A “C”?? I want an A…


A “C”?? I want an A…
A professor with tenure. Jenna sat upright by the desk with flawless posture, while grading papers in the classroom. Her thick-framed glasses and long ponytail gave her that classic teacherly look that so many young men found attractive.

Most of the community college students had already gone home since it was mid-afternoon. She took pride in being a calculus teacher and held firm in the belief that students should be pushed to their limits, knowing it would prepare them for future challenges.

The door opened and her son Kyle entered after seeing that no one else was there. She watched her son smile and close the door. She lived for his smiles. Kyle’s smiles always warmed her heart, and someplace else too…

As fate would have it, Kyle was her student! Although it was their little secret, she never cut him any breaks. Since day one, there was a firm agreement that he’d be graded just like any other student.

“I’m glad you’re still here,” he said, still smiling as he approached the desk.

Jenna adjusted her glasses. “I’m just finishing up final exams so I don’t have to do anything at home.”

“What a coincidence. I was hoping to talk about that test. Can I sit?”

As Kyle grabbed a seat alongside the desk, Jenna already knew what was coming. In all her years of teaching, she was familiar with all the tell-tale signs of a student anxious about grades: nervous smile, deep breathing, extra politeness.

Sometimes she’d feel badly. Sometimes not. Students were given ample time to prepare and she felt her exams and grading policies were reasonable. Whatever the case, she never gave special favors. As a professor, that went against her code of conduct, which she took very seriously.

“I haven’t gotten to your exam yet,” she exhaled. “Anything you’d like to tell me?”

He sighed, knowing he was busted. “I sort of underestimated the last few chapters. I mean, you know how difficult my other classes are, right? I’m under a lot of stress.”

“Kyle, we’ve talked about this,” she said, hiding her disappointment.

“I know, I’m sorry. But I was thinking…”

“No, don’t say it. I never give special favors. How could you even ask?”

As a mother, the look on her son’s face was heartbreaking. She watched countless students deal with the same situation over the years. But this was her son! The pain was overwhelming.

She resisted the powerful urge to just lean forward and kiss him on the mouth in an attempt to make him feel better. In truth, it would make her feel better, too. Kyle was the man of her dreams, in many ways. Yes, she desired her own son. It was her dirty little secret.

“I can’t transfer if I get a D in this class,” he said. “I’ll have to spend another semester here.”

“Oh goodness.”

She briefly dropped her head and rubbed her eyes. It wouldn’t be the end of the world. After a few extra months her son could transfer, but knowing her class would be the one to hold him back was especially difficult to face.

“Sorry,” he said, sincerely. “It’s entirely my fault.”

She suddenly sharpened her gaze. “Are you trying to put me on a guilt trip?”

“Huh? What makes you say that?”

“I’m a teacher, I know all the tricks. And as your mother, I recognize that tone in your voice and your choice of words. You’re trying to make me feel guilty, aren’t you?”

He shrugged, breaking character. “Okay, I am trying to make you feel guilty. But still, what’s the big deal? I might only need a few points.”

“How do you know? I haven’t graded your exam yet.”

“I’m estimating based on my past scores.”

“The final exam is always much harder, so I add extra points to offset any drop in grades. You’ll probably be fine. You’re a smart guy. Be confident. But my goodness, what on Earth gave you the idea that I’d give special favors?”

“I don’t know,” he said with a vague shrug. “Just a guess.”

Jenna peered at Kyle with suspicion. She knew all the tricks in her son’s playbook and he was definitely evasive about something.

“Tell me, right this instant. You’re only making things worse by being so secretive. Maybe I’ll need to deduct points from your exam if you can’t be honest.”

He turned sheepish. “Well, I heard rumors that some professors were flexible with grades. That’s all.”

“What are you talking about?”

“You know, that they might help students out of a tough situation. I’ve heard that some things can be negotiated.”

She lifted an eyebrow. “How so?”

“Well, it’s kind of like a bartering system. You must know what I mean.”

Jenna’s interest was piqued. Did her son know about the naughty school secret? Could he possibly have found out that some professors abused their power? If so, this situation was going from bad to worse.

“Okay, start talking,” she said firmly. “What have you heard?”

He blushed. “I heard that thing about Professor Harbach.”

Jenna maintained her poker face. A year ago, there were whispers in some circles that Professor Andrews had solicited (and received) oral sex from college girls in exchange for A’s. The students never showed up to class, but did suck his cock a few times. A short-lived investigation followed.

There was never an official resolution on the matter because the girls refused to cooperate and denied everything.

