A chance at a new sex life; Part 10


A chance at a new sex life; Part 10
I awake the next morning with empty arms and a lonely bed. I look around and search for Stacey but my sister is nowhere to be seen. She must have left earlier this morning or during the night. It was probably for the best but would have been nice to wake up with her in my arms.

Sometime later that morning my mom comes into the room carrying some breakfast.

“Morning sweetie, how are you feeling?”

“A lot better mom thanks!”

“I’m glad.” Here I made you some breakfast and brought your next dose of medication.” Mom lays a tray of food with a few pills next to it.

“Thanks mom, where’s Stacey?” I try not to sound too eager.

“She’s off to college today, she wanted to stay and help but I made her go, such the bad mother I am.” She replies with a big grin on her face and can’t help hold back her laugh.

“Least I have you Mom” I wink and joke with her.

“I’m glad you are feeling better baby. I’ll be downstairs if you need anything ok? I’ll be back up to check on you soon!” She leans over and kisses my forehead before leaving the room, leaving the door open.

After eating my breakfast, I settle back into bed and pretty much snooze for the rest of the day. Mom does come in every hour or so to check up on me and periodically give me my next dose of medication.

It’s some time close to dinner time when my sister wakes me up instead.

“Hey bro, how you feeling?” She places her hand on the side of my face to stroke it as she leans down for a tender kiss on the lips.

“All the better for seeing you now!” I tease.

“You complete cheese ball” she playfully swats at my chest. She smiles down to me, “I’m sorry I wasn’t here when you woke up this morning. I did sleep with you for a while but decided it was best to sneak back to my room. Didn’t want mum coming in to check on you and finding me. Both of us naked!”

“I forgive you I suppose!” I say smugly.

“Oh, why thank you, how kind. Here I was thinking I would have to make it up to you.” She starts to get off. “Oh well, maybe another time.”

“Hey there, hold on a minute!” I grab her arm and pull her on top of me. A bit of pain courses through me as she lands but it’s not as bad as before. “How would you make it up to me?”

“Well” she started as she traced her fingers up my chest and to my lips. “Very similar to last night but with maybe a few extras and not so dark!” She leans down to kiss me again.

I wrap my arms around her and hold her close. Our tongues doing their dance of love. I want the kiss to last forever but I know we have to be careful. I kiss her deeply one last time before releasing my hold on her.

“Are you going to join us for dinner?” Her face turning into a puppy dog look, like I would refuse anyway.

“Yeah sure!”

Dinner was nice again; it was certainly helping with the pain. It wasn’t like we had all grown apart or anything but there was certainly a new found closeness between us now. It was comforting.

After dinner I head back up to my room. Stacey and mom are going to watch one of their girly shows and I would rather go play some videos games.

About an hour has passed when I hear the front door and mom welcoming in some people. I don’t think anything of it until mom comes up to my room;

“Robbie? There’s a couple of your friends here to see you!”

“Who is?”

“Two lovely young ladies named Jessica and Melody!”

“Oh, right yeah, em can they come up?”

“Mmmm I suppose, I’ll send them up.” Mom smiles as she walks away.

I pause my game and moments later Jessica and Melody enter my room.

“Hi Robbie! We heard what happened!” Jessica says coming over to me.

“Hey girls! How did you find out?” I reply a bit confused to how they did.

“Miss Davidson told me privately” Melody speaks up. She pulled me aside yesterday to say you wouldn’t be there the rest of the week.

“So, we wanted güvenilir bahis to come check on you” Jessica comes closer for a hug. It’s a little awkward as I’m still sitting but I get up to hug Melody.

“Thanks, but you didn’t need to do this. I’m doing fine and will be back next week!” I reassure them, well try too anyway.

“Oh, don’t be silly, we care about you! So, what actually happened?” Jessica pries.


“What? If you don’t mind Robbie that is!”

I can’t help but laugh at how forward she is, I always thought she was a quiet one as well. I don’t know what it was about these two, probably the fact they both fancy me. I didn’t mind telling them the truth of what happened. Obviously missing out the fact that I am much closer to my sister now.

“Wow” Jessica gasps “Is he in jail now?”

“Not sure but the police did have him in custody.”

“What an a****l. Poor you!” Jessica comes over and gives me a hug. “You are like a hero now.”

“Hardly” I laugh.

“Yeah calm down Jess” Melody laughs as well.

“What? He is! He stood up for his sister and saved her from god only knows what else. I think that deserves a kiss!” With that Jessica leans down closer to me and plants a long slow tender kiss on my cheek, the fact that it was just off my lips didn’t escape me.

