A Director Made Our Movie!


A Director Made Our Movie!

By now you know what happened between my mom and me in my previous stories. Mom was very casual around me. As if nothing had happened. I too acted as if everything was cool. As if I had done nothing at all. But frankly, it was eating me up. Guilt was killing me. I tried hard to let go of the incident.

But little did I know it was the sweet forbidden fruit one should not taste. Once tasted the juice will only make you crave for more. Mom continued to work. Every day was the same for us. Mom leaving to work in the morning and returning back in the evening, cooking for us and serving dinner. Falling asleep early.

Life went smooth. The only thing that caught my attention every passing day was how my mom was changing the way she looked. She seemed to grow younger every day. Mom had changed her outlook. She had her dressing changed. Her lipstick colors were bold.

Her eyebrows were sharper than before. Her cheeks had a glow. I couldn’t help but notice her walking style had changed making her bottom swing with her steps. I had started missing her. I missed the last time I touched her. Imagining her bra clad breasts in my hands.

I used to rub my dick while I put myself to sleep. I was wanting it again. I had gone desperate. That night, mom doesn’t return on the usual time from work. I wait in anticipation. I hear my phone ringing. I reach and see my mom is calling. I receive and ask, “Where are you, mom?”

Mom says. “I am stuck in the rain while I was shopping for some jewelry.” The thunderstorm was warning for the night to be dark and wet. I was worried, I was thinking about how to get her home before it’s too late. I asked her to stay inside the jewelry store and told her I was on the way.

I started my bike and rushed wearing a raincoat. I was looking for my mom in the shop she had addressed. But I don’t find her. I was worried. I searched for her on the street while I try to connect her on the mobile phone. I don’t see a response. It worries me more. I repeatedly try her phone and she picks up at last.

I ask her where she is, she says, she is in the cafe next to the jewelry shop. I park my bike and head to the cafe. I see my mom seated with a stranger. That man I had never seen before. He looked suspicious. He was having a long beard, long hair and was wearing spectacles.

He was chatting and giggling with my mom. I walked to their table and grabbed my seat. My mom introduced the stranger to me. She said he was a film director. I wished him hello and smiled. He was interested to talk to me. He was curious with his questions about me and our family.

I was hesitant at the beginning but felt comfortable after a while. I shared all our family background with him. He was very compassionate. It was late and raining that night. The director was curious to know more, but we had to leave. I asked mom to start immediately and we wished him goodbye.

As we were about to casino siteleri leave our seats, the director asked my mom for her mobile phone number. My mom without even thinking twice shared her number and he fed it on his phone. I was not comfortable. The next couple of days were as usual. Mom going to work and back home.

But I didn’t know what was coming. That evening when I had been out at a party with my friends I received a call by 8 pm from my mom. Mom asked me to come home immediately. I was partying and was a little tipsy. I had to excuse myself from the party and rush home as I didn’t know what was happening.

I reached home to find the director seated on our couch and mom chatting with him. I was shocked. I went and sat next to him. He started chatting with me as my mom went to the kitchen to make some coffee. He noticed me being tipsy. He asked me if I was interested in seeing some films.

I said yes. He grabbed his laptop out of his bag and started showing me the films he had directed. I was shocked to see the titles he had named. ‘My son’, ‘Love Without Consent’, and so on. His first movie had scenes with all porn elements in it. I was feeling uncomfortable.

As he finished showing me his short 15 minutes movie, he told me all of his movies are recorded in real-time. I got super aroused as I saw a mature woman making out with a young guy. I was speechless. I didn’t know what was running in his mind.

I got up from the couch and headed to my room. I took a shower and came back to the living room. I saw my mom and the director watching a movie he had directed. Intimate scenes played on his laptop as my mom watched without uttering a word. I saw mom’s curiosity.

As the movie ended, mom rushed to her room passing me. Our eyes brushed for a wink of a second. We both were not sure what is happening. The director steps close to me and whispers in my ears. If I was interested to lead in his next movie. I was shocked, speechless. I stared at him without a clue.

He whispers again in my ears, “Come with me. I shall make a movie for you to remember forever.” He starts walking towards my mom’s room. I blindly followed him. He entered my mom’s room and settled on the couch in the corner. My mom’s room lights were on.

He grabs his camcorder and starts recording. He asks me to sit on her bed while she is in the bathroom. I sit on the bed waiting for him to suggest what I should do. I hear the bathroom door open. My mom walks out of the bathroom wearing her maroon saree. She was carelessly dressed. Her hair was undone.

Mom’s hips were shown as her saree had moved off her. She had washed her face, which had drops of water on lips. Her forehead had water dripping. Her bindi was rubbed off leaving a stain. I watched her stepping out with shock as she saw the director record all this.

The director tells mom that I was interested in playing a lead role in the movie he is about to direct. Mom tipobet stood still as he asks me to start following his direction. He asks me to go stand behind mom. As I stand behind her, he asks me to smell the scent in the room and feel it. I do it.