“You heard about Professor Harbach?” she asked curiously. “What are people saying?”

“Just that if a student desperately needs help, he can be flexible with grading.”

She rolled her eyes. “Yeah, flexible, as in girls get on their knees underneath his desk.”

“Among other things,” he replied, blushing really hard.

“That’s really an inappropriate abuse of power, to be honest.”

“Kind of,” he shrugged. “But if you did it, I’m sure there’d be a line forming around campus to join your class.”

Jenna couldn’t help but giggle. Her son was right; if she exchanged good grades for sexual favors, the line would be endless. Plenty of students wanted to fuck her; of that she was sure. She frequently noticed male students leering at her, especially when she wore skirts with heels. Her ass was to die for.

“Look,” she said, calming down after the moment of humor. “I might help you out, but ONLY if you need a couple of points. Nothing beyond that, okay?”

His smile was wide. “Thanks, you’re the best. I’m sure that’s all I’d need.”

Jenna sorted through the stack of exams until she found the one with her son’s name. The room was totally silent while she swiftly graded his test. Through the corner of her eyes, she could see her son tremble each time she marked a wrong answer. As she flipped through the pages, he gulped with each turn.

In a weird bahis siteleri way, she liked having this power over her son. In a dark corner of Jenna’s mind, dominating her son was the ultimate sexual fantasy. The taboo nature of her secret desire made it even more alluring. She kept her lust private and Kyle never knew how badly she wanted him. But when hot and bothered after a particularly long day, she’d masturbate to the thought of Kyle providing her with sexual favors.

Reaching for her calculator, Jenna tallied up the points. Then she looked him straight in the eyes.

“65,” she said without emotion. “You’re 5 points below passing.”

Kyle looked as if he had been punched in the gut and she felt truly awful that she had given him such bad news. But she still held firm, resolute in her desire to maintain ethical standards.

“So you won’t give me a 70?” he asked in a soft voice.

“5 points is too much to give away.”

Kyle begged, “Seriously? I did study! You saw me studying at home all the time for a bunch of tough classes.”

“Well, when you were going out with your friends every night, I figured you had it covered,” she countered, as only a mother would.

Jenna noticed her son’s expression change as he realized he couldn’t whine his way out of this. Rather expectedly, he changed strategies.

He carefully chose his words. “What about Professor Kinsey?”

That particular professor was an attractive older woman, who had been Jenna’s best friend on campus for over a decade. One more than one occasion, Kinsey had admitted to having a long term lesbian relationship with a female student and Jenna had agreed to keep that a secret. In fact, Jenna spent countless nights masturbating to that very image.

“She’s a dear friend of mine,” Jenna said.

“I know. But I’ve heard everything. She’s flexible with grading too, I hear.”

Jenna internally debated how much she was willing to reveal to her son. In the end, she didn’t want to divulge any information about Professor Kinsey. She would look like a huge hypocrite since she knew all sorts of dirty teacher secrets, yet did nothing about it.

“What’s your point?” she asked her son.

“My point is, I know that professors need stress-relief every now and then. Even female professors. It’s beneficial for everyone involved. A student gets a better grade, and the teacher gets… you know… a return on investment.”

She gave a light smile. “So what sort of ‘stress relief’ are you offering in exchange for a better grade? Are you going to clean our garage? Or are you going to take care of my physical needs?”

The moment she said that, she realized how close she was to slipping up. If she had been a little braver, she would have asked for a sexual favor from her son. But that sort of thing was only for her dreams.

“I wouldn’t mind giving you a massage,” he said slyly.

She laughed, “Your hands on my shoulders? Or my feet?”

“Sure, that too,” he said cryptically. “I’m versatile. Anything I can do for a better grade, I’ll do it.”


“Yes, absolutely anything.”

The seriousness in her son’s eyes made her pussy burn. She wondered if Kyle knew what he was inadvertently doing to her. She wondered if Kyle could smell the aroma coming from her pussy.

She raised an eyebrow. “Is this your subtle attempt of trying to seduce me? If so, you’ve got a lot of nerve.”

“Maybe I’m joking,” he smiled. “Maybe I’m serious.”

It was a fork in the road. More than anything, Jenna wanted Kyle to move ahead in life. It was only natural that a mother would want that for her son. But at what cost? Could she really compromise her core values as a teacher for her son’s future?

Torn, she wanted to do the right thing. Kyle should be expected to give something in return for the extra points. It would be a good life lesson for him.

Maybe, just this once, she could throw caution to the wind and live out her salacious fantasy. She adjusted her glasses while gazing at her handsome son. Kyle needed her help and was offering to help her in return. It seemed completely fair.

