Beachfront Condo

Big Tits

I woke up in the morning at the beachfront condo I rented. It was originally supposed to be a romantic couple days away until – well – I’ll spare the details and say it was relationship issues. I figured I’d go anyway and could enjoy some alone time at the beach for a day, with everyone being gone, since it was off-season and midweek.

I grabbed some breakfast and headed outside on the patio into the bright sunshine and listened to the relaxing sound of the waves crashing on shore. To my surprise, I saw someone at the condo next door doing the same thing, a woman wearing a cover-up with presumably a bathing suit underneath. She had to be the only other person on this end of the beach. I said a polite hello and went on to enjoy my breakfast until a short time thereafter she was asking to borrow some milk. To make a long story short, she ended up joining me and we talked for quite a while. She was there for a girls’ long weekend away, but her friend had to leave early. The conversation flowed easily, something that doesn’t often happen with me, and we found we had a lot in common. She was also attractive. I was especially enjoying the cleavage I was seeing in the V of the cover-up.

After our breakfast chat she said she was going to lay out in the sun for a bit. While it was not my favorite activity – I generally find it boring – the thought of watching her in a less dressed state was quite appealing. I quickly went inside to change and joined her on the beach. The cover-up was gone and she was wearing a bikini that fit her body, especially her ample breasts, quite nicely.

She was applying suntan lotion to her legs, a sight that had me staring a bit until she spoke. “Instead of just standing there staring, how about making yourself useful?”

“What?” I replied. I looked at her face, finally. She was smiling, flattered at the attention.

She held the bottle up to me. “Make yourself useful. Could you do my back?”

“Oh, sure,” I said and took the bottle. I started in the middle, rubbing my hands fairly firmly with the creamy lotion across her back, sliding aksaray escort some under the strap of the bikini top. I moved down to the small of her back. I got more lotion to do her upper back and shoulders. It seemed she was pressing back into my hands a bit in approval. She lifted up her hair with her hands so I could do the back of her neck and shoulders unimpeded. If I didn’t know better, I would think she wanted me to do more. Or maybe I did know better and was just being clueless.

“Would you like me to do yours?” she asked.

“Huh? Oh, yeah, sure.” I replied.

So we switched around so she was behind me. The lotion was cold, briefly, but warmth of the sun and her hands quickly took care of that. I enjoyed her hands roaming across my back and took notice when she rubbed her hands slightly under the waistband of my swim trunks.

“You didn’t put lotion on anywhere, did you?” she asked.

“No I didn’t. I guess was I wasn’t thinking,” I replied.

“Or you thinking of something else,” she teased. She started applying some to my shoulders and arms. “I’d hate to see you get burned.” She grabbed more lotion and reached under my arms and began applying it to my sides then reaching fully around and rubbed chest. She leaned up into me, and I could feel her breasts pressing against my back beneath her bikini top. Her actions were causing a stirring in my swim trunks. She continued down to my stomach and again she slid her fingers just under the edge of the waistband. I turned my head to look at her and I could see a mischievous smile on her face.

She had me stand up and turn around so she could do my legs while she knelt in front of me. I looked down and enjoyed the view of her breasts. She looked up to me and smiled again. As she got to my thighs she slid her hands all the way to the top of my legs, under my trunks. The stimulation, coupled with the view, had me half hard, and she had to notice.

I reached down and grabbed her and pulled her to her feet, leaned over and kissed her flush on the fatih escort mouth. The electricity was instant, and we soon found out tongues intertwined and our hands running across each other’s back. After pausing for air I moved my kisses to her neck. I heard a very soft moan of approval. I reached around and unfastened her top, freeing her breasts. I continued kissing my way down toward the top of her left breast while caressing it in my hand. I pulled it up to my lips and put the nipple in my mouth, teasing it with my tongue and sucking on it.

She moaned again, this time just a little louder. I moved my mouth to her right breast, continuing to hold and rub the left in my right hand. She was enjoying this, rubbing her hands across the back of my neck, applying pressure in approval. My cock was now hard and sticking out a bit and brushing against her.

She broke away, dropped to her knees, and pulled down my trunks. She caressed my balls in one hand and reached behind to rub my ass for a bit. She moved her hand to my shaft and leaned in, gently licking the tip with her tongue. My cock twitched at the sensation. She stroked the shaft softly and moved her other hand to my balls. She leaned in and encircled the head with her lips, and I moaned in approval. She continued, taking the shaft deep into her mouth and licking around it with her tongue. God, it felt good. I ran my hands through her hair as her head bobbed up and down the shaft. She was driving me wild, especially with her tongue movements.

She paused for a second, letting my cock pop out of her mouth. I dropped to my knees, and kissed her on the mouth while I leaned forward, forcing her onto her back into the sand. I kissed my way down her body, between her breasts, across her tummy, stopping just below the waist. I pulled off her bikini bottoms, which appeared to be quite wet. I parted her thighs and kissed my way down the surface of her pussy. I then licked the base of her pussy, just sliding my tongue ever so slightly inside as I licked up toward the top. I did eyüp escort it again, going further inside and sliding my tongue back and forth, absorbing her taste. She was enjoying it, and I noticed her fingers playing with her nipples.

I worked my way up and placed my mouth around her clit and ever-so gently flicked it with my tongue. Her whole body twitched, and she let out a small grunt. I continued by circling around her clit with my tongue, occasionally brushing against it. “Oh, yes” she cried. I kept going, gently picking up the pace. She pulled harder at her nipples. I kept going, a little faster. “Fuck, yes” she cried, repeating it when she could. Her breathing was becoming more rapid and heavy as I continued. I pressed my mouth against her and sucked in the entire clit, wrapping it with my tongue, playing with it carefully yet firmly. She grabbed the back of my head, pressing me against her, digging her nails into my skull. “Don’t fucking stop. Oh fuck yes!” she screamed. I continued, more intensely. “Oh my, FUUUCK!” she screamed as her body shuttered in orgasm.

I looked up at her. She was all smiles. “Get up here and fuck me,” she said. I was happy to oblige. I got up to my knees and slid my cock into her pussy. I started slowly, enjoying the warm wetness, the sight of her beneath me laying in the sand, and the waves crashing ever closer from tide coming in. “Harder” she said. I moved in and out with more firm strokes. I had to reposition because of the sand, placing more of my weight on her, and was able to press firmer and rub against her, “Oh, yes, that’s it” she cried.

As our fucking got more intense, she dug her nails into the sand. My cock was hard and firm, slamming her as best I could. I was pushing her slowly across the sand. She moved her hands to my back to hold us together, her sand-covered hands digging hard into my back. I was getting close and I could tell she was too. The waves were closer, the edge of the water washing against us. We didn’t care. The sand, the sun, the water, added to the intensity. Faster I went, in and out, my cock in her pussy. “Oh, fuck” I yelled as she yelled “Yes, oh my, oooohh” as we erupted in orgasm together.

We were a mess, covered in sand, lotion, sweat. We were exhausted, but blissful. I remained on top of her for a minute and let the waves wash over us, enjoying the sensations before we headed inside to get a shower.

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