3rd Generation

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This story will definitely end up as a novel one of these days. There’s so much more I wanted to say about the relationships. The shorter way of writing is harder than I thought it would be. This story falls in the lower range of the novelette.
     The storyline of part 1 is loosely based on a true story. Where I took it is solely the product of my imagination. The thread is a tongue in cheek look at the life of a commercial author. It was great fun to write.
     I hope mothers who will read this won’t be offended by my description of the difficulties of either pregnancy or birthing. I tried to make it humorous deliberately so I didn’t get bogged down in factual details I knew only from reading about them.
     Thank you Valphund, my editor, for your great work.


Jamie pressed CRTL-S with great satisfaction. This one had given her plenty of trouble. Why did she have to change genre this late in the game? Straight romance had paid for her daughter’s College education and would have covered University if she hadn’t brought home an unexpected Christmas present on her first year at Berkeley.

Part 1

The pick-up drove away down the lane to the rural road with Suzan’s friends. She stood on the porch with her boxes and suitcases, watching life as she knew it vanish with it.

Jeffrey and Brandon had teased her mercilessly on the way home. She had grown up with them and they were her best friends, but they didn’t know how to express their regrets and support other than with jokes.

With a deep sigh, she opened the door to a troubled future.

“It’s me, mom!” She called.

“Come on up, sweetie! I’m almost done with this chapter! Brad’s about to sweep Jessica off her feet! Bring some coffee, will you!”

Suzan couldn’t help but smile at the familiar words. She had grown up with the Brads, Brents, Kyles, Burts and Rocks, with the Jessicas, Marias, Angelas, Carmelas and Elizabeths, with their romantic tribulations, turmoils and triumphs.


She was twelve when her grand-parents passed away within months of each other, her grandfather of cardiac arrest and her grandmother of heartbreak. They were in their eighties, having had her mother late in life. They bequeathed their daughter a huge track of forested land and enough money that she didn’t have to work for a while if she didn’t want to, which was fine with Jamie. She had worked hard after her sorry excuse for a husband left her with a new-born child.

She moved to Montana thinking she would enjoy a respite, sell the property, then go back to New York to resume her nursing career.

She didn’t count on the call of the wild being even louder than it had been in her youth. Within a month, she had begun looking for a job near her new home.

One afternoon, she was sitting in the living room, playing with her daughter who was enjoying another of the frequent snow days they had in that part of the country. Her eyes fell on a stack of unpacked boxes. Three of them had been packed since the day she learned that she was pregnant, in fact.

They made a game of opening the boxes and putting their content away. Once there were only the three, she hesitated. They contained a part of her life she had set aside in favor of the bundle of joy arranging and rearranging her collection of unicorns on the fireplace mantle.

Curious to see if she still had the spark, Jamie fished out one of her notebooks. With her daughter settled on her lap, she showed her the first of a series of drawings, simple sketches really, and began telling her the story of Jerome, the unlucky dragon.

Three notebooks later, she had to bribe Suzan with her favorite dessert in order to stop and prepare supper. While Jamie was working in the kitchen, her daughter got a bath towel for a cape and a wooden spoon for a sword to skewer the cruel prince to free the beautiful captive princess so she could follow her heart and marry the lowly but kind cobbler.

The next day, she went into town and bought a second-hand IBM Selectric typewriter. It needed cleaning and oiling. She used the time to decide which story she would work on first.


Gentle hands on her cheeks brought Suzan back to the present with all its uncertainties.

“Where were you, dear?” Her mother asked kindly. “It looked like a nice place. So nice that you didn’t even take off your coat and boots. Where’s your suitcase?”

“Oh! I… Hum…” She put a small neatly wrapped package in her mother’s hand and went back out. She might as well rip the bandage off in one swift move.

A moment later, Jamie joined her and put her arm around her shoulders. They stood there, looking at the majestic scenery until she couldn’t stand it anymore. With a cry, she sought refuge in her mother’s arms.


For some reason, sitting on the couch with her sleeping daughter’s head on her lap, looking at the boxes they had stacked in the corner, reminded Jamie of the last boxes they had unpacked together izmir escort bayan these many years before.

Suzan had been so certain her life was over, she had let some friends convince her that she would be thrown out of the house to fend for herself. If she ever met those girls, Jamie vowed to wring their scrawny necks with her bare hands. It was no wonder Suzan had been a wreck when she got home.

