A Girl and Her Veggies Ch. 02


The night we reached civilization, we went to a market and bought a perculiar collection of veggies. We took them to our room, and I spent the next hours masturbating Marie while she ate snacks and watched TV…..

Our sex in the tent was, I suppose, a little unusual. We began each night like our first: Melissa would lay herself down, naked, or with panties only, and I would sit beside her and slowly, almost clinically, masturbate her. I would begin with the soft swells of her chest, her small but distinct breasts, and carefully pinch and rub and tweak her nipples until they were red and swollen with pleasure, and only then would I slip my hand between her thighs and slowly work my fingers deeper and deeper into her, until finally I pressed and stroked the prong of flesh protruded from between her lips. Melissa lay there, passive and quiet on the outside, but her body, though it hardly moved, engaged fully in the passion. I would have smothered her with kisses an thrown my body on top of hers, but instinctively I knew this was what she wanted, what she craved, and always, once satisfied in this way, our lovemaking bloomed; her arms encircled me, her hips widened, and she welcomed my cock deep into her tender place, and I would kiss and lick and bite her, and taste the salt of her sweat and inhale the deep odor of her body, baked freshly each day by the desert sun. And after exploding inside of her she would push my head between her legs and my tongue would bring her three or four times to the brink and beyond while I tasted the juice pussy and cum, dripping out from the dark, hairy patch between her thighs.

Our second night we lay together, our bodies glowing and relaxed like the embers of a fire, and we talked about sex, I told how I was amazed at how I loved to masturbate her like that, and about how fully she responded to my tongue in her pussy. She hugged me, and then said that she hadn’t had a man for three years, except for a couple of one-night stands that didn’t go well. I lay there silently, and felt a pang of excitement at what she would say next. “I’m too busy with graduate school to want to have a relationship. But I masturbate almost every day. And can I tell you something and you won’t be shocked? My roommate and I have been having sex together for three years, and she satisfies me sexually very well—and without any complications. What do you think about that??”

I joked (almost) that I was jealous of her roommate. I asked her more—how did it come about? What was it like? What did they do? Soon, I was tremendously aroused by what she revealed. Now I should say her that I’m not a real macho guy; in fact I identify strongly with women in many ways, and I like my sex gentle and soft, and I love to be treated by women in the way that they might treat a female lover. So what she said really was turning me on. Her roommate was a petite blonde, soft and feminine, almost the opposite of Melissa who was tall and dark and strong. They went to a liberal school where sex between the girls was almost common, and certainly accepted. They were not a couple; they were lovers in bed. And mostly Melissa accepted oral delights from her roommate, and only occasionally returned the favors, when she was so dripping with sex that she could not resist full and passionate involvement.

And so in her tent, I was enacting the sensual dance that her roommate had performed on Melissa so many times before, and I found that thought awesomely sexy—that I was like her feminine lover, soft and tender and sensuous, at least until Melissa pulled me on top of her and spread her legs with heat and passion, and in the end we fucked like man bursa escort and woman. “And,” she said, “when I masturbate, it’s like when your finger plays with me—I hardly move, even if I’m dripping and unbelievably hot, and it increases my orgasm. And believe me, I love to masturbate, and I do it a lot.” I imagined, after that how it must be like, and I became almost a voyeur to her masturbation, and I let her hands come down to direct mine, or spread her labia and join me in pleasuring her fully.

She talked on and on about masturbating, and I asked her what turned her on the most. She said, “Well, many things, but just before I came, I got this thing about vegetables. I wanted to masturbate with vegetables. And so I went to the market, and I spend the longest time looking at all the different shapes and textures, and I was getting really hot. I was there and people were all around me, and I was selecting a sex toy, while they were just looking for something to fry up with some oil. I actually came right there, pushing against the shopping cart. So I took them up to the cashier, and when I got there, I got suddenly embarrassed—I mean I had this odd collection of veggies, and the only thing they had in common was their shape, which was pretty suspicious. And even when I picked them up out of my basket, I couldn’t help handling them differently. On top of everything else, I’d just cum in my pants!

