A Deal With My Step-Sister Part 3 – The Final Part


A Deal With My Step-Sister Part 3 – The Final Part
The next few days I pestered Kelly constantly. She had to use her go to jail card to make me do my chores before mum and dad came home. I was so horny and once again wanted to step up our deals.

I only had mowing the lawn, looking after the garden (front and back) and washing the dishes left to trade with. The dishes would be a little hard because I needed mum and dad to think Kelly was doing all her chores. And since they were only a room away, it would be hard to pretend Kelly did them when she was elsewhere.

I wasn’t quite so sure I had enough to get my sister to fuck me. I knew she would let me play with her pussy for one chore. But she would seduce me again and probably get the other two chores to let me finger her and blowjobs if I was lucky.

She knew just how to get me, I knew she wouldn’t mind rubbing against me as long as it got her easier deals.

I finally finished dusting the whole house, along with vacuuming and cleaning the pool all by myself. Kelly swimming around in a bikini didn’t help.

I sighed and eased myself down onto the couch, my legs were killing me and for once I didn’t have the energy to harass Kelly.

Kelly walked into the room and plopped into lap, I grunted as her tight arse landed on my hard aching cock. I rested one hand on her bare belly under her shirt and slipped the other through the arm hole to grope her breasts through her bra.

Kelly sighed and wiggled her arse on my cock.

“So I was thinking. Mowing the lawns is such a drag. I think…”

Kelly got up and pulled my pants down, she pulled hers down as well and sat on my cock. I grunted in pleasure as her pussy pushed onto my cock. I quickly moved to slide it between her cheeks before she used her right to stop all fun today because I touched her pussy.

Kelly swatted my hands away and rubbed her pussy on my cock. I groaned again. Her tight and moist lips rubbed up and down my cock. So tight her pussy was almost nibbling at my cock.

“I think you will mow both lawns in return for touching my pussy. Just touching, though I will allow you to finger and lick me as much as you want. Deal.”


I groaned I was in heaven. She could have added all the other chores and I would have agreed.

“Just remember to tell me when you are about to cum.”

Kelly pulled off her top and bra so she was naked and turned to straddle my lap. She sat up and rubbed my cock head up and down her pussy. I wanted so bad to thrust up and fuck my cock inside my sister’s sweet tight pussy.

But just before I humped up Kelly pushed my cock down and rubbed her pussy up and down my length. I groaned and looked down in surprise as I felt my cock get wetter and wetter. Kelly pulled my chin up and shoved her tongue in my mouth.

I was too surprised to respond for a moment then I grabbed her arse and rubbed my finger on her rosebud. Her juices had leaked onto her arse and I took advantage. I couldn’t believe she was getting off on me.

I slowly pushed my index finger into Kelly’s arse and she moaned into my mouth. One hand held her arse cheek open, while the other fingered her tight hole.

By the time I added another finger her hips were a blur on my cock, now covered in a liberal coating of girl juices. I wasn’t so much fingering her arse, but bursa escort holding my hand steady for her to fuck back one. I was getting hotter from how much she was turned on. I pulled away from the kiss and started to suck on her breasts. Kelly gave a long low groan and started to cum on my cock sliding up between her pussy lips.

“Oh god yes this is good.”

I couldn’t help it, Kelly’s pussy felt too good, her slick juices making our humping fast and hot.

“Gonna cum!”

Kelly quickly jumped off and started jacking my cock while aiming it in her mouth. Her lips so close they were nearly touching my cock.

“Come on and give me some tasty cum.”

That one sentence pushed me over the edge and I started to cum. My cock pulsing with each shoot of spunk firing into Kelly’s mouth. I groaned as I finished. My whole body twitched as Kelly flicked her tongue out to lash the end of my cock and get the last drop from my cock.

I looked down at her as she swallowed my load. She was looking at my cock almost like she was drunk. She looked back at me.

“Gardens at the front get you a blow job.”

