A Family Vacation


A Family Vacation
It was just starting to turn dark while I was driving upstate with my parents and siblings in the car. I had just returned a few weeks before from a long trip abroad and this was to be the first time to see the whole family since I was back.

We planned to meet up at a restaurant for dinner, the entire family, including grandma, grandpa, uncles, aunts, cousins and all. That was to be the start of a 3 day family vacation.
We pulled in outside the restaurant to a dark starry night, and I could feel the cool breeze as I got out of the car. We entered the restaurant and warmly greeted the family members who were already there.

Over the next two hours we had a wonderful meal, arriving family members flowing in constantly for the first 45 minutes.

I greeted and talked to all them, my uncles, aunts and cousins who haven’t seen me since I got back from my long trip and were eager to hear stories of the great South American outdoors and I pleased them with amusing stories and anecdotes.

After dinner it was pretty late and we were all quite tired. We got back into the cars and drove up to where we were staying, a group of cabins at the edge of a small town my aunt reserved for the occasion: a 3 day vacation of hiking, eating good food and catching up.

We got to the cabins and headed straight to bed, each family in its own cabin. My family’s had 3 bedrooms, first for my parents, second was shared by my younger brother and sister and third was for me, the eldest. We were all pretty beat from the long ride and the late hour and fell asleep immediately.

I just realized that I forgot to tell you about myself: I’m Nick, 27 years old. After finishing college and working at my first job I decided I wanted to see the world and travel, so I quit my job and bought a ticket to Brazil. I traveled all across South America, had a great time there and just got back. I’m medium height and weight and that’s all I’m going to tell about myself for now. It’s very hard to be objective when writing about yourself.

I don’t exactly know why, but I had a somewhat rough night, waking up every two hours or so until finally at 6:30 AM I woke up again and decided to start my day. I knew that everybody would still be fast asleep so I thought I’d brew myself a batch of hot coffee and maybe checkout a nice swimming spot by the river a friend told me about. It was supposed to be “hard to find but worth the trouble” as he put it, and a walking distance from the cabins.

I walked out of the cabin silently and went down to the kitchen, enjoying the crisp early morning air. I finished making a pot of coffee, poured myself a steaming mug and sat down, when I heard a door closing gently from one of the cabins and after a few hushed footstep, I saw my cousin Emma walking in through the kitchen door with a tired early morning smile on her face.

Now for those who don’t know my cousin Emma, here’s a brief summary: my cousin is a year and half younger than me, same height as me which is tall for a girl, has mid-length light-brown hair and used to be a bit on the heavy side until a few years ago. Now she has a great, not too skinny figure, and though I never really thought about her that way, there always seemed to be a bit of flirting going on on her part, and I couldn’t deny that she was attractive. Also, she was one of my favourite cousins if not the favourite, and the same was true the other way around.

“Morning cousin”, she said with a tired face.

“Morning”, I answered, “Why up so early?”

“I could ask the same”, she retorted with grin.

But continued to answer and told me that she was used to waking up early every day because of her work at the bakery.

I told her about my lousy night and offered a cup of coffee, which she took happily and sat down.

We sat there and talked, me telling more adventure stories from my travels and her talking about work and all that she has been up to. We both enjoyed talking to each other very much and during our conversation she asked me if I knew what the family’s plan for the day was which I didn’t. I looked at my watch, saw it was still early, and told her about my plan to go to the river for a swim, I even told her about the secret spot my friend told me about, and asked her if she wants to join, both of us knowing that most of the family won’t be up

for a while. She agreed gladly and the two of us went to our cabins to quietly change into bathing suits.

We met up a few minutes after, Emma still wearing the same shorts and shirt she was wearing before, but probably now with a bathing suit underneath, and me wearing the same shirt but with swimming trunks. We started heading towards the place me friend told me about. We walked for a bit talking, and I found myself for the first time, as far I could remember, noticing Emma’s body. I looked at how sexy she was, imagined what she would look like in her swimwear, and wondered how come I never noticed it before. My thoughts were cut short when we reached the spot.

