Afternoon Tease


Coming in from a day of shopping and luncheoning with friends, I walk in and hear your music turned up on the stereo. I go to find you, to tell you of my day.

You do not hear me come in.

As I walk around the corner into the living room I find you on the settee, looking at pictures of me. Pictures from when we first met, pictures we’ve taken of our sexual encounters.

You sit naked from the waist down, one foot on the seat, one foot on the floor. The photos printed and scattered about the floor, the one in your hands shows my naked body. Your finger bruises at my breasts and inner legs show against my pale skin. You love to see your marks on my body..

I watch as your other hand stokes your cock.

I continue to watch from my corner. Loving the site of you teasing your head, cupping your balls. Precum leaks from your cock, as you slide your fingertips along it. Pressing that vein that feels so good, your fingers rotating and rubbing the foreskin against the head of your cock.

You don’t see me, your eyes are staring only at the photo. I see you look down to the floor, as your hand goes to your balls, to start to pull against them, scratching and stroking them, sliding your finger along the seam that leads to your ass.

My pussy starts getting wet. I want to play with you too. I want to touch you. I want your body pressing mine into the couch as you split my cunt lips wide with that big cock of yours. But I also want to watch you play with yourself. I want to watch while you pleasure your cock, and those big balls of yours, full of the sweetest cum. I want to see what you do when I am not there. My pussy clenches. My nipples become tight and are pressing against my t shirt.

I see your fingers drop the photo as you let your body slide down to a comfy spot on the settee…One foot on the floor still, one moved over the back of the seat. Legs wide open, as you close your eyes, opening your legs wider yet, running your hand down your chest, and I move quietly.

Standing at the end of the couch between your open legs…my pussy is demanding attention. Your eyes are closed, you cannot see me…and I watch you. I watch your hips rise, as you bring your hands down to your groin. I watch how your cock flexes in your hand. I watch how you move the precum around with your fingers and your foreskin, I watch you taste yourself, and as I watch, I pull my skirt up, and begin to stroke my pussy lips.

I hear you whisper my name. I know you are imagining us together…it makes me so hot. I want you so very much, but watching you has its own reward. I get to see you pleasure yourself while thinking of fucking me.

I see the fingers of your right hand go down and begin to play with your balls. “Baby, I want your cum” I think as I watch you pull and roll them. But I still watch. Your fingers begin migrating to your bud…and I watch how you ring it with your finger…how you press against it, as your left hand moves upon your cock. The precum making ulus escort that thick head of yours shiny and slick.

Seeing you writhing and stroking yourself, has me fingering my clit, pressing my sweet spot…but when you begin to press your finger against your ass, I want more, and slide my index and middle fingers into my wet slit. Deep, and as I do, I sigh. It feels so good, and you are so hot, you have me on fire.

You hear my sigh, and look up at me and smile, your eyes all heat, the way they get…full of fire. I love the way you look when you are all hot and horny, baby. Those eyes stare into mine, then I see you notice where my hands are. You never stop. Stroking that big, thick cock of yours, you know I want you inside me. You know I want you to make me cum. And yet you just continue to touch, and tell me to “lose the skirt, baby.”

I pull my hands from under my skirt, they are slick, and wet. My skirt opens and falls to the floor, I wear no panties. Watching you play has my pussy full, tingly, wanting. My pussy lips want to cling to you.

The smell of my pussy and it’s liquid is in the air. You smell it, and continue to slide your hand up and down on a cock I am wanting so bad. I press my hips forward in the air, needing you. But you continue to tease, and when I want to walk to you, you stop me, and tell me to stand between your legs, ” and put one foot on the arm of the settee, and let me watch your pussy leak for me, baby”.

I lift my foot the the arm of the couch…you can see my pussy flushed, full and open…wet, and shiny. I begin to want to touch, my hands move to my pussy, and you tell me, ‘stop, don’t touch, let me watch what your pussy does as I press my cock, and think of sliding slowly into your pink, wet, slit.”

Just hearing that has me wetter yet, and you smile at me again. Your hips rolling…your finger constantly teasing your cock, teasing me. I start to hump the air, “I want, please,” and you tell me, “not yet, I need to see you leak with want of my cock” and as you say this, your hand engulfs your cock, and you begin pumping it…baby, how that makes me want more. My body is undulating with the strokes of your hand on your cock. My pussy is throbbing and you see my wetness begin to slide down my slit towards my ass.

I’m so hot and I need to touch, I want to please you too, so I won’t touch your pussy. I pull the top off over my head, slip my hands around back, unclasp my bra and let it slide down my arms. You watch…forever moving your hand on your cock, asking me questions “do you want my hard dirty cock in your cunt?” “does my pussy wanted filled with cum from these balls?”

You know this has me mad with lust. You know I am yours, and will do what you want. But I need you so much. I beg you to take me. I want your body, I need to cum, I need you to give that to me. My hands move to my breasts, my fingers now pulling and twisting my nipples in time to your thrusts into your hand, and my thrusts yenimahalle escort into the air.

Your eyes are all sexual heat now…I”m wanton and don’t care about anything but being able to be with you. I need your touch. Baby, how I want you.

