20 Years Of Infidelity Chapter Six


20 Years Of Infidelity Chapter Six
(((((Another chapter re-written.)))))
After eating, Jason and I returned to our condo but I stopped him from entering. Instead, I handed him my key and a handfull of money. We needed supplies for a long hike and a longer day at an isolated beach tomorrow. I was wiped out from our flight so I gave him the list I’d started while on the planes and, with a kiss to send him on his way, left it to him to get us those things we’d need while I went in to sleep.
It was dark when I woke up and checking my watch I saw it was 5am in the morning. Between waking for trips to the bathroom, I’d slept and drowsed in half-sleep about 14 hours. Jason was sleeping deeply beside me. I couldn’t remember when he’d joined me in bed. I did have a vague recollection of him pulling the covers off me while trying to wake me up but I’d wanted sleep more than sex.
I left our bed for the bathroom again and tried to be quiet to not wake him. I felt a hell of a lot better after resting from our 24 hour traveling odyssey. I found a mound of supplies on the kitchenette’s counters when I went to start coffee. Waiting for enough black goodness to fill a mug, I went through it and nodded. He’d made good selections. Including some breakfast rolls that I tore into. Something in the air here was keeping me ravenous.
Sitting with a mug of strong, black caffeine I got out the phone book and the English/Spanish dictionary I’d brought and slowly began finding what I was looking for. I jotted down the address and studied the map printed on the back cover. Padding out onto the small deck in the back I looked up. It was a clear night sky. Only a couple of wispy clouds hiding some stars. It was a promise of a long, hot, sunlit day ahead. I finished my coffee and went back inside to pack my new backpack with supplies I’d want to carry on our coming quest to find Jason nubile, naked girls.
Deciding the time had come, I returned to the bed and played a hard, fast wake-up drumbeat on Jason’s tight tushy. Jason had been almost as wiped as I’d been from our long flights but I finally got him moving. In the shower we did our usual wash-mine-and-I’ll-wash-yours routine. When Jason pushed a finger in my pussy and made it clear he was ready to take our game to the next phase I didn’t say no.
Back in the bedroom weak sunlight was beginning to peek through our windows. I looked at my watch and pushed Jason to sit on the edge of the bed before dropping to my knees on the floor between his legs. We still had an hour to kill so I took my time sucking his cock as he laid back and Mmm’ed.
I started slow by running my tongue up and down the bottom of his cock until a clear drop of pre-cum had formed on the tip of his cock. I moved to suck just the head in and spread his pre-cum over and around the tip with my tongue. Not using my hands to prop up his cock, I’d suck his cock deep and then move back until it dropped from my mouth with a wet ‘pop’. I usually use both hand and mouth movements on Jason’s long shaft, but I was playing and not trying to make him come quickly. Trailing my hair over his stomach, I’d lower my head until I could take him in my mouth and then move until the full length was up and pointed towards the ceiling before taking my mouth away, letting his cock drop and bounce against his stomach. I was just enjoying myself bouncing his cock off his stomach over and over.
Jason tired of my sex play with his cock before I did. Aroused, with strong hands he pulled me on top of him in 69 position. Jason and I are close enough in height that there was no awkward bending or shit as his hand grabbed my ass cheeks to pull my pussy firmly against his chin. His tongue split my lips and speared as far as it would go inside me as he inhaled the aroma of my wet pussy. Jason’s hip began to move, mouth fucking me with firm, long thrusts as with sucking mouth, teeth, tongue and fingers he manipulated and ate me from my throbbing clit to as deep inside my pussy as his fingers could reach.

It had been over a day since we’d had sex so I let him fuck my mouth as his tempo sped up until he groaned and began coming. I quickly put my hand around the base of his cock so his climaxing thrusts couldn’t force to much cock down my throat that I’d choke. Because of how long it had been since sex, Jason came with jet following jet of thick cum filling my mouth.
I held as much cock as I comfortably could fit in my mouth as his groans lessened until with a sigh he relaxed and with weaker contractions his cock went still. The cum that I’d felt hitting the back of my throat had flowed back down my tongue to pool just behind my lips. I clamped my lips tight against his cock as I began letting him slide from my mouth while milking the growing length with my hand. I stopped with just the large, round in my mouth until I was satisfied I’d emptied and milked every drop of his cum. Jason loves to watch me use my tongue to play with his cum before swallowing. He also loves feeling me through his cock as I swallow, as I did now.
