A Billionaire’s Life Ch. 02


— CHAPTER 2: The Staff —



“Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention, please.”

I ceased my conversation with Cassandra and glanced over to Taylor, who surveyed her audience with regal bearing and a saucy smile on her face. She wore skimpy lingerie all in electric blue, basically a g-string and a brief bra beneath a silky robe. Her sandals had four-inch heels, and she fixed me in particular with a predatory leer.

Taylor was also standing before the wide double-doors behind which I had never been. It was my house, and yet there was one room I’d never been allowed to enter.

Based on the physical layout, it would be a decent sized-room, maybe the size of a typical boardroom. There were patio doors leading off towards the backyard pool, but the shades had always been kept closed so I could never peek inside. And so I stood with my closest friends, all clad in brief bedroom attire like Taylor. With another concerned glance at Cassandra, I sipped my cocktail and quivered inside with barely-restrained curiosity at what was behind the doors.

That curiosity had only been further fueled when our two young maids, Brittany and Melissa, came out of the room wearing the porn-star version of french maid outfits, revealing as much skin as they could get away with while still covering up the naughty bits. Cassandra had found several maids who were equally qualified and then specifically hired those two because they were the prettiest and most open-minded to our sexual lifestyle. I knew they wouldn’t be joining in, but extra eye-candy never hurt.

I watched Brittany’s ass shaking in her frilly skirt until Taylor had ushered them out a crack in the door and then closed it promptly. Then the two maids hurried back to the kitchen for further instructions.

By now, everyone seemed more than a little curious. Even Jeff Lee, who’d been the home’s architect, had no idea how the room was decorated. That part had been left to Mia and Taylor.

Speaking of Mia, she was trembling with excitement and practically hopping up and down both in eagerness to see her design revealed and for the festivities to begin.

“Thank you all for coming to my birthday party,” Taylor said gleefully. “I trust everyone’s been having a good time so far.” Everyone smiled and nodded as we glanced back and forth at each other.

“Well,” Taylor continued, “We FINALLY finished this part of my birthday present, and I’m telling you, I’m already wet just thinking about it. I only wish we had this place ready sooner. But better late than never. I now present to you… Taylor’s Playroom.” With a flourish, Taylor turned and popped open both doors, pushing them wide to the sides as she stepped forward. The other seven of us quickly followed after.

Two steps in, a very specific word came to mind: decadent.

Recessed lighting had been angled to point at the walls and illuminate some rather erotic statues and artwork scattered throughout the room, and yet there was also plenty of overhead light. Heavy drapery added to the rich, luxurious feel in harmony with the wall colors.

My feet automatically noticed the soft padding beneath. The floor material was firm and yet cushiony, textured without being rough, and soft while feeling smooth. I could already imagine throwing a woman down and fucking her on this floor without worrying about rugburn or sore knees.

The furniture was all custom. There wasn’t an obvious couch in sight. There were, however, many, many cushions and geometric objects around. The largest pieces could be considered couch-shaped as they had a flat sitting surface and a cushioned backrest. But it was clear that every piece of “furniture” was designed to be fucked on (or in). Only the coffee tables with built-in cupholders and softened corners had a more real world functionality.

And then there was the A/V system. Mood music with a heavy bass thumped quietly all around us. Some of the ambient lights were even synchronized to react with the music. And then there were the three big-screen plasma TVs spaced out across the walls, apparently running an endless loop of porn, complete with audio.

“Wow…” Jeff spaced out for a moment, actually staring at the room’s decorations and not the porn video.

“Cool!” Kaitlyn gushed and then promptly sprinted across the room and then launched herself into the air, crashing down onto some of the cushions. “Come here, baby,” she beckoned to her boyfriend. And then the young couple was energetically french-kissing while Kaitlyn had settled into a little valley of velvet that cocooned around their bodies.

“Niiice,” Rebecca cooed while sidling up to Mia, who looked on with a proud smile. “You did this?” she asked the Chinese girl.

“Well, I had a lot of assistance from Taylor. But yes,” she stated in her clipped British accent and smiled.

“So tell me… how do you use… THAT?” Rebecca stepped beside Mia and pointed towards the left wall which was dominated by an elaborate Sex hikaye framework of metal and rubber that looked rather intimidating.

Taylor caught the question and stepped forward. “Charlotte.”

“Yes, ma’am,” her personal assistant was immediately by her side.

Taylor’s eyes glittered. “Let’s go show our guests how to use the… ah… equipment.”