It was beautiful: A wide quiet riverbank, lots of shade, calm blue waters, perfect water depth and the morning sun glistening on the water. We stood there for a minute taking in the tranquil atmosphere of the place.

“Wow, this place is really nice”, Emma said and I agreed.

“You know what it reminds me of?” I asked, a memory popping into my mind.

“When I was in South America, whenever I would go backpacking or camping, and there was a lake or river next to where I would sleep, I would wake up in the morning and take a dip in the water, naked. It was always so refreshing”.

I thought I was just telling an amusing story, but when I looked up at Emma’s face she looked a bit uncomfortable.

“And what if there were people around?” she asked after a second to my relief.

“Then I would usually just put some distance between us or wait for them to leave. Trust me, there’s no better way to start a long day of hiking”, I answered in hope to lighten her up and finish talking about the subject.

Emma was quiet for a few seconds, thinking, and then said: “You can go ahead and enter the river naked if you want”.

My mouth went canlı bahis şirketleri dry the second the words came out of her mouth. She was k**ding, I was sure of it. Or was she? I looked at her in surprise trying to read her expression but I was truly baffled. “OK”, I managed to say unconvincingly, not quite sure I meant it, and from the way I said it she was probably thinking I didn’t mean it as well.
My mind raced, should I do this? No! It will be so embarrassing and awkward. On the other hand why not? What’s there to be embarrassed about? It’s perfectly natural. I decided to go for it. Yeehaaa!

“Let’s hit the water” I said. Carefully calculating my next steps.

I slowly walked over to a flat stone next to me. I was facing the stone so that my back was turned to Emma, who was 40 feet behind, and the river was now to my right. I put down the towel on the stone and took of my shirt, meanwhile Emma was completely quiet, not sure what I was going to do. After that I stepped out of my shoes, and without hesitation, my back still turned to Emma, took my swimming shorts and underwear completely off.

My cock was not immune to the situation and was starting to play along nicely, and right as I finished folding my shorts and placing them down, I turn around. My circumcised semi-erect dick flapping in the fresh air.

Now I won’t say I’m huge in that department but I certainly don’t have something to be ashamed of either.
I start walking towards my cousin, seeing her looking at my bare and unconcealed body and taking it in, a look with a mixture of embarrassment, excitement and what I took for and hoped was lust on her face.

I walked a few steps forward, Emma enjoying the view of my masculine body but all the while trying to appear nonchalant. I walked halfway towards her and then turned left to where the access to the river was easiest, and slowly entered the cool water, once again my back mostly turned as I dived into the water, swimming submerged towards the low stone ledge on the opposite riverbank.

The river was not deep so I could stand, and once I got there I raised my head back out of the water, and turned around, facing towards Emma. I was standing in chest high water, leaning my back against the stone wall and breathing heavily from the dive. My cock was now submerged and hard indeed, but because of the distance and the water, my cousin did
not have a very good view of it and she was still standing in the same spot, a hint of shock on her face.

“Water’s great, you coming in?” I asked without a shred of embarrassment in my voice, or so I hoped. Also, I hoped so badly that she would follow my lead but was unsure she will.
Emma said nothing, only turned around, and put down her towel. She then slowly took her shirt off to reveal her gorgeous smooth back and continued by taking off her shoes and shorts until she remained, still her back to me, with only the top and bottom of her bikini on.

This was the moment of truth, and she did not disappoint. She reached back to unclasp the top part of her bikini and removed it quickly, and then took off the bottom part, giving me an incredible view of her delicious ass. When finished undressing, I thought I could see a hint of doubt in her body language, but it disappeared quickly as she finally turned around and I got my first look at her amazing body: She was tan, except for the bathing suite parts. She had nice round breasts, probably about a C, with small pink nipples that I couldn’t tell from the distance if they were hard or not. Bellow, she had a flat slightly toned stomach which continued down to a trimmed dark brown bush. Now I have to say, up to this point I would have said I liked my women’s vaginas shaven, but seeing her with that lovely triangle over her tight, hopefully wet pussy, was hot as hell.