She had been right about one thing though. An Ancient History College degree wasn’t worth much on the job market. It had been a first step to a future in academia, not a marketable skill. Her only work experience was three years as a part-time bartender while in College. Before that, she had done odd jobs around the property and for neighbors.

But that was for later. The first order of business was to make an appointment with Dr. Reeves, the young woman who had taken over old Doc Jeffreys’ practice when he retired the previous summer.

Since Suzan was very conscientious about safe sex, the only place she thought she could have become pregnant was at a frat party where she must have gotten drunk, because she didn’t remember much of it. Jamie had her own theory about that. Whatever happened, a baby was on the way and they would deal with the situation.


The next six months were hard on Suzan. At first, she was her usual active self, but as her pregnancy progressed, her morale flagged in direct proportion with her expanding belly, swelling ankles, enlarging breasts and aching back. It didn’t help either that her uterus seemed to be resting squarely on her bladder, so she could never be far from the toilet.

The coup de grâce to her spirit came when her gynecologist heard a faint echo to the baby’s heartbeat. The echography revealed that she was carrying twins.

The slim sexy young woman watched her body change shape before her very eyes. No amount of encouragement could change the fact that, in her mind, she was becoming fat and ugly. When Jamie told her she was glowing, she screamed at her that it was sweat from moving around weighing twice what she did before the aliens invaded her, then fell in her arms crying, something she did more and more often as her mood swung all over the place.

A couple of years at the maternity ward of a hospital had taught Jamie that some women reacted poorly to the shift in hormone levels normal in any pregnancy.

She dealt with this radical change in her level-headed daughter by letting her vent and holding her as needed. She massaged her back and legs. She rubbed lotion on her belly and breasts to minimize stretchmarks. She slept with her so she could help when she needed to go to the bathroom during the night. When Suzan complained that she didn’t get enough sleep, her mother told her it was practise for when she would have two hungry mouths to feed.


At last, B-Day arrived… ten days early… in the middle of the night.

“Mom! Mom!” Suzan shook her mother.

“Didn’t you just go to the bathroom, sweetie?” Jamie asked, half-asleep. Then she felt the wetness.

“I peed myself!” Her daughter cried.

One whiff and Jamie was rolling out of bed, scrambling for the clothes she kept ready.

“That’s not pee, baby. Your water broke!”

“It’s impossible. Dr. Reeves said I wasn’t due for… Arghhhh! What the fuck was that?” She screamed as she was hit by a particularly strong contraction.

‘That’s my sweet revenge for thirty-six hours of labor, darling.’ Jamie grinned inwardly. Outwardly… “That’s your babies letting you know they’re ready to come out. Here, take off this wet nightshirt and put on the clothes we prepared for this.”

She helped her get dressed, then down the stairs and into her SUV. She ran back inside to get the duffel pre-packed with everything Suzan would need and locked the door.

Suzan made her presence known to all and sunder by screaming for drugs as she crossed the threshold of the hospital, pushed in on a wheelchair.

“First one?” The nurse at the reception desk asked.

“First and last two!” Suzan growled before bending double as another contraction hit her.

“I called Dr. Reeves’ service before we left.” Jamie told her. “They said we’re the third since midnight and that she’s already here.”

“That’s right.” The nurse grinned. “It’s a full moon. The third floor is going to be chaotic today.”

“I know what you mean.” Jamie returned her grin. “Do we need to fill out any paperwork?”

“Most of it is already in her file. Here, just fill this form and go right up, or do you need me to call someone to help?”

“I’m sure we can make it on our own. You may want to call ahead to warn them that I’m bringing in a wuss.”

“A WUSS! A WUSS! I’m dying here and you make your stupid nurse jokes! I’ll show you who’s a wuss!”

Jamie caught her daughter as she was about to jump out of the wheelchair.

“I’m sorry, baby. You know I didn’t mean it like that. Give me a sec to fill out this izmir escort paperwork and we’ll get you a nice epidural. You won’t feel a thing after that.”

“Hurry up then. You write one of your books faster than this. Arghhh! WHERE ARE THE DRUGS?”

The nursing staff on the maternity ward was efficient and Suzan was quickly undressed and wearing in a hospital gown, waiting impatiently for the doctor to arrive so she could get some relief.