I feel the air covered with my mom’s scent. Her sweaty clothes, her perfume clad body, her breath were all in my mind. He asks me to tie my mom’s hair back on her shoulder. I open my eyes with fear. He zooms on my face and asks me to do it without hesitation. My mom stood still with her eyes closed.

My hands were feeling her silky hair slip through my fingers. I was sweating on my forehead. I was anxious to see what mom would do if I continue to touch her. I couldn’t wait any longer. I ran my fingers slowly on her neck. I saw mom feel the tingling on her neck and raise on her toes.

She pushed her neck away from my fingers. But had u*********sly moved closer to me. I wait for her to react further. The director sits in the corner recording every bit. My mom’s butt was inches away from my manhood. I was aroused by the scene already.

A stranger recording such an intimate scene had rushed my blood to the brains. My hardness had bulged under my pants. I couldn’t wait any longer. I moved a step closer to her and our bodies pressed. My dick was now pressing on her lower back. My chest was on her luscious back.

I felt fear and sense of insanity while my cock was brushing moms back. Mom was now fearless. She pushed herself back to feel my cock more. She was swaying her body while she was feeling it. Her eyes closed for the next couple of minutes, we both were swaying our bodies feeling our clothes between us.

I was running impatiently. I had no patience left to dry hump her. Mom had not shown any signs for me to stop. I was invited, too. I took my hands and laid on her lush hips. My gentle touch on her hips made mom let out a heavy breath. As mom gasped I firmly grab her hips and pull her hand towards me.

While I stand behind her grabbing her hips, mom raises her neck and moans gently. Her hands run down from behind and grab my butts. My mom now firmly grabs my bottom and pulls it harder to feel my cock between her ass. We both were losing our senses in this act.

My hands had already made it’s way a little higher on her body. I was feeling her saree on my hands. My fingers were brushing the lower border of her blouse. Her gasps were getting harder as our body swayed. I pull moms pallu off her chest slowly.

Mom continues to rock herself as her pallu is pulled off to reveal her gorgeously filled breasts. Her breasts were trapped in her blouse. She was breathing heavy which made her breasts rise and fall slowly. I ran my hands on her breasts and felt the heat on her chest.

I ran my fingers between her blouse to feel her bra straps. We were aroused beyond limits. Mom let go of my ass and grabbed my hands and started pressing and pushing bahis siteleri it on her boobs. I was enjoying the way my mom was guiding it. She started unhooking her blouse. I helped her.

It was steady quick while she unhooked all the 4 hooks. Her cup bra was now holding her boobs tight in place. Her cleavage had swallowed her Mangal sutra. I was rubbing gently on her tits trying to feel them on my fingers. We were losing it. Mom pushes me away and turns towards me.

Our eyes locked mom slowly removes her blouse off her. Mom stands in front of me with just a bra on her. Her pallu on the floor, she dragged it to the bed and lays flat. Her body looks like a feast to me. Mom closes her eyes again. I was surely invited. I step closer and undo my pants.

I stand in front of my mom on the corner of the bed. My cock was pushing my boxers. I climb gently on the bed. Mom lays welcoming. I spread her legs and place myself on my mom’s stomach. I start kissing her ears. I lick them, I move my tongue licking her neck. I reach her bra strap and bite on it.

Mom wraps her hands around my back and hugs me tight. My chest now pushes her breasts. Our bodies now pressing against each other. Mom grabs my hair and moves my lips on her chest. My lips run on her milky skin. I taste moms sweat between her cleavage. I drop my saliva between the valley of lust.

I lick my own saliva. My mom raises her chest and grabs me in between her cleavage. I run my hands on her neck slowly pulling off her bra straps. She adjusts herself to let the bra straps fall off her shoulder. I pull them down further to expose her semi-nude boobs.

I kiss them and lick them until she loses herself. My mom had spread her legs which had made me push my cock on her upper mound. Mom was pinned to the bed with me on top. Mom had no choice now but to grab my head in one hand and rip off her bra with another.

As her bra came off her body, I saw her deep brown areoles with her tits erect competing with my cock. Her tits were puffy. They were hard as a pearl. My eyes were lusting it to be inside my mouth. Her breasts were full as if she had milk in it. Mom raised her chest closing her eyes.

I move closer to her to land my lips on her tits. My lips feel the hardness of her tits. As I lick her juicy tits, mom pushes it deeper inside my mouth. I had my mom’s breast fully inside my mouth. I was swaying my tongue from inside while her tits grew harder and harder. Mom was moaning loud.

Her body was shivering in the bed. She with a soft voice asks me to bite her. I gently grab her tits between my tooth and bite her. She grabs my face and shouts loud. She gets her legs closer and spirals it. Mom moves my mouth from one breast to another making me suck and lick her luscious breasts.

With every bite on her tits mom rubs her thighs hard to reach climax. Mom pushes me away and draws her pallu back on her chest. Her still erect tits push on her saree leaving an impression. I lay next to mom watching her breasts rise and fall as she tries to get herself together.

The director seated in the corner looks at us with a grin on his face and says, “Well this is just the beginning. Well done.”

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