A Reward, of Sorts


I had been a well-behaved slave. I did not complain when I was not supposed to. I begged for more when I was supposed to. I had served my mistress for one year when she called on me, and had been allowed to spend the last two months as her house slave. Now, as a reward for my good behaviour and service, she said that she would reward me with a special treat.

This new filled me with excitement and arousal, but also fear…mistress’s “rewards” could be more severe than her punishments. They were not as painful, but they could be far more degrading and deprived. Which is exactly what I was looking forward to.

Being a house slave was a hard task, mainly mentally. First, it meant being kept in a metal chastity belt at all times when my hands were not tied in order to prevent any chance of a self-induced orgasm. Second, it meant showing genuine enthusiasm and enjoyment for everything that was required of me – or risk being kicked out and possibly never seeing her again. Third, it involved constant service. And there was pain and suffering.

The most painful time came from the first few weeks of being locked in a full-on chastity belt, which was especially difficult in the mornings. Mistress was willing to help me by rubbing skin moisturizer around the edges, but my morning erections were still extremely painful until I stopped having them.

It took my body even longer to adjust to wearing a metal belt that went around my waist, covered my cock and balls, and widened to allow access to my ass. It was like a new pair of expensive shoes that give you blisters the first few times you wear them, except that I wasn’t allowed to take this off unless I was being cleaned by mistresses female sub. She treated me well, though, and once my skin adjusted I was comfortable enough to move freely and even sleep in chastity.

Mistress insisted that I keep myself clean at all times. This meant daily enemas, usually administered by her sub (allowing me to remove the belt), that were to be completed before she arose. I had to come up with new menus for her every day, and prepare her breakfast by 7:30.

Waking mistress up to serve her breakfast was a special routine. I would wait at the door or the bedroom with the tray and her sub would quietly enter the room, completely naked. What usually followed was a series of muffled giggles and groans, and sounds of kissing and sucking on various body parts. I never knew exactly what happened though, because my job was to stand at the door holding the tray with a painful erection as I imagined what was going on inside.

During my first two months I was invited into mistresses bedroom twice during breakfast. She said she was feeling particularly horny, and wanted a show while she ate. Both times she had her sub tie me to a bondage bench by the foot of her bed and fuck me with a strapon through the opening in the rear of my chastity belt.

Most days, when I waited at the door for mistress to finish breakfast and play with her naked sub, my job was to help mistress with her morning bathing routine. Mistress had a very large bathroom with a Jacuzzi tub built into the floor and a “wet room” that could easily fit 6-8 people. On days when mistress took a bath I would draw her bath and sit in the tub as it filled up while she sat on the edge and let me suck on her toes.

As I had never been granted any intimate privileges with mistress, she was not concerned about the cleanliness of my mouth for kissing her or her sub. I was therefore also used as her morning toilet, forced to swallow her pee on the floor of the wet room. As this was the closest I ever came to mistress’s pussy, I was usually eager for this job. Some mornings she even let her shaved pussy lips brush against my mouth as she let the last drops of urine fall into my mouth. I knew better than to try to extend my tongue or raise my lips to hers, though. That would have brought an immediate end to our relationship.

The remainder of the day was usually spent running errands, buying and preparing food, cooking, gardening, doing laundry, and generally making sure that mistress could enjoy a perfectly kept house and entertain herself with her sub. Of course, all of these duties were not done without some kind of humiliation or suffering involved. Mistress’s sub was allowed control over me, and while mistress couldn’t be bothered to pay frequent attention to me, her sub did.

This meant that some days were spent gardening with a buttplug stretching out my ass, or cooking with a vibrator deep inside me. Some days she would take a pair of mistress’s dirty panties and let me smell them, and then make me put them on over my chastity belt before getting dressed to go to the store. One day she brought down a very wet pair of panties and told me that mistress had worn them while mersin esc fucking her sub with a strap-on with a vibrator against her clit. She made me bend over and stuffed these wet panties into my ass and told me to hold them there while I prepared lunch for mistress.