She gave me a devilish look and started for the water, walking to the exact place I entered, but unlike her, I now had a full view of her marvellous body.

She entered the water and submerged herself completely, raising a few feet away from where I was, and walked over to where I was standing, the water reaching up to her neck where she emerged and receding down to the bottom of her bosoms as she got closer to where I was, giving me an up close look at her mouthwatering boobs.

She walked next to me, leaning on the stone bank beside me, in the same position I was in, our shoulders only inches apart.

She let out a small sigh, moved a bit closer to my side and rested her head on my shoulder, our arms and naked thighs touching smoothly. I mustered up a bit of initiative and put my left hand around her should, in a sort of protective gesture.

We just stood there in the water, embraced, naked, not really knowing (at least not me) where this will lead. Up until now we broke a few boundaries: I saw my stunning cousin naked, she saw me and we went swimming together, but nothing too extreme. I stood there wanting to make a move but not knowing what, not knowing if she wanted. I glanced down at Emma’s tits and saw her hardened nipples, just like she could see my saluting cock in the water. She wanted something to happen, just as I did.

While still weighing my options, something started happening. Emma gently raised her head for my shoulder, like a c***d waking from a nap, and slowly slid her ass over my upper thigh. She slid it ever so slightly until it was stopped by something, my hard Cock. Then, in a swift motion, cool as ice, she brought her right palm and placed it on my swollen dick griping it loosely. She waited for a moment, awaiting for my reaction, maybe hoping I would stop her since she could not stop herself, But neither could I. I was euphoric, feeling the sensation of Emma’s warm hand on my cock while still being wrapped by the river’s cool waters. I didn’t move, didn’t react maybe even didn’t breath, until, sure enough, my cousin started stroking my dick slowly. She turned her head and we looked each other in the eyes. Each giving the other intimate permission over his body.

She turned her gaze back to water but continued, yet with even more vigour, to youwin tug my dick. Now it was my turn to act. I took the hand that was resting on her shoulder and slowly brought it down her back. I reached down to her luscious ass and gave it a nice squeeze, which awarded me with a small surprised jump on her part. From there I continued, from behind her legs, which she spread slightly upon my arrival, to her warm cunt.

I got a quiet moan out of her at first, pulling my middle finger over her slit. And from there, continued to explore, learn, caress and study her pussy with my fingers. Entering and exiting nimbly, while she was getting louder and warmer.

After a few minutes of exploring each other’s parts with our hands, we were so horny. Emma then took a step, pulling herself away from my fingers, and stood in front of me facing me. At that moment, without notice, she came in and kissed my passionately.

It was so sexy, our naked bodies pulled together while her warm soft lips were on mine. We kissed intensely for a minute or so and then, while still holding me and our lips locked in a kiss, she wrapped her long legs around my waist underwater, placed her pussy over the length of my cock and started grinding teasingly on top of it.

She drove me crazy, her legs wrapped around me, her lips around mine, my tongue in her mouth and her pussy grinding front to back along my raging hard on with no actual penetration. I wanted her so bad, to feel myself inside her, to fuck her, but not just yet. I wanted to build it up a little more, I wanted to bring her to a point she would beg for my cock.
I turned around in the water, her legs still around me and our bodies intertwined, then pushed her against the straight riverbank’s wall and slowly and painfully pulled her naked body apart from mine. Emma didn’t understand what was going on, but I knew she will very soon. I lifted her body out of the water with a bit of her help, and sat her down out of the river on the low stone ledge of the riverbank. The Height was ideal, my face was the same height as her naval and just an inch or two over her pussy.

I got close to her and hungrily spread her legs, revealing her perfect pink pussy with the sexy trimmed bush above it, her entire body dripping from the river. I looked into her eyes while spreading her legs and saw she now understood why I lifted her up.

I started at the inside of her left knee, very slowly licking and kissing my way along the inside of her thigh, all the way to her dripping cunt, but just as I got there and gave a shuddering lick to the outside of her pussy’s lips. I skipped the “prize” and continued along her inner thigh to her right knee.