“Jess stop, you are embarrassing Robbie and I, not to mention yourself.”

“Oh, come on Mel, you know you want to do the same.”

“Jessica” Melody hisses at her as her face turns bright red.

“Girls it’s ok” I can’t help but laugh. And then a wicked idea comes to me. I get up and cross over to Melody. Wordlessly I take her face in my hands and plant a kiss on her lips. She’s very taken back at first and very hesitant but soon she melts into the kiss. Her hands now holding my face. It’s a slow kiss with minimal tongue, I get the feeling she’s not an experienced kisser.

After I break the kiss, I turn to glance at the gob smacked Jessica then say to Melody. “There, you have one up on her now!” I wink as I go back to sit at my desk chair.

“Heyyyy no fair!! I want one on the lips!” Jessica huffed.

“Not my fault you missed with your kiss!” I tease.

“I get another go then!” She demands.

“Nope you had your go!”

“Aww come on, are you sure you don’t want to give me another shot?” She tries to move seductively close to me and edge her face closer to mine.

I glance towards Melody who is still silent, red faced with a big grin on her face. I then move closer to Jessica before whispering;

“maybe next time!” Before pulling away.

“Oh, I’ll get you!” Jessica says trying to sound stern and serious. “You can wipe that smile off your face too Mel!” She glares at our happy friend.

I start to laugh and soon the girls join in.

We spend a few hours laughing and joking, playing some videos games. There is a lot of flirting as well but nothing more. Just before they have to leave, we all make plans to hang out on Saturday. It will be good to get out of the house and I like spending time with them both. My mom should let me go; I laugh to myself.

“Ok see you Saturday then Robbie!” Jessica says standing up and coming over to me. “I’m taking my chance this time!” Before I could reply her lips are locked onto mine, her tongue is forceful and eager to get passed my lips, I let her. Our tongues quickly twist around each other, fighting for dominance. I concede to her as I’m all too aware of Melody.
“That was worth it” Jessica smiled breaking the kiss, “your turn Mel.” She says turning to our friend.

Melody is still a little uneasy but she comes over and we share a kiss. It’s not as forceful as Jessica’s but there’s a tenderness to it that makes it just as hot. Our hands are on each other and with the previous kiss with Jessica I can feel myself get pretty hard.

The kiss ends and I’m left wanting more from both of them but türkçe bahis alas they leave.

Again, after my mom says goodnight and heads to her bed Stacey comes to my room.

“Did you have good time with your little fwends?” She teases closing the door behind her.

I have a little lamp on the table next to my bed so this time I can see a lot more of her. Tonight, she has a long pajama top on that just covers her ass.

“Not jealous are you sis?”

“What do I have to be jealous of?” She cocks an eyebrow as she joins me in the bed. “I get you anytime I want now.”

“Oh, is that so?” I edge away from her and cross my arms. “What if one of them is my girlfriend now and I don’t want too?”

Stacey simply edges closer and press her breasts against me and with that puppy dog look on her face. “But we both know that they are lies. You don’t want these?” She takes my hands with minimal effort and places them on her chest.

They are amazing to feel. They are purely natural and her skin is so soft in my hand. Her nipples are instantly hard at my touch and I trace my fingers over and around them.
“Mmm oh I don’t know; not sure I do want them!” I tease.

“Oh please!” She half groans, half pleads. Her hands are back on mine and are squeezing her tits through mine. Her head falls back in pleasure as we squeeze her beautiful mounds together.
“Take off your top!” I quietly demand.

Wordlessly she lifts off her top and tosses it away. I lift myself up with a little pain and take her right nipple to my mouth. Sucking her hard-little nub into my mouth. Her nails drag up my back as I suck harder on her nipple, nibbling it in between sucks.

I alternate my lips on each nipple as I squeeze her ass in my hands. I’m rock hard now and I can feel my cock press between us. The pressure of our bodies gives minimum pleasure. It’s good but I need more, so does Stacey;

“Lie down Robbie” she tells me, eyes closed.

I do as I’m told and lay back on the bed. She fumbles at my boxers and pulls them down. Not even pulling them fully off before bringing her attention back to my throbbing member.

“It really is big!” She admires as she takes it in her right hand. “Not sure I could get the whole thing in my mouth!” She continues to stare at it in awe. Considering what she does as a ‘hobby’ would have thought there would have been dozens of dick pics sent to her. My thoughts are cut short when I feel Stacey’s lips wrap around my bulbous head. Her lips are tight around me as she just manages to get me in her mouth.