Other than morning bathing time with mistress, she would only call upon me for a daily inspection, to discuss menus and chores, when she needed to pee and couldn’t be bothered to walk to the toilet, and occasionally when she wanted entertainment that involved me. Other than the occasional ass-fucking by her sub, this entertainment usually involved edging relentlessly, which was the only time I was allowed to complain and beg for an orgasm.

After two months of service, being constantly aroused, regularly tormented by her sub, and never allowed to come once, mistress finally turned her attention to me as she prepared me for her reward. It was an exceptional treat to be spoken to and looked at an touched by her. It was not the normal command and submission dynamic – while it was clear that I was her slave, she was somehow warmer towards me as she helped me prepare.

Mistress had her latex tailor arrive and take my measurements. Mistress worked with the tailor to select an outfit that covered me from head to toe, leaving only my eyes exposed and with breathing tubes to be inserted up my nose. Every other inch of my body was to be encased in shiny black rubber, with a long pink sheath that would be inserted into my ass and a fake rubber “pussy” in front.

The outfit included space for a pair of c-cup sized breasts with large nipples that mistress also had made to order, and a hard corset would help improve the shape of my waist. For final effect, a pony tail with bright ginger-coloured hair would be attached to the hood. A special chastity belt was also ordered – one that would press my cock and balls hard between my legs. It would have a moulded silicone liner that would hold these parts in place and, when covered, prevent any inconvenient lumps from appearing if I got aroused.

Mistress also ordered a special hollow gag that would be inserted into my mouth with bright red lips that opened wide into the black container that would fill my own wide-open mouth when I wore it.

I waited anxiously for the new outfit to arrive, and mistress seemed to enjoy watching me try to hide the twinkle of desire in my eye every day. She also began paying more attention to me in a sexual way. She would have her sub tie me down on the bench every day and would personally select – and use – the devices to play with me. She selected ever-larger, life-like dildos, for example, and would peg me herself with them. Mistress and her sub together would insert extra-long probes that penetrated deep into my intestines.

One day, she even let me watch up-close as she fucked her sub on all fours, and then had me “clean up” sub’s pussy after the fucking. This was the first time I had been allowed any intimate contact with either of them beyond the handjob edging torment from mistress’s sub that I was still subject to every day.

Finally, the outfit arrived. Mistress had her sub take me to the sound-proofed dungeon to dress me up, and once I was ready I was taken out to be shown off. Before we went back up, I was instructed to be absolutely silent, or I would suffer a severe punishment worse than being banished from mistress’s life. While the large hollow gag in my mouth didn’t allow me to make much noise anyway, I nodded that I understood.

When we got upstairs, I understood, to my dismay, why I was told to keep silent. Mistress was waiting for us with four men, all of whom looked quite athletic and already had bulges in their pants from arousal. My arrival with mistress’s sub, who was in an outfit that consisted of various leather straps and metal rings that made it easy to restrain or hold her, was met by four sets of very hungry-looking eyes and mistress’s evil smile.

I was introduced as mistress’s new slave, a 22-year old female college graduate with a serious latex fetish. She showed them pictures of a naked red-head with roughly the same build and breast size as me, which only made the men more excited.

However, mistress had her own pleasure in mind, and explained that they were here to fuck her, because she had gone for far too long without a nice thick cock in her pussy. Her slave was going to be treated to the spectacle, but only as an observer – no one was to touch her, other than mistress’s sub.

While the men seemed slightly disappointed by this, their spirits were soon lifted when mistress told her sub that it was time for my anal training. Having no choice but to go along, I was put on all fours in the middle of the living room where the men were gathered, and the sub proceeded to insert esc mersin a strap-on into the built-in sheath in my suit and fuck my ass in front of the audience.

