A Stranger Shares my Wife and Cums inside her


A Stranger Shares my Wife and Cums inside her

My wife and I attended a vanilla Luau party while we were on vacation. It was put on by the hotel we stayed at and was on the beach front. The party was open to all hotel guests. They sold pork plates along with drinks. At the party, they handed out lei’s, grass skirts, and other novelty items. I know we probably went a little too far for the resort, but my wife wore her coconut bra along with the grass skirt with no panties underneath.

The party ended at ten that evening as the staff began putting things away. For us, we were just getting started after a few drinks and some dancing. While at the party, we met a young man who was also staying at the resort. His name was Andrew, and he was in town for work. My wife was enjoying flirting with him and dancing with him.

As the resort staff started to shut the area down for the night, my wife asked what we were going to do. I told her we could change and try to go out for the night or we could do anything she wanted. We finally decided to go to change clothes and then to try to find a nightclub. My wife invited Andrew to come up with us. Inside the elevator to our room, my wife kissed Andrew, and I could tell there were stars in both of their eyes.

Inside our room, I fixed us all a drink. My wife said she was going to go into the bathroom to change, but Andrew told her he loved her outfit and did not want her to change. My wife loved the attention she was getting from this young man, and she was also enjoying flaunting her body with the way the grass skirt moved, giving glimpses of her goods. I put on some Hawaiian music, and my wife danced a little as we all continued to drink.

It had become late and was now after one in the morning when Andrew returned from the bathroom saying he probably should get back to his room. He thanked us for the drinks and then gave my wife a full deep kiss thanking her for her dancing and show. I was walking Andrew to the door when my wife pulled my arm and said: “Andrew doesn’t have to go, couldn’t he stay here for a little longer?” I could see the look in my wife’s eyes and knew what she wanted.

I paused and then said, “Andrew, my wife was just going in to change, but if you have time, stay and have another drink with us before you leave.”

Andrew stopped at the door of the room and turned, “If you are sure I won’t be a nuisance, canlı bahis şirketleri I would love to stay longer.” I put my hand on his shoulder, and we walked back into the room where I fixed us more drinks. My wife sat in the chair and untied the coconut bra as she removed it to allow her breasts to come into full open view. Andrew and I toasted to my wife’s great set of tits, and we all took a drink.

“You guys both need to take something off now!” My wife said as she put her drink down beside her. A reached down and began to pull my shirt off over my head as Andrew stood up, kicking his shoes off his feet. Instead of stopping, he continued to strip right in front of us. His pants came down next, followed by his shirt and finally his boxers. Andrew was shaved smooth and revealed his large, thick meaty cock, which was 85% hard. My wife was fully aroused as she stood and dropped her skirt to reveal her now naked body as she told Andrew, “You have a scorching, hard body and a beautiful perfect penis.”

My wife sat back down in front of us both, without hesitating, Andrew climbed up onto the armrests of the chair as he guided his cock to my wife’s face. My wife took him by her hands as she took his shaft into her mouth and began to suck him.

I finished undressing and then got on the floor between my wife’s legs to lick her pussy while she sucked the stranger’s cock. Her pussy was incredibly wet and moist already from her arousal. It was not long that my wife had a small climax as I licked her swollen clit, and she sucked the cock in her mouth.

Andrew got up and took my wife by the hand leading her to the bed where he climbed back up over her as she once again took his cock into her mouth eagerly sucking him while he reached down and began to finger and play with her sweet pussy.

The sounds and odors of sex filled our room as my wife hungrily sucked on this man’s cock as if it were the first dick she had ever enjoyed. I heard Andrew say he was going to cum, but my wife continued to suck him with passion until I watched as his balls began to contract and he flooded my wife’s mouth with his load making her swallow hard until he gave her more than she could take and his thick frothy cum flooded her face.

I could not resist the urge to move up to kiss my wife when Andrew withdrew his softening cock to get up and get his drink. Her beautiful canlı bahis face was covered in a thick cover of Andrew’s white cum. I could taste his cum while we kissed. My wife pulled me up and took my cock into her warm wet mouth and sucked me while Andrew played with her pussy.

