A Wet, Wet Night

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Hmmmmmmm, this is hard . . . Let’s go back to that rainstorm. We’re driving around, because its the easiest way to be by ourselves, and its late at night. Dire Straits first album is on the CD player, and we are alone on the road. You lean over and unzip my pants, and I raise up enough for you to reveal my semi-hard shaft and balls. “Mmmmmm, that’s what I want” you say, and I answer with a heartfelt “Amen.”

Your head drops to my lap, and I feel your lips softly caress my cock up and down its length. Your tongue makes contact with the head, and an electric arc of pleasure runs up my spine. “God, I love your mouth on my cock,” I moan, and I take one hand off the wheel to feel your head moving up and down. As your movements become more insistent, my hand begins to grasp your hair, guiding you over me, and my hips begin pushing my cock deep into your waiting mouth.

Out of nowhere, however, a storm hits, and rain begins to pound against the car, making it almost impossible to see. You start to lift your head, but I’m too close to cumming, and I push you back down. “No, no, don’t stop, make me cum down your throat,” I groan as I look for a place to pull over. I see an overpass just as I reach orgasm. I bring the car to a stop, a little too abruptly, for obvious reasons, and my cock jumps out of your mouth just as I cum. The first stream catches you on the face, but then you quickly adjust and I feel that wonderful warmth around me as I cum again and again into your throat. I can feel you purr around me as I hold your head fast against me with both hands until I finally am done.

Now instead of holding you down, I guide you up to look at you. The expression of passion and lust on your face is heartstopping. I reach to gather the strand of cum off of you, and then put my fingers to your mouth, so you can lick it off of beşiktaş escort bayan me. Just like a cat, your tongue slides out and around fingers, while your eyes never leave mine. As soon as you are finished, we kiss long and hard. Even as our lips meet, I start taking off your blouse.

When we stop to take a much-needed breath, I say “Let’s move to the back seat so I can have my turn with you.” You rise up to comply, lift up your skirt, and sit back with your head against the passenger side. You want to give me full access to your erogenous zones, so you lift one leg high against the seatback, and hook the ankle of the other around the head rest of the passenger seat. As I come around to join you, I see you holding one breast in each hand, offering them to me:

“See anything you like?” you ask with a comely smile. “Christ yes!” I answer, looking over your entire body with amazement.

I lean over and kiss you passionately, then slide down to your breasts, still held firmly in your hands. I bite your nipples, tugging on them with my teeth, and you squeeze your breasts hard in your hand to lift them higher toward me. You feel my cock against your belly, throbbing against your soft skin.

“Put your cock back in my …uhmmmmm … mouth.” The break in your request comes because I’ve put my hands over yours as we massage your breast together.

“My pleasure,” I pant, leaving a trail of saliva on your nipples and hands. I lift up to give you my shaft, and as I do, I notice that a few other cars have sought shelter and parked around us. A couple of guys are inside a car about 10 feet from us, talking. No one seems to have noticed us, and I see no reason to interrupt our fun.

“Suck on my balls, lover,” I say as your hand reaches up to grip my shaft. I lower myself over, hovering just above your beşiktaş escort waiting mouth. Its no easy task in the confines of the car, but I make do, maintaining my balance with one hand as the other slides behind your head to support it as you begin to bathe my balls with your tongue.

“Ohhhhh yeessss, that’s it, lick them all over, and stroke my cock …god that’s soo good!” I am always surprised by how completely you can drive me crazy. I lift your head higher and your tongue moves over my ass and then back to my wet balls, tasting them, sucking on them, and flicking your tongue all around. You seem completely happy to stay there forever, my little cocksucking, ball licking slut (and I mean that in the best way possible).

But I need to feel you, so I slide down your body and push my face right against your pussy. “I want you to drench me in your cum” I say, and then I go to it, my tongue right into the depths of your pussy, and one hand on your mound, rubbing your clit firmly. You moan hard, and begin grinding yourself against me. I can feel your wetness dripping around me instantly. Your pussy seems to grab at me, trying to draw me in further. You lift your legs even higher, wanting more.

That distracts me just a bit, so I pull back and tease you. “What, I’m not doing it right?” I ask with a wry grin. “No … yes … just come back! Come on!” you whine, and your hips keep moving like I never left. “Ask me for what you want,” and I wait patiently for you to form a thought out of the haze of wanton lust. “Fuck, come on, I need it!!” “Need what?” “Everything!! Eat me out, fuck my ass, fuck my pussy, finger me hard, anything, just do it NOW!” I can actually see your pussy dripping in anticipation, and I can’t help but notice that one hand has drifted down to it and is resting on your red clit. I think we’ve both suffered enough now. My dick is throbbing, and feels like its going to shoot without being touched.

“Oh, that. I can do that-I can do all of that!” And I begin to prove it, first by slipping three fingers into you, driving them back and forth, while I also start licking and biting your clit.

“Ooohhhh godddddd, keep doing that! Sooo good!” In other words, you seem content. I’m getting hotter and hotter, and start grinding my cock into the seat as I push my fingers deeper inside you. I take control, pushing your legs back so I can fuck your ass with my tongue, and once I get it wet, I slide a finger into you there to go along with the others in your wet, wet pussy. Your cum is dripping onto my face and down to your ass, making it easy to finger fuck you there. You start humping crazily up and down, forcing my fingers even farther into you.

“That’s it!! Oh, you know what I neeeedd … I’m cummmmiingg! Oh god,oh god yesss!!!” Jesus! I can feel your cum cascade over my hand and down your ass, onto the seat, drenching it.

“GGAAHHHHHH,fuuuckk yessssssss!!” you practically scream out as you push down hard on my fingers, driving them all even deeper! I can feel the ones in your ass and pussy almost touching each other right through your inner walls. I need to be fucking you hard right now. I let you ride out the last orgasm and then pull my soaking fingers out of you. Some of them have been wet so long they are pruny, like they had been soaking in a tub.

As I get ready to fuck you and myself into ecstacy, I put one knee on the seat, and feel that the fabric is so full of you that it practically bubbles as I lean on it. I need another way to do this. “Turn over, and lift that pretty ass way up in the air, lover” I whisper hoarsely, my voice tense from passion. As your ass comes up sensuously into my view, I see your pussy lips glistening just underneath.

My attention is suddenly drawn toward a motion outside, as I see something else as well…

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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