Her lips slowly move further down my shaft, her tongue slowly swirling around the tip. With my cock a few inches into her warm mouth, Stacey starts to bob her head. It’s probably the slowest blow job I’ve ever had but there’s something about the slow pace that just builds the pleasure. Her hand is wrapped around the base of my cock. She uses to it guide my cock around and she continues to suck at her agonizingly slow pace.

Stacey then takes her mouth of the tip but then runs her lips down the side. Peppering it with soft kisses. Trailing her tongue along the underside as she comes back up.

For the next while Stacey alternates between slowly sucking me and trailing her tongue along my length. My cock is glistening and throbbing. I don’t how much more of this I can handle.

Thankfully not soon after, Stacey climbs off and gets on her hands and knees facing away from me. I don’t need any hints or instructions on what to do. With my boxers still half way down my legs I get myself up and get behind Stacey. I pull at the pink panties she is wearing and pull them down to her knees. I can see already that her pussy is wet and ready for me. I waste no time. I’m ready to burst after her slow teasing blow job. I aim my cock at her slit and press forward. I have little care for her adjusting to me, I güvenilir bahis siteleri need to be deep inside her.

Once I’m balls deep I do pause a minute, one for me to get myself steady and the other to let Stacey momentarily get used to me again. Once I’m set, I go. With a firm grip of her hips I start to pound her from behind. Stacey is a little caught off guard with my initial force and speed that a few loud moans escape her mouth. She has to lean down and bite the bed covers as I don’t let up my assault of her sweet pussy. My balls slapping against her clit every-time I bottom out in her. My body slamming into her as my cock stretches her pussy wide. With her slow tease blow job and all the flirting with the girls earlier I was like a man possessed. I could barely make out what Stacey was saying. I was so focused on giving her a good fuck and exploding. Which it didn’t take me long to do. With a few hard pumps I burst inside her. My cum filling her tiny hole. I’m guessing she may have said she was going to cum as when I came, her pussy tightened around me more and her whole body went rigid.

Once we had both came down from our high, Stacey’s legs gave way and I fall down with her. I lay on top of her with my dick still deep inside her. Even though I had just come a load, it didn’t quite feel like it was letting up or going soft.

After a little while longer I’m still rock hard and deep inside Stacey. Whilst lying on top of her, I slowly start to pump my hips again. It’s a little sore and tender after Just coming but once Stacey’s juices start to flow again, the pain is quickly turned into pleasure.

With fistfuls of bed covers Stacey’s grips tighter as I start to fuck her harder. It’s not with the same vigor and force as before but with this position I have a new found depth inside her. With the bounce of the bed I have a good rhythm going and fuck, it feels good.

“Fuck Robbie, you’re so deep. Keep going, keep going…” Stacey’s words trail off as her orgasm takes over.

I manage to last a little longer but soon enough my own less powerful orgasm comes. I groan loudly as I fill my sister for a second time.

Now completely spent, I fall to the side and flop down onto the bed. Stacey is speechless but breathing heavy. I place my hand on her ass and give it a good squeeze.


That was the last thing I remember as sleep consumes me. I slowly wake to a strange feeling. There’s a warm body next to me, a warm body that I’m spooning against. I open my eyes and I’m greeting by my sister’s brown hair. I lean closer and smell, taking her in sweet essence. My soft cock is pressed against her ass. As soon as I realize it is, my cock instantly starts to grow. It presses harder against her and it gains a groan from her.

“Mmm Not again Robbie, I’m still a little sore. But it feels good.” She says pressing her ass back against me and moving closer to me.

“I could just slip it in and leave it” I whisper softly.

I can hear my sister silently debate with herself before speaking out “ok!”

I edge my hips back and slow push the head of my cock inside her.

“Nngghh” Stacey cries out a little. I stop for a moment until I feel her relax and I continue to slide the rest of my length inside her. Her pussy isn’t quite wet enough yet but I can feel it slowly start too.

“Robbie!!” I knock comes at the door. We freeze. “I have to go into work today but I’ll be back later! Make sure your sister gets up and gets to college please! Love you!” We silently listen, my hand across Stacey’s mouth, as moms’ footsteps trail away.

“Fuck that was far too close!” Stacey panics as she jumps out of the bed. “What time is it anyway?” Checking the clock in my room, “fuck I’m going to be late. I need to shower.” Stacey frantically runs out of my room.

I just lay there with a big grin on my face. I was in no rush. My grin suddenly disappears. Mom usually comes in to see me in the morning to give me my meds. I haven’t quite finished them yet and she didn’t come in to give me them. Does she know? Does she know Stacey was in here?! Oh man we are so screwed!

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