32 Year Old Virgin Ch. 04


When John walked into the kitchen Kelly put a cup of coffee in front of him and sat down across the table from him.

“John, last night it seemed like you were really getting into the role of teacher to Beth’s eager student. That being the case I decided that I should involve you in deciding what to do with her next.” Kelly said.

John shook his head.

“Nope…I’m not going there. You figure it out Kelly.” John said.

“What’s the problem?” Kelly asked.

“You’re the one that wanted me to do this and I’ve done what you asked me to do. My biggest fear in all of this is that I’ll look over and see you looking sad or angry. The way I figure it…you’re less likely to get upset about me doing something you decided on than you are about something I suggested.” John said.

Kelly looked at John for a moment thinking about what he’d said. She had to admit that she could see herself being upset with John if he decided to do something and had a good time doing it with Beth while she sat and watched. She nodded.

“Okay John…since you feel so strongly about it I won’t ask you to help figure out what the next step should be with Beth. Will you at least give me your opinion on my ideas?” Kelly asked.

John nodded.

“Sure…I’ll do that, but they have to be your ideas.” John said.

“Okay. So far you’ve had sex with her in 3 different positions…one in each lesson. You’ve gone down on her twice…once on its own and once as part of a 69. She’s sucked your cock twice…once on her knees and once as part of a 69. We haven’t covered anal yet.” Kelly said.

“Just injecting my opinion here, but lesson number four seems a little quick for anal to me.” John said.

Kelly nodded.

“You’re probably right. I doubt she’d say no, and I do want that to be part of it at some point, but this is probably too soon.” Kelly said.

“If you really plan to include anal in this you should have her prepare herself with a dildo or something for a couple of weeks. Not to brag, but if the first thing in her ass is my cock it’s gonna hurt.” John said.

Kelly nodded.

“That’s a good idea. I definitely want her to try anal, but I want it to be enjoyable for her. If we’re not going to do anal yet, maybe it’s time to cover more foreplay. Are you willing to kiss her and stuff like that?” Kelly asked.

John shook his head.

“I don’t know Kelly. My cock is willing to do a lot of things, but kissing is so much more personal.” John said.

“That’s true, but she needs to experience that part of things too. If she isn’t comfortable kissing someone she’ll never get them in bed.” Kelly said.

“I know that Kelly, but I’m worried about how you’ll react to watching me kiss her.” John said.

Kelly was surprised; she looked at John.

“You’re more worried about me watching you kiss her on the mouth than you were about me watching you lick her pussy?” Kelly asked.

John shook his head.

“That was sex…sex can be completely emotionless…entirely about the physical release and pleasure…have you ever kissed someone…I mean really kissed them without it being emotional?” John asked.

“I suppose not.” Kelly said.

“Don’t forget our agreement, whatever happens between me and Beth…you have to be there; I’m afraid that watching me kiss another woman will be too much for you…I don’t want that.” John said.

Kelly thought for a moment; then she smiled.

“Honestly I probably would get jealous watching you kiss her, but maybe I don’t have to.” Kelly said.

“What do you mean?” John asked.

“It would probably make me jealous to watch you kissing her so I’ll remove any need for being jealous by kissing her too.” Kelly said.

John was surprised.

“Say what?” John asked.

Kelly had stayed out of all of their previous lessons, she’d only watched from across the room. She shrugged.

“If we both kiss Beth, I won’t have any reason to be jealous. It will have the added benefit of giving her more experience with it.” Kelly said.

“Are you serious?” John asked.

“Of course I am. Would you be okay with me kissing Beth?” Kelly asked.

John didn’t know what to say. Part of him wanted to say no, part of him wanted to say yes, and part of him couldn’t say anything because it was already picturing his wife kissing her friend. John shrugged.

“I Sex hikaye guess it would be okay. If I’m okay doing it, I certainly can’t object to you doing it. Do you think Beth will go for it?” John asked.

Kelly smiled.

“I’ll call her later and talk to her about it.” Kelly said.

“Is the kissing stuff all you plan to do this time?” John asked.

“I would hope that you’d still have sex with her again. Maybe you could work the kissing into some kind of oral and then teach her a new position for sex.” Kelly said.

“But that’s it?” John asked.

“Yeah. I need time to think about what the next lesson should be.” Kelly said.

“If that’s the case instead of calling her to talk about whether or not she’d be okay kissing both of us, call her and have her come over so we can talk about it in person. If she’s okay with it…we’ll do it today. If she needs time to think about it or isn’t okay with it we’ll have time to come up with something else.” John said.

“Okay, I’ll call her right now.” Kelly said.

Kelly grabbed her cell phone and dialed Beth’s number.

“Hey Kelly, thanks again for last night. What’s up?” Beth asked.

“Can you come over? I’ve got an idea for your next lesson and we can do it today.” Kelly said.

Kelly could hear Beth’s breathing change…she was excited.

“Another lesson already? I’m free today; should I come over right now?” Beth asked.

“Yeah, come on over.” Kelly said.

“I’ll see you in a few minutes.” Beth said.