Jason cock flopped again to his stomach as I pulled my now empty mouth from his shaft and sat up to straddle Jason’s head. It was time for me to have my fun as I pushed my pussy harder against his sucking mouth and began a tight, circular motion of my hips that spread my grool all across his face. All the while I had my eyes closed as I gave soft, commanding orders on how I wanted Jason to eat me. Yea, like that… like that… like that… Ohhh, suck on my clit… biteit… suck on it… suck on it… hardersuckitsuckitsuckonit… oh.Goooood, Jason hard… lickitlickmelickmyclit harderrrrrrrrr………..

   My soft commands were now orders screamed out from between clenched teeth as Jason ate me closer and closer to my climax, When my orgasm finally crested, all I could do was press my pussy lips down and ride Jason’s hard mouth and tongue while telling him how wonderful my orgasm was as it built and took me. OhshitohshitI’mcomingI’mcomingOhGodI’mcomingohshiiiiiiiiit… With a final wail I sank down, pulling my pussy away until Jason released my hips from his mouth and fingers after on last hard lick of his tongue the length of my pussy slit that caused me to convulse with one more yelp before I was lying on top of his hard body while trying to catch my breath.
Jason pulled out from underneath me, turned and laid down at my side, ginning and pleased with himself that he’d eaten me to an orgasm. The guy sure as hell liked eating pussy, I thought and grinned myself as I ran a finger down his cheek. “I’ve covered your face with my cum for a change,” I laughed.
I loved how Jason had turned into a confident lover under my guidance. Not shy in positioning and using my body for his enjoyment. I also loved how at other times he was willing to follow my lead when I used my ‘Mom’ voice to get him to listen tome, like now, as I stopped him from putting me on my back to satisfy his now hard cock once again. Telling him we didn’t have time, I Trailed my fingertips over his stomach as I told him we needed to decide on our relationship to one another. ‘What we’d tell others our relationship is’, I clarified. We looked close enough casino siteleri in age that we could pass as a couple instead of step-mom/step-son. I showed him my bare left hand and wiggled my fingers in case he hadn’t noticed I’d taken my wedding and engagement rings off before going to sleep. I’d never been the type to lay around in the sun wanting a deep tan. Sunbathing was boring. My skin under where the rings had been was only a tiny bit lighter than the rest of my hand. You had to look hard to tell I’d ever worn a wedding ring. ‘Both of us are so close in age that we’ll just tell everyone we’re a young couple enjoying a vacation together before returning to college.’
This time when Jason rolled me onto my back I let him. Resting on an elbow beside me, he trailed his fingertips from my mound up my stomach causing my muscles to catch and release. Caught in the thrill of our role-play to come, his hand clenched around my tit, lifting my nipple up to be sucked on. Letting go of my nipple, he moved up to kiss me while still molding my breast. Then he asked, ‘And if I find someone who’ll come back here…’
‘We’re a couple of friends who enjoys having sex together but we’re not exclusive. Then ask your new friend if she’d like a threesome.’ Jason’s hand tightened on my tit in shock. ‘I’ve been a little curious now and then,’ I told him with a laugh. Jason’s big grin told me he was all in favor of having two girls in bed with him.
‘And if I find someone who’ll come back here…,’ I asked him back. From the look on his face I don’t think this possibility had ever occurred to him. ‘You know I’ve had other men before you and your dad. Did you think you could have other girls and I wouldn’t have other men?’ We very, very rarely talked about me being with his dad and I never told him any details.
‘I think that if…’ Jason began slowly, mulling over this new, to him, possibility. ‘If I can bring other girls here then it would be bad to say you can’t do it, too. Other men I mean, not girls. Or girls, too, I guess. But, I’m not so sure about a threesome with you and a guy…’
I nodded my head in understanding. ‘I think that’s fair. If you bring a girl here and she wants a threesome I might like to try it. But if I don’t or she doesn’t, I’ll leave the two of you alone for as long as you want. I brought plenty of condoms for you in my suitcase. I’ll put them in the drawer of the nightstand. And if I bring a guy here and you think you might want to try to be with us, fine. If you don’t, that’s more than fine, too. No one here ever needs to feel pressured into doing something they don’t want to do. And if neither of us ‘gets lucky’ we’re still two college friends who enjoy sex together. Ok?’ Jason nodded. Once again some honest talk had cleared the air between us and we knew where each of us stood.