“And sure enough, the cashier turned red and gave me a little smile, and wished me a good night. I used one of he vegetables right away, and I left the others out on the kitchen table, and I would think about which to use the next night and how it might feel, and I’d feel it and imagine what I’d do with it, and I got really turned on. Sometimes I wouldn’t even masturbate for a day or two, and work myself up to anticipation. This was really a turn on. They felt good inside of me, and of course they could stay for a long, long time without going limp! Cindy got into it, too, and we would rent a movie, and spend the night gently playing with our veggies while we watched the movie! I like to spend a long time almost ignoring sex, just lingering in arousal, but of course with a guy—or even a girl—it’s hard to be getting fucked and ignoring them, too.”

By the time she was finished, I was totally turned on. I wanted to be like Cindy, there for her pleasure, to satisfy her desire; and I imagined being her sex slave, playing with her while she ignored me, watching a movie. That night when my cock plunged inside of her, I kept myself cool and calm, and we stayed like that, casual and talking about almost anything and everything (but sex) for a long, long time, before we erupted in passion. I had one of the most amazing orgasms ever; and Melissa did too.

Our expedition in the desert came to an end a few days later. Melissa had a few days before her plane left, that she’d planned to spend exploring Santa Fe. We went together. First, though, we had the four hour drive out to the interstate highway. We were tired (and horny) and decided to find a motel. We checked in, and were amazed to see things like showers, baths and a flush toilet and cable TV. We thought we might just hang there for a day, and our imaginations began to get aroused. We went to a coffee shop for dinner and somewhere along the line we got the idea to pick up some veggies to take back to the room. We finished dinner in anticipation of our kinky adventure.

We drove to the local supermarket and picked out cucumbers, carrots of several lengths and thickness, a and a few small squash of different shapes and sizes. Melissa handled each one provocatively, imagining bursa escort bayan how it might feel, like a woman checking out a line of male strippers. We got to the check out, and the checker didn’t have a clue. Were we in New York or Boston or San Francisco, the checker would have put two and two together (a sexually aroused couple with an assortment of long narrow veggies? Does this mean something to you?), but we were just around the corner from nowhere, and the checker, perhaps dreaming of getting of work at 9pm and fucking her boyfriend at ten, hardly noticed us at all.

We got to our room and Melissa laid out the veggies on the table. We checked the movie schedule. The motel had lots of truck drivers, and soft porn was served over the TV screen. We choose one and Melissa lay with her pussy on the end of the bed while I kneeled on the floor at eye level to the soft black hairs that made a dark cave between her legs, and ran up, lightly and delicately, almost half way to her belly button. “Go to it, do whatever you want, I’m going to ignore you and watch the video—it’s more fun that way and by the time it’s done I’ll be incredibly hot. Cindy once played with my veggies for four hours—and then the orgasm was earthshaking! I pulled down Melissa’s shorts and she spread her legs wide for me, while she chewed snacks and adjusted the volume.

I tried a cucumber, but it was really thick and Melissa groaned. A little squash was just right, narrow at the top and fuller at the base, so I slipped my finger into Melissa (she might have been ignoring me, but she sure was wet!), and made sure she was slippery, and slowly slipped in the veg. Pushed full in, the base pressed against her clit just a little. I did this for a while maybe twenty minutes, before it seemed to be a little boring.

I went for a carrot. Melissa’s pussy sucked it right up. In a few minutes, I picked out another carrot and slipped it in beside the first, sliding them in and out together, twisting them a little. I stopped to slip a pillow under Melissa—I was getting tired sitting on the floor in front of the bed, and Melissa motioned to her butt, picked out another, smaller squash, and rolled over with her butt in the air. I gently pushed it up inside her cute little ass, and teased her for a while, before she rolled over, keeping it inside her. The two carrots pushed and pulled on her cunt at they went in and out. It was pretty awesome and I got really excited just watching it.