It’s not like Jenna was expecting him to perform sexual favors that he’d hate. She had taken great care of herself over the years and had a toned body that she wasn’t afraid to advertise. Typically, she chose low cut blouses and straight form-fitting skirts. Over the years, she had plenty of dating opportunities. But as a divorced mother who worked full time, she had never taken the time to date. In fact, it had been quite a while since she had been intimate with anyone.

If there was ever a chance to live out her unconventional desire, this was it. Kyle was at her mercy and practically begging to give her sexual satisfaction.

Other highly respected professors did this without consequences, so why not her!?!

In a split second, her decision was made. At that very moment, her vagina began to pulsate, as if calling her son to return home. Without realizing it, her hands had already begun to pull up on the hem of her pencil straight skirt as her hips slowly began to gyrate and moisture pooled between her thighs. Responding appropriately to the situation, her body prepared for the much needed fuck. Still seated on her rolling chair, she parted her legs, suggestively.

“Not a word of this to anyone,” she said calmly. “I mean it.”

Kyle nodded, but appeared flustered. “I would never tell on you.”

“Good, now get on your knees. You are 5 points away from passing this class. I will award those points based on your performance. The kinkier you are, the sooner you will pass.”

She could tell her son was genuinely shocked that his seduction plan worked. Kyle had certainly been caught off guard, but this was yet another lesson for him. He shouldn’t make offers if he didn’t intend to deliver.

Her heart raced watching Kyle fall to his knees. She could tell that, though nervous, he was also very aroused.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” she said, about to embark on the craziest adventure of her vanilla life.

With the black skirt now hiked all the way up her creamy white thighs, her black panties were visible. She watched as Kyle ogled her bare legs, which were soft and shapely. Having often dreamed of this moment, she could barely believe it had turned into a risque reality.

After a deep breath, she hooked a finger into her panties and pulled them aside. Because she swam three times per week for exercise, she kept her pubic hair neatly trimmed. At that moment, she was quite thankful, knowing her slick channel would be easily accessible to her son.

“Now serve me,” she said, firmly. “You bahis şirketleri better get started or else we’ll get caught.”

“You… ummm… want me to lick your pussy?”

She tapped her clitoris. “Yes, Kyle, make me cum and I’ll give you 5 points. Now, put your tongue on my pussy!!”

An array of emotions swept over Jenna while she watched her son lean forward. Was she the WORST mother in the world for pressuring her son to give sexual favors? Or was she the BEST mother in the world for giving him an alternative route to pass her class?

When Kyle leaned in and lapped her cunt, she realized this had been the right decision. Hesitant at first, her son’s tongue soon became more exuberant in its movements. The first few licks had been short, weak and uncertain, but soon turned long, firm and confident. After several moments, his lips latched onto her clit and she knew her son wasn’t holding back.

Recalling her dirty dreams, Jenna asserted her dominance by grabbing his hair and pulling him deep into her dripping core. She felt Kyle surrender, understanding her need to exert power. She felt him release her clit from his lips and plunge his tongue between her labia, entering her body.

“Your mouth is so talented,” she moaned, her eyes rolling back. “If you had put this much effort into studying, maybe you wouldn’t be in this position.”

Kyle looked her straight in the eyes and she actually felt him smile against her pussy. Briefly, Jenna wondered if he liked having his head buried between her thighs. Might he be that perverted? Maybe they were more alike than she could have ever imagined.

Suddenly, he grabbed her hips, his fingers digging deeply into her supple skin. With zeal, he acted like a starving man at a feast. Kyle was clearly very experienced at oral sex. Every lick, nibble, and suck sent a jolt of electricity through Jenna’s body and she struggled to remain seated, clutching the armrests on the chair for support

She moaned. “You’re close to making me cum in your mouth. I… uhhh… ohhhh my… I’d say you’ve earned at least 3 points so far. Make me cum, and you can have the other 2.”

To Jenna’s disappointment, her son slowly pulled out and gently blew on her pussy lips. The cool flow of air did nothing to curb the building heat in her pelvis.

“Come to think of it,” he said, slowly. “A boost in my GPA would be nice. Getting a C in this class would ruin my average of getting A’s and B’s.”

She looked at him with uncertainty. “What did you have in mind?”

“Well,” he said, licking around her clit. “How do I get an A?”

Oddly, Jenna was proud of her mischievous, horny, and perverted son. His obvious ambition was on full display and she had never felt so aroused. Trying to maintain a stern expression, she mulled over her options. Deep inside, she knew exactly what it would take for Kyle to earn his A.