I could tell she was mad by this but also so turned on by it. I retraced the path with my tongue and attempted to perform the same trick, only this time I didn’t go through with it.
Just as Emma was going to object I dove straight in and heard a cock blowing moan as I inserted my tongue deep into her pussy. It was so warm, so wet, so delicious, and I started exploring it with my tongue to the sound of my cousin’s soft moans. I started by only “scratching the surface” of her slit but then continued by inserting my tongue deeper and deeper.
I took a second to look up from my “mission” and made eye contact with Emma, my mouth still around her crotch, she gave me a moan of approval.

Just seeing the pleasure on her face turned me on even more. I returned my focus to her burning pussy, using my hands to softly pull the lips apart and stick my tongue even further in, all the while cool drops of water were trickling down from her hairy bush and sliding down towards my face.

I studied her every inch with my tongue exploring all around. After a while of playing around it was time to finish her. I pushed up with my tongue along the inside of her pussy until I found what I was looking for and pressed down HARD on it, her clit!

The second I made contact I felt the impact: Her pussy convulsed around my tongue as she let out a high pitched squeal and started shuddering violently as the orgasm hit her. I didn’t stop and continued licking her around as best I could while she continued to squeal and shake hard. Her entire body shook wildly to the point she couldn’t hold herself up any longer and collapsed on her back, still shaking slightly and breathing heavily.

Wow was all I could think to myself as I pulled myself out of the water, and climbed on top her. Her body still recuperating from the massive orgasm. I looked down at her stunning body, looked into her eyes and began kissing her tenderly. First on the mouth, short but passionate kisses, allowing her to catch her breath. Then moving down to her long neck and finally continuing to her breasts and delicious rock hard nipples. Giving each one of those beauties the attention they deserve.

After a bit, her body relaxed and she was ready for more. She pulled my face up to hers and started kissing my deeply. After a few kisses she put her lips to me ear and whispered hoarsely “I want you inside me”.

Nothing she would have said would have made me harder than those words, but I still had a look of hesitation on face which she spotted immediately and continued understandingly: “It’s okay, I’m on the pill”.

That made every bit of hesitation disappear and I was ecstatic about finally getting to fuck my stunning cousin. I was worried up until now that she might change her mind before we got to this point. But she didn’t. She was as much in to it as I was.

I looked at the expression on her face as I guided my rock hard cock to the “promised land” between her legs.

I grabbed my dick with my hand, rubbed it two or three times against the outside of her pussy and then slowly penetrated her warm wet cunt, savouring the feeling of her pussy pressing down on my hard cock.

All the while of me pushing myself into her tight pussy, I kept looking at her face, and captured her expression as it changed from lustful, to pain mixed with pleasure and finally to complete and utter pleasure, letting out a long moan as my cock found its way deep inside her.

I youwin giriş stopped moving when my dick’s full length was inside her, enjoying the incredible sensation of my cock inside her and letting her get used to me. Then, I started pumping her. Slowly at first, pulling my cock out until only the tip remained inside her and then pushing it back all the way in. I cautiously accelerated the pace to my cousin’s moans and sounds of approval, until I was thrusting my cock into her at full speed.

I knew I couldn’t keep it up much longer and switched to fucking her with short hard thrusts that drew even louder moans from the both of us until I couldn’t take it anymore.

“I’m gonna cum”, I almost yelled.

“Ah, Ah, yes, cum inside me”, Emma answered between moans just as I reached my climax.

I came inside her hard, my orgasm taking over me completely as I managed a few last thrusts, shooting huge loads of cum inside her vagina.

As my orgasm subsided, I pulled out of her, rolled off and laid down on my back next to her, small dribbles of cum flowing out of her pussy.

Both of us just lay there next to each other, naked, panting heavily, our bodies wet with sweat or river water, probably both, trying to catch our breathes.

“I hope you still have some game left?” she said after catching her breath, pointing to my limp cock.

“I’m not done with you yet” she continued saying with an enticing smile.

“Anything for you” I answered pleased, “But I might need a bit of encouragement first”.

