from Tim’s boss.

“Meet Gabe, Meghan. He is our sales manager and I suspect Alan our service manager will be here in a few minutes as both of those boys have some big loads they want you to milk from them with that wonderful pussy of yours. Or perhaps they’ll avail themselves of that tight asshole or sweet mouth. We’ll just have to see won’t we?”

Gabe, who was now totally naked, moved towards the end of the bed where Meghan was sprawled out and placed his erection near her lips which she opened and compliantly sucked his cock into her mouth. He was not in the same league cock wise with the other Asterville men that she had met and fucked but he had plenty to give a girl a good humping.

As she got into sucking him and began caressing his balls she heard the door open again.

“Yo Alan, you’re just in time for the party, “she heard Mr. Smithers say. The reality of what was happening and what was about to happen hit her and a massive orgasm suddenly racked through her body causing her to moan and arch her back.

“She’s hot and wild and better than any whore you’ll ever find in Richmond, Alan, “he said as he slipped his long hard cock back into her slippery wet cunt and began to fuck her as she continued to suck on the sales manager.

She was suddenly certain that it was going to be a very long and glorious afternoon.

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