A gay summer Holiday – Part 11


A gay summer Holiday – Part 11

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Chapter 11
Getting the act together.

After an early dinner at the local Chinees restaurant, Chris went to his cabin via the backstreets of town. The main street was completely full with tourists and locals who enjoyed the music festival.
Chris took a cold shower, then dressed in a pair of black cargo pants and a white islander polo shirt. On the inside of the collar, it had the colors of the island flag. He pinned the special pin on it as well. The shirt was a size too small so it made Chris’s muscular arms stand out. His new highlighted wavy hairdo made him look pretty hot, he thought to himself.

He took his double-necked guitar and put bass strings on one of the necks. He rehearsed some songs and was ready to go. But the erection in his pants stopped him. So he sat in the sun with his hand in his fly.
“Do you want a hand with that?”, joked Jelmer. “Oh god… Jel, you scared the shit out of me!… I guess I have a bad conscience…”, laughed Chris. “But yeah… If you want to help me, please do buddy… That’s much more fun than DIY…”.

They walked inside and closed the curtains. Jelmer hugged Chris as he kissed him lovingly. He rubbed his hands over the brought shoulders and arms. “God Chris… Did you get a haircut? Man, you look damned cool!”, exclaimed Jelmer. “Thanks, mate. Yeah, I wanted to look good for you…”, winked Chris at his boyfriend. “Liar! you wanted to look good for tonight…”, laughed Jel. “When your right, your right. But I also did it for you, honey.”, said Chris as he kissed Jelmer again.

Jelmer dropped to his knees and unzipped the cargo pants from Chris. Taking the raging hard prick out and sucking him off. He kept looking up at Chris. And Christopher took one of his hands and licked on his fingers. Jelmer gave Chris the best blowjob he had ever received. Chris started to breathe heavy as he stroked Jelmer’s hair and face. “Oh god… Yes… Suck that big cock… I am getting close! Jelly Belly… I am about to cum!… Suck me dry… Arghh… Swallow it, babe… Oh… Fucking hell… Yes!”, exclaimed Chris as he blew a huge load into the eager mouth of Jelmer.

He pulled his lover up. And Chris kissed the cum filled mouth of Jel. They both moaned. Chris turned Jelmer around and gave him a lovely handjob. Jelmer dropped his head back onto the shoulder of Chris in complete ecstasy. His legs were trembling as he let fly. Huge streams of seed flung halfway across the cabin. Still, on a high, Chris pushed Jelmer over. And slid his dick up Jelmer’s butt. He fucked him a little. When he pulled out he whispered in Jelmer’s ear; “I need to get going, babe… Let us continue this tonight?”. Jelmer turned around and kissed Chris. “I will join you around 8-ish at the beach club. Honey, I love you.”, said Jel. “Love you more!”, said Chris, knowing that he had neglected his lover for far too long.

Christopher took the 2 guitars to the beach club. The party was in full swing already. The participants of the music festival had just finished the BBQ that was put on for them. They had started to make some music together. Mixing all the different styles of music with each other. Wessel greeted Chris with a kiss on the mouth. That made Chris bounce back. He laughed at Wes as he put an arm around him and walked inside the club. “What was that for, buddy?”, asked Chris softly. “You look so damned hot… Even I got excited…”, laughed Wessel somewhat embarrassed.

The two of them talked with the mayor. Silvia officially introduced her self to Christopher. “I see you do wear the pin with pride! I like it. I love the way you promote the best of the island and its people. You really were the right guy to give the pin to.”, she said. She explained that the special islander’s pin was only given out on special occasions and only once every 5 or 6 years on average. The last time it was given out was already 8 years ago. Hearing this made Chris even more proud. “You can’t buy a loaf of bread with it… But still, it’s nice!”, joked Wessel.

“I am not going to run the Youth’s fund guys. But I have asked Jelmer if he wanted to help out, and he said yes!”, told Christopher. “Aww… sorry to hear you’re not going to do it. But we understand. Jelmer would be the right youth to do it actually!”, said Silvia. “I liked what you said to the business people: ‘You sparked the idea… it’s up to them to make the motor run!’, that is so true.”, told Wessel. “The trick will be to get the youth’s themselves to come up with the idea’s on how they want to proceed with it.”, suggested Chris. “I will try to auction off this guitar. And here is a donation box I quickly put together today.”, said Chris.