I gasped as her hot mouth enveloped my softening cock. I shuddered and groaned.


Kelly rubbed my balls with one hand, while the other was rubbing her pussy while she sucked the head and first few inches of my cock. I groaned as I quickly hardened in her mouth. She was sucking hard at my cock and moving her head up and down, but she was awkward.

I suppose she hadn’t blown many guys. The gears in my head clicked, having been frozen from an overload of lust and I looked down at Kelly. I didn’t want to interrupt her blow job, but I needed to know.

After all she had plenty of chances to go to the city because I had taken her chores but she hadn’t.

“You aren’t popular at school are you?” Kelly looked up and raised an eyebrow as she gave an extra hard suck. “I mean I always assumed because you were so beautiful you were popular.”

Kelly pulled my dick from her mouth with a pop and slowly licked up and down as she jacked my cock. She interrupted her talking with licking.

“I never fit in with the skinny dumb bitches who would bend over for an old fart if they thought they could cum or get something. And while the guys would hit on me I just told them to fuck off. Before I knew it, I was hanging out in the library waiting for school to end.”

I groaned as Kelly gave me one last suck and stood up. I knew what she was going to say.


Kelly smiled and straddled my legs again, her pussy once again holding my cock head right near her entrance.

“Gardens at the back get you a hot fuck whenever I want it.”

I groaned as Kelly slowly started to lower herself down. She hit her lip as my cock head split her lips and pushed her entrance open. She gave a small grunt as my cock head popped into her pussy.

“You know I had a funny feeling my first cock would be my brothers. Now don’t move until I tell you.”

Kelly took a deep breath and slammed her hips down so her pussy swallowed up my cock in one go. She grunted in pain while I gasped and struggled to stop from cumming as her tight walls clenched at me. Kelly wrapped her arms around me and pulled my mouth onto hers. I kissed her back softly as she shuddered on my cock, trying to get used to my hard member in her virgin bursa escort bayan pussy. She would grunt and groan as her pussy pulsed around my dick

After a few moments I returned my index and middle finger to her arse, fingering her slowly. She moaned into my mouth and pulled my other hand up to grab her breasts. We stayed like that for I don’t know how long, but soon Kelly started to shift her hips while I was impaling her.

I tried to hold out for as long as I could, but she felt too good. I started to hump up into her, making her moan with every thrust. I couldn’t pull out much because she was sitting on me, but it felt great.

I fell sideways and rolled Kelly onto her back. We broke the kiss and my gorgeous sister looked up at me, her face flushed deep red.

I kept fingering her arse, even with the awkward position and started to thrust in and out of her properly. Kelly was moaning and looking up at me with bright eyes.

“Come inside of me. I want to feel you fill me up with your spunk.”

My sister’s word tripped a flag in my head and I started to fuck her hard and fast. Her constant moaning was interrupted every time I thrust inside as hard as I could, making her breasts jiggle.

I pulled my fingers from her arse and shoved them inside her mouth, Kelly sucked hard on my fingers. I didn’t pull them out until her swirling tongue had cleaned them thoroughly.

I grabbed her hips and started to pummel my cock in and out of her recently virgin pussy. Kelly was moaning deeply and playing with her clit.

I slammed into her a few more times until I was deep as I could go and started cum. Threads of spunk shot into my sister’s pussy and I groaned with each shot. I humped her quickly as I rode out my orgasm, pushing my cum even deeper into her pussy. While I was cumming, Kelly’s hot and tight pussy got even tighter as she clamped up and began groaning deeply.

I shot one last wad of cum into Kelly’s pussy and half collapsed on top of her. Her arms encircled me and she licked my ear.

“Now I wonder what you get for doing the dishes for me.” My cock instantly hardened from half soft and Kelly giggled, but she pushed me out of her pussy. “No more today, I need to rest that part.”

I nodded. I imagined while she had cum, she had still felt quite a lot of pain and that wasn’t going to go away straight away.