As my “anal training” went on, mistress told the men some highly-arousing story about how I had an extremely sensitive pussy that made me extremely horny and extremely prone to orgasms. This, she said, led her to decide to conduct an experiment with me whereby I would only be allowed anal sex until I learned to have orgasms from penetration of my ass.

The men all loved this idea, and begged mistress to invite them back once she had completed the training.

Once my anal humiliation was complete, mistress invited us all upstairs. At the bedroom door, she told her sub to wait and “prepare” the men while she took me in and got me ready inside. Her sub quickly obliged, and as I was being led into the room she had already got her lips around the first guys cock and was doing her best to swallow it whole.

Inside the bedroom, mistress took me for the first time ever to her bed. She took out restraints and tied me down spread-eagle. Once I was fully secured, mistress gave me an affectionate look. From the woman who had coldly observed my service and rarely expressed any emotion towards me, this filled me with warmth and arousal and happiness all at once.

She leaned down to my ear and explained, “I’ve never done this before, and I’m so glad that I have you here with me to be part of it. You know that you must remain silent, and there is no way out. But I promise that this will not cross any of the lines that we have discussed, and I will not make you have sex with any of these men. If you succeed and help me fulfil this fantasy, I promise that the reward will be worth it!”

With that, she called in her first lover, whose erect cock was glistening with sub’s saliva. “Fuck me!” she ordered as she got on all fours with her pussy directly above my face, “Now!”

The man happily obliged, and I squirmed while my cock tried to grow in its tight confinement as her shaved pussy was parted by her first lover’s wet, erect cock. My discomfort increased as mistress groaned, and then yelped, as the man pushed all the way inside of her.

“Yessss…” she hissed as he began to fuck her, slowly at first. I could see her pussy lips, glistening with a mix of her sub’s saliva and her own moisture, wrapped around this man’s cock as he pulled out and pushed back into her.

Mistress was clearly enjoying the sex – her increasingly wet pussy, groans and body language all making me further aroused. When her first lover was all the way inside her, only his balls hanging down, she would push her ass back against him, forcing the tip of his cock even deeper inside. It took only about 10 minutes for her to reach a loud orgasm, which pushed her lover over the edge as well, and I saw the contractions as his cock pumped thick, white sperm deep inside of my mistress.

Before he could pull out, mistress reached between her legs and took hold of his balls. “Mmmm, that was so good…I just need you to stay inside of me and help with a special treat for my new slave,” she said. With that, she lowered herself so that her pussy was just above the bright red lips of my gag and her lover’s balls nearly blocked off my nose. “Now, put your fingers around your cock and hold them against my pussy as you pull out – I want to keep all of your cum in side of me for now…”

Her lover did as she requested, and got up to leave, as he knew she didn’t require his flaccid cock any more. “My sub will keep you entertained and help you get ready for the next round,” mistress said as he reached the door.

Turning her attention back to me, mistress said sweetly, “now wasn’t that fun? Having you watch really turns me on, but this is the part I’ve really been looking forward to…hold completely still!” She lowered the opening of her vagina onto the wide-open lips of my gag and sat up. While I couldn’t feel a thing, I knew that her creampie had just been emptied into the gag that was inside my mouth. I could feel it get slightly warmer through the thin layer of plastic that was apparently going to serve as a collection vessel for several more loads of cum.

And collect I did. Despite emptying herself out into my “mouth” each time, mistress’s pussy got increasingly messy with each load that was emptied into it and then dumped into my hollow mouth gag. Her third lover, who was especially horny even after his orgasm, even helped her line up her pussy so that she could let his cum drip into the red lipped vessel from a few centimetres above, giving me a front-row seat to her thick creampie.

Mistress’s sub had been working hard outside the bedroom, and after the fourth lover filled her up, the first one was back for more. By the end of mersin escort round two, my mouth gag was nearly full, and mistress produced a rubber plug, which she pressed in place. “We can’t have you spilling 8 loads of cum in my bedroom, and I may come up with a use for that,” she said. “For now, you can keep it nice and warm.”