I got up and began putting my panties on before remembering and tossing them aside to pick up my bikini bottoms. Jason rose up on his elbows to watch me tie the tiny strings that held a barely larger strip of cloth between my legs and sighed. ‘Neither of us gets lucky,’ he repeated my words while looking my body up and down with a smile. ‘As if you couldn’t get lucky just walking out the door.’
‘Ah, you say the nicest things,’ I told him with a broad smile, picking up my bikini top. I considered for a moment and then tossed it in the corner next to my panties. Jason grinned. I ignored him. I put on my three-sizes-to-large, long sleeved t-shirt, pulled my hair out of the neck and shook my head to make my hair spread out naturally down my back. The t-shirt covered me from neck to almost my knees and would be needed during the day or I’d be as red as the people on the beach we’d seen yesterday.
‘Up. Up. Up,’ I told him in a staccato voice as I bounced on one leg to get my long, baggy-legged athletic pants on. Jason seemed more interested in watching my boobs bounce in my t-shirt than moving. ‘You’re the one wasting daylight,’ I told him.
It took almost no time to stuff our backpacks and a large cooler with supplies. Jason held up the bottle of bourbon or whatever it was he’d bought (Spain didn’t bother with carding people I guessed) and I shook my head, No, emphatically. ‘Mix a hot sun with that shit and you’ll be puking in minutes.’ I’d learned that lesson the hard way. I packed even more supplies into the large cooler Jason had bought but said we’d leave it here.
Shrugging our heavy backpacks on we stepped out onto the street and I called Jason back when he began walking towards the beach. Surprised, he came back and I led him in the opposite direction away from the beach to the street corner and turned right. Setting a brisk pace for him to keep up with I answered the question he had. ‘I noticed something while we were at the restaurant yesterday. I looked in the phone book and I have a plan.’ I’d just smile and wouldn’t explain more. After a mile of walking and no closer to any beach he was becoming more and more frustrated with my, ‘Just wait.’ answers.
It was still early morning so the temp was nice but not scorching yet. The streets weren’t crowded so we made good time. Finally coming to the street I’d written down I turned towards the water and it wasn’t long before the objective came into sight. ‘A boatyard?’ Jason observed with doubt in his voice.
‘Yep,’ I answered. ‘You didn’t notice all the little sailboats yesterday? Of, course, you didn’t. You were too busy looking at that gorgeous waitress. Instead of a long, long hike up and down hills, why not let a sailboat carry the weight,’ I replied.
Turned out it was a good thing we’d gotten here early. The boats were going fast. The owners had a real money making business here. I paid enough to reserve us a boat and two large umbrellas for a week. I didn’t want to get up this early every day.
Standing on the dock above the boat it looked small. Really small. Tiny… They’d looked bigger from the shore yesterday. Jason looked dubiously at the small boat and asked, ‘Do you even know how to sail?’
‘Nope, never been on a sailboat. You?’
‘Can’t be too hard,’ I said with confidence.
‘We are so screwed.’
We got in and found our footing in the bobbing little boat. There was a very tiny engine and I might not know how to sail but I knew enough to check that we had a full fuel tank. Using the motor to putt-putt away from the dock. I waited until we were a middling way out and shut off the engine. Jason raised the sail and I took the tiller.
‘Aren’t we supposed to be going that way,’ Jason pointed a minute later as the shoreline grew more distant.
‘Probably,’ I answered while dredging up memories from the one C. S. Forester book I’d read for a book report in high school. There was something in it about tacking against the wind. I put the tiller over, told Jason to switch the sail over to the other side of the boat and we were tacking. The boat came over to point the way we wanted and then pointed roughly towards the shore. I got us closer to the shore this time before tacking and didn’t let the shore get so far away before tacking back. Pointing the front of the boat one way and then the other we were pretty much going in the direction we wanted to go.
