A Tribute To Brian

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At first glance, she had to raise her eyebrows and tilt her head forward to get a better look. Yes, it was definitely him, the guy she had been watching from her seat at the bar. Now that the lights were dimmed for the band that had just stepped onstage, he must have decided that was the time to go to the bar and stand a foot away from her, waiting to get the attention of the bartender.

She watched him order a beer and turn to watch the guys on the stage bounce around with their guitars. She wondered silently if he had noticed her watching him when he turned to retrieve his beer and their eyes met.

Her heart skipped a beat. The length of his long dark brown hair that trailed down his back nearly touching his ass was nothing compared to the intense blue in his eyes. She found both of these physical traits mesmerizing. She tried not to smile when his eyes widened slightly. She was staring at him pretty hard. He was probably frightened by now. She giggled and her heart skipped another beat when an instant smile spread across his face.

He moved closer to speak to her and her breath caught in her throat.

“Hello there!” he called over the noise of the band.

“Hi!” she called back.

He tilted his head toward the stage without taking his eyes from hers. “You like these guys?”

She managed to tear her eyes away from him long enough to give the band a once-over. “I’ve never heard them before. They’re okay, I guess.”

“You wanna go somewhere a little more quiet?”

It was like a dream. All of her caution and inhibitions about leaving a bar with a stranger vanished when he held his hand out to her. She had been attracted to him just from the sight of him across the room. When she let him take her by the hand and lead her across the room, she was instantly sure that he was The One.

There were several other rooms in the bar and she found herself walking up two flights of stairs to the third floor, where the lights were still dim but the music was low and there were couples spread all through the room, at the tables, on long red velvet couches, even sitting on the floor in small groups of two or three.

She followed him to a dark corner, where two small candles were mounted on the walls behind the V-shaped couch that was cozily tucked into where the walls met. She watched the candlelight flicker across his blue eyes as she sat across from him.

Once they were both seated and comfortable, he leaned forward again and held out his hand. “I’m Brian.” he said. She suddenly noticed he had a deep, smooth, incredibly sexy voice.

She wondered if he would notice her blushing in tuzla escort the dim candlelight. She took his hand, shook it lightly and replied, “Julia.”

“It’s nice to meet you, Julia.” The sound of her name falling from his perfect lips made her skin tingle. “What kinds of things do you like to do?”

I can think of a million things I’d like to do to you. She thought and then blushed even deeper. “Oh, I don’t know. I work on computers. I like science fiction books and movies and stuff. General shit, you know.”

He was nodding. “Do you like cartoons?”

She smiled wide. “I sure do. Do you?”

He nodded again. “You looked like a cartoon person to me. I mean, that you like cartoons, not that you look like a cartoon.” He chuckled gently. The sound made every nerve in her body stand at attention. Her eyes dropped to his smiling lips. She could just feel those lips on her own. She doubted that before the night was done, she would not feel them. She resisted the urge to just grab him and be done with it, but she had to be more careful. She had just met him after all, and no matter what chemistry she felt surging between them, she was still a helpless, hapless female and had to take all the normal precautions. One of them was not coming off as being the biggest slut in the city.

She had been cautious up to now. Now, with this man sitting across from her, staring into her eyes and being as quiet as a mouse, she felt all her strength slipping away.

He began to talk to her. He kept his voice low and his eyes trailed the room every few seconds, as if he was watching to make sure no one was listening to their conversation, even though the things they spoke about were general and of no interest to anyone but the two of them. She noticed but paid it no heed, just let herself melt in the sound of his deep voice, at times pretending that he was whispering in her ear, whispering words of undying devotion and love. The thought made her giggle. No matter how preposterous, she felt a strong sense of anticipation, as if he had already agreed that they would be together.

After an hour or so, they had consumed a few drinks but the buzz she felt from the drinks was nothing compared to the depth of her lust. She had started looking desperately for something to focus on besides his eyes, his voice. She didn’t want to appear stupid, but she would rather have just sat there and listened to him recite the Gettysburg Address than be forced to carry on an intelligent conversation with him. She was finding it hard to focus. When he reached out and placed on hand on her thigh and squeezed it gently, tuzla rus escort she felt like a crazed bunny-rabbit out of a Stephen King novel, ready to pounce and consume him entirely. Her eyes dropped to his hand and she gasped and held her breath for a moment.

