A great night


A great night

My wife and I recently went out with our usual group of friends, mostly couples. We went to a bar called Huge Organs. Basically it is a piano bar where comedians play the piano, sing songs, tells jokes and the audience participates, in the fun. On this particular night my wife Teri was wearing a lace black bra, and a really sexy black lace top that you could see through. While drinking one could not help but notice several hundred bras hanging from the ceiling. One could only imagine how they came to be there. During the evening my wife drank rather heavily as did we all. After drinking and partying for about two hours Teri asked if she could take her bra off and have it hung up on the ceiling. I said I didn’t think so and I was wondering what her motives were. She let the subject drop but about a half hour later she asked again. I said since you asked again, go ahead. We were all acting a little silly all night by throwing popcorn at other people, and making requests by writing on pieces of paper and handing them to the two comedians at the pianos. I wrote on a request that my wife wanted to have her bra displayed on the wall.

After several minutes had passed I noticed that one of them picked up the request read it and showed it to the other comedian. They both smiled and got everyone’s attention. They asked if they had any volunteers to donate their bras. No one answered. They added that it was a ritual that every night a female donated the bra she was wearing or they would not continue with their routine. Still there were no takers. I looked at my wife and asked her to go up there. Just as she was about to respond to me one of the comedians caught my eye. I pointed to my wife and he put the spotlight on her and said we have a volunteer right here. He said as a matter of fact we have a written request for a bra donation. He called her up to the stage in front of three hundred or so rowdy drinkers. Her face and chest turned bright red, and she hesitantly walked up to the stage.

He said before we get started I need to ask you a few questions. He stood facing the crowd with you with his arm around her holding the mike with the other hand. He said first are you over eighteen. She replied yes. He said you obviously have nice breasts. What cup size are you donating tonight? You said “D”. With that the whole place erupted with a loud cheer of approval. He then said as with tradition he has to inspect the merchandise to make sure it is in good working order and worth displaying in the bra hall of fame.

He took you by the hand and led her to his piano stool. The piano separated the crowd from the stool so that the lower half of their bodies was concealed from view leaving her upper body visible to half the room. He straddled the stool and asked Teri to do the same. She said that she couldn’t since her skirt would not let her legs spread that wide. He said no problem. He lifted up her skirt exposing her thong covered bottom to those lucky enough to be sitting behind her. She quickly sat down, and he said “see that was easy.” Of course he was the only one who could see the front of Teri’s thong underwear. He then got everyone’s attention again and said I need to put the mike down because I need both hands to inspect the bra. He said he needed to verify the actual cup size. The other comedian came over with his microphone and said don’t worry he would give everyone a blow by blow of what was happening. He asked if Teri if she was ready. She looked over at me with bloodshot and glassy eyes and smiled. I stood up and clapped and whistled. The comedian then put his hands under your shirt in the front and she jumped saying his hands were cold. bahis siteleri He said oh, I’m sorry. I forgot to warm them up. He slid his hands underneath her thighs and said into the microphone “I found just the place.” Implying that he was touching your private parts. The whole place erupted again. Of course he wasn’t touching her privates, just implying it. He then said OK let’s go. He blew onto his hands, and slid them under her shirt. He cupped her breasts outside her bra and said they definitely feel like d’s. Everyone cheered.

He reached around her back and unhooked Teri’s bra. He said that since her shirt had three quarter sleeves and was tight that she would have to take off the shirt to get the bra off. Everyone cheered again. She said no and he said he would have to cut the shoulder straps. She agreed. He got a pair of scissors and cut the first strap then the second. The crowd was getting louder. He then again reached under the front of her shirt and lifted the bra cups over her breasts. When he did that he purposefully brushed against Teri’s now hard nipples. He whispered in her ear how hard her nipples were. He stopped and squeezed her breasts together. He was now describing what he was doing into the microphone and described in detail how soft her breasts were compared to her hardening nipples. He hen pulled his hands out and said he needed to get a better grip in order to pull the bra out. He pulled the front of her shirt out and stuck his head under her shirt while it was still covering her. She looked straight at me with a beet red face and suddenly her mouth went wide open when he put his mouth over her right breast and started to suck it. She went to grab his head, but he was so quick that he latched onto the other breast and started sucking on her now rock hard nipples. He put the microphone under her shirt and started mumbling, saying he couldn’t talk now since his mouth was so full.