Ten minutes later a nervous and excited Beth was at the front door.

“Come on in Beth; thanks for coming.” Kelly said.

Beth smiled.

“I’m very happy to be here.” Beth said.

They went up to the guest bedroom.

“Where’s John?” Beth asked.

“He’ll be here in a minute. While we wait, I wanted to talk to you about what we’re going to be doing today.” Kelly said.

“Okay. What have you got planned?” Beth asked.

“We’ve come pretty far with your education in a hurry. In your past 3 lessons you’ve had sex in 3 different positions and given and received oral in two different positions. There’s a lot of stuff that we skipped over so today we’re going to do something a little simpler.” Kelly said.

“What do you mean by simpler?” Beth asked.

“Today’s lesson is going to be on kissing.” Kelly said.

“Kissing?” Beth asked.

Kelly nodded.

“Yes. If you’re going to be in a passionate relationship, kissing is going to be important and I want you to have some experience and be comfortable with it.” Kelly said.

“Well…okay…that’s not what I was expecting when you asked me to come over, but I guess some practice kissing would be good for me. Does John know that’s what we’re doing today?” Beth asked.

“He knows…and before he gets in here there’s more that you need to know.” Kelly said.

“What?” Beth asked.

“Partly to give you more experience and partly to make things easier for both John and me, both of us are going to be teaching you about kissing today.” Kelly said.

Beth was surprised.

“Both…both of you?” Beth asked.

Kelly nodded.

“Yes. I know that it might be a little awkward for you to kiss me, but it won’t be any more awkward for you than it will be for both me and John. It will also give you experience kissing two different people.” Kelly said.

“Kelly…I’m not sure that I…” Beth started.

John walked into the room; Beth stopped talking.

“Did you tell her what’s going on?” John asked.

“I did. She seems hesitant.” Kelly said.

“I’ve never considered kissing another woman before.” Beth said.

John shook his head.

“It’s not about kissing a woman Beth…it’s about kissing a person. When you were here last night you weren’t learning how to suck my cock…you were learning how to suck any man’s cock; you learned on me so you can do it to someone else later. It will be the same with the kissing. You’ll kiss me for a while…you’ll kiss Kelly for a while. You’ll learn little bits from both of us that you can use with others later on. Okay?” John asked.

Beth thought for a moment; she nodded.

“Okay.” Beth said.

“Good. I think that it will be easier for everyone if I go first.” John said.

John sat down on the edge of the bed Sex hikayeleri and patted the bed beside him. Beth moved over beside John. John turned his body towards Beth and she turned towards him.

“After what we’ve already done this is pretty tame…I mean hell we’re both fully dressed. Kissing is really important though. If you want to get a man in bed you’d better be a good kisser. Men always picture what a woman’s mouth will do to their cock when they’re kissing her. If she’s a lousy kisser there’s a good chance that she’s going to be lousy at sucking cock. If you kiss a guy the right way he’ll be desperate to get into your bed. We’re gonna start nice and slow.” John said.

John leaned in and gave Beth a short closed mouth kiss. He pulled back, but kept his face near hers.

“Not bad right?” John asked.

Beth smiled.

“It felt nice.” Beth said.

“It gets a lot better.” John said.

John leaned back in and kissed Beth again. He didn’t get much resistance as he pushed his tongue past her lips and into her mouth. He could feel the bed shaking as Beth trembled, but her tongue came up to meet his.

John kissed Beth for several minutes, stroking his tongue over hers, grabbing her lower lip between his teeth and tugging at it, and closing his lips around her lower lip and sucking on it.

Kelly had started off this lesson the way she had the first three; watching from across the room. After watching her husband make out with her friend for a few minutes, Kelly started to get jealous so she decided that it was time to get involved. She moved over to the bed and sat beside Beth on the opposite side from John.

Seeing that Kelly was in position on the other side of Beth, John pulled his lips away from Beth’s, but looked into her eyes.

“You’re doing really great Beth. Why don’t you try out what you’ve learned on Kelly.” John said.

Beth looked at John for a moment, licked her lips, and then turned to face Kelly. She was nervous.

“I…I know that it’s just kissing, but I’ve never….” Beth said.

Kelly smiled.

“It’s okay Beth. You don’t have to enjoy kissing me…we’re just doing it for practice.” Kelly said.

Kelly leaned in and when Beth didn’t pull away, Kelly started kissing her. Beth was nervous but she found that she wasn’t disgusted by kissing Kelly. It felt the same as kissing John. She started to pull away from Kelly when she felt John’s hands near her waist.

“Keep kissing her. I’m just gonna get you out of these shorts.” John said.

Beth was surprised that John was going to undress her while she was kissing Kelly, but she was too excited that he wanted access to her pussy to protest. John opened her shorts and worked them down her ass. Beth stood up enough for John to get her shorts and panties off; he pulled them down her legs and dropped them to the floor.

“You two keep kissing, but lay back on the bed.” John said.

Kelly raised her hands to Beth’s shoulders and pushed her down so that she was lying on her back. She moved up onto the bed, leaned over Beth, and continued kissing her mouth as John started kissing all over her completely bald pussy.