Charlotte’s blush turned her entire body pink and she quivered with excitement. “Yes, ma’am.”

Taking another look, I realized the apparatus reminded me of Taylor and Charlotte’s little dungeon. I chuckled to myself as my wife led her submissive assistant and Rebecca to the equipment and then heard the gasp of surprise as Taylor clapped a fur-lined handcuff around Rebecca’s wrist.

In the meantime, Mia sauntered over to where Jeff had just rolled off Kaitlyn and the two panted for air. Jeff’s lower face was smeared with Kaitlyn’s lipstick.

“Hi, I’m Mia.”

“I’m Jeff,” he replied easily. “You designed this room?”

“Uh-huh,” the slender Asian nodded. “And you designed the house?”

“Yes, I did,” Jeff drawled.

“Ooh… I’d love to talk about the design work,” Mia sighed and absently caressed the upper slopes of her breast while turning her head and posing prettily.

“Uh-huh,” Jeff answered while letting his eyes roam up and down yet another beautiful woman hanging around my house. He glanced at Kaitlyn for a moment, who just smirked at him and then nodded.

“Well,” Jeff started. “Why don’t we find a quiet corner where we can… talk… about the designs…”

“Ooh, lets!” The cute Chinese girl reached down and helped Jeff to his feet. Then the two of them scooted off towards another mound of cushions while *actually* starting to talk about architecture and lighting.

Meanwhile, Kaitlyn held a hand out to me. “Hi John. I’ve missed you.”

“What, Jeff not making you happy anymore?” I teased and took her hand.

She pulled me to her and we rolled onto a long, bedlike couch with an angled backrest. “Of course he is,” she laughed. “But you’ll always be special. And I’ll forever be your cute, horny, mistress.” And with that Kaitlyn pulled me into a kiss.

But after a few moments swapping tongue with the gorgeous young blonde, she pulled back and smiled at my personal assistant, who was patiently waiting to the side. “And Cassandra! It’s been such a long time since I got to play with you!”

Kaitlyn opened her arms to the taller blonde and the two women embraced warmly with firm hugs and a few pecks on the lips. “Is John treating you right? Paying enough attention to you with all these other hot women around?”

“I don’t know,” Cassandra glanced at me with humorous mirth in her eyes. “He’s been kinda mean lately about this whole Crown acquisition.”

“You can’t be mean to her, John!” Kaitlyn protested. “After all, this is the woman who taught me how to properly blow you. And where would we be if she hadn’t done that for us?”

“Hey, hey, I was lonely,” I protested. “SHE was the one not paying enough attention to me!”

“Well in that case, YOU should make that it to HIM, Cassandra.” Kaitlyn rolled me onto my back and then sent the taller woman to my other side so they could both hover over my crotch. “WE should make it up to him.”

And with that, the young blonde dragged my lounge pants and shorts down to my knees while Cassandra ducked her head and took a long lick along my shaft from balls to crown. And when Kaitlyn came back to join her, my assistant held up my rapidly hardening cock vertical so that both women could tongue me from each side.

I reclined my head back and just enjoyed the sensations as Kaitlyn laid down to start running her lips along my shaft while Cassandra moved to the head and began licking it like a lollipop.

Meanwhile, Taylor was introducing Rebecca to the art of bondage. And rather than ease the fit athletic trainer into it, Taylor was metaphorically throwing Rebecca into the deep end.

The athletic brunette was naked and actually suspended in mid-air. She was dangling by her arms, which were cuffed at the wrists and elevated on pulleys. Her ankles were similarly cuffed and spread to the sides. And a thick black blindfold covered the upper-half of her face. That bit of cloth was also the only thing left covering her body, and her toned musculature was on full display and covered with a fine sheen of nervous sweat.

“I… I don’t think I like this…” Rebecca stuttered while Taylor circled her and rubbed the sensitive nipple of Rebecca’s right breast.

“Oh, I think you’re liking this just fine,” Taylor said softly and then motioned to Charlotte, who was kneeling on the floor between Rebecca’s legs, stretched wide by the chains. Charlotte leaned forward and took a long lick of Rebecca’s bare slit from bottom to top, and the trainer quivered in her bonds.

“It’s too late now, Rebecca,” Taylor intoned. “You’ve already agreed and there’s Sex hikayeleri no backing out. You’re not responsible anymore for what happens to you. It’s entirely in my hands now.”

