A Randy Retirement Pt. 16: Tera

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Intro: The exploits of a man whose given name fit him perfectly, Randy, and he certainly was that. He was a high-school history teacher and coach until he hit the lottery and retired early at 52. While he was not averse to returning flirtatious quips from the girls in his classes, he did avoid giving in to the urge, telling the more enticing of them to, “come see me after you graduate.” Some did, but these stories deal with his life after hitting it big and building two houses; one along a river bluff 45 miles inland from the Atlantic Ocean and another on a secluded portion of the Northern Outer Banks, both equipped with playrooms. And he still had over a hundred million to spare. All characters are 18+ years of age. All stories can stand alone, but reading the series gives added insights and descriptions as it unfolds.

Synopsis: She wanted big cock and got air-tight

July, 2017 – River House

The wedding had started at 3 p.m. and Randy was sitting there on the back row wondering why in the hell he had come back home from the Outer Banks for this. He knew the answer already, a former player had invited him to his wedding. The church was filled with all manner of former students and former players of all races given it was to be an interracial marriage. It was nice to see many of them again and catch up but still and all, he was miserable. Formal occasions were definitely not his thing.

As he kept his eyes on the altar, checking his watch frequently, he noted the brown-haired chick in the row just in front and to his left who kept stealing glances back at him. She was a former student of course, and he called up what he could remember of the 28-year-old from the depths of his mind.

Later, at the reception, he eventually worked his way a few feet behind her while she watched the guests who were dancing. She had a glass of wine in her hand and he studied the short woman as her body slightly swayed to the music. A black cocktail dress amplified her curves; nice ass, large tits, he remembered the mischievous smile from history class. She had gained a little weight and was slightly on the chubby side, but was still extremely fuckable. She had been a minor flirt back then, but the stolen glances his way that had persisted during the ceremony had his mind percolating on the idea that maybe she was wanting his cock today.

‘Nothing ventured, nothing gained,’ he thought as he moved closer.

“Hello Tera.”

She turned and greeted him in return, and he picked up on the same mischievous smile before her eyes returned to the dance floor. He moved even closer to her and watched her ass move to the beat of the music.

At that moment applause broke out and the newly married couple made their way in, proceeding to the center of the dance floor for their first dance. Randy’s eyes came up from the swaying hips that had mesmerized him, and he joined in the applause.

As the couple beamed at each other, he moved in so close to her that her ass bumped into him as she continued her little dance. When she realized he was there, she increased the sway of her ass. Just what he was looking for.

He put his hands on her waist, which she did not resist, and spoke to her off-handedly, “From the way they’re dancing, I’d say they’re gonna have fun tonight.”

Tera replied as she half-turned to him, “Yeah, she’s gonna ride that big, black cock.”

“You sound jealous. Have you never had one?”

He felt Tera’s body shudder and she half-turned again toward him with a hint of defiance in her voice, “Maybe.”

Randy continued, “So, tell me, which it more appealing, the big or the black?”

She didn’t answer right away, halkalı escort her ass now grinding into his crotch and awakening his cock, and he prodded her, whispering in her ear, “Well Tera, which is it?”

Finally, she turned her head slightly and whispered back, “The big.”

Quickly, he fired off another question, “Ever had three big ones?”

“Whaaat?” and she turned fully and looked at him wearily, his hands still clasped at her waist.

Randy cupped her crotch softly and discreetly from behind and she stiffened, “Three big cocks, two black, one white. All at the same time. Airtight.”

“No, not three. Not even two.” She answered shaking as she turned back to the dance floor. But she did not pull away from him.

Still whispering in her ear, he told her, “I can guarantee the ride of your life. I’m leaving in five minutes. If you wanna take the ride, follow me in your car to my house.”

With a last squeeze of her crotch, he left her standing there, still shaking, and stopped to visit with two other former players, Rod and Bobby, who were also in attendance.

“Wha’da, y’all got going tonight?”

“Nothing Coach,” they both replied.

“Y’all know Tera, right?” and they both pointedly looked her way.

She was watching from across the room and averted her eyes as soon as they looked at her.