‘Damn! tipobet güvenilir mi We’re actually gonna make it,’ Jason said in wonder as we rounded a place where a hill come right down to the water and the beach we’d walked to yesterday came into view.
‘Hah! Did you doubt me? Oh, ye of little faith,’ I replied as if I’d never doubted it. I tried to aim the front of the boat towards the small area of the beach that was roped off with buoys for boats like ours. It was a really small area with rocks and the hill to one side. From a hundred yards out I used the motor to putt-putt in.
Jason finally asked why we’d returned here. A few yards off from the beach he tossed a small anchor overboard. I told him I was going to lounge lazily in the boat while a big, muscular man went back to our condo to carry that itty-bitty, lightweight cooler back here, making a joke of how heavy that thing was loaded. I handed him my key and told him to leave it under the potted plant. ‘And don’t forget to buy lots of ice from somewhere to add some weight to that little cooler,’ I yelled cheerily as he waded wearily ashore. ‘Lots of ice! And beer! Lots of beer! I want that cooler full! And HEAVY!’
‘About time,’ I said just over a half hour later as he came panting across the sand. Jason was on one handle of the cooler and a guy about his age was on the other handle. They grunted and got the cooler into the boat. Putting their hands on their knees they rested from their labor.
‘YOU try lugging that damned thing,’ Jason panted out. I blew him a raspberry. ‘If my Spanish is any good I think I offered Juan here a ride if he’d help me.’
‘Sure,’ I said while gauging freeboard and weight. ‘Ship the cooler amidships more. Juan in the bow and you sitting on the cooler working the sail. Put all the backpacks here in the stern next to me.’ While waiting I’d dredged up more nautical terms from ol’ C. S. Forester. It wasn’t long before we were putt-putting away and then sailing.
We were making good time and with Jason translating we had a nice talk until the second beach came into view without the 40 minute hike. Juan seemed a good egg and had the smarts to dress for a day at the beach in the sun. His home was a couple miles inland and he’d walked down for a day at the beach.This time I didn’t need the putt-putt and just sailed up onto shore.
There wasn’t nearly as many people here as at the main beach and though smaller, there was a lot more room between couples. The ‘view’ here was younger and much nicer than at the first beach just as I’d promised Jason. There was one attractive couple only a short distance away from where I’d grounded the boat and they waved and the man yelled Buenos Diaz as we climbed out of the boat. I didn’t need that translated so I took my hat off and waved back. As my blond hair and now visibly lighter skin came into view from under my hat the man yelled ‘Guten Morgen?’
‘Good morning.’
‘Ukrainian. But little English. You?’ The man pointed at the sand next to their beach blanket.
‘Ok.’ I got my boys to set up my beach blanket, umbrella and cooler where I wanted and then dismissed them.
I stopped Jason from running away.
‘First thing you do at the other beach,’ I asked seriously.
‘Grab the first naked girl I see?’ Jason ducked my hand aimed at his head and grinned. ‘Make absolutely SURE the boat isn’t gonna drift away.’
‘Second thing you do?’
‘Grab the first naked girl I see.’
‘Damned straight!’ I looked up and pointed to a spot in the sky. ‘When the sun is around there, come back for something to eat.’
‘Yeeees, Mom….’ Jason let out a long suffering sigh. Sometimes he’d make fun of my ‘mothering’ him. Especially right after we’d fucked. I whacked his head and after a nice long, definitely not mothering kiss, I commanded, ‘Now get! And if you let yourself get sunburned don’t come crying to me!’
I’ll call the couple I was sitting next to Frank and Katja. They looked in their early thirties and were not bad to look at. It was hard (no pun intended) not to notice that Frank developed a hard-on looking at me but he wasn’t trying to hide it or seemed embarrassed. I guessed this couple had been coming to nude beaches for a while. His cock wasn’t in the same league as Jason’s but he sure as hell wasn’t bad either. Katja was a delicious treat. I guessed 5’6″ and 36C-28-36. Her tits were a very nice shape. She had stretch marks on her and I guessed she’d been pregnant at least once but she still was attractive.