He then pulled his head out from under her shirt and in between his teeth was her black lace bra. The crowd went into frenzy. He hung the bra up on the wall, and said that her drinks were free the rest of the night. Everyone was cheering her on and gave her a standing ovation as she jumped off the stage and into my arms. After things settled down a group of young guys were having a bachelor party and asked if my wife would pose for a photograph with the soon to be groom. She jumped up and said no problem. She posed for a few photos and the groom asked if he could have her panties. She said I guess. She reached under her skirt and slid her thong off and handed it to him while his friends took photos of him holding the panties up to his face.

Now my wife had no undergarments and was still drinking rather heavily. We made it back to our friends who by now were all trashed as well. We were getting ready to leave and one of our friends whose wife was out of town was seriously drunk and was slurring his speech and could barely walk. Everyone lived in different directions and we told the guy whose wife was out of town that we would take him to our house since he was would be passing out soon. We said our goodbyes and I had to assist into the back seat. I also had to assist Teri getting into the front passenger seat. Before I had the chance to back up I saw that Mike had thrown up a little bit on the front of his shirt. I stopped and tried to get his attention. He opened up the back door and threw up on the ground next to our car. He took off his shirt and wiped his face and put it in the back seat making it uninhabitable.

He then said he had to piss. He went behind the car while we sat in the front seats. He came stumbling back and was completely naked. Unbeknown to us Mike likes to get naked when bahis şirketleri he gets drunk. I drove away and before we got onto the highway Mike said pull over. I stopped and he threw up again. He was hanging out the door and said he was stuck. Teri said she would get him back in the car. She went to the back door on my side and pulled him back in. She leaned over him and closed the door. I drove off again. Mike is so big he barely fit in the back seat. He put his head against his door and put his feet up on Teri’s lap. She looked at me and laughed. While driving Mike started snoring, and knowing how much my wife likes to check out guys’ packages I figured she would be checking out Mike’s. I reached up and adjusted the rearview mirror and saw her staring rather intently at his manhood. Mike woke up and we stopped on the highway and so he could throw up again. He closed the door and passed out almost immediately.

Once again Teri was staring at his package. Without looking back I said go ahead you can touch if you want. Obviously Mike would not remember, and I said she could do as she pleases. I got no response. I only heard Mike snoring. I adjusted the rearview mirror again, and saw Teri’s hand fondling Mike’s now growing hard-on. It was kind of a weird sight because Mike’s penis was not very long, but it was extremely fat. Teri’s hand could not fit around it. I guess she had never seen one that fat or maybe she was mesmerized by the fact that she could do what she wanted to do to him and his dick and he would not remember. It was the first time in her life that she had a free reign to do as she pleased with a guy.

We finally arrived home and Teri was still fixated on Mike’s dick. She still had her hand wrapped around his now hard erection. I pulled into the driveway and I opened Teri’s back door and she immediately started kissing me wrapping her arms and legs around me. I told her let me get Mike in the house first. I could barely budge Mike but I got him into our house and into the guest bedroom. He was laying flat on his back with his arms above his head and his legs spread eagled. I went outside to get Teri and found her naked still sitting in the car. I grabbed her clothes and her hand and led her into the house and into our bedroom. I started to get undressed and she laid back and jokingly spreads her legs and said do me now. I finished getting undressed and was about to close our door and she said why bother, Mike’s passed out.