She maintained her cool demeanor. “There may be a way to earn extra points, enough to get an A. But it will require extra effort on your part, of course.”

“What do I have to do?”

A very tiny voice in Jenna’s head screamed for her to end this horribly taboo act. She was a college professor! She was a mother! Her actions were now pressing far beyond the bounds of propriety. This was deviance and sexual indulgence at its most extreme, but despite that, it’s what she wanted with all her heart (among other places in her sensitive body).

Her sexual side screamed and drowned out the tiny voice of morality. Still desperate for an orgasm, she craved his cock. She had come this far, why not go all the way? This once in a lifetime opportunity was too good to waste.

She stood up, gently moving her son’s mouth away from her needy hole.

Without saying a word, she pulled her panties down to her ankles and kicked them to the side. Lifting her skirt from behind, she leaned over her desk, across the pile of math exams. With her chest on the hard desktop, she was now facing the empty classroom. If anyone were to enter, she’d die of humiliation and her career would be ruined. But that was part of the allure. Oh yes, she was a very naughty girl.

With her skirt hiked up, her glorious, firm bottom was on full display. Too embarrassed to look at her son, she was absolutely certain that he was getting a real eye-full. Having seen her son’s internet browsing history on more than one occasion, she knew he had a thing for beautiful asses and “milfs.”

“Fuck me here,” she said in a voice laced with barely contained desire. “If you can make me scream your name, I’ll give you an instant A in my class.”

“That would be my pleasure. Your body is… ummm… really… really sexy, if you don’t mind me saying.”

It was cute hearing her son stammer. She knew her son was popular with college girls and had dated several in the last two years. But her naked bottom that made him stammer? She was flattered.

She listened to the sounds of Kyle unzipping his pants. Naturally, she wondered what his penis looked like, and if he was already rock hard. Too timid to look, she didn’t want to make him nervous.

When her son moved forward, his erection prodded her butt. Oh yeah, that thing was rock fucking hard and ready for action. It only made her pussy wetter and primed for i****tuous penetration.

She felt Kyle squeeze her cheeks and spread them apart. She could almost feel his eyes drinking in the image of her puckered asshole and quivering pussy. His interest was completely understandable. It’s what men desired.

Just as she was getting ready to beg him for action, her son moved forward and lined up his cock with her yearning pussy. Taking note of his girth as he pressed forward, Jenna almost screamed out his name at that very moment, but was able to contain her glee. Inch by inch he invaded her body, in the very orifice from which he emerged all those years ago. It strangely seemed comforting to her, as a mother, that he had returned.

She felt her son begin to piston in and out of her tight, underused pussy. The first couple of powerful thrusts knocked the wind out of her. It had been far too long since a man had used her body for pleasure and she had forgotten how gratifying it was to be fucked this hard.

This was her first time being fucked in a public location (her classroom of all places!) and it was surprisingly uncomfortable. Student exams and office supplies were in her face, her breasts were mashed against the hard table, and her son’s hands pressed against her lower back, pinning her down.
“This is fucking amazing,” Kyle huffed, between powerful thrusts.

Jenna tightly gripped illegal bahis the edges of the table as her body rocked. “You… better… appreciate this! Please! Make me cum!”

“Fuck yes,” he hissed. “I feel your pussy tightening around my cock, mom. Your body is trembling. I can’t hold out much longer. Fuck, you’re so fucking sexy. I want to blow my load deep inside your cunt.”

Shaking her head, Jenna tried to hold out longer. “Look at me. I’m sprawled out on the desk like some cheap woman. All for you… only you… God, oh, yes! Faster! Harder!”

Almost on cue, by divine intervention, her phone buzzed, and while was getting fucked so ferociously, she had to see who it was. That’s just the kind of woman she had always been. Punctual and on top of every message.

It was Professor Kinsey calling. They had plans to meet up for lunch tomorrow to discuss an upcoming school fundraiser, along with the usual faculty gossip they loved to secretly share with each other.

That would have to wait.

There were more important matters at hand, like the fact that the desk was creaking, having been pushed forward several inches from her son’s powerful thrusts. Her pussy throbbed and she was crying from the intensity of the fuck fest.

And then there were her glasses. Those thick-framed glasses were Jenna’s trademark as a teacher. They were cute, sexy, and sophisticated at the same time. They made her look more attractive than she already was. With every hard thrust from her son, those glasses would almost fall off her face. She had to continuously hold her glasses in place while her son was pounding her from behind.