“Yeah, we know her,” Rod answered smiling.

“If she follows me when I leave, y’all give me 90 minutes and then come to the house.”

“Why?” Bobby asked smiling.

“Cause she wants some dick and I told her we’d give her three at the same time. Come around the side of the house and wait in the pavilion where we had that get together last year. Give me ninety minutes now, to get her ready,” and Randy walked out.

Tera watched Randy leave; then fidgeted before downing the remnants of her wine and placing the glass on a nearby table. She hesitated for just a few seconds before she turned and followed Randy out, pausing only to glance briefly at her two former classmates and wonder how big their cocks were. Bobby and Rod both smiled at her and nodded.

When Randy got to his house and exited his car, he heard Tera coming up the driveway. He waited for her and when she had parked and came to meet him, he asked, “One last out, you’re sure you want to do this?”

“I’m here aren’t I, now let’s get me something to drink,” and she passed him and headed for the door as he watched the black dress sashay on her plump ass.

Randy started the recording devices and then poured her a white wine and spiked it with a fast-acting laxative, and she sat at the bar and downed it quickly without a word.

“Nervous?” he asked.

“Some, horny mostly. Why in the world did you ask me if I wanted three big cocks back at the wedding?” and she nodded for a refill.

“Well,” and he took the wineglass from the bar, “you kept glancing back during the ceremony, so I had already decided that I was gonna see if you wanted to fuck,” and Tera rolled her eyes, “and then you said what you did about big, black cock when they were dancing, so …” and he let the words trail off as he sat another full glass before her.

“Yeah, me and my damned mouth,” and Tera took a big swallow of the wine.

Randy was curious, “So you have, or you haven’t, fucked a black guy before?”

Tera shrugged, “I have. Once. He was very big and very black, and I came very hard and it scared the very shit outta me,” and she downed more of the white.

“You never went back?”

“No, but … well, he moved away. Transferred. He was stationed at Cherry Point.”

“A olgun escort Marine huh? Interesting. Did you let him fuck you in the ass?”

She had finished the wine and nodded again for more. “Let him? No, he just forced his way in without asking. But it was a nice ride,” and she shuddered again as she smiled.

They continued to talk, and she slowed down on the wine a little, but Randy stayed hands off as he waited for the laxative to do its work.

Tera began to mellow out and the hard edge of her nervousness disappeared. The arousal in her increased though as Randy caught her hand occasionally feeling up one of her tits or making its way to her crotch as he engaged her in more talk of her past sex life.

Suddenly she announced, “I don’t know if its anxiety or what, but I think I need to go to the bathroom.”

“Not a problem, follow me,” and he led her upstairs to the bath beside the playroom.

As he waited outside while she evacuated her bowels, his cell phone dinged. The guys were downstairs. He told them to go ahead and undress and get themselves ready, that it would be 15 minutes before he got Tera down there. He briefly lamented not planning this for the playroom, but then he heard the toilet flush, and he dropped the thought and entered the bathroom just as Tera was straightening the cocktail dress.

“Take the dress off,” he demanded. Tera looked at him briefly in disbelief, but she followed his instructions and pulled the dress over the top of her head, depositing it on the towel rack and standing in just a black thong.

“Thong too,” and, as she removed it, his eyes quickly took her in while his mind did the calculations. True hourglass figure at 36D-24-36 with small aureoles and thick, pronounced nipples that stood at attention. A little chubby, but no real fat yet, that would come later in her life. She had a decent tan from the summer with bikini tan lines and her belly button was pierced with a short silver dangle. Her mons was unshaven, the bush thick and unruly, but he was about to fix that.

Going to her he palmed her pussy and drove his two middle fingers inside, causing her to inhale deeply as she rose on her toes. “This just won’t do. Too messy with all the cum that’s going to be flying around.” Tera’s face pointed straight ahead, but she watched him from the corner of her eye as his fingers worked her cunt. He noticed that her lips would twitch with each of his movements inside her and she breathed through her nose sharply. The sound of it was somehow sexy.

He released her and retrieved some clippers from the cabinet. Ushering her into the shower, he trimmed her bush closely and then applied hair removal cream to make her pubic area bare. She was totally naked and he was still fully clothed in what he had worn to the wedding.