When she looked back up, he had stopped talking and was just staring at her intensely.

“Have you ever gone to sleep with someone and woken up so in love with them you could barely breathe?”

“No.” she replied automatically.

“Do you think you could?”

I can now. She thought. “Yes.” she replied.

“Would you like to try with me?”

Every drop of blood in her body fell into her feet. She knew her face must have lost all of it’s color. She could barely get out the words she wanted to say.

“I would… very much.” She managed to make it audible. His face seemed to relax some and he leaned toward her. Her heart pounded painfully. When his lips met hers, she felt an intense chill run through every part of her body. She became instantly wet and lifted herself from the chair, reaching around him to pull the curtain that would block their couch from the rest of the room.

After she had pulled the curtain around them, she settled on his lap, straddling him comfortably. His arms lifted and surrounded her, pulling her even closer. She could feel the bulge of his muscles pressing against her back and the strength of his hands as they moved back around to undo the buttons of her dark green silk shirt. He pushed aside the straps of her bra, exposing her full breasts and her hardened nipples. When his hands grasped and stroked the soft skin, she felt another ripple of intense desire. She had never yearned for anyone more than this man in all of her thirty years. She thought she might die when he pushed her back slightly, removed his lips from hers and attached them to one of her nipples instead.

Oh my God, oh my God, the phrase ran repeatedly through her mind as he sucked and nibbled at her. She could feel his erection against the flesh between her legs that was still covered by the silk fabric of her panties. She reached between them and unbuttoned his pants. She heard him moan. The sound sent a third wave of intense hunger through her body. She wanted to hear that sound again. She wanted to hear it many, many times. She unzipped his pants and felt a grin of satisfaction cover her face when her hand discovered how hard he had become.

One of his hands moved up to slide through and grip the back of her hair, pulling her head back slightly. He had switched sucking on her left nipple for her right and tuzla sarışın escort now pulled her head down so that their lips would meet again in a fever of intense passion. She felt his other hand slide up the inside of her shirt, the skin of his hand against her back sent a bolt of heat straight down between her legs. She massaged his erection, sliding her hand up and down the shaft, wishing in the back of her mind that it was her tongue making that motion. With her other hand, she pushed the lining of her panties out of the way, lifted up slightly and positioned herself so that she could feel the skin of his head poking in between her pulsing lips. She had soaked her panties and her wetness was drenching him already.

With an intentional hard thrust, he pushed at her with his hips and slid all the way up inside her. She gasped uncontrollably. He was the absolute perfect size. She could feel every single inch as he moved, stroking almost helplessly, his breath rapid in her ear.

Their nearly silent movements behind the curtain were a thunderstorm in her mind. The sound of his breathing, the beating of her own heart, the screams of passion running through her mind. She felt herself approaching orgasm quickly and tried desperately to push it away. She didn’t want it to be over so soon.

“Tell me when,” he whispered. “I don’t think I can hold on.”

She pulled back and looked directly into his eyes, still moving, still feeling every inch of him inside her. His eyes had become extremely intense, full of the same passion that she was feeling and was sure he could see in her eyes. When she knew she would not be able to hold back any longer and she could feel the tingle of him, unable to hold back the beginnings of his orgasm, she was unable to say anything but nodded at him.

“Now?” The word came out sounding almost desperate.

“Yes.” She breathed it and clasped her hands on both sides of his face. They stared into each other’s eyes as both came. She felt the liquid he was ejecting into her slide up through the inside of her body, giving her inner chills, a unique tingling sensation she had never felt with the anyone else.

“Oh, Julia.” His voice gasping her name forced her to close her eyes and arch her body above his as the sensations zipped through her, forcing every nerve to scream. A few more deep thrusts, she could feel every squirt, every drop that he was leaving inside her. He finally stopped, wrapped his arms around her again and rested his head against her chest. She looked down at the top of his head and placed a kiss there, still feeling the pulsing of her lips around his softening cock.

After his breath had returned to somewhat normal, he looked up and met her eyes with his. She could still feel his hands pressed firmly against her back.

It was a few minutes before either one could speak. He broke the silence with one word.


She giggled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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