Becca Takes A Large Deposit Ch.08


With her cries still ringing in his ears and his mouth and lips still fresh with the taste of her copious juices; juices that it had to be said were heady and erotic; sweet and inviting, he realised the more he did to, and saw of this woman; the more his caresses destroyed her presence and majesty over him; the more he found it appealing and less of a chore.

He stood behind the quivering copper-skinned cheeks of Victoria’s arse as she lay before him in the throws and rapture of her orgasm. She pushed herself against the table edge, in the heightened state of her arousal, her enlarged clit benefitted from the extra pressure upon it that this created, driving her orgasm to greater length and intensity. Connor deeply disappointed with his moral self, could physically deny this woman’s naked and needing charms no-longer. His rampant cock needed to find the sheath for which it was made.

Slowly he advanced on Victoria, grabbing hold of the firm buttocks before him; he slightly bent his knees until the large head of his swollen member was directly in line with Victoria’s pussy lips. As he watched, drips of her vaginal juice formed upon the petals of her labia and dropped to the floor. He thrust his hips forwards roughly embedding his cock in her vagina. She felt tight as her muscles gripped his massive shaft with rhythmic pulses.

At the half-way point on his cock, he pulled back out until the rear part of the bulbous head was exposed within Victoria’s fleshy folds; then he pushed back in again, this time all of the way until he could feel the head of his prick contact her cervix and his cock was embedded to the hilt.

If Victoria felt that her first male instigated orgasm in over a year was so incredible and intense that it was as good as it gets, then the sudden assault of what must surely be the penis of a stallion by its size; pushing deeply into her cunt, was a pure out of body experience. The overwhelming waves of pleasure crashed again and again upon her sexual senses making them hyper-sensitive and fully responsive to this man’s touch.

She would have been unable to move any of her limbs even if she hadn’t been secured to the table; such was the state her body was now in. Shuddering almanbahis under his thrusting, her chest was heaving and her heart pounding so much she heard a ringing in her ears. She had never been fucked by a man of Connor’s size before, her husband of many years seemed insignificant in comparison; in fact there was no comparison. “Whoever said that size doesn’t matter”, she thought, well that woman had probably never had a huge and wonderfully throbbing cock pumping into them before.

Victoria exploded into yet another spontaneous and very loud orgasm. “FUCKING HELL CONNOR, OH FUCK! OH YES, FUCK YES! I thought your cock looked big on the video,” she panted at him, “but feeling it inside of me; all of it, well it feels ten times larger, like the size of a horse! Christ I’m coming again! I can’t believe you have brought me off three times already, ohhhh keep that sweet thing inside of me. Connor spank me please, abuse me, oh, oh, Godddd!” Her walls of decorum between a manager and employee had completely crumbled, she was not too proud now to beg him for anything.

She vibrated in muscle spasm as one orgasm ebbed and another came. The sucking wet sound that their genitalia made as they fucked was loud and arousing to her, driving her on to yet another raw climax. “Connor, I want you to treat me as your whore, let me take your come from you, oh, huh, ohhhh yessss! Oh Goddd that is gooooood, oh, oh…..ummmm….fuck.”

Connor did as he was bid; on each withdrawal he slapped her bum cheek with a resounding smack. To further add to her pleasure he ran his thumb along her labia, coating it in her juices and on the next withdrawal he rammed it into her anus, pushing in deeply as he pushed in deeply with his phallus. Victoria was incoherent as she screamed and bucked against him in her most intense orgasm to date. She was panting so hard that Connor thought he really was going to cause a heart attack in this woman. But as before, he could not stop now. He realised he was gritting his teeth again, as for the second time in less than 24 hours, his come was being seduced out of him by the manipulative graspings of a woman’s vagina.

Victoria was sobbing, whether in pleasure or not he did not almanbahis giriş care because his seed had reached the point of no return. Like a bullet from a gun his come shot forth drowning her cervix with semen. He gasped in wonder that he had so much come left in him, bearing in mind the long session from the night before. Yet still his cock ejaculated again and again.

Already his spunk spilt onto the floor as Victoria’s flooded cunt could hold no more. For the last few spurts, he pulled out his cock and wanked the remaining drops onto her pussy lips and before his cock lost all of its rigidity, pushed the well lubricated erection into her anus, forcing the sphincter apart as he watched her arse swallow the diminishing head and a third of his cock. Two final pulses of come shot into her rectum as he fell across her back equally panting hard.

Victoria’s sharp cry at her anal violation raised a smile on his lips. “Oh no!” she panted, “I’ve never had a cock in my arse before, I…..I’m not sure it’s right!” Before Connor’s cock completely lost strength and stiffness, he thrust forwards pushing his well lubricated weapon fully home, ignoring the whimpering coming from Victoria as her anal sphincter was stretched to its limit.

As Victoria felt the first pump of semen splash into her from the strongly throbbing cock her tears of ecstasy ran down her face. Hot spurt after hot spurt shot from his cock’s large eye and filled her. She cried from pleasure, she cried in the realisation that she had missed this sort of loving for all of her adult life, she cried because she knew this was not hers to keep, she had forced this young man to do this to her and would be very lucky if this went no further.

“Oh my god, oh my god,” she kept repeating. “That is so hot; your come is so hot inside me. Ohhh Connor. Oh fill me up. Connor I want to taste him, taste your come.” As he pushed his cock into her anus she squealed in a mixture of pain and further pleasure. She knew that she had been well and truly fucked as she had asked for; and as he violated her arse, she knew she still wanted more from this man. “Connor, can I do something for you now?” she sobbed.

Connor raised himself from almanbahis yeni giriş her back and withdrew his cock from her arse. It was semi-flaccid now having pumped out the entire contents of his balls. He slowly walked around and released her hands; just as he had Becca’s the night before. Victoria raised herself unsteadily. Her magnificent breasts were red where she had been laying on them and the dark nipples were still hard in erection. Connor stared at the rapidly rising and falling golden peaks as Victoria tried to get her breathing back under control. But Connor’s hungry gaze was making that very difficult for her!

He walked back around and kneeling, released her legs. “Turn around and sit upon the table,” he said in a toneless voice, “and I will tell you what I want”. Victoria did so without question. Once seated, he tied her ankles back to the table legs. Then leaning towards her and taking her left wrist, he reached up and tied it above her head on the railings. With that, he dragged a chair over and placing it between her widely parted thighs, sat down.

“Ok,” he said “I have never had the courage to ask this of any woman I have been with, but as you are my whore and must do what I ask,” he paused seeming to find the words difficult to express still; “you will masturbate for me, whilst I sit and watch.”

“Connor,” Victoria said, “I…..I have never done that it front of anyone before either, but…..I think that I would like to do that for you yes.”

“You have no choice in the matter Victoria, no choice at all.”

“Oh….” she panted again, her chest once more beginning to rise and fall rapidly “as you put it like that, I must do as you say.”

Her legs were wide apart, the lips of her vagina equally so. It was evident that she had recently had a cock inside her as her vaginal muscles were still gaping open and willing for more, and also between her lips was a pool of his leaking come. Her clitoris was very pronounced and stood out tall from between her labia. Her pubic hair was beautifully trimmed but sticky with the last shots of his come. She lightly ran her fingers through her pubes picking up his semen on her finger tips then rubbed the glutinous strands of come into her swollen puffy folds. With a well practiced hand, she separated the lips of her vagina, exposing the clitoris all the more, and with her index finger she started gentle circular motions around this nub of erected flesh. Almost immediately she started to moan.

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