“Hi, Suzan.” The smiling woman in the slightly rumpled lab coat said jovially when she walked in the room. “Your daughters seem to be in a hurry to say hello.”

“I keep telling you at least one’s a boy. He’s been playing soccer in there for weeks.”

“Girls play soccer too, you know.” The doctor quipped as she examined her patient. What the…? How long ago have the contractions started, Suzan?”

“I don’t know? What time is it? I guess eight to ten hours. But it was no big deal. I thought it was false labor like the other week when we rushed over for nothing.”

The doctor exchanged glances with Jamie who could only shrug.

“You’re fully dilated, Suzan. We’re going to move you to the delivery chair now.”

“What about the drugs? I was promised drugs. Mom! You said…”

“I’m sorry, Suzan, but it’s too late for that. It could be dangerous for the babies.”

“I knew it. I just knew it. When I was a kid and misbehaved, she kept telling me about her long and painful delivery. I tell you, doc, she put a curse on me.”


Ninety minutes later, two beautiful baby girls were put on Suzan’s chest where they immediately began to nurse.

Jamie leaned in to kiss her daughter and granddaughters.

“You’re a mother now, baby.” She said softly, her heart near bursting with love.

“I guess I am. Aren’t they wonderful? Did you…?”

“Yes, dear. Ten toes and ten fingers each. And they’re definitely girls. One of them is your soccer player.”

“It’s got to be Candy. She’s sucking my nipple like a boy. I’m glad she doesn’t have teeth.” The new mother chuckled as she gazed at her daughters.

It took some doing, but they settled in a routine where they shared the changing and bathing duties. Suzan couldn’t believe women actually went through these early months by themselves while the men were loafing at work.

“How did you do it, mom?” Suzan asked one afternoon while her mother was massaging her back. “You didn’t even have help in the evening and at night.”

“”I admit it now, baby.” Jamie chuckled. “I did put a curse on you. As soon as I’d settle for a few hours of sleep, you’d wake up wanting my poor breasts. And you weren’t shy about letting the whole world know about it. I had to have you in bed with me, nipples at the ready, after I was threatened with eviction.”

“I couldn’t have been so bad, could I? Yes, please. Right there.”

“You were worse than Can… There she goes again, and Mandy is awake too.”

“Of course she is. She couldn’t let her sister have at me on her own.”

Suzan didn’t tell her mother, but she enjoyed breastfeeding. She read somewhere that some women felt discomfort from the milk pressure, or from the actual act, but she didn’t. She found it so cute when her daughters kneaded her breasts as they fed. They reminded her of kittens. Candy was rougher with her gums, but Mandy had a different technique. Suzan could swear she sometimes felt a little tongue lick the tip of her nipple.

“Can you massage my legs while I’m being milked, please?”

“They’re not swollen anymore, are they?”

“No. The calves and ankles are fine. It’s the thighs. I get this pins and needles feeling sometimes. I suppose it’s because I don’t move around enough.”

“Why don’t we take a walk to the pond after you’ve napped? It’s not too far, and it’ll get your blood circulating? The double carrier is large enough to bring a blanket and everything we’ll need. That way, you can lay down and rest if you get tired. We could bring a picnic for us. Why should the little gluttons be the only ones with a full belly?”

“Jealous, mom? You always told me I drank too much milk.”

“I’ll bring a thermos of coffee, thank you. I meant, solid food for us.”

“When can I start eating real food? All that health crap can’t be good for me.”

“Not only is it good for you, it’s great for the babies. Here, does this feel better?”

“Thanks, mom. It sure helps. Can you rub lotion on my breasts when they’re done?”

“You can reach them yourself.”

“But you do it so much better!” Suzan whined but she couldn’t suppress her mischievous grin.

“Oh, well, all right.” Jamie didn’t tell her daughter that she liked massaging her. Kneeling between her legs, like she was at the moment, kneading her thighs, she couldn’t help looking at her mound and at the trace of wetness soaking through the panties. She would need to be shaved again soon.


The glade around the pond was as peaceful as ever. Her father had dug escort izmir it when he found a natural spring welling out of the ground. It became their family’s favorite picnic spot.

The water was cold, but it never bothered little Jamie. She would jump in and play while her parents sat right where she was, watching over her.