I pushed my hands into the sink and pulled out the last few utensils and gave them a quick wash before drying them and putting them away. Kelly was sitting at the kitchen table, ready to jump up and pretend to be doing the dishes while the parents were in the lounge.

They were getting ready to go out, while me and Kelly were getting ready to go all out once they left.

The last week I had been on cloud nine. After I first fucked Kelly I had expected some days before we fucked again. But that night she had slipped into my bed for some slow love making and that was what it was. We were gentle with each other, trying to give the other the most amount of pleasure.

Then once we had cum, we fucked each other like a****ls. I was glad my bedroom was two rooms from our parents.

Kelly still loved me to lick her arse and I had spent a lot of time each day licking and fingering her arse. Of course I spent much longer doing all of my chores plus Kelly’s. escort bursa Only the fact I knew I was going to get a blow job or sex was keeping me going. Though Kelly helped me with cleaning the pool. Or she would pose in sexy outfits while I dusted or vacuumed.

Mum and dad bid us goodbye, going to some retro 1920’s gangster ball. Dad actually looked pretty cool in a fedora and sharp suit, while mum looked classy in her gown. I always liked the 1920’s, though I suspected the gangsters hadn’t actually gone ‘now see here, meh’ like in the movies.

As soon as they were gone we both moved to the lounge, first making sure they hadn’t left anything behind that would make them return. I made sure to lock the door and close all the blinds.

By the time I had finished Kelly was naked on her hands and knees in front of the couch. I swallowed at the sight, she was so fucking hot and I had her to myself.

I quickly chucked off my clothes and kneeled behind her, shoving my face into her arse and making her laugh.

“It tickles but damn it feels good. Get me nice and wet.”

I played with her pussy as I rimmed her arse, sliding a finger in once she was wet enough. Before long I had three fingers stretching her amazingly tight pussy. I moved my face away and started to finger her arse, starting with one and quickly moving to three.

Kelly moaned, pushing her arse back on my fingers as I slowly fingered both holes.

“I think it’s time.”

I nodded and pulled the tube of lube from my pants on the ground near by. I slid my cock in Kelly’s pussy in one smooth thrust as I quickly lubed up her arse. I pulled out and lubed up my cock.

I took a deep breath. I was about to fuck my sister in the arse. I placed my cock at her rosebud, it was still tight looking despite the stretching I had been doing for the past week.

I pushed and gritted my teeth as my sensitive cock was swallowed up by Kelly’s tight arse. She huffed and moaned in equal measure as I slowly plunged my hard member into her depths. Her soft cheeks pushed against my hips, I thrust a little harder and pushed a little deeper in before slowly pulling out. I repeated the slow thrusts for a few minutes.

Kelly was moaning now and I knew that was enough of a slow fuck. Every thrust in I got faster and faster, Kelly’s tight arse clenching at my cock. Trying to milk a load out of me.

Her arse felt too great and I knew I wouldn’t last long. I started to pound her arse, making her huff and her tight arse jiggle a little bit.

I leant over her and grabbed both breasts, thrusting as hard and fast as I could into Kelly’s arse.

“Ohhh yeah, fuck me hard brother. Don’t hold back because you’ll be putting more than one load up my arse tonight. Then you have to fill my pussy, it is only fair.”

I grunted as my cock slid in and out of Kelly’s slick and smooth arse while her tight ring clenched along my own length.

I moaned deeply and began to shoot my cum inside Kelly’s arse. Her own orgasm was making her whole body clench, giving us both more pleasure as my cock filled up her arse.

Kelly was cumming so hard her tongue was nearly hanging out as she moaned constantly on my dick in her arse. Her hands was rubbing like mad on her clit and I was still squirting my load deep in her arse.

I sucked on Kelly’s neck and slowly pulled out of her arse to collapse on the couch. Kelly turned around and crawled between my legs to suck my cock into her mouth. She slurped up and down the length and smiled at me.
“Don’t think we have finished yet.”
The End.

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