She took the hint and pulled herself up to her knees. She then continued by situating herself closer to me, bent down to my cock, took it in her hand started sucking on it. It felt amazing. She started out by licking the tip like a lollipop. Then licked it all the way down to my balls, placing each in her mouth and sucking until going back up and sucking my cock again.

I started feeling the blood rushing back down to it as it slowly started to regain its former glory. Emma continued blowing me expertly, her warm mouth and sly tongue working all over the place. I felt in heaven.

After a few minutes of admirable work on her part, my cock was once again fully erect.

Emma pulled herself away from my cock to my disappointment, but continued by climbing on top of me. She placed her pussy just over my erect cock and in one quick motion impaled herself on top of it, letting out a pleasure filled gasp.

I was inside her again, laying on my back on the ground while Emma was sitting on my dick and started lustfully riding it.

I looked up at her, enjoying the wonderful sensation of her slippery cunt warmly embracing my cock while she moved up and down. She was beautiful: her wet hair, her face, eyes closed in pleasure, her mouth quietly letting out small moans every time she would slide down on my cock, her amazing tits with those beautiful pink nipples bouncing up and down so provocatively with every move of her body, her well-toned stomach and finally her tight pink pussy with her sexily trimmed bush just above it, greedily swallowing up my cock repeatedly. I never really appreciated how truly beautiful she was up until now.

She kept on going blissfully, controlling the pace of the merging of our bodies, Emma lost in a sexual trance, letting out continues sounds of appreciation and pleasure and I as well.
She opened her eyes, still riding me and bent down to exchange a tender kiss and whispered in my ear “let’s switch positions”.

She got off me and sat up on her knees, I did the same. I then pulled her into a kiss, bringing my hands around her back in an embrace and lowering them down to squeeze her lovely ass.

I broke the kiss and turned her around, placed her on all fours, and with me behind her, holding her by the waist, I penetrated her from behind, pushing my cock as deep as I could inside her, fucking her like a wild dog.

We fucked passionately, the position allowing me to penetrate her even deeper then before. I was grabbing her by the waist and thrusting hard, every thrust ending with a sharp slapping sound as our bodies collided, and unleashing loud moans from the both of us, as waves of pleasure ran through our bodies. I quickened the pace, fucking her hard and fast, raising our mutual moans of pleasure into screams of ecstasy.

Although I had much more stamina this round, I was getting very close to finishing, and sensed that my cousin was too. I fucked her hard with the last of my strength, feeling my climax close at bay, when I heard Emma yell “Oh god” and moan fiercely as the orgasm took over her for the second time today, her pussy pushed down intensely on my cock, causing me to also climax powerfully.

We orgasmed in unison, loud and passionately. My cock draining inside her pussy causing her orgasm’s strength to increase. She shook wildly as she climaxed. We both did. After a few seconds we couldn’t even hold ourselves up any longer.

We collapsed to the ground on top of each other. Exhausted. My cock still inside her as the last waves of pleasure ran powerfully through our intertwined bodies.

We just lay there for some time, naked, panting, sweating, holding each other while taking in all that just happened between us.

After a couple minutes I was the one to speak first.

“I think we should head back”, I said and Emma agreed.

We got up and jumped back in the river, needing to cross back to our clothes. We washed ourselves in the cool water and swam together to the other side.

We got out of the water and went over each to his pile of clothes. We dried ourselves off with the towels we brought and started dressing, only this time we were facing each other shamelessly, getting last glimpses of each other’s bodies until we were fully clothed.

I went over to my cousin and pulled her close.

“That was amazing” I said and continued by saying: “You are amazing”, pulling her in for one last kiss.

She didn’t answer in words, but only kissed me back in agreement.

We walked back to our families, seeing from a distance that they were already up and started working on breakfast.

When we got closer, my younger sister spotted us first and asked curiously “where were you?”.

“Just went for a swim in the river” I answered innocently.

“But your clothes are not even wet” she went on.

To that Emma and I just looked at each other and shrugged, a hint of a smile barely noticeable on our faces.

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