Teri threw me down and mounted my erection and I slid in rather easily. She was obviously already excited. She said do you like what happened tonight. I said I loved it. She said you’re not mad at me. I said of course not. I said I was extremely happy with everything that had happened so far. She said good and grabbed my hand and led me into the guest room. She said watch this. She bent over the bed and let her hanging breasts rest on Mike’s face. She said if you want pictures you better get the camera. I couldn’t have moved any faster and was back with the camera in hand. She was now rubbing her breasts across Mike’s face and I took several pictures. She grabbed one of her breasts and stuck her nipple in Mike’s mouth. He instinctively licked it and sucked it in his mouth. Teri’s body got goose bumps and started shaking. She asked if I minded. I said of course not. She asked if I would ever tell anyone. I said come on of course not. With that she got up and climbed on the bed and squatted over Mike’s face. She started rubbing her wetness all over Mike’s face. She started pushing herself down onto his face. Her lips parted and somehow Mike’s mouth opened and he licked and sucked on her inner folds. That sent a shockwave through Teri’s body and she had an illegal bahis orgasm on her friends face without him even knowing it. She slid down and was now straddling his chest. Even in the darkness of the room there was no mistake that Teri’s intimate juices were all over Mike’s face.

She rested for several minutes and asked me to make love to her. She dismounted off of Mike and laid with her head on his stomach and her legs hanging off the bed. I tried to go slow but Teri asked me to push harder and faster. She started having another orgasm and reached back and grabbed Mike’s dick and started squeezing it while caught up in her own blissfulness. She was quite amazed that Mike was passed out yet still had an erection. I still had not had an orgasm yet. Teri asked me if I minded if she got on top of Mike. She said she felt bad that Mike had such a hard erection, and she wanted to relieve the pressure so he could sleep well. She looked at his entire body with lust knowing that she could do as she pleased with him. She said if you want to I could take some photos. I was so excited and nervous that I was finally going to get to see my beautiful “Babe” being impaled by someone else’s dick. It was something I had thought about for several years. She looked at me and said I love you as she lowered herself onto his rock hard penis. She was so wet that even though he was thick he slid in rather easily. Teri was so stimulated that she was taking advantage of Mike unbeknownst to him and that I was there watching she almost came immediately. She rocked back and forth a few times and squeezed and pulled on her breasts, and cried out “I’m Cumming”. “I’m Cumming.” She pulled herself off of his dick just enough to see her orgasm fluids coating his still erect cock. She asked “Do you mind if I make him cum. I said I’d be mad if you didn’t get him to cum.

With that she started rocking back and forth for several minutes. He still had not cum. Teri told me to get the camera and take some pictures so she could see them later. She then started moving up and down exposing several inches of his dick and just as quick as it was exposed it re-entered her folds making a sloshing sound. She looked up at me with excitement in her eyes and said he’s going to cum. Teri asked. “Can he cum inside me. I gave her a puzzled look, and she said “Plllllllllleeeeeeeeassssssseeeee let him cum in inside me. I nodded yes and she said “Oh My God, he‘s Cumming now, and I’m Cumming to. She said, Oh, I feel it shooting up inside me. I can’t believe he’s Cumming inside me. Teri felt each squirt and she loved how she could feel his penis pulsating every time fluid forcefully came out of him and into her. You moaned several times and said exhaustingly “We came together.”

My wife lifted herself off of him slowly and let the combined orgasms drip out onto his now deflating penis. She looked at me and asked me if I liked it. I said it was the best night of my life. She said now I want you’re cum inside of me. Teri lay down next to Mike and told me to make love to her slowly. After only another minute I started to feel like I was going to erupt. She could feel it too and said I’m Cumming with her. We both orgasm together. As we were lying there you asked if you should clean up Mike. I said no let him wonder what happened in the morning. We went into our room and took a shower, then lay down in bed together and I said thank you. She said I should be the one saying thank you. I had a better time than you did. So she said I love you and we drifted off to sleep.

In the morning while we were in the kitchen Mike came out with his pants and shirt on. But he obviously had not looked at himself in the mirror because he still had Teri’s juices dried all over his face. He said he didn’t remember anything since we walked out of the club the previous night and asked what had happened. Teri and I looked at each other with a coy smile and said you got drunk, passed out, and fell asleep.

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