And with that, Taylor seized Rebecca’s head and plunged her tongue into the back of the bound woman’s throat. Charlotte similarly gripped Rebecca’s rock- hard buttcheeks and shoved her tongue deep into Rebecca’s very wet pussy.

Familiar twitching in my cock and balls brought my attention back to my own situation, where Cassandra and Kaitlyn were still alternating blowjobs. I didn’t want to cum in anyone’s mouth just yet. Not when there were so many more pleasant options to choose from. So I motioned for them to let me up while I twisted my head around looking for a suitable piece of new furniture.

I saw it a moment later. The long, curving object made its purpose quite clear, and with a grin on my face I started directing my lovely blonde goddesses into position.

Cassandra sat in the reclined chair, her back tilted comfortably with her legs supported on the split “arms” that jutted off at angles away from her, as if she were on a gynecological table. With her butt in the shallow “seat”, and her legs spread to the sides, a curving object like a three-foot oblong bench was situated between her knees. And when I placed Kaitlyn on her belly atop this “bench”, Kaitlyn’s head in the *perfect* position to lean in and start lapping away at Cassandra’s pussy.

It also supported her torso so that Kaitlyn’s ass was pointed right back at me. It even had grooves cut into the sides so that Kaitlyn could kneel on the padding and wriggle her ass back at me.

I was really starting to like this room. Stepping into position, I gripped the young blonde’s hips, aimed my cock, and slowly began sinking my cock into her juicy wet snatch from behind.

Kaitlyn moaned as I filled her up with my thickness, and for a moment I closed my eyes to revel in the old familiarity of the young woman’s wonderful pussy. And then licking my lips in anticipation, I held her hips and began to pump myself in and out of her while she whimpered happily, “Fuuuuck, John. So good!”

I also had a great view across the room. After a minute of watching my shaft disappearing into Kaitlyn’s body and then reappearing, I looked up to survey the orgy unfolding.

Somewhere along the line, Mia and Jeff had dispensed with the architectural discussion and started their sexual “conversation”. Mia was suspended in a mesh hammock and tugging on some pull cords to swing her own body back and forth and up and down. Jeff had his dick in her pussy and he was just trying to hang on for the ride as the energetic young girl fucked herself upon him.

Meanwhile, Taylor and Charlotte had graduated their victim to toys and whips. Rebecca’s restraints were on tracks and moveable before locking them back into a new position. Her arms had been pulled forward a few feet and her legs pulled back so that her body was still suspended but tilted forward at a forty-five degree angle. I could see Rebecca’s muscles tensing as she strained to maintain her position. With her physical fitness, I knew under ordinary circumstances she could endure for a good long while.

But these weren’t ordinary circumstances.

Charlotte had stripped naked as well, leaving birthday-girl Taylor the only one in the room with some clothes on. But Charlotte was also wielding one of the girls’ double-ended strap-on dildoes, fucking Rebecca from behind almost as hard as I was doing to Kaitlyn. Meanwhile, Taylor had lost her bra and was feeding her tits to Rebecca, whipping the poor girl’s body with a riding crop whenever her oral attentions seemed to slacken.

From the visuals around me and the aural stimulation of six women exclaiming their pleasure, plus the porn videos still playing on the TVs and the pumping music, not to mention the tight blonde’s pussy squeezing my dick, my heart was racing and my sexual stamina was taking a severe beating.

Kaitlyn had already slurped Cassandra to orgasm while my assistant was caressing her own heavy tits. And Kaitlyn was just now cresting over into her own climax while I pounded her pussy and bounced my pelvis off her buttcheeks. And when Kaitlyn came, her final spastic contractions just about set me off as well, naked pussy and fertile womb or not.

Desperate for control, I pulled out and started panting, just barely keeping myself from the edge of my own orgasm. Kaitlyn sagged against her sex furniture and then craned her head around to me. “Cum in Cassandra,” she panted. “Cum in her so I can slurp it out of her.”

Sounded like a plan to me. Kaitlyn rolled out of the way and tugged her “bench” away. That gave me room to step between Cassandra’s spread legs and with my Aussie bombshell beckoning me to her, I slid my throbbing cock into her sodden pussy.

“Fuck me, Jonathan. Fuck me and fill me.” She gasped and licked her lips. Cassandra turned to Kaitlyn. Ensest hikayeler “You’ll share, won’t you?”

“Of course,” the blonde 20-year-old smiled. “Cum in her, John. Don’t make me wait any longer. I want to taste you both.”