I did not want to finish so as I began to get close, I pulled out and got up. My wife replied: “Andrew, I need you to fuck me. I want your fat dick inside me, filling me up and stretching me.” Andrew lay down, pulling my wife over onto the top of him in a 69 position as she took his cock back into her mouth, and he licked her pussy from underneath her.

Andrew told me, “You need to fuck your wife while I lick her, get behind her and get her ready for me. Fill her up with a load of your cum for me to use when I get inside her.” The sight of my wife’s swollen pussy and her tight little puckered anus being eaten by this stranger was overpowering. I knelt up behind her and pushed my cock into her in one effortless thrust.

As I lost myself inside my wife’s tight wet pussy, I could feel Andrew underneath her licking her clitoris while alternating allowing his tongue to slide up my shaft when I would pull out and then to lick my balls when I was buried inside her. I was already close and could not stop as I felt my load of cum begin rising up my urethra until I was shooting my load with Andrew still licking from underneath. I felt like I would never finish cumming as my body convulsed and shook, and my wife climaxed with her vaginal muscles squeezing and milking my cock.

As my orgasm gradually subsided, I became conscious that Andrew had his hands grasping my butt cheeks, holding me tight into my wife. I also recognized he had one of his fingers buried inside my anus to his knuckle, applying pressure to my expended prostate. I realized he had added immensely to my incredible, mind-blowing orgasm.

I got up with my legs unsteady and shaking to see that Andrew’s face was drenched in my cum. He gave my wife’s little clitoris a few licks and then sucked on it hard as she squirmed saying she was sensitive. They both moved and got up, and all three of us stood naked and dripping with cum as we drank.

Andrew was not done; he was rock hard now and dripping with precum. As he took my wife’s glass into his hand, placing it down on the counter, he grabbed her by the hand and said, “I am going bahis siteleri to really enjoy this.” He lay her down on her back on the end of the mattress as he lifted her legs against his chest. His massive fat cock was against her tight used pussy, but he still had to exert some force to squeeze himself inside her pussy despite my load of cum generously lubricating her. My wife was grunting and groaning as she adjusted to his size, he was not long, but his cock was fat around.

Once he was entirely inside my wife, he began to thrust slowly and methodically. The girth of his cock applied constant pressure to her clit inducing her to climax nearly continuously. He might have cum quick during the earlier blowjob, but now Andrew was enjoying all the sensations he was receiving, and he was enduring. I watched as my wife’s body quivered, trembled and contorted in pleasure. She was sweating profusely and uttering unrecognizable mumblings of sensual satisfaction. She sheets beneath her were soaking wet, and with each inward thrust, a bubbling sound of my cum filled the room as cum was pushed out and escaped running down my wife’s butt cheeks covering her anus and the sheet below. The noises of sex between two sweaty bodies were raw but erotic.

After at least thirty minutes of this action, I watched as Andrew tensed up, he pressed as deep inside my wife as he possibly could manage, and he exploded. The feeling of fullness and Andrew’s cum expelling inside my wife brought her to a loud room shattering orgasm that caused her to resemble to lose consciousness for a moment. My wife had never achieved the ability to squirt previously. But, as she and Andrew both writhed in orgasm together, I watched as my wife exploded and she flooded the bed with a tidal wave of fluid. The fluid was white and had a slickness to it unlike urine with is yellow and bright.

The sun was streaming in the window when they were done. Andrew collapsed onto the wet bed beside my wife and I hung the do not disturb sign outside the door. I climbed in beside my wife on the wet mattress. She had her back turned toward me as she was facing Andrew as both of them snored. I could not believe my cock was hard again. I rubbed it between her cheeks feeling the warm cum that had collected. My cock slides a few times into my wife’s stretched pussy and finally, I slid inside her anus without much effort with all the cum as a natural lubricant. I felt her tense up and move but she did not stir and wake up. I thrust myself in and out of her feeling how incredibly tight she was until I shot a load deep into her bowel and then fell to sleep still inside her.

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