Of course, she wore a bathing suit when they were there, but she often slipped away to come by herself so she could swim in the buff. She smiled at the memory of midnight adventures with Billy Clarkson. His was the first penis she’d seen… The first she’d touched… The first she’d…

Jamie shook herself from the rêverie. She looked at her sleeping daughter and her babies. Did she dare? Suzan was a deep sleeper after all, and the sun was so hot…

She took off her shirt… her shoes… her jeans… It would be as if she was wearing a bikini… At the edge of the pond, she looked over her shoulder. Everyone was still asleep. Reaching behind her back, she unhooked her bra. She reveled in the freedom, caressing her breasts as she always did when she took off the damn thing. She had loved it when her breasts grew to a C-cup, but hated the need for support from the very first. After a last look at her sleeping family, she slipped her panties off.

After a painful quiet entry in the water (it was better to dive in and get the shock done with all at once) she swam vigorously to warm herself. She was floating on her back, dreamily inventing shapes in the white fluffy clouds when a movement caught her eye.

Suzan was sitting at the edge of the water, grinning.

In a panic, Jamie scrambled to hide her naked body underwater.

“You’re awake.”

“No, mom. I’m sleepwalking.”

“Cheeky brat. How long were you sitting there?”

“Long enough to hope I can get my body back some day.”

“You will. The healthy diet we’re on and the exercises we started doing will help tighten that loose skin in no time.”

Suzan sat there, looking at her mother treading water.

“Are you coming out soon? You’ll look like a prune if you don’t.”

“Isn’t it about time to feed the babies or something?”

“Nope. The Candy siren hasn’t sounded off yet. I’m enjoying the peace.”

“Will you turn around so I can get out then? I’m freezing.”

“Come one, mom. I’ve seen you naked before. What’s the big deal?”

“It’s not the same thing. I was always wearing underwear or a bathing suit.”

“You didn’t always close your bedroom door completely, though.” Suzan grinned. “I loved the way you played with your breasts when you took off your bra. I couldn’t wait to have big tits too. It just never happened.”

“You have me doing it for you now, but wait and see. You’ll do it yourself soon. I gained a full cup size after I had you.”

“I hope so.” Suzan grinned wickedly as she took off her maternity top and bra. She sat there, hefting her leaking breasts. “I guess the girls will wake up soon. They’re usually in synch with the time the milk starts overflowing.”

“You’re the one who’s in synch with them actually. So, are you going to turn around?”

“Didn’t you forget something?” Suzan said distractedly. She was pulling on her nipples, watching the drops of milk come out. “Where’s your towel?” She brought a wet finger to her mouth. “Hummm. It doesn’t taste bad.” She pulled her breast up, but could only reach the nipple with the tip of her tongue.

“Stop… Stop that, baby…” Jamie said softly, mesmerized by the sight.

“What did you say, mom? Do you want a taste?”

“I know what it tastes like. Every mother in history must have tasted her own milk at some point.”

“You sucked your nipples too? Cool.” She smiled at her mother, watching her fondling her own breasts, pulling at the nipples. She had forgotten that the water was crystal clear. “Come out already. We’re both adults, and it’s not like we’re strangers or worse, if I was a man.” Suzan had developed a strong aversion for the male of the species as the months went by.

After a last hesitation, Jamie walked to stand in front of her daughter, feet spread, hands on her hips in a daring move to cover her embarrassment… among other emotions.

“Great bod, mom.” Suzan got up to hug her mother, her nipples hardening too at the contact with Jamie’s standing out from the cold. “Let’s get you dry before you catch pneumonia.” She kept an arm around her mother’s waist as they walked back to the blanket where she was right on time to pick up her daughters.

She surprised Candy by putting a nipple in her mouth as she was opening it to scream. She sighed at the gurgle of contentment.

Mandy was less vociferous, but just as eager to latch on to the soft source of nourishment.

In the last week, Suzan had noticed that the little hands kneading her breasts and the little mouths suckling at her enlarged nipples were more pleasant than in the first days. In fact…

Sitting cross-legged before her family, burping towels at the ready, Jamie watched the blush creep down her daughter’s neck to her chest. She remembered those feelings only too well. She wondered how long it would take for Suzan to start masturbating after she fed her daughters.

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