She could tell her son was close by how hard he was squeezing her waist. That was always a tell-tale sign of a guy about to shoot a massive load.

“Mom! I’m gonna cum!”


Jenna’s pussy spasmed around her son’s cock and milked him for all he was worth. She came at the same time. It was singularly the most spectacular orgasm of her life. She ground back against his pelvis as the shaking tremors spread throughout her entire body. Sweat dripped from her face as she grunted and groaned like a wild a****l. It was the hardest she had ever cum and it took place while her dear friend waited on the line for an answer.

She felt every spurt of Kyle’s semen as it coated her intimate channel. They both moaned loudly while her son continued emptying himself into her flooded pussy.

Kyle leaned on her from behind when he finished. They took a moment to compose themselves and recover. Slowly, their senses returned.

“You can get off me now,” she said, struggling to speak while taking deep breaths of air. “As stellar as you are with your amazing cock, I’m still your teacher, working in official capacity. And we’re in a classroom. I can’t get caught.”

He spanked her butt. “Yes, mom.”

She almost felt hollow when her son pulled himself out. It was like a vital part of her was now missing. Would that talented cock ever return? She wondered.

“There aren’t any tissues here,” he complained.

She looked around the desk. “Darn it. There was Kleenex just the other day. Someone finished it and it hadn’t been refilled yet.”

“Do you think you can… ummm… you know… help me?”

Jenna knew exactly what her son wanted and she was shocked that he asked. But then again, her pussy was already flooded with cum. Why not her mouth too? It’s all the same, and eating Kyle’s fresh cum was one of her darkest fantasies too.

She turned to him. “Today is your lucky day. You are so fortunate to have an amazing mother like me. Say it.”

“You’re the best mother ever,” he said proudly.

Jenna switched positions and sank to her knees. She saw his cock for the first time. It was the size she had expected. It hung down, exhausted, and it was coated in hot cum. She slowly inhaled his essence and was even more determined to taste his semen.

Being a trooper, she bent forward and took the flaccid penis into her mouth. She gave it a hard suck and tasted her own vaginal fluids along with the delicious flavor of her son’s cum.

Her phone rang again. Whenever Professor Kinsey called twice in a row, it was always something important.

With a mouth full of her son’s cum-coated penis, Jenna reached over and answered the call.

“Yes?” she answered, swirling her tongue around her son.

“Hey there,” the other professor replied. “Just a quick note. I know you’re busy with your exams. Anyway, we’re having a group lunch tomorrow with Steve and Lisa. We’ll meet at the Mexican restaurant across the street at noon. Sound good?”

Jenna discreetly sucked. “Mmm Hmmm… Absolutely delicious… I mean, that sounds like a plan.”

There was a pause on the line. Jenna continued sucking quietly, wondering why there was nothing but silence from her best friend.

“Oh. My. God.” giggled Professor Kinsey. “And I thought I was the naughtiest professor at this school. Well done, Jenna! Are you sucking a dick right now? Or is it a pussy? I can hear you breathing hard, like you just came. And I can hear you slurping on something. We’ll talk about it when we have private time. I expect every juicy detail.”

Jenna sighed, with a phone in one hand, and a cock in the other. “See you tomorrow. You’re right, we do have a lot to discuss and I think I’ll need your advice, and maybe some therapy too.”

As soon as the call ended, and with her orgasmic wave still flowing through her, Jenna put her phone down on the desk and looked up at her son. She was mortified that her son was seeing her like this, with lips coated with cum. She used her fingers to wipe the sides of her mouth, and not wanting to waste a drop of this precious cum, she licked her fingers clean.

“You’ve earned an A in my class,” she said, using her tongue to swirl around her lips for any residual semen. “You’re free to go.”

Kyle blushed and pulled his pants up. “Thanks, mom. I mean… ummm… professor.”

They smiled at each other. Oddly enough, this was the very first time that she had been called ‘professor’ by her son in private. It was a huge turn-on. Maybe when they’d get back home, she’d make her son call her ‘professor’ on a more regular basis. She saw herself dressing up for him in a teacherly outfit, with nothing underneath, while they role-played this scenario a few more times.

She snapped back to reality when her son pulled his pants up, tucking that beautiful cock away. She smiled at him. Then she collected her panties and put them back on. With no tissue around, she’d need her panties to prevent cum from leaking down her thighs.

“I’ll see you at home,” she said in a teacherly voice.

Her son thanked her with a soft kiss on the cheek. After a fuck session like this, she’d normally expect a romantic kiss on the lips. But she understood. She could feel traces of hot cum still lingering around her mouth.

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