As he worked, he told her, “Just so you know. It wasn’t anxiety, at least not totally. I put a laxative in your drink. You’re gonna be taking it up the ass a lot and I wanted you to be prepared for the boys.”

“Tha’s okay. Why don’t yaaa slip outta dem clothes ‘n’ fuk meee,” she slurred, the wine at full effect now, as she put her arms around his neck. Randy maintained some distance between their bodies to keep the hair removal cream off his pants. He began to play with her thick nipples and while he did, he told her, “Tera, in about ten minutes or so you’re gonna get all the dick you want. In your throat, in your cunt and in your ass. Separately and together and sometimes all three at once,” and he noticed that she was now bobbing up and şişli escort down on the balls of her feet, like she was about to lift-off. “We just have to wait another few minutes for the cream to make you bare down there.”


“Because that’s the way I want it,” and she broached no more questions as he continued to knead the nubs of her breasts. After the appropriate time he took down the removable showerhead so that she could wash away the cream and stubble; backing out of the shower so as not to get wet. When she had washed down the lower half of her body, he instructed her on how to use the anal douche, making her face him and not take her eyes away as she did so.

When the water ran clear, he switched it off and had her step out. Using a towel, he knelt to dry her legs. Even though she had just washed herself down, he could smell her sex and had her spread her feet as he soaked up the beads of water. Without warning, he put an arm between her legs, palmed her ass and push it forward as he buried his head between her legs and sucked hard on her clit.

Tera’s body quaked and her hands steadied herself on his shaven head as he ran his tongue inside her folds.

“You’re gonna make me cum,” she told him in a breathy whisper, and he relented and stopped his teasing.

Standing, he wiped his chin in the towel, and smiled down at her. She had stuck her lips out in a pout and her hands were caressing her breasts.

“I just wanted to make sure you were ready,” he told her and then he took her hands away from her chest and began to lead her out.

“My clothes,” she mumbled as she tried to turn back.

“Why? You’d just have to take them off again when we get down there. Besides, you won’t be needing clothes again until after midnight,” and a broad smile involuntarily creased her face.

It was just before six-thirty as he led Tera to the pavilion. Bobby first the mouth, then the pussy and then the ass before repeating their strokes.

Tera began to mimic the strokes in her mind. ‘Mouth full. Pussy full. Ass full. Mouth full. Pussy full. Ass full.’ It was relentless and steady and seemed like it would never stop as it carried her further and further into sexual nirvana.

She began to moan “Un-huh” around Rod’s cock with each stroke of the slow and sensual DP spit roast. Randy took it as a sign and picked up his pace and ferocity and the guys followed his lead.

Tera’s “Un-huh” of approval picked up its pace and urgency as well.

This dissolved the rhythm of their fucking and it turned into every man for himself as they drove home their cocks inside the slut moored between them.

The first time that all three cocks entered her to their depth at the same time she bucked again and grasped Rod’s dick with a hand, removing her mouth long enough to yell, “Aw, FUCCKKK YEAH!!” before devouring it again. She was sucking Rod’s cock like she was pulling taffy with her mouth and Randy saw in his face that he was about to blow his load.

Moments later the tall black man was streaking Tera’s face with hot jism and as she worked her body to catch it, she again buried herself deep onto the two cocks in her lower holes. Her orgasm arrived and she lost interest in catching Rod’s load as she moaned on the two dicks still fucking her. Her wiggling and grinding brought Randy and Bobby off within moments of each other and they both came deep inside her.

Randy withdrew and stood as Tera rolled off Bobby and used her fingers to clean the sperm from her face and her leaking pussy and asshole, depositing it into her mouth. Randy had taken a little blue pill, so he was still hard as he moved to light another cigarette, but both the younger guys needed some encouragement to get it up again as they lounged on the floor on either side of her.

As for Tera, she had a thin smile of satisfaction on her face, but her eyes still had that hungry look. They also looked a bit surreal with mascara smeared beneath them. Bobby and Rod eyed her as she began to play with herself on the floor there between them.

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