Wessel took the guitar and put it next to the rest of the donated stuff. Fastened the donation box to the bar and put the money that he already received in there as a starter. Chris showed the mayor and Wes the check for 1000 euro and put it in the box as well. “That makes 24.958,14 as a starter!”, told Wessel proud. Christopher and Silvia were amazed. Silvia rounded up the illegal bahis amount out her own pocket to 25.000 euro. “A good beginning, is half the work done.”, she joked as she got a small kiss from Wes and Chris at the same time. The local newspaper photographer made a photo of it. He talked with Chris and gotten enough info for a nice article.

Christopher took his guitar outside to sit with the other performers. They jammed a little together. The Irish musicians that he met earlier in the week came to sit next to him. “Did you get an upgrade?”, they joked. They started to tease him about the way he held the guitar again. “Well, let us see how many of you it takes to mimic this…”, said Christopher. He started to play a traditional Scottish song. Doing the singing, the harmonica, the guitar, the bass and drums all by himself. Even using a violin bow to play on the guitar.

After Chris was done the Irish group tried to follow suit. But failed, according to the other performers. “Nice work guys. It’s always fun to ‘play nicely’ with others…”, he said looking with squinted eye’s at the red-haired guy and his buddy, who had used him for their sexual pleasure on the fast ferry. They walked with him inside the club. Chris needed to take a leak. In the toilets, they stood on either side of him at the urinals.

“Man, we are so sorry about that. We where a bit too drunk to think straight. I do hope you don’t get us in any trouble.”, said the older red-haired guy playing with his cock again. “If I wanted you to be in any trouble you would have known by now!”, suggested Chris. “But you do need to learn to ask nicely first. And no does mean no here. If you cross that line again then I will have no other choice but to let the authorities know! There are gay’s enough on the island to ‘play’ with. You just have to ask…”, suggested Chris sternly. Shaking his cock dry he felt a hand of the younger Irish guy touch it. “Hmmm… leave my leprechaun juicer alone, please. I have a boyfriend.”, joked Chris, as he walked away.

Slowly but surely the club started to fill up. With a lot of business people, other islanders, and a few tourists. It was even busier than a few weeks ago. Wessel’s staff had set up extra bars outside, and a video crew was called to video the event. Large TV’s were hung on the terrace so more people could watch the nights events. Wessel was a bit overwhelmed by the turnout. Chris called Jan-Thijs, Jelmer, and Jesse over. “Guess I am not the only one that’s working tonight.”, said Chris indicating to Wessel that he got him some more staff. The guys were really happy to help out. And Wes put the extra pair of hands to work quickly.

After a performance from one of the guest bands, the stage was cleared. Ready for the auction that would start in 20 minutes time. The local notary, the mayor, Wessel, Jelmer, and Chris discussed how they would handle this. This was not their usual work. Christopher sighed. “What’s the matter?”, asked Wessel. “Less talk… more doing…”, laughed Chris as he walked over to the stage. He put his double-necked guitar on the stand where the signed guitar stood. Chris put a chair on the stage and adjusted the microphones. He signaled the sound man that he was ready. He hung the signed guitar around his neck with his cowboy boot resting on the chair.

Christopher started to play an Irish folk song. Slowly the bustling club calmed down. Chris wasn’t playing loudly so they needed to shut up if they wanted to hear him. Without stopping to play he changed the tune to the blues song he and Wessel wrote together. From behind the bar, Wessel sang the chorus with Chris. “That song was one for my dear friend Jelmer.”, said Chris after they were done. And Jelmer gave him a thumbs up after he wiped away a teardrop. “This one you all know too… So join in if you want!”. Chris played his islander tribute song with Wessel’s band. “Last time I played this song on this stage, I sparked the idea of setting up an islander’s Youth’s fund. But as usual, it takes money to keep the motor running.”, said Chris.

“So please get your auction number ready. We will begin by auctioning off my signed guitar. All the proceeds of the auction will go directly into the collection box. So even if you don’t want to bid you can donate as well. The people that wanted to bid had bought auction numbers. And shuffled to the front of the stage. Chris played a full scale on the signed guitar. “This guitar was donated by ‘The Keynote’. West’s best music store. Well, the only one on the island actually. But still, the best, if you ask me.”, joked Chris. He looked over to the notary and introduced him as well. “Who will start me off on the bidding?”, asked Chris. Jelmer shouted from behind the bar; “100 euro!”.