Soon John was sticking his tongue between the lips between her legs as Kelly was sticking hers between the lips on Beth’s face. It didn’t take long before Beth was having an orgasm; moaning into Kelly’s mouth as Kelly continued to kiss her inexperienced friend.

John moved his face from between Beth’s legs, removed his clothes, and moved to push his cock into her. He started fucking her nice and slow while watching the two women continue to kiss.

Within a few minutes Beth was arching her back and bucking her hips against John as she was getting close to another orgasm. Kelly kept her pinned to the bed, her lips locked with Kelly’s. When Beth climaxed she screamed into Kelly’s mouth.

John pulled his cock out of Beth’s pussy.

“Let her up now. She’s going to show me if she learned anything last night by finishing me with her mouth.” John said.

Kelly moved her lips away from Beth’s and Beth quickly crawled off of the bed and onto her knees on the floor in front of John. She held his cock with her left hand and started licking it.

“What did you think of kissing Kelly while I was fucking you?” John asked.

Beth smiled.

“Mmm…it Ensest hikayeler was nice.” Beth said.

“Was it weird since she’s a woman?” John asked.

Beth licked up from the base of John’s cock to the head. She kissed the tip of John’s cock and smiled.

“It was at first, but after I got used to it…it felt good. I especially liked it after you took my shorts off.” Beth said.

Beth took the head of John’s cock in her mouth and started swirling her tongue over the head.

“That feels good. You picked that up from Kelly when she was kissing you didn’t you?” John asked.

Beth pulled John’s cock out of her mouth and smiled.

“Yes I did. I understand what you meant about kissing being important. If I do that to a guy’s tongue while I’m kissing him, I can also do it to his cock later.” Beth said.

Beth went back to sucking John’s cock.

“What did you think of our first threesome Kelly?” John asked.

Kelly smiled. Beth pulled her mouth off of John’s cock and coughed twice.

“Your first what?” Beth asked.

John smiled, reached down, and put his hand on the side of Beth’s face.

“This was our first threesome. All you and Kelly did was kiss each other, but that was not friendly kissing…that was the kiss of lovers and she and I were both kissing you at the same time, one on each set of lips.” John said.

Beth blushed bright red.

“Oh my god.” Beth said.

“It’s okay Beth. All we did is kiss. Now you’d better finish John off after he made you cum twice like that.” Kelly said.

Beth went back to sucking John’s cock. She used a combination of the techniques that she’d learned the previous night as well as the new things she’d learned to do with her tongue from kissing Kelly. Within a minute John was getting close.

“I’m gonna cum soon Beth. When I do, I want you to hold my cum in your mouth and then kiss either me or Kelly so we can share it with you…your choice.” John said.

Kelly was surprised by the way John was taking charge of things. John had said that he didn’t want to be in charge of what happened, but he had guided things most of the morning. She was also curious to see which one of them Beth was going to share John’s cum with.

Beth sucked and stroked John’s cock for another minute before he erupted in her mouth. Beth continued to stroke John’s cock to milk his gooey cum into her mouth. When she was sure she had every drop in her mouth, Beth stood up and looked at John and Kelly. John was completely naked, had made her cum twice in the past few minutes, and was the only man that she’d ever been with. Kelly was her best friend…a friend that was having her husband help Beth learn the pleasures of sex.

Beth made her choice and moved over to kiss Kelly. Kelly didn’t protest having John’s cum pushed into her mouth by Beth’s tongue. The two kissed for several minutes as they passed John’s cum back and forth until they’d swallowed all of it. They then kissed once more.

When their lips parted they both licked their own lips. Kelly smiled.

“That was great. Out of curiosity, what made you pick me?” Kelly asked.

Beth blushed.

“I don’t know…I kissed you a lot longer than I kissed John. I guess I was more comfortable kissing you.” Beth said.

Kelly smiled.

“Then we’ll have to have you spend more time kissing John in your next lesson so that if he does that again you’ll have more of a decision to make.” Kelly said.

“Speaking of future lessons, don’t forget to talk to her about that other thing we talked about.” John said.

John picked up his clothes and walked out of the room. Beth looked at Kelly.

“What was he talking about?” Beth asked.

Kelly smiled.

“I need you to start prepping your ass for John to fuck you in it.” Kelly said.

Beth’s eyes shot wide open.

“You want me to what?” Beth asked.

Kelly smiled.

“Don’t worry, we’ll give you time to work on that. You need to get started though because we don’t want to wait too long.” Kelly said.

“Um…how am I supposed to do it?” Beth asked.

The two women started talking about how Beth could prepare her ass to accept John’s cock.

When Kelly walked into the master bedroom after Beth had left she found John laying on the bed. Kelly crawled up onto the bed and cuddled up with John.

“Beth’s gonna start working on her ass. We need to give her time to get used to things.” Kelly said.

“So are we done with lessons for a couple weeks then?” John asked.

Kelly smiled.

“I think we can do a few between now and when she’s ready for you to take her ass.” Kelly said.

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