That was all it took, and with a grunt I gripped Cassandra’s hips and pounded her as hard as I could for the final few strokes. Then I buried myself in to the root and let fly with a massive load.

Cassandra actually came with me, holding my back and moaning up a storm as she felt my pecker injecting her with blast after blast of scalding cum. And as the dizzy wave came over me and I collapsed against her chest, Cassandra cooed in my ear and stroked my back lovingly.

I was only able to rest there for a few moments before Kaitlyn impatiently tapped my shoulder. “Don’t make me wait,” she complained.

I grinned and then pulled out and backed out of the way while Kaitlyn quickly sank to her knees and fastened her facial lips around Cassandra’s vaginal lips. Cassandra’s eyes fluttered and she moaned while the young blonde hoovered out all my spooge. And a minute later, Kaitlyn stood up and extended her tongue out to pass some of my cum for Cassandra to suck off.

Just then, Jeff started grunting as he pinned Mia’s light body against his pelvis, obviously blowing HIS load into the slender Asian girl. A gleam caught in Kaitlyn’s eyes and she quickly left us to go hoover her boyfriend’s cum out of yet another pussy.

When Jeff pulled away, Mia was still in the aftershocks of her own climax and even though Kaitlyn was as much a stranger to her as Jeff was, she simply held the blonde’s head to her crotch while Kaitlyn happily slurped away.

Somewhere along the line, Taylor and Charlotte had released Rebecca, who was now slumped against the wall and gasping for air. Her entire body trembled from the exertion, but from the puddle of fluids on the floor just beneath her crotch, it hadn’t been an entirely unpleasant experience.

Our first round thus complete, Taylor went to the door and pressed a button. A minute later, our french maids came into the room bearing trays of water, Gatorade, and cocktails.

Brittany, the young blonde maid whose ass I frequently stared at, simply came to a halt as she entered the room, her hazel eyes wide in shock at the scene before her. She’d probably had an idea of what to expect, but to actually see it was more than she’d been prepared for. And from the way she started rubbing her thighs together, I knew that maintaining her professionalism was going to be a small challenge.

I smiled to myself. I’d have to keep my eyes on her.

But in the meantime, I had my guests to entertain.


With minimal effort at moving furniture, there actually WAS an arrangement that formed a large circle of couches with coffee tables in the center. We all came together and chatted while the two boys recharged… at least for a little bit.

Rebecca decided she wanted a little revenge and while there was no way she was going to get Taylor into the harness, Charlotte was more than happy to be tied up and continue. So the two pretty brunettes returned to their jungle gym and soon the rest of us were more interested in watching Rebecca using a riding crop on Charlotte’s naked ass than our conversations.

Taylor also took the time to sidle over to Jeff. “Hello Mr. Architect,” she said demurely before taking a sip from her Cosmo.

“Hello Miss Supermodel,” he replied easily.

“You miss me?” Taylor grinned.

“Well, not really,” he deadpanned while winking at Kaitlyn. “But I’m always, always happy to see you,” he smiled.

Taylor pouted but held her hand out to him. Kaitlyn kissed him one last time on the cheek and then Taylor helped him to his feet and the two of them headed for what looked like a circular sinkhole completely surrounded by a wall of cushions. Taylor had immediately dubbed it the “lovenest”.

At the last second as they approached, Jeff suddenly seized Taylor around her waist and flung my wife into the six-foot diameter recession. He growled loudly and then pounced, the pair’s laughter filling the room as an odd contrast to Charlotte’s shrieks of pain.

Kaitlyn and Mia seemed more interested in continuing their conversation. From the snippets I’d picked up, the two young ladies had a lot in common, their nymphomania and energetic enthusiasm just two of their similar qualities. Mia also wanted to pick Kaitlyn’s brain about being a kind of third wheel (fourth wheel?) onto mine and Taylor’s and Cassandra’s convoluted relationship.

Speaking of which, Cassandra kissed me passionately and then stood up to take her leave.

“What?” I complained. “The party’s just getting started.”

“And you have more than enough beauty around you to keep you entertained. Go to them,” Cassandra gestured. “I’ll be fine.”

“But I don’t want you to feel neglected.”

“I’m not,” Cassandra smiled. “I’m here to make sure you’re happy, and you are. Besides, I enjoy things more when we have some private time to ourselves.”

I looked regretfully at my ever-loyal assistant. She ran her fingertips over my cheeks and then leaned in to kiss me. I let it linger and massaged her lips with my own until she broke the kiss. “I love you, Jonathan.”

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