Chris said; “I have a bit of 100 euro. Who will bid me 200?”. “Okay, 200 is bid, 300, 400, 500, 750, 1000 euro? Anyone… I will sell at 1000 euro.”, shouted Chris excited. He played a little tune on the instrument again. “I am sure it’s worth more than that guys… it’s for a good cause!”. Wessel offered 1200 euro. Sipke’s father perabet offered 1400 euro. The bidding seemed to stop. Then all of a sudden “I bid 1999.99”, said the CEO of the ferry boat company. The crowd was amazed. “2000 euro!”, said another businessman jokingly. “Okay, we have a bit for 2000 euro for this signed guitar. Any advances for 2000?”, asked Chris. A bidding war broke out between the last 2 bidders. Chris auctioned off the guitar for 2999.99 euro. “Is that before or after taxes Douwe?”, he joked with the CEO of the ferry boat company… The club laughed hard. Pleased that a cheap-ass-import-guitar signed by an unknown artist brought so much money. Chris put the guitar back and handed the rest of the auction over to Jelmer and the notary.

Later that night Chris played his new guitar some more with other bands and he joined Wessel on stage also. Playing along as if they did that for years now. Everyone got something out of it. And although the night was far from over Chris told Wessel; “Wes, it’s been fun. But I do need to find Jelmer. I need to entertain him some more too… I feel like I have been neglecting him for far too long. See you tomorrow. Can’t wait to find out the total.”. “Okay, See you later mate. Have fun!”, said Wessel. Chris looked around in the club but did not find Jelmer anywhere. He even asked around. But all that his friends said was that they saw him leave with officer Tom earlier.

Chris walked outside and texted Jelmer; “Missed you. I am going home now. I hope you will join me. Love C.”. Christopher expected a quick response but none came. When he had gotten home he opened up the cabin, hoping to find Jelmer there. But he wasn’t there either. So he walked over to his parent’s house. If he was there, then his army Jeep or his bike would be in the driveway. But no, Jel wasn’t there either. So, a little disappointed he walked back to the holiday let. Calling his friend on his mobile phone. It went straight to voicemail. “Hé Jelly Belly missed you at the club. I am going back to my cabin at the campground. See you later, maybe?”, he spoke hoping Jel would listen to his messages.

After two hours of playing his guitar. Doing a load of washing and cleaning the place up he went to bed. “No use of guessing why he did not show up. I will just have to ask him about it when I see him again.”, thought Christopher a little worried. The happy sounds that came from the town indicated that the party had moved to the local bars.

The next morning, after his usual work out and shopping tour around town Chris called Jelmer’s cellphone again. It rang, but no one answered. He set to work on the cabins. The focus on the job was a good way to keep him distracted from the worries. Around noon he asked his friends once more if they had seen Jelmer around? No one did. And one said that he had gotten the same question about officer Tom. Chris had to smile. He thought to himself that they may have been fooling around a little. When the workday was winding down he decided to ride his bicycle to Tom’s place. His black Landrover wasn’t there. Nor did he see it at the local police station.

Chris rode to Jelmer’s little farmhouse. And from a distance, he could see Tommy’s car parked there. Christopher did not want to go inside because he was afraid he would bother the two of them. As he sat on the back of his bicycle thinking on what to do Tom came strolling out with a grin from ear to ear on his face. “Hey buddy…”, called Chris to him. He nearly fell over. “Taking care of business?”, Chris joked. “Don’t mind… Would have loved to join the two of you though!”.

Tom walked over to Chris. “Oh god, man… I am so fucking sorry… really I am!”, said Tommy ashamed. “No need Tom! I am just happy Jelmer got to experience you too.”, said Christopher reassuringly with a dirty grin. “Can you give me a ride back to town?”, asked Chris. They loaded Chris’s borrowed bicycle in the back and drove off. Chris had noticed that Jelmer had looked through the window when he and Tommy loaded the bike in the back of his car.

Tommy dropped him off at his cabin. “Again sorry about it… I don’t know what came over me…”, he said. “Really don’t worry about it… We have an open relationship… I am just a bit surprised that he did not respond to his phone messages yet.”, said Chris. “Ah, his phone was stolen last night…”, told Tom. “That does explain a lot. Anyway, I hope you two had a great time together. We really should make it a trio some time… I would love to play with that baton some more sometime…”, gasped Chris as he kissed Tom goodbye.

That evening the Irish guys came up to his cabin. That surprised Christopher, seeing as he did not tell them where he was staying exactly. And the build fences still blocked off the access to the bunkers. He got a sneaky suspicion. And texted Tom; “I am not sure. But I think I have a lead on Jelmer’s phone. Please, Meet me back here as soon as possible. 2 suspicious looking Irish guys just walked up here. My gut tells me they may have gotten my location from Jel’s phone.”. “Called perabet giriş in the cavalry. Be there in 3.”, texted officer Tom back.

