Been Too Long


“I could taste his cock before I even saw it.

I had not had him in two weeks. Two long weeks. We were both just to busy. I had tried to tie myself over by diddling in my tight, pink cunt, but to no avail my clit throbbed endlessly without his lips to suck it. But the day finally came. I slipped on the sheer blue thong he bought me, put on the skirt I knew he loved best, and made my way to his house.

“I got there and I was dripping wet. My pussy was throbbing and hot, my nipples were tight pinpoints of lust. I had managed to keep myself from playing with myself too much on the way over. He opened the door, hair slicked back, wearing nothing but a pair of flannel pants. Fresh out of the shower, I knew what his dick would taste like, what it would feel like pushing into the back of my throat. I knew what his precum would feel like, beading on my tongue as I licked his fat head. I couldn’t wait. I stepped through the door, and it was on. He pulled me into his bedroom, all the while fucking my mouth with his tongue violently. He had missed me. With one hand rubbing my tight ass, he pulled me against his rock hard prick, and ground it against my stomach. I had to have it now or I would go mad. I got on my knees and in one swift motion pulled his pants off, his dick springing up in my face. I eagerly gobbled it down, letting him take my head in his çapa escort hands and fuck my face. I slurped and sucked his hot cock like it was the best thing on earth. It was really. I used my hands to gently caress his balls and ass while pounding my mouth. His precum started to drip onto my tongue, which I sucked down with much delight. My pussy was so hot and wet. I had to get it naked. My pussy had to be touched and fucked. I used my hands to pull my skirt up, and my panties aside. I shoved three fingers in my dripping cunt, moaning at the sheer joy of it. He abruptly pulled out of my mouth, and turned away.

“I bought you a present…close your eyes…” he says with a little grin. Excited beyond belief, I wait in anticipation. He turns with his hands kept behind his back.

“Now…you can only have this if you take your clothes off, and show me that pussy. I want to see it all…wide open.” I do not wait, and tear the rest of my clothing off. I spread my legs, exposing my sweet pink to his eyes. “I want it wider…” I spread wider, lifting my legs up and apart. “Wider…use your hands…I want to see all that pussy baby.” I use my hands to spread my puffy lips open wide. My tight pussy is trying to gape, begging to be fucked by a tongue, mouth, finger or cock. I just need to be screwed. He gets between topkapı escort my legs, also naked, and brings his hands around front. It is a huge dildo. Twelve inches long, three around…the thing could never fit in my tight little cunt…or could it? I love having my pussy stuffed full. He is hung like a horse, but nothing like this fake dick. He gets out the lube, greasing up his hand, and letting it slide all over my twat. Ohh, it feels divine. I need this so bad.

“He slips a few greasy fingers in my pussy. He slips them in and out of my channel, rotating them, and massaging my insides. He leans down and puts his lips flat on my clit, sucking it hard. He knows how much I love that. I orgasm fast, my pussy juice leaking all over the bed and his hand. He laps it up like a puppy. He loves the way my pussy tastes. My muscles are relaxed and I am dripping. He takes this as the perfect second to pop that dildo in.

“The first few seconds, I can not breath it feels so good. I want him to fuck me with this huge dong. I stretch my legs up over my head, and open my pussy wider. I want it in…all the way in. He uses short thrusts to begin with, and then begins to go in longer, deeper strokes, a littler more disappearing in my pink meat every time he goes back in. My hips start to twitch. I need fındıkzade escort it. And he knows. He withdraws almost all the way, and slam it back in full force, rocking my cunt with it. I cant take it ,is so good. I cum, and keep cumming. My pussy is grasping the dong every time it enters me. It is so good.

“But that wasn’t all of my surprise. I feel a finger on my ass hole. I had never let him in down there, but right now I was his fuck toy. I wanted him to cum all over me, in me, where ever he wanted to. The dildo dilating my pussy, I let my hands slide down to spread my ass so he can have better access to my tiny hole. He started slowly, one finger slipping in and out and around. It felt so good. “Put it in…fuck me in the ass. I want you in my ass…” I found myself urging him on. He took the lube, and squirted it directly in my asshole, rubbing some on the outside. He started to go slow, but I didn’t want that. I wanted him to fuck me as hard as he was with the dildo. I grabbed his hips and pulled him in, silently telling him my needs. “Fuck me hard…pound my tiny ass…pound it…bang me…” I was going crazy. I kept coming over and over again, and now this throbbing flesh in my ass was to much. My ass was being forced open, and it was submitting. My asshole was being violated by the man I loved and I adored it. I bucked and screamed, coming harder than I had in my life. Rivers of pussy juice flowed down my legs, his legs…it was everywhere. I heard him groan and jerk, and let his hot load loose in my ass. I couldn’t get enough of the way it felt when he came. That massive cock getting bigger and spasming.

“After that tryst…well that is another story.

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