Melissa was engrossed in the show, but then she held up three fingers. I picked out another carrot—not the fattest but one that was pretty stout, and pushed it up her pussy with the other two. I held it there and moved it around, waiting for Melissa to complain, but she just reached for more snacks. I slowly pulled them all out, and slowly pushed them in again, over and over. Her labia were puffy and stretched. Melissa stayed wet. She arched her hips a little, so it was easier to take the carrots inside her, and the squash fell out from her butt. I pulled the carrots out and slipped my finger into her pussy and got it really wet, and then slipped my finger up softly up her butt, and felt her muscles relax, gripping my finger like a baby holds her dad’s finger, soft and warm and so amazingly strong.

After a while I was a little bored, and I pulled out the veggies, spread her lips apart so that with just the tip of my tongue I played with her clit, sharply, delicately, touching nothing else. Melissa started to purr just a little. Her thighs tightened around my head, and her hands gripped my head, so I could hardly move my head, and then she started to buck like a horse, escort bursa bouncing me around like a bronco rider, and mashing my face like a pillow into her pussy.

She came with a thunderous noise, and I thought her thighs would crush my head until they suddenly fell open as her hips buckled and pushed and I had to grab around her ass to keep from being tossed off. This orgasm lasted a long time, and when it quieted a little, I slid next to Melissa on the bed my hand softly over her pussy. She pushed my head down to her nipples, and I began to suck them gently, but she pushed harder, and took her hand and pushed my fingers into her cunt and held it there while her pelvis rolled like waves in the ocean while yet another orgasm passed through her.

Now I couldn’t hold off any longer, my poor cock had been stiff and ready for so long and was ignored. I lifted myself on top of Melissa and in one movement dropped myself between her legs and plunged deep into her pussy and began thrusting faster and faster. Melissa arched her back and dug her fingers into my butt, and this time when she came she moaned and cried and purred and whimpered, on and on without stopping for several minutes and somewhere in the middle of all this my body let loose and I flooded her pussy with my cum, and my whole body felt like it was made of warm honey and I kept thrusting in and out and my dick softened only a little and hurt, but I couldn’t stop, and before Melissa had stopped moaning I came again, and her orgasm doubled in intensity and tears came to her eyes and she held me so tight…she was so strong, and her lips covered my head with warm wet kisses while she laughed and cried all at once.

The next I remember was waking up in each other’s arms, and my head was half on her breast, half in her armpit. A couple of showers had done nothing against the fragrant odors of weeks of sweat in the hot sun, and Melissa’s particular, wonderful odor filled my head, reminding me of dust and sunburn and the time her fragrance sharpened my eyes and made my mouth water, when we had pushed up against each other in a sandy pit in cool shade. She stirred a little, and the vapor of fresh warm sweat, the sweat of sex, drifted to my nose and filled me with delight.

We slept very late and headed up to Santa Fe. It might be more exciting if I told you that our days in Santa Fe were one continuous orgy, but most of our time was spent in museums, libraries and great places to eat. Of course every night we returned to bed and Melissa, who had become habituated to sex with other girls during her school year, rediscovered the joys of the male body and wanted to fuck more and more. At the same time I was enjoying the sweet fruits of her feminine liaisons, her gentle touch, her slow and timeless way of making love, and her enthusiastic and devoted attachment to sucking nipples.

Now, I happen to have a thing about nipples—I love them on girls, and I love ’em on myself. Well, after enjoying the delights of her roommate’s tiny titties, Melissa indulged herself with mine, to my sweet and ecstatic delight. Her hand would gently cup the fleshy mound of my own breast, and cradle my nipple gently, then her soft fingers would lightly twirl and her lips would surround my stiff little nip while her tongue began beating, faster and faster until jolts of pleasure sprang from my nipple and excited my whole body, stiffening my cock to a hard rock, which she rode to newer pleasures. We bought almost matching tee shirts, which we slipped over our naked bodies in the morning heat, and admired our nipples before stepping out into the quiet halls of the museums and libraries of the southwest.

And Veggies? Who needs veggies? We never played with veggies again, but when Marie returned home, my first letter from her was a postcard, hand painted, delicately, carefully, of a peculiar collection of vegetables….

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