Sitting on the blanket I was a little self-conscious pulling my t-shirt off. I wasn’t ashamed of my 34Bs but I hadn’t shown them off in public before either. Well, at least not lately. Next came the long pants I was wearing. I stopped myself from drawing my legs of in front of me. Instead letting them rest on the blanket while getting my suntan lotion out and applying it. The woman next to the man sat up and they both watched me and then pointed to where my sailboat was drawing away from shore.
‘Ah,’ the man began and drew a Ukrainian/Spanish dictionary out of his backpack. I pulled an English/Spanish dictionary from mine and pretty soon we were able to understand each other very well. Ukrainian to Spanish to English and then back the other way. ‘My wife wants to know if he is your boyfriend and why is he leaving.’
Jason was losing his ‘boyish good looks’ and his face was rapidly forming into the mannish looks he would carry for the rest of his life. He was going to be a handsome man like his dad. I doubted he’d grow much more than his present six foot, but, all in all, he was a very nice eyeful. I could see why Katja had hoped Jason would stay.
‘He’s a boy and he’s my friend but we are not together. We go to university together and decided to make this trip to have fun before the next semester. Juan is a guy we met and Jason promised him a ride to the next beach. We have fun together but we are not exclusive,’ I added to make things clear if she wanted to know if I’d be angry if she ‘made a move’ on Jason. I thought it would do Jason good to have another experienced lover like Katja appeared to be.
One man came over to speak to me but left when we found we had no language in common of any kind. To bad, too. He was a good looking man.
‘I should tell you,’ Katja said though our books. ‘If you are not on the same blanket as a man and are sitting up, it is considered to be an invitation that you may be approached. On this beach, if after speaking with him, you invite him to sit on your blanket, he will accept that as a sign you are open to further advances. If you ask him to leave politely, he will and no bad feelings will be there. If he persists after you ask him to politely leave, simply raise your voice and yell, ‘This man is bothering me!’ Other men will take your meaning and come to make the man move away. Almost all the men on this beach know the rules and are polite.’
Katja nodded her head to where the man was kneeling next to another woman already. I guessed they had a language in common because he was very soon sitting on her blanket. Katja and her husband began to laugh and Frank explained to me. ‘We have been here for five days and she has been here perabet every day we have. He is very good looking and she will soon ask him to go behind the dunes.’
‘Behind the dunes?’
Katja nodded her head towards the cliff behind us. ‘The beach slopes up and then down again. There is a place behind us, hidden from the beach and from anyone on top of the cliff, where couples go to be intimate.’ Katja laughed. ‘There may be many couples there at once.’
‘I’d like to lay down and this isn’t an invitation, but if you would put lotion on my back…’
‘I shall be polite,’ Frank assured me. And he was. When he got to the small of my back he stopped and asked, ‘Do you want…’
When I nodded his hands didn’t linger on my mostly exposed ass cheeks any longer than they should before doing my legs. Afterwards he went back to his blanket though I noticed he watched attentively when I turned over to put lotion on pale tits that hadn’t seen much sun.

‘There they go behind the dune,’ Katja laughed and I could see the guy who had spoken to me and his new friend walking hand-in-hand up the beach his erect cock pointing the way.
Even with lotion I knew I had to ration the amount of time I stayed in the sun on my first day. After letting the sun bake me for 10 minutes, and with a long day still ahead, I explained my need to get out of the sun to my new friends.
‘Umm, I don’t want to sit on my blanket alone and invite men over. May I join you on yours without it being an invitation?’
Katja got up and helped me pull my blanket to overlap theirs a good bit. ‘Now we share one large blanket and no man will see your sitting up as an invitation.’
‘I am now the envy of every man on the beach,’ Frank said with a leering grin. Between our two umbrellas there was plenty of shade without our having to crowd together. They had backpacks but not a large cooler. I invited them to place the bottles they’d brought with them in the ice to get cold and then we shared the cold beer already there.
All in all it was a very pleasant way to enjoy the beach. More couples and single men and women showed up as the morning turned into afternoon. There was a dance of sex all about us as I began to understand the steps. Any man or woman alone on a blanket alone and sitting up could be approached. Women approached single men more rarely but it happened. Kissing and genital fondling was acceptable but for anything else there was a steady progression to behind the dunes. There was this one man with a terrific body and a very nice cock that seemed constantly at full mast. He’d led two women behind the dunes already. I finished my second beer and asked, ‘So I could just go up to any man here and ask if he’d like to go behind the dunes?’