Mistress saw her lovers off and returned to the bedroom with her sub.

“Clean-up time,” she announced, and her sub obediently went down on mistress’s pussy and began eagerly licking up the moisture mixed with cum that remained. I was allowed to sit up in order to get a better view of the sex that I was not allowed to participate in, still wondering what mistress had in store for me, and what exactly my reward would be.

Once her sub completed the clean-up and drove mistress to a clitoral orgasm, she turned her lazy, post-orgasmic attention to me again.

“I bet you’ve been fantasizing about sticking your cock into my sub’s ass ever since you arrived, haven’t you,” said mistress with a smile. Her sub gave her a dirty look and turned her ass to me to give me a good look at it.

“You’re probably dying to fill her up with some nice hot cum, aren’t you?” said mistress, egging me on. I nodded eagerly, but carefully so as not to shake the plug in my mouth gag loose.

“Perfect, because you have earned your reward…here is your cock,” she said producing a new strap-on with a large, life-like dildo attached, “and that sperm has been kept nice and warm in your mouth! Don’t look disappointed! Now lie down and let me get your cock ready.”

I lay back down, mistress removed the plug and used a syringe to extract 8 loads of cum from my mouth gag. Then she detached the gag itself from my hood, making it easier for me to breathe. I didn’t dare to complain, so I watched silently as she filled a vessel inside the strap-on with the cum. She held onto a small hand pump that she could use to pump the cum out when she wanted.

“There you go! Now enjoy your reward,” mistress said with an evil smile. Her sub, meanwhile, was on her knees, spreading her ass cheeks apart with a playful smile on her face as well. I pushed the tip of the strap-on against her asshole and slid it in as she relaxed to accommodate the significant girth that our mistress had chosen.

I was extremely excited by the act, and the small amount of friction from my chastity belt would have probably been enough to push me over the edge if it had gone on for long enough. But after about 10 minutes of the POV anal strap-on show, mistress told me it was time to cum and squeezed hard on the hand pump. This emptied all 8 loads of cum into her sub’s ass, leaving both me and her sub extremely aroused and extremely lacking in the ultimate satisfaction we wanted.

“You come with me,” said mistress, “I need to pee.”

“And you stay there and soak in that cum – I don’t want any leaking out onto my bed!” she told her sub.

In the bathroom, mistress helped me out of my complex suit, and finally removed my chastity belt, which was thoroughly soaked from the pre-cum oozing from my cock.

“You’ve been a good slave, and you handled tonight really well,” she said. “Of course I know you’re upset about not being allowed to have an orgasm, but we will have to move onto your next stage of training before that is allowed. Male slaves take significant effort to train to continue to behave well even after a release. I may let my sub start that training in about a month’s time.”

Mistress was squirming and shifting her weight from foot to foot – and she pulled me into the wet room where she could use me as her toilet. But instead of laying me down on the floor as she usually did, she sat down on the bench that was built into the wall and pulled my head in between her legs.

“This is your final reward for now,” she said, then pulled my hands up to her fantastic breasts that I was now touching for the first time (probably to make sure I couldn’t start touching myself), and pulled my open mouth onto her still-wet pussy as she released a long stream of urine that almost shot directly down my throat. After swallowing her full bladder of piss, mistress made me lick her pussy, which I couldn’t help having some doubts about, and play with her nipples until she had yet another orgasm.

She stayed with me and washed herself in the shower until my raging hard-on began to fade. I took my old chastity belt off the wall, and let mistress spray ice-cold water on my cock until it easily fit back in its tube and was locked securely away.

Thinking the night was over, I turned followed mistress out of the bathroom and turned left to head to my bedroom. But she grabbed my hand and pulled me towards her bedroom.

“I thought you would enjoy sleeping on the floor next to my bed tonight,” she said. “You may lay there without a sound, and you know the consequences if you don’t. I think my sub will enjoy having you nearby while I deal with her and her ass full of warm cum…”


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