A Night With My Maternal Aunt (Mami)


A Night With My Maternal Aunt (Mami)

This happened to me last year when I visited my maternal house.

My aunt is around 35 years of age and a typical housewife. She is married to my uncle from 10 years and they did not have any c***d. My uncle is in police and mostly stays out. He comes home only on the holidays.

I went to my maternal house on Sunday. Everybody was there – my maternal grandparents, my maamu and mami. We talked at dinner about my continuation of study and many other things. On Monday morning, uncle left for duty and told me to stay for some days and I agreed.

On Monday night after dinner, grandparents went to sleep and mami and I were watching TV. We were also talking at the same time. She asked me about my future plans and gave me some valuable suggestions.

She loves me a lot and is very frank with me. I never had any bad intention for her neither did she. Then we talked about marriages and engaged in conversations.

Aunt: One should marry very young and not wait for the job or settle down. You should also do the same if you want to enjoy life.

Me: Why should I marry at a young age?

Aunt: Because once you cross 30, you will face a lot of problems in producing c***dren. Now look at your uncle, I married him when he was 31 and from then, we are c***dless.

Me: How can you be so sure that it is uncle’s problem?

Aunt: Because I am his wife and I know everything about him.

Me: So, is he impotent?

Aunt: kaçak iddaa I didn’t say that. But there are many things which you won’t understand.

Me: I don’t believe it. There may be a problem with you also. How can you blame my uncle for all this?

Aunt: I said, I know everything about him and the problem definitely lies in him.

Me: Yes you can say anything because there isn’t any way to prove it.

Aunt: Why not, there are many.

Me: What do you mean?

Aunt: I mean if I would have sex with someone else, I will definitely get pregnant.

I laughed and jokingly said that should we try it then. Aunt also smiled and said, “Stop it now and go to sleep”. She switched the TV off and went to her room. I couldn’t sleep for the whole night. The conversation with aunt was roaming in my mind.

The next morning, she woke me up and we all had breakfast together. Grandparents had gone to see a doctor and aunt and I were alone in the house. We had lunch and started watching TV. We again slipped into conversations and I jokingly asked her.

Me: Suppose we had sex and you got pregnant, what will you do with the c***d?

She also took it lightly and said, “I don’t think you have enough guts to make me pregnant. It needs a man to make a woman pregnant and you are still a c***d”.

Me: Ok, give me a chance and I will show you that I am not a c***d anymore.

Aunt smiled and said, “Shut up, I am your aunt. Have perabet güvenilir mi some respect”.

In the evening, the grandparents came back and we had dinner together. After that, we went to our respective rooms to sleep. I changed into shorts and undershirt and was about to doze off when aunt came into my room with a glass of water. She sat for some time and we again started to talk.

Aunt: Were you serious in the afternoon when you asked me a chance to have sex with me?

I was a bit worried and told her that I was joking and I don’t have any such intention.

Aunt: But I really want to see who has the problem, me or your uncle.

Me: What do you mean?

Aunt: Why don’t you try?

Me: No, it is wrong. You are my aunt and I can’t do it with you.

Aunt: You don’t have to do anything. I will do it myself. You only have to cooperate.

Me: No I can’t. It is a sin.

Aunty started to cry thinking that I would tell this to uncle. I assured her that I won’t tell this to anyone and held her with my chest. Her body touched mine and a wave of current passed my body. She pressed her chest with mine and I could feel her soft boobs.

She suddenly raised her head and kissed me on my lips. My heart was beating hard and I couldn’t resist the kiss. She put her tongue into my mouth and touched mine. She then reached my neck and took off my undershirt. She then kissed my chest and started licking it.

I couldn’t perabet giriş hold on to my feelings and my penis got erect. She felt it and smiled. She then laid me down and took off my trousers. She took my penis into her mouth and started rubbing it with her lips.

When I couldn’t control myself, I undressed her and laid her down on the bed. I kissed her lips very passionately.

Then I went down to her boobs. She closed her eyes and started enjoying it. She was completely naked before me and I touched her pussy with hand and she shivered a bit.

I started running my fingers on her pussy with my hand and she started to moan. I then pushed my one finger into her pussy and rubbed her inside. She seemed to enjoy it and started biting her lips.

Aunty stopped me and asked me to insert my penis into her pussy. My penis was already hard. I rubbed it with her pussy. Her eyes were closed and she was moaning like hell. Her pussy got wet and started dripping.

I parted aunty’s legs and could see the pink part of her pussy. I put my penis on the entrance of her pussy. She closed her eyes and clutched the bed sheet tightly.

I rammed my penis into her pussy and a cry escaped from her mouth. My whole cock was into her pussy and she started feeling a bit uncomfortable. I pushed my cock in and out and she moaned loudly.

After five minutes, I told her that I was going to cum. She held me tightly and took every drop of my sperm into her pussy. I laid over her for some time and when I took my penis out of her, there were blood stains on it. When I asked her about it, she kissed me on my cheeks and said, “You won’t understand”.

Tell me if you liked and enjoyed this story.

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