Chris calmly greeted the 2 guys. And offered them a beer. He went inside to grab the beers. But the guys followed him in, closing the French doors behind them. One took out a rope as the other one grabbed Chris tight. Christopher kicked with his boots and tried to wriggle loose again. He screamed as one pressed a cloth over his mouth. After a few breaths, Chris passed out.

When he came around he saw officer Tom and 3 colleagues take away the perverts. “Hey mate… Are you okay?”, said Tom worried. “Nothing that a good nights rest and a morning wank won’t fix.”, joked Chris groggy. Tom laughed… “A dirty mind is a joy forever… By the way… you were right? They did indeed have Jelmer’s phone. I will let him know so he can also file a report. You can do that as well tomorrow. These guys deserve some time.”, suggested Tom. “Oh, nearly forgot. I think I have the incident on the phone. I set it to record just before they got up here.”, said Christopher. Tom looked at the video and was happy to have the evidence. Chris send the video to Tom’s work email.

At that moment Jelmer came rushing in. “Are you okay? Chris… Tell me your okay!”, screamed Jel. “I was until you screamed in my ears, now I am deaf. I will have to go see the doctor, to let him take a look at my ears. As for the rest of me… Why don’t you examen me more closely tonight?”, suggested Chris with a horny grin. “Oh and if you grab me any tighter I will file a complaint about choking me with Tommy as well.”, laughed Chris as Jelmer let go of his man. Jel punched Christopher’s chest. “Stop joking around. This was serious!”, he tried to say sternly but broke down laughing. Tom laughed too.

“He did manage to get your phone back Jelmer.”, said Tom. I will see that you get it back as soon as we secured any evidence. “Hey… hmmm… Jelly Belly… Sorry I missed you yesterday. I saw you were in good company today… So I did not want to disturb you… But I suggested that maybe the 3 of us… well,… you know…”, said Chris. It took Jelmer a moment to process it, but he hugged Chris and Tom again. “I’d love too… But not tonight… I want you all to myself tonight.”, gasped Jelmer happy. “Let me get a bag and a toothbrush. Best not to wake up tomorrow with a load of builders watching us…”, joked Christopher.

That evening the two guys plowed each other as if there was no tomorrow. They slept only a few hours and in the morning continued were they had left off. Chris had put up a quick note on his cabin that he was on ‘a fact-finding mission’, and would be late getting back to work.

“So tell me… How was little Tommy?”, joked Chris playing with Jel’s sweaty body. Jelmer looked at Chris for a moment. He did not know how to break the news to Chris that they had great sex together as well. “Jelly Belly… I really don’t mind if you have fun with other guys… As you know I also like to play around a little. But I do not keep those things secret from you.”, said Chris relaxed.

Jelmer sighed and hugged Chris. “Should we restrict our relationship to just the two of us? Or do you think it’s okay to occasionally screw around a little too?”, asked Jelmer. “As long as we end up in the same bed and I can call you my boyfriend. The rest are just friends to me… Well, friends with benefits…”, joked Christopher.

Jelmer kissed Christopher. “God, I do love you… I don’t know what I would do without your… “, said Jelmer. “Without my what?”, asked Chris. Jelmer sucked the 22 cm semi-hard cock deep down his throat. Letting himself suck on that thing until he needed to come up for air. “Careful buddy… Don’t hurt yourself… But don’t stop either… Turn your ass around… Let me suck that huge cock of yours as well.”, moaned Christopher horny. They both sucked each other off as deep as the 69 position would allow it. Fingering butts and pinching nipples. They stopped after they shot yet another load. Hugging and cuddling together.

“I need to get back to work… And so do you!”, suggested Chris. They showered and drove back to the ‘Harbor View’ camping grounds in Jel’s Jeep. “Let’s go swimming this weekend.”, suggested Chris. Jelmer laughed hard and put his hand on his boyfriend’s knee. “Sure, Maybe we can see if Wopke is on duty as lifeguard around East.”, laughed Jel.

The concrete truck arrived the same moment Christopher and Jelmer walked up the dune. They changed into their work clothes and helped poor the 2nd roof. After the poor was done Chris and Jel walked over to the police station to file charges against the Irish perverts. Jelmer got his phone back from Tommy. And the 2 men were sent via a special ferry back to the mainland.

Back in town, the two guys ate dinner at a local restaurant. And in the evening they both played with Wopke’s rock band. Chris on drums and Jelmer on keyboard. Wopke had lacked a few people to partake in the music festival. With the help of Chris and Jelmer, they were able to entertain the people at a local pub. They sang rock classics to late that night. Unrehearsed they did manage to do a great job of it, for all the fun and free beer. And although Wopke did suggest a sleepover at his place, the guys each went to their own beds.

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