“Come here then,” I finally hear you say. I move to you, thinking ‘finally, I will have him’, but you stop me and say, ‘not yet’, you take my hand, and help me to stand beside the settee…you stroke your fingers up my wet slit. I jerk in response…it feels so good, you feel so good. Your fingers on me is heaven and hell at the same time. They feel good but the frustrate and make me ache more. You run them up again, and then put one finger in your mouth, my pussy is burning with need.

I lean in needing your kiss…and as I do, I feel you hold my hips and turn me, ‘I want to taste your pussy first, baby, I need to feel your wetness on my tongue and face.”

Your hand pulls me over, my legs astride your head, bringing my pussy over your face. You pull my hips down and I begin to rock on your face, your tongue teasing my clit, sipping at my wetness, and I see your hand return to your cock, as I press into your face. You are eating my pussy, while making me watch you stroke your cock.

Over and over you stroke your cock, as you stroke my clit with your tongue. I can see, I can feel it all, and baby, my rocking becomes more intense, I need to cum…I feel you suck my clit into your mouth, your tongue rubbing the tip, as I see more precum sliding from your cock.

I feel the fire start to burn, I’m going to cum, you feel it too. The tingling intensifies, I can feel the rush gathering, I know it is soon. I let go. You hear my breathing change, you feel my body pressing harder to your face, and you suck harder. My pussy explodes in your mouth. A steady stream of my cum running onto your lips, your tongue, your beard….I cry out your name, and feel your tongue start to soothe me, helping me down from such a high. It soothes, but it does not stop.

You continue to tongue me, and I feel myself building again. You know my body well, I have to have you, there is no stopping for me. I lean down, and take your cock, which is so slick with precum into my mouth. In one wet motion, you are lodged deep in my mouth.

You taste so sweet. My body undulates over your mouth, your face so wet with me…and I suck the tip of you, playing with it with my tongue, pulling at you, sucking you deep, as I tease those balls…full of the cum I need, with my fingers. I want it.

How good you feel, and taste. Oh my god, what your tongue is doing to my body. I feel breathless and heavy with need. My groans and gasps tell you how good your mouth is on my pussy.

You stop me. “Ride me baby, fuck me, I want to cum deep in your pussy” and with that, I pull off your cock. It pops from my mouth, a string of my saliva and your precum stringing between your cock and my lips, your cock quivering and wanting as badly as my pussy does.

I look back at you..your eyes…they always show everything and what I see there has me hotter than ever. You want me. You are as hot as I am for our fucking, and I swing my legs from around your head, and position myself over your cock.

One foot beside yours on the floor, one bent and under yours on the seat resting on my foot. Squatted over you. I’m wide open. My lips swollen and shiny, I ache, and you can see your cock head disappearing within me as I begin splitting my pussy lips with it.

You hear my breathy ‘ohhhh’ as it comes into my body. Watch as your head completely disappears inside me. Feel the wet, heat of me surround it. Watch and know that my pussy will take all that big cock, and make it slicker yet with my juices. See how flushed my pussy is for your love, and how flushed my neck, tits and chest is in heat and need. My tits are rising and falling, my nipples tight.

I begin taking you, inch by delicious inch slowly up my pussy. Impaling myself on that thick cock of yours. Feeling it fill my canal with your body. Oh baby…you feel so good. You watch, feel, and hear my ‘mmmmm’s’ as I press myself slowly upon your cock.

But you’ve had enough play. Your hands grab at my tits, squeezing them. Marking them with your prints, “Fuck me, ride me hard and deep” and with that your hands come down on my hips, and you lift me up, and as I come back down I feel you press hard, making me slam against your groin. Dammit …you feel good. My tits bounce as you watch me ride you harder and deeper. Your cock head is pressing as deep as it can go, your balls full of the cum, you know I want.

You feel my pussy quiver…and take my hand from your chest, placing it palm up between your groin and my clit. Every time you press me down, you tell me you want me to brush my clit with my fingers.

Your hands guide me up , and help impale me down on your thick cock. I hear your groan (how I love that) and hear you say, “Cum for me baby. Sweat building on both of us, my nipples tight, my tits jiggling with each of the thrusts.

I feel full of you, hot for you, I want your cum…and as your cock splits my pussy, over and over, driving me deeper and harder than you have before, and as my fingers flick my clit with each press, I feel it build again.

Hearing you tell me to cum for you makes it too much and my pussy begins clenching, milking, dragging and drawing against your cock…as I come it flexes and squeezes…it pulls and pulses…it wets you with liquid heat, it pulls at you and your cock head swells. I can feel it. I always do. It swells and begins to press harder. Touching me everywhere…

I hear you say you are coming and feel your hands on my hips…fingers digging into my flesh, knowing tomorrow I will see your hands on me when I look in the mirror…loving that I will wear the marks you give me…remembering this…as I feel your heat build, your thrusts now meeting me as you press me down, the soft grunts as you push the air from my body, and then I feel it, and watch your shoulders tighten, the chords in your neck strain…you are so fucking hot. I feel your cum filling my pussy…hot, sticky, sweet…and mine.

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