‘Yes. Of course, but after he asks you sit on his blanket first. Though it would be the rare man to not invite you. There have been many men looking this way wishing our blankets were not touching.’ Katje laughed and then said something to her husband that wasn’t translated She grabbed a smaller blanket and got up to approach the man with the impressive cock I’d been trying not to stare at.
Dropping to her knees without touching his blanket, her language may not have been understood but her hand gesture was, as well as his nod. On the blanket now, Katje didn’t waste much time and again a hand gesture towards ‘behind the dunes’ was an international language. In less than a minute of her going to her knees, they were getting up and walking towards the dune.
‘She will have fun with that one,’ Frank said watching them walk away with no trace of jealousy.
I leaned over slowly and kissed Frank. ‘When she returns would she mind if we went behind the dunes?’
Without waiting for any more translations, I rose up on my knees and untied the strings holding my bikini bottoms on. For the first time I exposed all of me. Frank didn’t bother looking in his dictionary to interpret my language but drew me down on my back next to him. Kissing me while his hand took turns molding each of my tits. His kiss was unhurried and he took his time going from the side of my neck and back to my lips.
His hand was just as unhurried and he had my nipples hard and aching before he slid down to take one in his mouth and suck as much as my tit into his mouth as he could, lashing my nipple with his tongue before pulling back and sucking hard before raising his head until my tit popped out of his mouth to resume its shape on my chest. My soft sighs became low moans as he continued to suck my tit and nipple hard before letting it escape his mouth so he could move to the next.
His hand moved down my stomach and I spread my legs as his fingers touched the only hair on my pussy. A small triangle of blond hair a Brazilian wax had left above my mound before moving over and then down my mound. Rubbing my outer lips over my clit made my lips open and close to the rhythmic movement of his fingers. The sound on my moist lips separating and coming back together was audible to both of us as well as my throaty moan when his finger finally moved between my lips and ran up and down my clit.
Frank certainly knew his way around a woman’s pussy and he continued to demonstrate his mastery of what a woman wants from a man’s hand by drawing soft gasps and moans from deep in my throat as he touched me. Taking it slow with a soft touch from the place my clit sheath began down to where my exposed hardness ached. After several unhurried movements of teasing the length of my clit, his finger finally dipped further. He kept a steady sliding pressure against my exposed clit as his finger pushed into me and drew more wetness from my pussy to rub over my clit in circular motions of just his finger tip. As his finger pushed deep and then withdrew to softly circle my clit over and over, my hips began to move and push up to meet his finger. Being finger fucked in public was as exciting to me as the fingers probing between my lips. I was so damned ready for more by the time he pushed two fingers up my creamy pussy. 

My hips were pushing me up to meet his fingers when I breathed that I going to come. When my orgasm came it was a slow contraction of my entire body that started from my clit and rose up my body to bring my back off the towel as my neck extended until only the top of my head and my ass cheeks were still touching the blanket. I clenched my teeth to not to cry out and draw attention to what I was going through but I couldn’t stop the escalating eeeeeEEEEEE I was sounding from clenched stomach muscles. Anyone watching only had to see my body arching and shuddering to know I was in the throes of a powerful orgasm.
I was panting as one wave of orgasm went through me after another until the feeling became too much. I grabbed his wrist with my hands and pulled his fingers from between my now drenched pussy lips. I held his wrist until I was in control enough to bring his hand up to my mouth. I could smell my pussy juice on his fingers before sucking them into my mouth.
His cock was hard, pressed against the side of my thigh. As he moved to slide it against my skin I felt a wet trail of what I knew was pre-cum on my skin. Being finger fucked to orgasm twice in a morning was wonderful but it left me with the feeling of wanting a hard cock between my legs. As I sucked the fingers in my mouth clean, I didn’t need a dictionary to translate his next words. ‘I hope my wife returns soon.’ I couldn’t have agreed more!
Part 7 Behind the Dunes

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