A well kept secret


A well kept secret
Recently I discovered a video of me which showed me something about my sex life that I never really knew happened.

Going back a few years to when I was about 18, I started work at a local company. I started bottom of the ladder but was quite good at my job so ended up being called on by different departments to make use of my time. After just a few months I was sent over to the Web team where I met this guy called Martin. He was in his late thirties, stocky guy, not bad looking and it was quite apparent that he was gay. At this point in my life I’d had a couple of experiences with guys and stupidly didn’t consider myself as anything other than straight. As I started working on different projects with Martin, we got to know each other a little better, becoming good friends. We went out for beers after work and on weekends together and out for the occasional meal.

One evening he invited me over to his for a drink and some food. Thinking nothing of it, I went over and we hung out together and had some good conversations. On the third or fourth time of going over to his, he asked if I felt like watching porn with him. A little nervous but thinking with my cock, I said yes and over the next few months I’d go over to his and we’d watch porn and masterbate together. As my visits progressed I got a little braver with him, I remember one evening we were watching porn after drinking a bottle of wine and having some good food he reached over and grabbed my cock, slowly stroking it. At first I was a little shocked but happily let him rub his hands over me and he moved his mouth closer and closer to the tip of my cock.

We carried on meeting up, watching porn together sucking bostancı escort each others cocks until one day I asked if he wanted to fuck me, he checked that this was something I really wanted, which it was. So after teasing my hole for a while and lubing himself up he went in. I absolutely loved his cock, hard and veiny with a great pronounced head. After a little pressure his cock popped in making me wince a little. I really enjoyed that we added this to our list of evening fun, on top of that I knew he was clean and I was the only one he was intimate with so having him bareback me was soo hot.

He would regularly call me up when I was home, inviting me over. One thing I loved was feeling his balls hitting me as he was pumping away at my ass from behind. We’d regularly go away on work trips together, ending up staying in the same room fucking for most of the night, and after nights out I’d head over to his to crash out. Being a bit older than me, he would always look after me, shaving my balls and ass before sex, making me food taking me away on trips. It was a great and very hot friendship and he also helped me through some tough points in my life.

After about four years of this we fell out of touch a little over time until one day he messaged me out of the blue. He sent me a video that he had filmed in his house. He’d occasionally take photos of us but I don’t ever remember him saying about filming me or this occasion and at first I also didn’t really recognise the person in the video with me. I kept watching and Martin joined in about ten minutes into the video. A little confused about what I was seeing I called him, he said that he organised a surprise for me which he wanted ataşehir escort bayan to film and was just waiting for the right time to share with me.

As I mentioned I was going through some tough times, and to try and deal with this I ended up going out, drinking too much and either getting a taxi or stumbling to his on a too regular occorance and often convincing him to fuck me and cum in my ass, one of my favourite parts of this was waking up to his load trickling out of my hole in the morning. We’d often talk about things and whilst talking about fantasies I had told him that I really wish he’d tag team fuck me one night whilst I was drunk. So, one night I turned up at his very late, drunker than normal and not really with it, and there he was, waiting for me, he showered me, put me into bed and phoned his friend Mike to come over. I had met Mike once or twice before, but he never struck me as someone who would do what I was about to see.

I carried on watching the video which was shot with a good angle of the bed with me on it, naked and face down. Mike started by eating my ass, occasionally slipping a finger or two inside me, I writhed a little as he began loosening me up. He did this until Martin entered the room. Martin came in, dropped to his knees and started sucking Mike’s fat cock. Getting him ready for the rest of the night. After about ten minutes, Mike positioned himself behind me covered my hole and his cock in plenty of lube and pushed his hard cock into my waiting ass. He started off slowly, pushing his full length deep inside me, holding it there and then pulling out over and over again, building up speed as my hole opened up and gave in to his big cock, göztepe escort bayan letting him thrust into me again and again. You could see I was enjoying myself as I would reach back and grab Mike’s hips, pulling him into me, as deep as he could go. Mike began to quicken his pace groaning more and more until he thrust one last time unloading his cum deep inside me. Straight after this, Martin who had been filming a little closer on another camera put the camera down and stood at the foot of the bed, turned me onto my back and stuffed his cock all the way inside me. My body jolted at the shock as he started to fuck me really hard, using Mike’s cum as lube. As Martin kept thrusting his cock inside me you could see Mike sat in a chair starting to masterbate at the sight of Martin riding me. Mike was back, ready and really hard waiting for round two. He stood near the top of the bed, turning my head towards him, opened my mouth and started fucking my face, I grabbed his cock and started sucking on it taking it all in. You can really see me enjoying being fucked from both ends as I writhe with pleasure. At this point you can tell that Martin is close to cumming and he gives my ass some final last deep thrusts as he let’s put a loud moan this sends Mike off and he cums down my throat. Mike then grabs the second camera and the video ends with my hole as Martin pulls his twitching cock out of me followed by a stream of cum. I have no idea if that’s where the night ended but atleast I have a video of an amazing night.

Watching a swcret video myself kind of unknowingly getting fucked is one of the hottest thing I’ve seen and I masterbate to it regularly. I recently saw Mike at a pub and I don’t think he had any idea that I knew. He was with a woman at the time but I just wanted to get him back to Martins and get them to do it all again.

Also, I’d love to share this video, but I’d be easily identified if any one I know comes across it.

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